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Title: The Prophet of the Dark Gods - Shaitan Aridia
Post by: Kiiyashi on June 02, 2011, 10:18:01 AM
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Shaitan Aridia
- Pronunciation of the Name: Shahy-tahn Ar-id-e-ah
- Given Name: Vladimir Swain
- Pronunciation of the Name: Vlad-uh-meer Sweyn
- Character Job: Prophet of the Faceless Ones, formerly in Mevolent’s Army, actively seeking recruits for the cause and converting all he could.
- Titles: The Prophet, Prophet of the Dark Gods/Faceless Ones

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Shaitan has a very dry and inquisitive personality, often ignoring repercussions for his actions if he can get something that he wants. Like most other followers of Mevolent, Shaitan is a fanatical Disciple of the Faceless Ones. His mind is twisted and broken, but he still has some grasp on reality, possessing enough sanity to differentiate fact from fiction, and handle day-to-day life. He possesses the opinion that only the strong can survive, and any who die are just too weak to be of any worth.
- Character Likes: Dry weather, deserts, the Faceless Ones, ruling over mortals.
- Character Dislikes: Humid or moist weather, the Sanctuaries, not having underlings.
- Mental Traits: Shaitan has a very shrewd mind, and a total lack of empathy for others. His mind has also been slightly damaged by his past experiences, often causing him to make decisions that would seem quite mad to other people. His mind is also slightly broken, due to his curse, and that alone makes it dangerous for users of Mind based magic to enter. The fact that lingering calls of the Faceless Ones occasionally resonate within his mind makes it even more risky.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, though magically corrupted, from what is modern day Russia.
- Allegiance: Chaotic Evil
- Reasons for Allegiance: Shaitan is a devout follower of the Faceless Ones, believing that humanity needs a good cleansing and bringing back the Faceless Ones is the best way to do it.

- Allies: Other followers of the Faceless Ones.
- Enemies: Any who would oppose the return of the Dark Gods.
- Family: --
- Friends: --
- Significant Other: --

Character Age
- True Age: 2807
- Appearance Age: 45
- Character Birthday: 01/06

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Shaitan has darkly tanned skin, though is of European descent. 
- Character Height: 6’3” / 191cm
- Character Weight: 80kg 
- Character Hair Colour: Shaitan’s hair is a dark brown colour, though constant exposure to the harsh desert sun has streaked it with lighter shades. 
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Shaitan’s hair is about shoulder length, and generally windswept and messy.
- Character Eye Colour: Shaitan’s eyes are a deep amber colour.
- Character Description: Shaitan’s body is thin, but muscled, and tempered by years in the unforgiving desert. His upper back and arms are covered in a mottled scar from some serious sunburn received when he was young. His face is tanned and weathered, slightly creased from constant exposure to sun and harsh desert winds, with his eyes being almost constantly narrowed to slits due to the same reasons. High cheekbones and sharp features are accentuated by a lack of body fat and weathered features. His thick, angled eyebrows and rough stubble are dark brown in colour, like his hair but without the lightened streaks from the sun. Despite spending large portions of time in deserts, his skin isn't rough and dry, instead being rather healthy as a result of his dagger's moisture draining abilities. His fingers are covered with scars that resemble cracks in stone, and these glow with light whenever Shaitan uses his corrupted magic.
- Character Attire: Shaitan generally wears white desert clothing, covering most of his skin to prevent sunburn. This consists of thick white pants, a high collared vest that is usually laced right up to keep out sand, and a white hooded coat over this, to keep the sun off his head. He also wears a long scarf, which appears to be made out of golden sand. High leather boots, light tan brown in colour, are situated underneath the pants, which are laced up tightly to stop sand getting into the boots.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Shaitan’s voice is soft, but harsh, with his usual speaking volume forcing people to focus in order to hear him.
- Speech Traits: The louder Shaitan speaks, the harsher his voice tends to become. Shaitan speaks for the Faceless Ones, always using “we” when speaking.
- Languages: Russian, Egyptian, Arabic, Archaic, English
- Habits: Shaitan, if given sufficient time, will rarely leave an area without draining the moisture from it, trying to twist the environment to better suit his preferences. When not otherwise occupied, Shaitan tilts his head, as if he is trying to get better 'reception' and hear his gods once more.
- Mannerisms: Shaitan sacrifices a goat to the Faceless Ones once every eleven days.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Shaitan’s scarf is an old relic of the Ancients, feeling like a normal scarf until it is in use. If ripped or torn, the damaged areas will dissolve into sand, which Shaitan can manipulate. The scarf will automatically restore itself with nearby sand.
- Small Equipment: Shaitan has a small ritual dagger from the time of the Faceless Ones, found within the ruins of an ancient temple in Egypt.
- Pocket Items: Shaitan’s pockets are generally filled with sand, though this is not deliberate.
- Ammunition: --
- Weaponry: The ritual dagger.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: The Dagger: The dagger itself is relatively small, with the crystal hilt being only 10cm long, compared to the blade’s 13cm span. Sitting between the two is a decorative crossguard of gold and silver. The dagger’s hilt is also wrapped in threads of gold, complimenting the gold-engraved symbols covering the blade to complete the ritualistic look. The dagger was created by the Faceless Ones to use in ritual sacrifices, and so was created with Elysian, a metal sharp enough to even pierce the skin of a Faceless One. However, its most famous property is its moisture draining capabilities, with even a quick cut drying out the area on contact, with prolonged exposure capable of drying something out until it hits the point where it becomes sand. Any moisture absorbed by the dagger automatically hydrates the wielder if they begin to dehydrate.

