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Title: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Mad Murdock on July 22, 2019, 02:39:22 AM
Rico was on the move once again, though he hadn’t quite gotten himself out of Ireland, yet. His stay with the Symbolist had been surprisingly hospitable, as he’d envisioned a Vampire’s company would be anything but. However, Siobhan managed to change his perspective by proving him wrong. She had been humble toward his guarded demeanour, and went to the length of setting the soldier back on his feet with insisted R&R while it was clear he was on his last legs. But respite would never be an option for Classified, because of Ximena’s ever impending presence— it’d been a close shave when she came knocking on Siobhan’s fishing door.  Her advances were a hell of a lot more fervent than in recent years, as if she was now desperate to reinstate her influence; to have her weapon back under her thumb. Like hell that was going to happen.

Where was he supposed to go now? Nowhere was particularly safe as there were multiple warrants for his arrest. Everyone was looking for the soldier, and all he wanted to do was go home. That’s all he’d ever wanted since the string of blind murders had begun-
Nevertheless, he was prompted from Siobhan’s sanctum with an ulterior plan. He was still going to get home, but with an additional detour.

   Mad Max is online

He doubted Aria would be available, though he had a sudden need to know who’d gotten Ximena out of custody.
Rico had seen the newsletter of her arrest, and it’d only been a few days since that was made public. So who the llama got that psychotic dog of female orientation out?

   Mad Max: Can I ask a favour?

It’d been a good ten hours since he’d last been in contact with the aspiring cybernetics experimentalist. In comparison to prior absences, this amount of time could be seen as brief. He himself was desperate, and paranoia set in as he had the haunting feeling of having been robbed of precious time.

   Mad Max: Who sprung Ortez?

In all, the weather seemed to clear by midday; the rain disappeared toward the West, and the brilliant sunshine decided to optimistically ruin Rico’s calm stroll through Limerick. The merc wasn’t dressed for the warm, humid weather, though he could at least be thankful for the regulating system of his mask. It was gratifyingly keeping his temperature somewhat stable.
He was currently between transport; having had flagged a coach to this unfamiliar city, and now was on the lookout for a reliable vehicle he could potentially borrow.

   Mad Max: Situation, Red Alert. Ximena is on my arse, Aria. I need to know who let her out.

This he sends while anxiously glancing toward an aggressive shadow over his shoulder. Anything that moved from the corner of his vision had the merc on high alert. Rico had half of his hearing; the healing symbol only having amended part of the problem, and it seriously hindered his senses in field. It was currently his Achilles heel, and it was a constant strain on him. The stress it induced was unsolicited, but so far it's kept him alive.
Though possibly seen as his safest route, Rico was in clear view of the public eye, but he knew full well that his assailant didn’t care about being discreet. The merc needed to be hasty about finding some wheels.
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Gideon on July 22, 2019, 06:31:08 PM
Ximena Ortez popped out of thin air and slipped the Russian a sly wink. They’d appeared in an alley somewhere in Limerick, Ireland. How exactly the teleporter had managed to get them to somewhere this random with seemingly no hesitation was beyond her. Maybe Voluntas hadn’t been lying when she said he was the greatest teleporter alive.
”Gracias, Ruso.” The Columbiana’s voice was honeyed, a gleam was in her dark brown eyes that hadn’t been there since before her new arm. The Russian grimaced at her but she paid him and his opinions of her no mind. “Stay here, once I have Classified I’ll need you to get him to the British Sanctuary, when he’s finished his business there bring him back to me, comprende?” She tapped the façade carving on her wrist, cloaking her arm in the fake flesh and hiding the new claws. The Russian nodded to her and she stepped out into the street, donning her absurdly reflective sunglasses. ’If I were Rico Classified, where would I hide?” She thought, looking down at the CCAT tracker in her hand. She knew he was in Limerick and had been wandering around there for a few hours, not particularly quickly which meant he didn’t have wheels yet. She cracked her neck and started to walk down the street, the scanner started narrowing down his location as the signal got stronger.
It was sunny and humid, exactly the kind of weather Ximena wanted wherever she went. She’d changed up her clothes after seeing Dr. Klein about her arm, dark green combat pants, a long sleeved, skintight athletic shirt, and lightweight desert boots that offered a good mixture of traction and stealth. She’d also found time to straighten her hair and clean her face. Having a teleporter on standby made almost everything easier to fit into your schedule it seemed. Ximena came to a stop and looked closer at the tracker, giving it a solid smack to make sure there wasn’t some kind of readout error.  The bone breaker had to stifle a laugh, almost refusing to believe her luck. Rico Classified was walking down the street directly in front of her. She ducked behind a group of tourists and followed with her hands in her pockets, scanning the street for the familiar profile of her favorite assassin.
She followed them for a couple blocks and moved out into the middle of the sidewalk, and there he was. Looking around frantically at seemingly everyone that moved in from his peripherals. She grinned, exposing the brilliant white teeth and the vicious fangs between them.
’Oh Rico… Maybe if you hadn’t shot out your ear this wouldn’t be so easy.’ 
Despite her cocky internal monologue, Ximena found herself thinking intensely about how to proceed. With Classified on high alert like this she couldn’t waste time, as much fun as she would have trying to toy with him. She couldn’t risk him doing something drastic and potentially losing those eyes. She picked up the pace, walking past the group of tourists and coming to a stop about ten feet behind her target, careful to stay out of his peripherals.
She could snap his spine, pass it off as some kind of freak accident to the all the people that could see. Just the lightest of grazes… crack. The thought sent shivers down her spine. She moved faster, halving the distance between her and Classified. She could actually use the trigger phrase, say it before he had time to properly react, get him back under her thumb without needing to fight. Even if it wasn’t as fun in the moment, it yielded the best chance at succeeding before Silas had a chance to remove her. But activating the brainwashing wasn’t exactly subtle either. ”Why not have a little fun before we go home…” Ximena whispered to herself.
She surged forward, covering the space between her and Rico in two vampirically graceful strides before falling in step next to him for a couple of seconds, keeping her face turned away.  ”You can’t hide from me, seus bosta!” Ximena shouted, whipping to face Rico and swinging her new cybernetic in a punch toward his kidney.
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Flint on July 22, 2019, 08:03:03 PM
The tracker placed Classified somewhere in or around Limerick city, if one could call it a city. The cities Monty knew were cramped, had towering buildings and disgustingly dense crowds of dwellers. Ireland's cities were dwarfed in comparison, with perhaps the exception of Dublin. Limerick, n the other hand, was little more than a town in the man's eyes, as was Cork and Galway. Then again, Ireland was a cute little country when held next to the U.S.

He was in Smyth's bar, on Robert st, with a radio in hand, and earphones plugged in. Kane had fitted him with equipment that could tap into the police radio. They reckoned the easiest way to track down Rico was to wait until the wanted man caused some trouble in the city. That meant a stakeout of sorts, only with this stakeout Monty could pick his own watching point. Naturally he chose a bar.

A glass of Jameson landed at his table, accompanied by a bottle of Schweppes ginger ale (drinking straight didn't seem a good idea at the time.). The drink came with a packet of what the Irish called 'Taytos'; these delightful little chips that went great with any drink. Were it not for his olive complexion and American accent, he'd have fit in with the locals.

Though listening to the local police, he realised that the differences only started there. The cops here seemed lazy, unfocused. They didn't even carry guns! Sure, it was midday on a Monday, but the drone-like voices of a range of older men were almost enough to send the merc to sleep. Nothing of relevance came over the radio- an elderly man was found dead in his home, a car had broken down on the motorway, and a homeless man had passed out in one of the local supermarkets. There was no action, no danger. He wondered how the cops made a dime.

The mercenary poured the ginger ale into his whiskey, swirling the glass a few times before taking a sip. Just as he reached to take an earbud out, a more concerned voice filled the channel.
"Assault on Henry street, by Red Church. A young lady in green pants and a black top. Ó'Ciardha responding".
He set the drink down on his table, pocketing the radio before moving for the door. As he left the bar, he googled the Red Church, finding that it was only a few blocks away. Then, he pulled up the chat he had with Aria Kane, before typing:

"I've got a lead. First crime of the day, might lead to something. Talk later!".

