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Title: Luke Dakota (Zombie rp)
Post by: Flint on October 13, 2014, 08:26:46 PM
Name:Luke Dakota
Appearance:Tall, broad shoulders, average build. Light brown hair, usually messy in style. Normally wears a leather jacket with cargo pants. Tribal tattoos on his arms. Blue eyes, slight stubble

Personality:Luke is an intelligent individual who uses his intellect and cunning to get himself out of sticky situations. He can be ruthless, and will do what he has to to survive. He has a decent sense of humour, however he sometimes cracks jokes at inappropriate moments. He believes in enjoying the good moments in life, and to brave through the tough times.

History:Before the infection, Luke was a biology and math teacher. However his real dream was to he an actor. And so he spent the school year and the summer looking for an acting job. One summer, Luke finally got a role in a movie. However his dreams were crushed on his first day at work. Undead monsters attacked his set and devoured most of the cast and crew. Luke locked himself in the buffet room, surviving on the food inside for a couple of weeks, until he ran out of food and was forced to nove out. He left the set of his movie and went to the streets. Society had broken down, and the army were slowly dying away. Dumbfounded, Luke found himself moving across the city and avoiding the undead. He eventually bumped into a small group of survivours led by an ex military sergeant called Naomi. However this group didn't last long, amd after a series of escalating arguments, the group split. Luie and Naomi are still surviving in the city today.

Weapon(s) of choice:Machete and a Horton crossbow


Naomi: Luke's companion. Carries katana and M16 rifle. Ex military.