The Scarf: At 190cm, the scarf is almost as long as Shaitan is tall, while its width of 15cm makes it useful for wrapping objects in, should the need arise. Tapering down to points at each end, the scarf splits into several different strips, and each one with a slight waviness to it. The scarf’s mass is equal to the mass of that sand that it converts to when damaged. If completely destroyed, the scarf will slowly tug itself back together and reform.

The Eye of the World/The Sensitive Aetherion: The Sensitive Aetherion is a solid Pandorium sphere, banded with Mnemosium and containing within a raging maelstrom of purplish energy, though this occasionally resolves into the shape of an eye, hence its alternate name. The Aetherion contains massive amounts of Magical Power, enabling a Sensitive to communicate with virtually any target in the world, so long as they have interacted with them before. It can also be used as a conduit, so that beings without a physical form, such as ghosts and spirits, can speak through it to the user. Shaitan keeps the Aetherion within the Temple, and uses the device whenever he feels particularly strong messages from the Faceless Ones, thus allowing them to 'speak' through the Pandorium Core.
- Other: Shaitan’s main base of operations is in a restored temple deep within Egypt, however he does own a house in Greece and a small castle in France. There are also several small holds he has scattered across the Middle East.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Sand Manipulation, formerly Natural Sensitive (Seer)
- Immersion Metamorphosis: As a Natural Sensitive, Shaitan’s IM form is linked to and enhances his former discipline. His eyes begin to glow with fell energy, which intensifies and eventually begins to leak from the outer corners of the eyes, though the leaking energy drifts up instead of falling. His voice also distorts, losing one singular quality and sounding like some twisted, dark chorus. He also passively foresees the future in this form, granting him vision a tiny bit forwards in time, making simplistic tactics and slow movements useless against him. His dagger can also be interacted with telekinetically.
- Ability Specific Info: Shaitan’s magic involves the control and manipulation of sand. He can control any sand within a 100m radius of his location. However, the damper the sand, the harder it is for him to control, until it reaches a saturated point where he can’t control it at all. Shaitan was born a Natural Sensitive, an extremely powerful seer; however an incident in his past forcibly changed his Magic Discipline, although he still retains slight traces of his former power.
- Signature Ability: Shaitan’s signature ability is unleashing a maelstrom of sand, creating a raging sandstorm around him, while he remains in the center.
- Strengths: Shaitan is strongest around large amounts of sand, and in the desert he is near unstoppable. He can also create his own sand if he has to. 
- Weaknesses: Anything that could dampen his sand, reduces his control and forces him to dry everything out with his dagger.
- Training: Shaitan is a Natural Sensitive, born able to hear the call of spirits and certain magical beings. When he was young though, he stumbled upon an artifact of the Faceless Ones, and as he grasped this, he was flooded with power, overriding his previous discipline and leaving only small traces of his Sensitive magic. In time, he came to master his unique ability.

Magical Affliction
- Magical Affliction: Magically Corrupted
- Inflictee: A cursed ritual dagger that was buried deep within an ancient temple.
- Mark: The dagger left no specific mark when it changed Shaitan, however when he is using his magic, his voice takes on an odd distorted quality, as if there are several people all speaking at once. Prolonged use of his magic also causes his eyes to glow with power.
- Benefits: Shaitan has extremely powerful magic due to his affliction, and his physical skills have also been slightly enhanced. Akin to an Ascendant, Shaitan has access to raw magic, though due to his corruption, he cannot use it for much. Normally, this only involves flinging a blast of corrupted power at someone, to knock them back, or corrupt magic used against him. The latter reduces much of the force and damage, but the corrupted magic still burns and harms flesh.
- Downsides: Shaitan’s voice and eyes make him extremely noticeable when he uses his magic. His mind was also slightly damaged by the curse, giving him a single-minded obsession with bringing back the Faceless Ones. Shaitan's use of raw magic is limited, and the corruption also harms him with overuse. The corrupted magic can only be used for destruction, it cannot bind, heal, or sustain.
- Fitting In: Shaitan does not even try to fit in with society, as his former to allegiance to Mevolent and obsession with the Faceless Ones ensures he is always distrusted at the least, and generally hated. 
- Suppressant/Cure: There exists no cure that would restore Shaitan to how he was before the curse.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Shaitan’s goal is to bring the Faceless Ones back to Earth. His current plan for this is to gather several Aetherion, using their power in conjunction with his dagger to open a path back to the world.
- Minor Goals: A minor, but constant goal, is to recruit more followers for the Dark Gods.
- Reasoning behind goal: The cursed ritual dagger has imprinted Shaitan’s mind with an obsession with the Faceless Ones. At this point, he is also thoroughly insane.
- Motivation: The dark powers of the dagger, and the occasional call of a Faceless One, which Shaitan feels due to his suppressed Seer powers, spur him on.
- Bio: [Their Backstory. What happened in their past? What are major events that have shaped them? Explain in as much detail as possible.]