He moved for his bike, which was about three minutes away from being illegally parked, and swung a leg over it. The Yamaha YxF R6 was a real machine, with a sleek look and an engine that sounded more beastly than his ex-mother-in-law. Revving the engine to life, he kicked off from the curb, and sped down the road. The bike zipped round the corner of a casino before coming onto the long stretch of Henry street. Scarce stopped the bike once more, revving the engine before taking off down the road, ignoring any speed limit and cutting out in front of any traffic that stood in his way. He tried to ignore the beeps of frustration from other cars - and the garda station he passed on his way. This was a lead; a far-fetched one, yes, but one that wasn't worth passing up on. He sped up, the Red Church coming into view.
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 22, 2019, 10:03:01 PM
 Her office seemed more or less untouched since she'd last set foot there. It had been weeks of Aria taking constant leave or avoiding her office at all costs - even to the point that Darius had taken to kicking her out of his office the second he saw her shadow by the door.
 It was an odd feeling to sit back in her chair, almost cathartic. This office was a home away from home, and it seemed Arabella knew Aria's hatred for people touching her things enough to make sure that it was exactly the way she'd left it when she'd first taken her leave.
 Blueprints were laid haphazardly against her workbench and when Aria had first taken a glance at them, she'd seen they were for a skin-like weave in order to make bionics look more natural. Making a mental note to take a second look at that when she had the chance (there were probably countless crazed ideas she'd put in the blueprints that needed refining), Aria tapped on her desktop.
 It breathed to life with a silent hum, the screen lighting up--

 And with it, a whole load of messages. Aria had spent the entire night before in the pub - a very out of character move for her - and hadn't gotten in until she'd went outside and noticed that the sun was starting to rise.
 So now, she was nursing a hangover. And had completely forgotten that she'd sent Monty to find Rico. Who was currently messaging her. Urgently.
 She rubbed her temples with a groan. "Not today, Mad Max." There was a very genuine temptation to just... turn the desktop back off and grab a coffee before getting straight into work, rehashing her security system once more but... she'd typed a response. Monty first (she'd named him Deckard in her chat, and was mega proud of the joke - he was hunting a man who may well have been a Replicant, after all).

 Robocop is typing...
Robocop: First crime of the day? Really? You'd have thought there would have been one earlier in the day, in such a major city. Keep an eye out.

 That was all that needed to be said; there was no need to mother-hen the man as he had shown himself more than capable. Though Rico's messages needed a moment to digest.
 Who had let who out? Rico had... well, he may have mentioned the name in passing once, but never in a capacity that meant Aria felt she should know it at all.

 Robocop: You need to know what now?

 Evaluating the uselessness of her statement, Aria rolled her eyes and checked up on her footage - Ximena Ortez. That must have been the curly-haired woman from before, if she was under arrest then Darius wouldn't be keen on letting her just walk anytime soon--
 "Holy unpleasant excrement, that's Lady Aranea!" Aria burst out with, her eyes widening comically. The empath was just walking -- No. Storming out with the Colombian in tow! No one had stopped them, either. Did Arabella know about this? What a dumb question, she must have known by now--

 Robocop is typing... (frantically, at that).
Robocop: wtfhaveyougottenyourselfintowhatthehellyouremessingwithsomerealbadpeoplerico-- VOLUNTAS ARANEA HERSELF MARCHED THE WOMAN OUT!
Robocop: Messing with Crayne and his associate is a terrible move, this lady clearly has friends in some high places! Footage hasn't shown anyone stopping them, or even asking any questions! Aranea just walked in, walked out with your murdery friend in tow.
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Mad Murdock on July 23, 2019, 09:51:41 AM
There was a wait before Aria became available to chat. Her first message had Rico pausing on the pavement briefly in disbelief— had she read his message through a migraine or something? Though she seemed to catch up as her typing quickly became frantic.
Voluntas Aranea, that was a familiar name. The merc divided his attention further for a moment in order to gather intel on this, vampire. (Could Rico honestly not catch a break?) The information that relayed across his vision confirmed that she was indeed highly situated, and very powerful in her position. Learning that she worked alongside Silas Crayne only put another nail in the coffin to Rico’s earlier assumptions— he needed to pay Crayne Consolidated a visit, though that would be risky if Ximena was in fact working for them. They’d have it out for the soldier as well- but what’s better than attacking an infection than at its source?

While continuing his search, he foolishly pays no mind to an unassuming group of tourists that pass him by. Their profiles were of no threat to him — those of whom he could see.

   Mad Max: Bad people are messing with *me— don’t worr

A casual figure falling into step on his right soon after wasn’t an immediate cause for concern, not until his heavy, lingering dread dropped like lead when he recognised that voice; this stopping him from finishing his sentence before it sent. Rico’s instinctive, high octane fuelled reflexes couldn’t compare to that of a vampire’s, and is struck inhumanely hard.
White pain ruptured in his kidney, causing a strangled growl of a response as the merc’s footing became unsteady. Though feigning his fall, Rico expertly twists with a newly conjured blade to strike Ximena with the hilt; aiming to shatter her kneecap, and slice her inner thigh in quick succession before catching himself. The pain had him feeling nauseous, though that would subside if he kept moving- that was his plan. He needed to get out of her reach.
The next best idea, whilst still in view of the public, was to shove Ximena away from himself before bolting, with a stumble, into the crowd—
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Gideon on July 24, 2019, 07:27:22 PM
Ximena sighed in satisfaction as he watched the metal arm make contact exactly where she intended, just above his hip and directly into his kidney. But the soldier was always tricky, always high octane, even for her. With no llamas to give for the pain he’d already conjured a blade and swung back at her legs. She moved her knee out of the way, but lost track of the matte black blade for long enough that the wide sweep carved across her inner thigh, just above the knee. She grimaced, his hands smacked against her shoulders in an attempt to throw her off balance. Ximena twisted, flipping through the air with catlike grace and landing in a crouch. She chuckled as he took off, using the crowded street to try and  lose her. ”Oh Rico… how I’ve missed our conversations.” She’d drawn several curious gazes, but she didn’t have thoughts to spare for them as she took off running after Rico. Despite his incredibly conspicuous garb, he was always remarkably good at blending in, and Ximena feared she’d lost him in the press of tourists. She stopped for a second, searching for the signs of a man on a mission pushing through the crowd. Someone reached out and grabbed her wrist, apparently a Good Samaritan that decided Ximena had stepped out of line. The vampire switched her gaze to him, whatever he said was lost in the roaring bloodlust. She reached out her free hand and lightly tapped his forehead with her talon tipped index and middle finger.
Then the screaming started. His skull didn’t cave, but it was badly fractured, and the talons of her mechanical arm had viciously cut into his forehead. Ximena took a couple of seconds to admire the cerebrospinal fluid that leaked out of the ugly wound. She didn’t notice the police uniform the man wore as she took back off after Classified, this time no one tried to stop her.
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Finding The Red Church proved easy; it was, after all, a large red church. It loomed over the street, even moreso than the office blocks by which it was flanked. Ditching his bike on the sidewalk, Scarce waded into the crowd, pushing past ranks of screaming pedestrians, stooping on his toes to see over heads in an attempt to gauge what in Sam hell was going on. He thought of touching the symbols etched on his shirt underarms, revealing the pistol and ammo on his side holsters, but the presence of the guards stopped him in his tracks. He frowned as he saw that even some of the policemen were running, shouting into radios in request of armed response. Honestly, it would have been much easier if they all carried guns.

Monty came to a clearing just in time to see a young lady viciously tear at a man's head with what could only be described as a metallic claw. Her eyes were as deep brown as his own, her frame wiry, her teeth sharp. She watched the wounded man cry in agony for a moment, a sick smile playing on her lips. Monty was a killer, but he wasn't sadistic. He didn't enjoy killing people, at least not when they didn't have it coming. There wasn't a doubt in the merc's mind that this woman was crazy. He knew his crazies.

So he pulled a gun on her. With a quick scratch of the arm pit his P226 appeared with its holster, and he drew it in one fluid motion. The gun poised at Ximena's chest, Monty noticed Classified over her shoulder. He was holding a blade. Scarce focused on his target, weighing up if he wanted to take Ortez out or just wound her. The woman seemed deadly, and if he didn't end the fight quickly, she might have gotten the better of him. For that reason alone, he aimed a little higher, hoping to land a shot on the vampire's already marred neck. Scarce ignored the guards behind him, who urged him to drop his weapon. He didn't do 'hands in the air', or 'stand down's. If a target was in his way, he had to remove it. He had people who could cover up his tracks after. Monty squeezed the trigger thrice, watching closely for his enemy's reaction.
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The merc pushed between a pair of fumbling bystanders just as the blood curdling screams of the officer reached his good ear.  He doesn’t initially look back as he knew what those cries would lead him to see, but when three rounds were fired in his wake Rico cranes himself to glance back over the crowd. Who had the fishing gun, and who were they shooting at?! 
Without knowledge of the intended target, and his eyes not tracing the speeding bullets, Rico opts to lunge to his left to play it safe, toward a seemingly stationary bus. It was his first option in escaping Ximena, though to his dismay, the bus was already moving--  unpleasant excrement.  The merc couldn’t see any other immediate escapes; guards were encircling, and his chances of finding an unattended vehicle were now non existent.  There were too many witnesses; too many mortals, he needed to eliminate the threat before his situation got any worse. Classified was already up to his elbows in unpleasant excrement that wasn’t entirely his fault-- if that monster hunter hadn’t drawn that arrow on him, a lot of this mess could’ve been fishing avoided.