- Additional Notes: Shaitan’s suppressed seer powers, coupled with his current lack of control over them, mean that he occasionally hears the call of a Faceless One, shouting across the dimensions, during these times, his normal fanatical behaviour increases to dangerous levels and he loses a lot of his self control.
- Suescore: … -17

Title: Re: The Prophet of the Dark Gods - Shaitan Aridia
Post by: Kiiyashi on June 02, 2011, 10:18:18 AM
-Bio: Shaitan was born a Natural Sensitive,  as a Seer, blessed with the gift of foresight. His talent, though unrefined, promised to be one of the world’s greatest. However, his sensitivity to the fates of others allowed other powers to tug at his mind. As he slept, Shaitan was assaulted by the calls of the Dark Gods, screaming out across reality. For some time, Shaitan was able to resist their calls, but eventually the time came when he could resist no more, the call of the Faceless Ones could not be ignored.

These calls lead him across the Mediterranean Sea and deep into Egypt, making the perilous journey with few supplies. As he trekked across the deserts, suffering dehydration and sever sunburn, Shaitan’s destination eventually drifted into view, the entrance of an ancient temple, the passage inside barely visible in the raging sandstorms.  When he finally arrived, Shaitan’s body was beaten and burnt, bleeding all over due to the pelting sting of sand and cracked from sunburn.  Stumbling into the temple, with its archaic and alien design, Shaitan barely noticed the statues of faceless figures, and carvings depicting doom and destruction, his eyes only seeing a sacrificial altar in the centre. Upon the altar was a single preserved figure, dressed in odd garments designed for the desert, and holding an ornate dagger to their own throat, only a tiny line visible where the blade had cut.

Without thought, Shaitan grabbed the dagger as he collapsed forwards, unintentionally forcing it into the preserved body, which dried instantly as the weapon pierced its flesh, the dagger transferring some of this moisture to the dehydrated Shaitan. Eventually regaining his consciousness, Shaitan managed to drag himself to a nearby pool of water, escaping death only through the fresh supply, and the curse the dagger had just placed upon him.  As he recovered however, Shaitan noticed that his magic was different; no longer could he hear the call of spirits, or feel the tides of fate and foresee the future. Only the commands of the Faceless Ones remained; that and a strange sense of power in the sand filled temple. With the commands of the Dark Gods in his mind, Shaitan investigated the temple, scouring it for knowledge of his rulers before claiming the dagger and garb of the dead priest on the altar.

Shaitan had entered the temple as a dying seer, and left as a Prophet of the Dark Gods. As he left the temple, wearing his trademark white desert garb, with a golden scarf around his neck and the cursed dagger at his waist, Shaitan found that the sandstorms cleared at will, the commands of the Faceless Ones cramming knowledge of this new power into his mind.  Now determined to bring back the Faceless Ones, Shaitan roamed for centuries, growing in power and influence as be sought out methods to achieve his goal. Eventually, such a method surfaced, in the form of Mevolent, a being skilled and powerful enough to unite the unruly worshippers of the Dark Gods and finally achieve their goal. With his power, and undeniable link to the Faceless Ones, Shaitan was immediately given a high ranked position, placed on the same level as the Three Generals, although his role was more one of support than actual warfare.

Despite Mevolent’s power, and the army he had amassed, his plan failed and he was defeated by the Sanctuary, the leader himself being executed and the army scattered. Drifting once again after this horrific loss, Shaitan almost returned to the fray several times in recent years, feeling a powerful call to the Faceless Ones at one point, and a mere year later, actually feeling the presence of some. Shocked and furious when he felt his gods forced back from the Earth once more, Shaitan began a new plan, seeking out several artifacts of the Faceless Ones in an attempt to call to his gods directly. A search that continues to this day...
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Kii, what do you want me to say? I can't watch the watcher.
Him, and all of your other characters are a 1.
I really, honestly can't find anything, and I don't dare try because I would be a hypocrite to find anything wrong with them.
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There's nothing wrong with this guy?
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Damn, there goes part of the fun of profile making...

Eh, you might find something that I missed, there's always the possibility.
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Also now partially understand why Winter had nothing to say...

Still... someone must be able to find something wrong... right?
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Title: Re: The Prophet of the Dark Gods - Shaitan Aridia
Post by: Aurum Silver on May 24, 2013, 04:29:32 PM
How does his dagger be interacted with through Telepathy?
Title: Re: The Prophet of the Dark Gods - Shaitan Aridia
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The cursed dagger is linked to him, he gained his new magic from it.
When he enters IM, the surges of his former Discipline give him enough power as a Sensitive to control it.
Title: Re: The Prophet of the Dark Gods - Shaitan Aridia
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Telepathy= thought reading

I don't get it.
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Ahhhh, Firefox doesn't recognise Telekinetically as a word. That would explain it.