Rico shoulders his way against the current of pedestrians with his Springfield aimed toward the ground. His glaring eye zeroed in on Ximena while its software calculated his accuracy; he’d need to wait for a clear shot, there were too many people in the way--
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Ximena would have liked to enjoy her work for a few more seconds, but the flash of silver in her periphery made sure she put her attention where it was needed. She turned, and started staring directly down the barrel of some intervening mother goat’s handgun. She snarled and reached behind her, the new mechanical arm gripping something fleshy that screamed as she pulled it in front of her just in time to hear the report of the handgun go off three times. She felt two impacts into the meat shield she’d grabbed, cutting off the awful screaming. A third smacked directly into her metal shoulder, she growled, tossing the lifeless body of the child she’d volunteered to take a few bullets carelessly into the street with a cruel laugh. She pointed her talon tipped finger at Monty. ”You’re next, Desgraçado!” She growled, a promise she fully intended to make good on one day, but now she was busy. She whipped around, finally catching sight of Classified muscling through the pedestrians. She dashed forward, anyone that stepped in her way caught either a mechanical elbow to the face or a bone breaking caress. She was done fishing around, no way was Ximena planning on fighting two strapped mercenaries in broad fishing daylight. llama it, Ximena, just go for it. She thought to herself, inhaling deeply and praying to whatever unmentionable god that allowed her to survive this long that Classified didn’t blow his other ear out. 
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Post by: Mad Murdock on July 31, 2019, 01:21:59 AM
The crowd was beginning to thin, though that didn’t mean there’d be any less casualties. The child that was used to deflect those random shots was only noticed by the merc once they’d been discarded like litter. A fishing kid. Rico knew the extent of Ximena’s cruelty, he shouldn’t be surprised, but the act in itself was inexcusable. Needless, and unreasonable death was something Rico was highly against - some people deserve to die, namely Ximena, but that kid—
This dog of female orientation had to go down. The Springfield he clutched rose to be level with his eye; the crowd reduced enough for a clear shot. Her head was in clear view. Unfortunately, the Vampire had zeroed in on him, and was closing the distance between them faster than he could. If he was going to take a shot, he’d better do it n—

He forgot one, crucial, thing- why the moon was so lonely...

Rico’s arms fell back down to rest by his sides, and the gun disintegrates, forgotten about.  The barriers in his mind abusively constructed themselves; cordoning his rationality from his conditioned mind. None of his own thoughts remained, no plans, and definitely no memory of what he’d just been doing.
The soldier stood attentively, and near protective of his conductor while he waited for further instruction.

Classified, Ximena's asset, was once again at her disposal.
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Monty swore obscenities as the vampire grabbed a child of all things to take the hits for her. The merc lost sight of his enemy as she tossed the girl aside and disappeared into the crowd. Advancing, he saw a number of people fall to the aid of the kid, and another man who made right for him. He was big; burly and taller than Monty, his head red as a tomato. He batted Monty's gun aside and took a swing at the merc's jaw. Monty then fired a few shots into the air, sending the crowd scattering further. He looked the man in the eye/ His were the eyes of a killer, but the man had the look of someone who had something to live for.
"Don't do something you'll regret old man", he snarled, barging past the big guy and moving in Ortez' direction. All around, the people avoided him, their faces terrified. He swore again, realising how much unpleasant excrement this was going to put him in. Forget fake ID's and Sensitive mind-wipers, Monty was going to need Rojas to make him a new face after all this unpleasant excrement.

He knew what he was doing was wrong, but necessary. Aria sounded desperate, as though Rico had really gotten himself into the unpleasant excrement this time. She too knew that sending Monty after him rather than alerting his Sanctuary was beyond unethical. Still, if she was going to this length to save Classified, it must have been for some good reason. Aria was a good kid.

His eyes fell on Rico and Ximena now, and a smile stretched across his face. They'd cornered her!. Moving closer, he poised his handgun at the vamp's head, arching an eyebrow indicatively. "You wanna take her? or shall I?". Then he looked closer at the masked merc. Something was wrong. Classified was unarmed, his face slack, devoid of expression. His arms at his side, he showed no desire to attack that psychotic vampire, who was smiling very smugly now.
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Ximena’s face seemed to split completely in half as her grin went from smug to absolutely ecstatic. Watching all that fire… all that will, just drain from Rico’s face as the careful conditioning and mental blocks did their work with nothing more than a sentence. It was the most beautiful thing Ximena could imagine and more. More because despite the fact that Rico was now further in her pocket than a fistful or coins, his little friend thought that he could get through to the soldier. Ximena looked back over her shoulder, her dark brown gaze locking onto Monty’s with predatory focus.
”Oh no, cabron. You’re too late.” Ximena practically giggled at the man. She tapped her mechanical arm against her thigh, activating her signal for the Russian to come get them. ”Rico, my sweet.” She kept her eyes on Monty. ”Help me handle this goat before señor Ruso arrives.”
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Through the murky fog that now clogged his mind, Monty’s concern was barely audible to the soldier. He’d hardly caught wind of his name being used at all. Not until Ximena’s voice raised through the haze like a stark electric bolt. Her demands were the only thing important to the man, and what she wanted, he’d deliver.
Classified understood her command as incapacitation and proceeded forth; drawing a fresh pistol from nothing, and stepped passed Ximena in order to shield her from the threat. His demeanour steady, and concentration unwavering.
The man didn’t hesitate in firing his gun, twice, though his aim wasn’t to kill.
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Monty had initially felt a sharp dislike of the vampire. It was quickly turning to a burning hatred. She practically cackled at him as she set Classified on him. He'd never seen anything like it, but had to assume the woman had some sort of mind-manipulating abilities. The merc wondered why she hadn't ordered him to shoot himself by now. Surely that'd have been easier. No, maybe she just had something over the masked man.

Whatever it was, Monty hadn't much time for contemplation. Rico set his glazed over eyes on Scarce now, the man firing off two well placed shots in the Horseman's direction. Monty swore, diving for cover but finding none. One of the shots missed, but the other caught him on the shoulder, tearing up flesh and bone as it laced right through his limb. Monty growled ferally, the wound a mere scratch when compared to others he'd suffered. The Mystic Arts had taught him to deal with such pains. Gripping his wounded shoulder, he drew his gun with his free hand, trying to aim for Ximena but only finding Rico. In his other hand, his ring glowed, drawing power from the Mystic Dimension to heal his wound, slowly and carefully sewing up the muscle and skin, clotting the blood. He snarled at Rico, doubt quickly setting in on whether he'd be able to keep his promises to Aria.

I'll get him back, Kane. Won't even have to wound the dodgy individual of illegitimate birth!
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Ximena arched an eyebrow when rico didn’t go for the killshot, but her planned order was cut short by the arrival of the very irritated looking Russian. She shrugged, looking down at Monty with a detached boredom that only said he wasn’t worth the magic for a conjured bullet. ”Adios, amigo.” She said flatly, as the Russian teleported. 
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The two bullets set loose upon the American disintegrate as soon as they pass by, or through, their intended target while Rico scowled his distaste for the lack of result.  He hadn't accounted for the dodge, and he couldn't exactly change his trajectory mid-air, so a small shoulder wound would have to do. 
The gun lowers, and remains trained on Monty while Ximena announced her farwell; Rico's glare unwavering as he too is taken from his Irish surrounding.
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Monty was surprised another bullet hadn't finished him off by now. He wasn't exactly in the position to dodge another attack. Still, the other merc showed no signs of backing down any time soon. What did this dog of female orientation have over Classified? he wondered, eyeing the other man. When they'd escaped the cannibals in Boston, Rico had seemed like an alright fella. Monty would have at least expected a warning from the masked man before any shots were fired off.

The dog of female orientation. Ximena stood over him now, flanked by a janky-looking man who hadn't been there a second before.  A Teleporter. As Ximena bid her farewells, Monty acted on instinct, though usually Cutter had once told him that in his case doing that was akin to suicide. He wasn't sure where they were going, or who they'd meet on the other side, but Scarce wasn't letting go of this fight so easily. Lurching forward, he made to seize The Russian's ankle, hoping to hell he was quick enough.
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Ximena and her motley accompaniment of- ”What the llama are you doing?” Ximena said in a mixture of shocked indignation and impressed shouting. Her eyes were open comically wide at the mercenary, his hand wrapped around the Russian’s ankle and his gunshot wound seemingly miraculously healed. She snapped her attention to Rico for a split second. ”You, go kill whoever it was that’s been fixing those eyes of yours.” She spoke quickly and flatly, snapping out her words like a woman used to giving orders to less compliant individuals. She looked back to Monty and beckoned him with and outstretched, mechanical finger to come closer. ”Vamos a bailar, desgracado*.”

[*Let’s dance, goat.]
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The teleport was instantaneous, and their surroundings a recognisable backdrop of which the soldier didn’t remember he’d fled weeks ago.  There wasn’t time to familiarise himself however, nor was there a chance to step in to cleanse the Merc infestation as his orders were almost as instantly barked at him.  Rico took a step backwards in response while the dust of their arrival continued to settle, mimicking a flinch of evasion before then fluidly leaning into a hastened step.  His pace picked up into a jog while he had his eyes detail the quickest route toward the lab; one that would attract the least amount of attention as he slipped through the corridors unmasked. 
It didn’t take him long to reach the desired door, though his entire journey he’d had a map to refer to.  Anyone to try and get in his way were either ignored, or glared at; they were not his target.

Aria Kane was his target, and it was Aria Kane’s door that he knocked…
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 Aria's arm lit up with notifications, demanding her attention. She'd not expected any messages, so when she tore her eyes from the blueprints before her, she was more than shocked to see the footage of four figures she was sure should not be present at the Sanc.
 There were Monty and the Colombian throwing down hands, which made sense. It annoyed Aria, still, to absolutely no end that Rico's drama was being brought back into Sanctuary grounds. She had started to push herself away from her desk when she'd noticed Rico - without his mask on - getting something barked at him by the Vampire.
 Even more oddly, he seemed to listen. Flinching away from the woman only to make his way elsewhere. Something dropped in Aria's stomach, what was this? Prognostication. For sure. Aria was pretty sure she knew exactly where Rico would end up when she followed him on footage...


 Surprising absolutely nobody, he was at her door. Aria kept her gaze on the footage as she pulled away from her desk, searching for something... anything... aha! Her fingers wrapped around what looked like a laser-pointer mixed with an otoscope, only about as large as her palm, and she pulled it close to herself as she typed.

Robocop is Typing...
Robocop: Hey, soldier. Getting a little forgetful in our old age, are we?

 Moving as quietly as she could, Aria crossed the office in record time, picking up a small portion of the skin prototype. The tactile material moulded to her hand comfortably, turning the same colour as her skin. It really could have been impressive, one day.
 Aria took a half-laboured step just by the door, keeping herself pressed against the wall. Why was she panicking?! It was just Rico. He wasn't about to do anything dumb, he wasn't about to hurt her. Right?!

Robocop is Typing...
Robocop: You must be, 'cause I don't see a sane man willingly arriving in the Sanctuary he's been avoiding for so long, just to rock up at his friend's door and undo all those times he said he wouldn't do juuuust that. I'm not chastising. Swearsies.
Robocop: Just tell me this isn't going to be some Zoolander unpleasant excrement? The door's open.

 She was gripping her plasma torch tightly in her hand, poised to press it against Rico's temple and fire it the second he got too close, her armoured hand keeping close to her head. Her positioning meant that she'd be behind the door when Rico opened it, but-- those obscene updates she'd done on his eyes! There was so much those damn things could do now, she was really, really beginning to feel like it was worse than a Zoolander situation. Frankenstein gone wrong? Manchurian Candidate-- no, that one didn't work.
 Maybe she was over-reacting! Aria had a tendency to do that as it was, and she had been on edge for the past while, constantly worried that the feeling of foreboding actually had some merit to it. Why would she not answer her friend when he was willing to turn up out of nowhere and knock on her door?
 It wasn't weird at all, right?
 Aria let out a quiet noise and made a motion with her hand, the metal of the door-handle moved and swung forward, pushing the door open.
 I've just let the trained killer into my office, cool. No ways this can go wrong...

Robocop: I wonder if you can remove my spam faster than I can send it, huh? That must be pretty distracting : )
Robocop changed their name to Aria Kane.
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As soon as Monty felt the environment change, he scrambled away from the teleporter. His back hitting the wall, he took a quick scan of the room he was in, the pannelling of the walls reminding him of the British Sanctuary's walls. What were they doing here?. The witch barked an order at Rico, demanding he go after the one who'd fixed his eyes, whatever that meant. The other merc darted out of the room, leaving him to face both Ortez and the Teleporter. Suddenly his crafty pursuit of the teleporter didn't seem so crafty at all.

Quickly coming to his feet, he raised his fists. The room was too cramped to effectively use his guns, so a close quarters fight was sure to ensue. Ximena beckoned him onwards, and Monty momentarily eyed the Russian, noticing that it was Ximena that looked ready to fight rather than him. Then again, he could easily teleport behind Monty once the scrap began. Damn, if only Cutter were here. His partner was somewhere in this building, but there was no way Monty would be able to contact him in time. Even if he could, he had no clue where in the Sanctuary he was, so a contact could have been useless. Unless...

Unless he really did have use for the gun. Honestly, he'd have rather been thrown in a cell than torn apart by a vampire. He also didn't fancy Rico managing to kill whoever it was Ximena wanted dead. So, Monty drew his gun and fired at the pair, letting off three loud shots before he dropped the weapon and made to fight up close. Ximena was as fast as a bullet if she wanted to be, the distance would be closed between them in a couple seconds. Monty bellowed in rage as he ran at his enemy.
I hope to llama someone heard that
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Ximena payed Rico no mind as he flinched and took off down the hall, heading for his contact. Her focus was all on Monty. She held up her mechanical arm, to block any bullets. One smashed into her metal shoulder, the Russian teleported somewhere out of the room, leaving Ximena with just the merc and the supersonic cracks from the handgun. She winced under the repeated sonic hammerblows, the bone breaker’s eyes watered as her ears started ringing with a vicious tinnitus that would definitely need to be remedied. By the time she looked back towards Monty, he was right on top of her. She moved with all the speed her race was known for, and all the violence she was known for.
Ximena made the best use of her smaller size that she could. Dropping into a low, predatory crouch, Ximena surged forward to meet Monty’s attack, the wickedly curved talons on her right arm extended towards his stomach. While she was fast, the damage to her eardrums meant the Colombiana was no more balanced than the average human, leaving her hoping that she was able to move with enough unsettling speed to catch Monty unaware.
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After his initial knock, messages unpredicted by the soldier began to impair his vision, this causing minor disgruntlement.  They were insistent, and spammed him in intervals - whenever he’d push one to the side another would crop up to blind him. None were exactly important; someone by the codename ‘Robocop’ was adamant on sending him indistinguishable information in great magnitude; possibly a deterrent, though it was helpful to learn that the door was unlocked.  Whoever this Robocop was, their involvement right now was of no help. They knew who he was, but were apparently no ally in this moment. Not entirely.
As he forced those messages aside once again, the soldier had reached out for the aforementioned door, but instead it opened silently on its own accord.  Classified was immediately on alert in the wake of this; the lack of a welcome was peculiar. But of course she knew he was here, it was possible Kane had been tracing him through security footage, and knew exactly his intent. That came as no surprise. From what he could gather, Aria was a clever young mage with copious amounts of equipment to aid her in a confrontation, but she wasn’t so savvy in combat.  This was going to be easy.

The soldier scanned what he could see of the room while he stepped inside, eyes narrowed and questioning, but came up short of anything notable, nothing apart from more spam in his vision.  There was no sign of Kane in the general vicinity, but he knew she had to be here, she was hiding. This encourages Classified to don the body signature software given to him to aid in his search, and he reaches out to the right to close the door behind him. With this motion he comes to remember his weaker hearing, and shifts his attention to the grey area, a blind spot behind the once open door.

Robocop changed their name to Aria Kane.

There she was.
His assessing mechanic eyes rest upon an illuminated figure cowering against the wall. The tracking software switches off, and it becomes apparent that the technomancer was harbouring a weapon of some description. Classified couldn’t tell for sure what it was, but he speculated that it wouldn’t prove any hindrance against his ability. It didn’t appear to be a long range weapon, otherwise the woman would be aiming it at him — she seemed skittish, and afraid. Aria knew what the soldier was capable of, and she’d been doing her best to impair the last of his reliable resources. It wasn’t usual for the soldier’s targets to message him directly - she was clever, but was she clever enough.

A foldable blade was conjured into Classified’s grasp; a kershaw lonerock with a menacing gut hook. It’s gleaming metal rested parallel to his sleeve in anticipation for a lethal slice.
If he were to use a gun now, a fourth shot would no doubt avert a portion of security this way, and that wouldn’t be smart. Whoever fired the earlier three rounds already used up the stupidity reserves. This was going to be a fast quiet kill, it needed to be, but it meant Rico had to get closer, and the two steps he’d already taken were looking promising.  His expression was shadowed as his attention tilted downward; concentration important.  She had a weapon for herself, and he needed to stay clear of it.
Classified's eyes relayed options and routes the man could take in order to execute the procedure necessary.  His first objective was to disarm the woman, and then immobilize her in order to finish his mission.  His eyes remain on her's; her hand held against head peculiar, but a possible weakness he could exploit if he got close enough.
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 Aria had thought she was ready. She had completely convinced herself that when Rico would step into the room, she'd be ready for anything. Nothing could have been more wrong on that account. The second the soldier stepped into view, she felt her stomach tie itself into a billion knots and all the organic muscles she had left clench in genuine terror. Even from behind, his shoulders were set in a way that suggested he was decided on how this interaction would go. His head inclined in a manner that seemed predatory, as if seeking out prey in a subtle manner.
 It took Aria a second too long to realise that prey was her. And as he finally turned to face her, there was nothing but pure assessment in those unnaturally blue eyes of his.
 There was no recognition in his gaze. It was surprising how much that genuinely wounded her, that even as he conjured a knife and took two steady steps towards her -- the only thing that genuinely hurt was the lack of recognition. He was still un-masked, and those gruesome scars almost seemed like they were mocking her now.
 She took a singular step backwards at his advance, her back hitting the wall and the sudden feeling of claustrophobia settling in at the same instance. Caged in-between the merc and the wall, perfect.
 Be smart, Aria. How many times had that exact sentence come from the man that stood before her, wielding what was probably meant to be the instrument of her death?
 Be smart. Well, if she hadn't been a bloody fool...

 Aria kicked the door closed. She had been a bloody fool. Rico had warned her countless times, hadn't he? He'd warned her about prying, warned her about getting close, he'd been insistent on them not being friends - and like the young, dumb, naive little girl she was, she completely ignored him and decided to do all of those things anyway.
 Now her idiocy and curiosity were going to get her killed. How very poetic. How absolutely unfair. Her steely grey gaze searched Rico's face for anything, the slightest tinge of regret, or hesitation, anything that could be construed in any way as not wanting to fight. There was nothing but blank assessment. The look of someone who was almost bored at the prospect of fighting with her. If it could even be called a fight; Aria may have been hardy, but she could easily be downed - especially by a man of his abilities. Her shaking hand lowered slowly to her side, and she straightened her stance a little, the plasma torch clicking on in her hand while her brain worked overtime to try and figure a way out of this.
 "What's the analysis those eyes have picked up on for this?" She tried to keep her voice professional and smooth, but it came out sounding meek and afraid. That sounded about right. "All those updates I added, and you probably won't even need to use half of them to kill me... don't even need the mask."
 Her laugh was lugubrious. This was such a horrid, stupid situation. Her brain wasn't working. All that time on a PhD, for what?
 Aria, with her plasma torch still lit, took a very unsure step forward. Almost close enough to be in arm's reach, though she angled the torch in such a way that him jumping forward would result very quickly and painfully in the loss of most of the skin in his face. Plasma was no joke.
 "You have a really morbid sense of humour, soldier," The words were accompanied with a very careful step to the side, her eyes flicked to her computer for a brief second. If she could get to it, the whole Sanctuary would be alerted in seconds, even with a teleporter that had to be a nuisance. Maybe she could scream for Darius? Assuming he'd just run into a situation blind because a loud--
 Her eyes widened in sudden comprehension, and she gave her friend-who-wasn't-her-friend-and-wanted-to-kill-her a coruscating grin.
 "Okay, Classified. I'll be smart."
 With that comment, Aria threw the lit plasma torch - jet first - at Rico's ribs and darted to his left. Her bionic arm grabbed her worktable and thrust it with too much force to create a barrier between them as she went to clear the space of her office in as little strides as possible.
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With the door now firmly closed, Classified was sure he could follow through with his plan undisturbed.  The knife angled outward, and was more than ready to strike, though his anticipating nerves he adamantly kept a firm lid on. 
There was no amount of space to allow for any degree of llama-up.  It was dire he maintain a steady concentration, though Kane’s insistent distracting comments confused him.  She was speaking in a way that would denote a sense of confidence, though her tone was anything but.  She was terrified, which played favour for the man, and gripped onto her weapon (now revealed to be a breed of flaming torch) with it raised to meet the soldier’s face, this however wasn’t so helpful. It was a defensive gesture, and one Classified was able to avoid, though it annoyingly prolonged his goal.
Kane’s step forward has Rico leaning back and to the right; his eyes relaying the damage that plasma torch could cause if he were to get too close.  This only making him want nothing more than to disarm the woman as soon as possible.  Though her next sentence has the man narrowing his glare grudgingly as she brought up the notion of some sort of sense of humour.  She really liked to talk, didn’t she. It was almost distracting, but Classified persevered.  He was already calculating an attack for her legs as the scientist’s attention was raised, so there was nothing to stop her from being caught below the belt.  But there was a quizzically brief pause Classified hadn't accounted for, a cheesy grin cast at him and then the torch was being hurtled toward the soldier. 
Classified tugs himself aside with a lunge, and lets the torch clatter to the floor.  But then there was also a table crashing in the way of his trajectory as the woman escaped.  Classified’s eyes directed his attention to Kane’s possible routes and where to intercept, though it was quickly narrowed down to the intention of reaching her computer.  Something told him that computer of her’s wasn’t about to be helpful for the soldier, and he wasn’t about to move quick enough to stop her from reaching it.  Her hostile evasion (coupled with his bewilderment of her apparent energy) made it clear he wasn’t about to like what was going to happen. As if he was happy about his situation right now; this entire scenario wasn't going according to his idea at all. 
Using the energy from his grimacing agitation, Classified effortlessly conjures a suppressed Springfield into his steady grip and fires a single round aimed at Aria’s reaching arm-- this missing the computer screen, but would then connect with the keyboard ferociously.  It wasn’t his most ideal shot, but it’s the one he snatched within a split second.
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 Classified's expression remained impassive, completely uncaring - other than the slight movement to move away from her threatening torch. Regardless of his stoic demeanour, Aria was pretty sure she could say she caught him off-guard; how often had the man had a plasma torch thrown in his abdomen, after all?!
 Straight after she'd done it, a small pang of guilt ran through her. Aria directed some apologetic thoughts at him, even though he wouldn't be able to hear it, and kept her focus on the--
 A horrified whine ripped from her mouth, her eyes widening, as the slightest of noises in the peripherals of her hearing and an unbearable burn shot up her entire forearm. It took an embarrassingly long time for Aria to realise what had just happened -- this was time she didn't have! But her arm was burning, and her computer keyboard was completely destroyed. The flesh of her organic arm had a red, angry streak across it. Pus and other, jellified looking matter was slowly leaking from it.

 He shot me. Oh, llama. Oh, God. He'd shot at her! Her keyboard, or her, it didn't matter! He'd hit her! Was her arm shaking because it hurt, or because it felt like her stomach had just dropped out of her body? A body that was feeling so numb, so disconnected... She was going into shock.
 Aria had come to expect a lot of scary unpleasant excrement from Rico, but for him to actually shoot at her (guns! She was sick and tired of guns!) was a different level of... of... there wasn't a word for it. She had always trusted that he'd never, ever willingly hurt her - he spent so much time trying to keep her safe, after all! - and she knew there was a damned fishing heart of gold under that rugged exterior; she had trusted her life with him!
 "Thank llama I never taught him how a computer works," Aria muttered to herself, forcing herself to push forward. Her fingers wrapped around the casing of her desktop and it whirred, her mechanic arm lighting up with a scroll of code, before a startup program booted up.

login as:'s password: classified
> Program Editor
> Visual feed changed to Bob Ross ten hour loop
> Targeting disabled
> Night vision disabled
> Heat detection disabled
> Hacking disabled
> Web feed updated to Elephant Seal Encylopedia
> Situational analysis scrambled
> Cranium hacking disabled

 Aria got back to her feet from her knees, despite her braced knee screaming in agony at the unnatural position she had tumbled into - and the exertion she had placed upon it so suddenly. Maybe she had been a fool, but Rico had been an idiot to think he had the upper hand in her own damn office. This room was her second home; all of her gadgets were here! Her life was here! Her work was here.
 Hopefully, his hearing was still weak. Rico would have gotten used to the eyes to aid him, now he was extremely disadvantaged.
 At this rate, he's a different level of psychopathic if he can kill someone to the soothing sights of Bob Ross.
 She clambered to the Gatling gun that rested by her computer, using her enhanced mechanic arm to rip it from its stand and launch it at Rico, hoping the force would knock him out.
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There was a moment of pause, a moment Rico caught wind of quicker than the blood in Aria's arm could begin to pool. It was a chance to take action while his target was bewildered.  Shock would set in quickly for her, he was sure, people who carried no combat initiative often lacked in the knowledge of how to react in such situations.  But to his surprise, Aria prevailed.  There was no second heartbeat as the young scientist was back into action - albeit wounded and shaking.  It was a respectable sense of determination, commendable even, but Classified wasn't here to praise or criticize her tactics.  He was here to kill her.

In the meantime, Aria had ducked out of sight and reached out for, not the keyboard or computer screen, but the box that Rico had foolishly not recognised as the crucial piece of the entire mechanic.  At this stage, the man was already hopping over the overturned table in order to cease the girl; his gun remained poised and ready to fire. He needed to stop her, and put an end to this entire ordeal before Ximena began to berate him.  It was uncharacteristic of him to take so long, and it was in his best interest to end this once and for all.  There was no amount of excuse or insult Ms Kane could throw at him that would deter Classified from his mission.  However, she did manage to find one thing that would give her the highest ground.  Rico's vision was suddenly obscured by a feed of Bob Ross; he'd lost his train of focus in involuntary favour of this lax footage-- the trigger of his Springfield was prepared to be squeezed, but suddenly his most relied on features of his eyes shut down.  The reaction it caused was akin to being pepper sprayed; he was trying to shake himself free and squint through the barrage of spam and in attempt to get his specs back online.  Though the onslaught of national geographic information, and the fact that he was entirely impaired, caused Rico to lose his grasp on the entire situation.  His wrist dropped, making the gun falter in his grip, and the opposite elbow covered his eyes while the soldier grumbled his frustrations. 

Rico didn't have time for this, and it was honestly starting to piss the brainwashed soldier off.  His arm was forcefully ripped away from his face, driven by vexed energy, and the gun is brought back up as he grimaced fiercely. He was out of time, out of patience, but he could test his luck with one last bullet. 
Eyeballing the shot was no new aspect to the man, but trying to focus through a haze of nonsensical unpleasant excrement was a new feat. His arm directed toward the last place he'd caught a glimpse of Aria, and fired just as the fishing gatling gun was thrown at him.  Her aim was low, but the force her arm drove it with was strong enough to launch the weapon with an amount of force to knock Classified from his feet, this only made possible with his brutal handicap.  It bowled him over; landing on his shoulder and winding him, though his head also collided with the aforementioned work bench; hitting head on the solid leg, and knocking him out cold.
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 It was pure jubilation that characterised Aria's features as she realised her haphazard plan was working! She was getting out of this unscathed, she would not be meeting a sorry end at the barrel of Rico's gun this day. His vision was clearly unreliable now, if the irritation that coloured his ghastly face was anything to go by. Aria would be getting out of this.
 Yeah. How did she manage to forget that Rico wasn't any less dangerous when he was pissed off? In her own scramble for the computer, her attention had been turned away from the Aussie merc for long enough that she hadn't realised his advancement towards her. Rico had vaulted the table in the time it took her to access his eyes - and it looked like it was a kill-shot that he had prepared.
 No throw on this Earth from a human such as Aria would ever be faster than a bullet. She wasn't particularly fast either -- in other words, there was no hope of dodging any bullet, even if his aim was low.

 For some reason, her brain wanted to process the events that happened outside of realtime. Her attention had been away from him for such a period of time that it was hard to gauge how exactly they both ended up at their respective positions. The deadly merc must not have seen Aria move.
 That didn't exactly stop the fact that guns were the literal worst thing to ever have been created. Rico managed his shot before the Gatling she launched managed to hit. If Aria hadn't moved, it would have been a kill-shot. She would be dead. A very quick, quiet death. Even blinded, he was able to make such a shot.
 Instead, the bullet went where her head would have been, and tore right through her knee with a savage force - her knee was incredibly weak to begin with, which did not help matters at all. In a lot of the movies that Aria had seen, the protagonist could take such shots and continue fighting, they would have injuries that she - as a doctor - could recognise as debilitating and still fight on. Some older mages could even do similar things.
 As it turned out, Aria Kane was not protagonist material. And the wound was not at all how it would have worked in a movie. The cyborg was instantly incapacitated. Excruciating pain bloomed across her leg as her kneecap shattered and the bullet tore into the sensitive muscle and ligament. She fell painfully to the ground--
 The noise that came from Aria was horrific. A sound that fell somewhere between a wail, a whimper, and a shriek, only strangled by the pain. Her eyes teared up, and she had to blink through a wave of nausea and dizziness in order to try and grab her bearings, but-- but she couldn't breathe -- she couldn't breathe! Or, she could -- she was -- but they were such quick, fast pants, she was -- hyperventilating?
 No. She was sobbing. Rocking back and forth as she tried to cradle her ruined knee, unable to sense any metal in the knee that suggested the bullet was still embedded within it, but it wasn't as if her focus was exactly sound. Aria's throat was tight, painful, burning, even the steadying breaths that she was trying to take made the situation feel worse and worse in her head--
 And where the llama was Rico?!

 That was the only thought that had her raise her head from the injury. Aria couldn't afford to have a panic attack now not when her life was in danger! She would have to focus on her injury later - later, when she would probably scold herself for not giving herself immediate medical care, for it turned out that Rico was no longer a threat. Well, not an immediate threat.
 It turned out that the soldier had been knocked out cold. Wonderful! Aria would permanently lose any use of her leg, Rico would wake up with a fishing headache. Her heart wasn't exactly bleeding for him in that instant.
 With bloodstained hands - a worrying amount of blood, she needed to focus on that fishing wound! - she pulled herself close enough that she could try and heft Rico, pushing him up against the metal workbench, so that his back was resting where her blueprints usually lay. A shaking hand pressed against the surface of the bench, manipulating the metal into makeshift cuffs that would keep his arms apart. llama doing anything with his leg, the bench was heavy - if Rico was able to heft that after sustaining a head injury, then frankly he was a beast of nature and Aria's breaths were numbered.
 Breaths that were beginning to feel a little laboured.
 Or perhaps a little shallow?
 Aria took a moment to close her eyes, taking a long, deep breath. And she brought her fist forward to punch Rico square in the nose (a totally dirty move, you don't punch your opponent when they're downed!). Luckily for the merc, and unluckily for Aria; her fist was badly formed, and shaking too much, it probably did more damage to her than it did to him. The impact felt pathetic.
 The realisation that Aria was out of immediate danger sunk in. She had some time to think, perhaps she could do something about her leg... call someone for help...
 Instead of doing any of those things, Aria instead curled into a tight ball and succumbed to the creeping panic attack that had been preying upon her.
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The soldier’s breathing soon returned with a wheezing rattle once his lungs regained their function.  His slump form remained where Aria left him, in the uncomfortable propped up position; shoulders digging into the table’s solid top, and wrists suspended at an unfavourable angle.

It was quiet for a minute, almost peaceful, but the dispersing haze in Rico’s mind quickly reminded him of the danger he was supposed to be in.  Ximena was right in front of him, and Monty was about to experience a snifter of what that Vampire could accomplish-- that calm breathing instantly hastened with panic, and Rico was straining against his bonds in a matter of moments, though the movement had his ribs complaining.  Why was his chest sore? Something felt damp on his wrist, but there was no pain to register any injury there, unless whoever trapped him must have blood, or some kind of fluid on their hands. Sanitiser? It felt sticky enough to be. Rico at least hoped it was sanitiser.
 He hadn’t yet opened his eyes while he tried to force himself free again, not until the merc came to the conclusion that he wasn’t going anywhere.  It was this kind of scenario he’d hoped to avoid.  He’d been captured, and they were going to hurt him again.  This was the last thing he wanted, and this time he was sure he wouldn’t survive. Rico would become more of a valetudinarian than Aria with his remaining survival instincts, and implore himself to escape Colombia yet again. He’d at least be looking forward to his friend’s importuning when he returned; it was something to focus on, and something to strive for.
But upon grimacing unto the scene before him, Rico realised he wasn’t in Ximena’s custody, but he was in fact somewhere else.  Though where, he couldn’t be sure because fishing Bob Ross was an obnoxious obscurent in his vision! … this was a new development, and his head tilted quizzically whilst the merc stared blankly at the opposite wall. Watching the footage replay over, and over.
Bob Ross... Rico wasn’t feeling like a happy tree right now. He wasn’t feeling like any soothing clouds either. Was this some sort of-- why did he want to know about the fishing reproduction of… why was he learning about seal porn?!! His predicament was absolutely calamitous, Ximena wouldn’t have the brains to know this type of invasion would piss him off no end. 
Though this was an invasion of a personal level, not just anyone was capable of doing this, no one but… it was with his recollecting focus that the messages to the side of his vision became apparent. They stood out like dog’s balls. Why he hadn’t noticed them earlier he couldn’t decide, but he brought them forth to inspect.


This was bad.  Those messages, as collected as they seemed at first, a frantic, desperate individual had been composing them.  They were sent at a spamming rate; mere seconds after each other.  Were they supposed to act as a deterrent? Had it worked?
“Ah… Aria?” The merc’s rasping voice tentatively questioned the Bob Ross feed.  His head was spinning; he felt nauseous- “Aria,” are you alive?
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 Aria had even less time than she had expected to ready herself. She wasn't able to keep in her panic for long. Quickly, her focus was returned to her injury - the blood steadily seeping out of it, ruining her perfectly sterile workstation, was an ever-increasing worry. If she couldn't put any weight on it, she would at least have to staunch that bleeding somehow. She had lost enough blood that she was feeling dizzy, and her dark skin had lost enough colour that she was looking a quite a few shades paler.
 The leg brace had only really worsened the situation; the impact from the bullet - which Aria now believed must have disappeared, now that she had the clarity of mind to remember that was Rico's whole shtick - had dislodged the brace enough that it was pressing into the skin at awkward angles, and was likely the main cause of her calf being completely unusable, as the twist of the brace had dislodged her calf completely from the rest of her leg. She was well and truly crippled. There was nowhere near enough time for her to properly treat the wound, or to properly even assess the damage, so Aria had to make-do with some really, really primitive treatments.
 Both hands were used to apply pressure initially, but that quickly proved to be useless - and not at all a long-term solution when she was still in the face of danger. The blood continued to seep through her fingers, and the pressure was painful enough that it made her face turn bone-white, her teeth gritting to stop any noise coming out. She felt like she was being a wimp about the whole situation; would any older mage be struggling this much with this exact wound? She'd damn well hope so.
 Aria was forced to feel around the floor for any gauze she'd have laying around. Injuries and loud noises were a fairly common occurrence in her office (given that she was essentially the main brunt of R&D for the Sanctuary), making it doubtful that anyone would be coming to her aid anytime soon. Her bloodied fingers wrapped around her scarf. It would have to do for now.
 "Two inches above the wound," Aria murmured to herself, wrapping the scarf across her thigh, her shaking fingers pressing it down to ensure it remained flat. She wrapped it twice to create enough padding, then paused. Her brow furrowed. "Torsion," She mumbled quietly. "I need... torsion... ah!"
 She managed to grab a pen that had flown off her workbench during the scuffle, wrapping it into the outer layer of her make-shift tourniquet and knotting it in. She twisted. Again, and again, until the pressure felt uncomfortable - almost painful - and knotted it once-more to keep it in place. It worked a treat; the blood was more or less staunched, allowing her to grab the gauze and wrap it hastily around the wound to keep it from contaminants. Later, she could focus on it fully. Now, she was busy.

 Speaking of busy... Rico was already starting to shift about. His eyes were closed, perhaps screwed closed, as if he didn't want to see the predicament he was in? Adding to that, there was a general expression of discomfort, perhaps coloured with a little fear, that gave Aria pause as he struggled.
 Would it really be so bad to bonk him on the head again and worry about this whole thing later? Probably. She'd dragged herself to her chair, pulling herself up enough that she could slump onto her desk chair.
 One look in the reflective metal of her desk was enough to tell her what a horrific sight she was. Aria wiped at her eyes frantically and checked Rico's eyes. Still experiencing Bob Ross, perfect. He was effectively blind.
 Aria held a hand out, and her metal welding torch flew into it. For once, she didn't take a moment to recognise how cool and Jedi Knight that felt. Instead, she looked over at Rico.
 The Soldier was squinting a little, clearly trying to see through the obstructive feed of the God of painting. He looked so many different levels of uncomfortable. Good. She wasn't exactly hoping for comfort. Until he said her name. Aria blinked. So now he recognised her?
 What the llama was going on here?

 Using her good leg to propel herself forward, and one arm to lower the chair enough that she would only be a small amount above Rico, Aria approached the tied-up soldier. Only one movement was needed to grant Rico back his eyesight, and so she did.
 Followed immediately by her placing the protective skin that had been on her hand over her eyes - the skin in question quickly turned transparent, looking like a high-tech honeycomb that fit on the intricacies of her features. This action further followed by her turning on her welding torch.
 "Morning, Soldier," Aria smiled. "Even attempt to disconnect..." She felt dizzy, her eyesight wavering slightly. "Ugh. Just don't move or I'll melt your face to my workbench. Clear?"
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Relying on his one good ear to orientate himself, Rico could pick up on movement in the general facility.  There were soft grunts of effort in front of him, and muttered words he couldn't quite grasp.  It sounded like Aria, though the rolling of wheels really threw him off.  What was she doing? At least she was alive, that was one major concern out of the way.  But alive, and rolling furniture around; it sounded like her chair that she often scooted across from desk to workbench with.  That, wasn't all too out of place, but it didn't sound right.  Especially coupled with her cold shoulder, though it was a silence she soon broke once she was within reaching distance. 
Aria granted Rico access to his visuals again, but apparently his targeting and similar tools were still offline, so the merc gave the small woman his full, undivided boring attention.  It was very strange to look through bland eyes, but it wasn't made easy with the headache he was experiencing; literally, and metaphorically.  Aria met the Australian with her high-tech welding equipment; torch fuming, and very close to his face.  Rico recoiled from the heat with a wary glance to the blue flame before flicking his attention desperately back to Aria. His cyber blue eyes alarmed and pleading for answers as he yet again tested the strength of his restraints.  Now that he had his sight back, Rico could see he was in fact connected to an overturned work bench-- what?  His mind was whirling along with the dizziness.  He could guess what had happened, but he didn't want to believe it.

"Aria, relax." He tried to assure her that, whatever she'd faced moments before was not what she was met with now.

There was blood, a lot of blood.  Rico knew it wasn't his-- where was Aria hurt? He wanted to assess the younger mage, but she was making doing ANYTHING impossible right now.
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 Aria's weary expression very quickly turned into a seething glare. The flame of her torch was hungry, though keeping the torch on for too long would end up burning her hand. That fleshy, damaged arm.
 "Did you just tell me to relax? You brutish, top-heavy, Ozzy midget--" She quickly cut herself off, realising he was actually talking to her. A far cry from the silent treatment he had been giving her before. Her gaze quickly went to his hands, looking for any sign of conjured weapons.
 If she never, ever saw a gun in her life ever again, it would be too soon. And she was too exhausted to keep up this air of violence. It was tiring -- it wasn't at all who Aria was, and the man was bloody tied up!
 She turned the flame off and let the torch drop, her shoulders slumping back in the chair. When she closed her eyes, her eyelids became heavy - hard to open. In fact, she felt cold, but there was a sheen of sweat covering her body. This was why you treated injuries immediately. They could go any way at the drop of a coin. With a heavy breath, Aria opened her eyes once-more and picked the protective skin off her face, looking over to Rico.

 "I'm going to feel your head now. I want you to tell me if you feel any tenderness or pain wherever I feel. I can't use your eyes to check if they're responsive, but if you tell me your symptoms..." A bit of tapping on her arm rebooted the system of Rico's eyes; it might have been a bit overwhelming, but all his systems should be coming back online now. "You hit your head pretty bad, and you're already lacking enough brain cells that you may as well preserve the few that are lingering about in there..."
 She reached forward with her hand.
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The aggression Rico was met with was quite baffling.  He had no idea what previously transpired between them, yet catching Aria shifting her focus to his suspended hands had the merc dreading his earlier, quiet speculation. 
Her arm was wounded, he could see the slice across her forearm from where he uncomfortably slumped, though his visual feed was hindered by the lack of specialist tools.  It was a bad graze from what he could gather, but it was obvious the flesh wound wasn’t what was causing the excessive red smearing around them. Though it was clear he had inflicted the wound. An amount of guilt weighed down heavily in his heart was he came to terms with this. Aria was never suppose to get hurt.
When the torch was shut off, and Aria took to reclining in her seat with what appeared as relief, Rico figured he was met with a safe enough intermission to further assess the situation.
Picking out details as made a lot easier without that torch snarling in his face. One vital detail, a pretty obvious one as it has Rico quite literally seeing red, was found on Aria’s knee, or what was left of it. There was a make-shift clamp already above the wound, but fishing hell did she need to get that seen to-
She was alert again, but very weak, and very tired. Rico didn’t need cranium hacking to figure that out. It was plain as day.

“No,” was his response to the doctor’s warning of approach. Rico went the extra distance to lean his head back from her reach with a glare of reluctance. He wasn’t sure how he’d gained this injury, or how extensive it was, but he sure as hell wasnt about to let his first suspect poke the tender places so soon.
“I can, tell…. you,” though his voice was as hoarse as ever. Using it caused him pain, and not using it made his vocal cords seize up. There was no winning for him.
“I’m concussed,” he confirms around a grimace; his eyes interface had come back on, and Rico’s reaction was akin to being suddenly exposed to a bright light. The symptoms didn’t last long, and his irises were quick to refocus. But none of it was helpful for his throbbing head.
“That’s nothin, new,” he regards in tandem, “what happened.”
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 Rico moving away from her was enough of a gesture of bad faith that it had Aria narrow her eyes, her fingers curling into a loose fist. Her hand hovered for a second, then dropped back to her side. She sighed, especially as Rico decided to act all tough about having a head injury. Part of her - most of her - wanted to go into a long spiel about the gravity of the situation in taking a hit to the head, and how it most definitely was not something to just shrug off, if there was any swelling, or - god forbid! - bleeding, it was definitely not something to take lightly!
 The glare that Rico had levelled on her was aggravatingly stubborn. That was nothing new; Rico was stubborn enough to try and win a staring contest with the Sun if it didn't fit his plans for the day. Aria knew he wouldn't be hearing any of her lecturings right now, but for peace of mind, she'd at least need to get a little bit out.
 "Nothing new? Classified, you took a nasty hit to the head and was out for a few minutes, I just want to check there's no swelling, or bleeding, nothing out of the ordinary..." Though, as she expected, she merely trailed off under that relentless stare.

 She scanned her office. Previously absolutely pristine, other than the mess of papers that had lain on her workbench, it was now in tatters. Paper, blood, tools, all of it littered the floor, and her keyboard had been completely decimated. Somehow, it was the sight of the keyboard that made her cringe -- that had been expensive! One of the few things Aria actually spent money on!
 Her grey gaze rested on Rico's hands again. He seemed normal, and claimed not to have any recollection of the events that just transpired - but that wasn't normal! It could easily have been a trick. Aria was exactly the type of gullible young fool to eat that right up, and then get a bullet in the back of the skull because she'd let her guard down! She had already granted him his eyes back. That was enough trust for now.
 "You genuinely don't recall," Her voice was laced in doubt, and she mimicked a buzzer noise. "Nuh-uh. Try again. Either your head is more beat up than I thought or you're pulling my le--" she cringed. "My leg."
 "You have the footage. You can just look around and guess. Why the hell should I tell you?" It was hard to stop the irritation from colouring her tone; that sounded like the type of uncreative story Rico would cook up to--
 No! Ugh, her head hurt! Everything hurt, but what hurt the most - well, other than the leg - was how nonsensical this all was! There was no reason for Rico to hurt her! There was no sense in any of this, it was absolutely ridiculous! Was the bloody sky falling? Everything was anarchy!
 "You got teleported here. I'm not too focused on what the other two are doing - for obvious reasons - but you knocked here all ready for violence. Violence ensued. Now we're here. Happy now?"
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No matter how persistent Aria was about his head, Rico wasn’t about to have a bar of it.  He noticed that fist of her’s ball up within sight, but even then the man was unfazed. He remained hard, and his decision remained unwavering as she tried her hand at persuading him once more and was promptly met with a subtle shake of the man's head, no. He wasn’t going to let her. Instead, there were other things to sort, such as;
How… did I get-?a blow to the fishing head?  There was only one way to successfully do that, and Aria was the only other person in the room.  As much as she didn’t trust him, Rico could safely say he was positioned in the same boat. She might look like a petite, non-combative individual, but there was nothing to say she couldn’t stand her ground in her own environment. This was her office, her second home surely; she knew the ins and outs, and what she could use in her favour. Right now, she was as innocent as the steel table that now confined Rico in place.

Aria had shrunk away from his glare in the meantime, and it had the Australian sighing his gruff frustrations through his nose.  This was an utter unpleasant excrement-fest, and he had no recollection of what had gone on yet.  Rico knew one thing for certain though, whatever he’d been doing between Ireland and now, he was once again fishing exhausted.  It could partly be due to some kind of extensive activity, or more likely the concussion causing him to go comatose.  Either way his chin rested heavily on his collar for a moment while Aria regained her composure.
Yes, he couldn’t remember a damn thing. Why else would he be asking? It would come as a surprise to her, but Rico was as much of a victim here as she was. The mention of her leg however brought his attention up from the floor. That knee was absolutely banana'd; why hadn’t she treated it yet?
Rico’s frown returned in conjunction to that knee; glaring as if pointing out that Stupid should tend to the open wound first.
Prioritise,” he grunts disapprovingly, “your threat, detained. Objective, fix, leg.” 
Feeling was lost in his right hand as all the blood from his appendage felt like it’d pooled in his shoulder. Though instead of complaining about his treatment, Rico took Aria’s suggestion and began sifting through whatever footage his eyes retained while Aria gave him her trimmed version of the story.  His gaze grew distant while he seemingly stared at the opposite wall; watching the coverage at a quickened pace.

What he saw didn’t bode well for him.

No he wasn’t happy, he never was, especially not now, and he voices this answer with his attention returning to the young mage, deadpan stare in place.  This whole situation could’ve easily gone tits up for Aria; Rico was a trained killer in more ways than one.  But it hadn’t, though neither of them had escaped the confrontation unscathed.  This was a stroke of luck in all honesty.
Ximena had instructed her weapon to kill the girl, and whatever that vampire wanted from her weaponised voodoo doll, she received in glistening packages.  It chilled Rico to his very core; it disgusted him.  But he was truly grateful that he hadn’t killed his friend.  Being cuffed and waking up to a Bob Ross feed however, Rico didn’t consider that as his type of cheerful wake ups. There was still the chance he was having some form of fever-dream in the midst of torture--

Be thankful, still alive.
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 It would never be smart to expect any manner of intellectual conversation with one Rico Classified. This was certainly no exception to the rule. Perhaps his throat was causing too much pain for him to string full sentences together, but his words were - as usual - laboured, gruff, and harsh on the ears. He sounded like he was auditioning for the role of a Tolkein orc.
 Aria never appreciated being denied the opportunity to give medical care, and she did not appreciate it now. He was scolding her (the nerve!) for not looking after her leg?! As if she could have fixed it in such a small amount of time? Aria was smart, yes, but she wasn't a bloody miracle worker. Her eyes narrowed on the man before her, who was looking increasingly uncomfortable with the position he had been placed in, with no small degree of scorn.

 His gaze grew distant. To most people, it would look as if he had merely grown bored with the conversation topic. That may have been true; both Aria and Rico had a tendency to have their attention wane when a topic was too distressing - or, rather, too personal. Aria knew a lot less about Rico than she thought she would have. His past had never mattered before, but if this woman was really causing so much trouble, it wasn't just people he grew close to that were endangered. It was everyone he was even near to. The man was a ticking time bomb at this point. Could he not see that?
 The last thing Aria needed was disapproval from the man who blew her leg out, to begin with. A number of derogatory terms floated across her thoughts directed at him, and though she didn't say them, they must have been plain as day on her face. She felt like sulking, though she was equally sure someone tended to sulk when they'd been shot!
 "Yes, Rico. Let me just fix my leg. Just stand by while I grab a bone saw, because short of just growing a completely new leg, I'm pretty sure I should just throw the whole damn leg away," She was trying to sound disapproving, and missed the mark completely on that front. Her stress had her voice come out wavering, shaky, she sounded on the verge of crying. She wasn't going to cry, but her voice didn't seem to get the message.

 At the rate she was feeling, she was going to pass out before she could even gather enough trust to set Rico free. Her eyes closed once more and took even longer to force open again. There wasn't any reaction she even had for the glare he fixed on her.
 Aria really just wanted to go home.
 "Your vampire is still outside, I assume," She managed to get out, her gaze fixed on his hands again. No matter how much she focused, that metal wouldn't move - she'd need to touch it. Oh, the limitations of a human body... "I suppose I won't be alive much longer if she starts wondering what's happened with you."
 It felt humiliating to move. To have to admit how thoroughly she had been incapacitated; her face grew flushed as she shifted herself from the chair, almost hitting the ground too roughly, and used her synthetic arm to pull the table closer to herself. Everything below her knee was unusable, practically disconnected, and so her movement couldn't even be described as a limp - or a hop - but more of a dragging motion until her fingers could touch the metal around Rico's wrists, opening the cuffs up.
 She very quickly collapsed against the table and put her face in her hands.

 "You be thankful that I'm a terrible Sanctuary operative. Anyone else would have you in the Gaol." She mumbled feebly into her hands.
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The attitude he received in return was deserving of an eye-roll, though Rico still couldn't shift comfortably to try and escape the topic successfully.  At this point he'd usually turn his attention away and not admit to his miscalculation, and focus on something else, but that was a useless feat right now. Though in the end it was a good thing he didn't pry his attention far away, for if he had he'd have missed those telltale queues of Aria's dwindling health.  She needed medical attention, and as soon as he was out of his restraints he'd find something for her.  Not everyone could be as stubborn as himself when it came to wounds; it'd taken too long to convince him to seek Siobhan in the first place. His ribs, eyes, and general sleep deprivation had nearly been cured when he'd spent just 24 hours with the Vampire, still as ironic as it was to trust a Vampire for him.  Besides, it could be considered the least he could do for Aria after the violence she'd been forced to undergo. No matter how much she'd try and make herself seem heated, and probably knock him out cold again, she was still in need. Though, she probably wants as much distance from him as she could get; Rico would understand. Everybody got hurt around him, so it was possibly for the best.

The news of Ximena being in the building rekindled an inner fire, one that had sputtered to nothing within the moments that'd come to pass. His attention immediately directed itself to the strewn Gatling gun, though it was painfully out of reach.  It was a weapon he hadn't quite gotten the art of conjuring yet; there were so many parts to it, he hadn't had time to sit down and take one apart thoroughly.  But, having one on hand was a gift from the gods.  He could use it against Ximena... if he was suppose to be under the Vampire's influence currently, perhaps the merc could trick her into believing he was still under her control.  That way he could get close enough with rapid firepower...
Rico's plans were momentarily interrupted when the table he was attached to was yanked to an askew angle, jarring his shoulder in the process in order for Aria to reach the bonds.  Apparently Rico was trustworthy enough now to release.  Personally, he wouldn't trust himself.  He couldn't, not with Ximena lingering like a pungent stench.  Though watching Aria was more painful than the knowledge of that gun being out of reach.  He'd seriously massacred that leg of her's, and it was noting to be proud about.  If it was anyone else, sure, but not Aria.  Rico's brows relaxed, and he tried to convey his apology with an expression while Aria detached the metal.  Once he was released, a hand started rubbing his numb wrist as he looked over to the younger mage.  She was knackered, and probably wanted to go home at this rate. Again, he wouldn't blame her, "The Gaol is, where I belong," he'd no longer be a threat then.  And if she'd sent him there in the first place, this entire fishing unpleasant excrement-show could've been avoided.  Why did she trust him so much?

"What can I do," this he asks a little more easily now he wasn't propped up strangely, and his hands he keeps within sight, "for you?"  Because the world could wait a second until the Australian could be sure his friend was ok.
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 The Gaol was where he belonged, was it? If that's how he wanted to act, then fine. For once, Aria would not disagree. Rico was prone to constant periods of sorrow; he'd tell her he was dangerous, not worth knowing, and Aria would usually pin it down on it being symptomatic of depression and ignore the warnings.
 She still couldn't really find it in herself to blame him. It wasn't his fault - not really - that this had happened, and it certainly wasn't his fault that she was injured (a remarkably lucky shot for a blind man). Sure, Rico probably wouldn't take it to heart if she was particularly angry at him, but she just wasn't. Her constant bravado had taken a lot out of her, she now just felt a little distant from it all.

 That didn't stop his movement, slow and languid as it was, from making her flinch away. Aria could tell herself it wasn't Rico's fault that she was injured all she wanted, but that didn't stop from the fact that it was the exact same face. Just now, his eyes weren't following her as if she was an opponent. The pitying expression was worse -- Aria was exasperated with feeling leagues weaker than every mage, she was tired of being so easy to harm -- if she wasn't just made of squishy bits, blood and bone and flesh...
 "I'm no victim," Aria assured Rico tiredly, leaning her head back against the worktop. "I'm not a delicate little girl... don't treat me like..." she trailed off, feeling as if the response would merely be a deadpan look and a; Don't act like a little girl, then.
 Hell, at least he was asking what he could do for her. The man may have been a terrifying force of nature, but at least he was polite about it. Most of the time. It didn't stop her from hoping he had a nasty headache.
 "You can make a start by not taking any painkillers. If you're concussed, they can worsen your symptoms," Aria saw fit to say, closing her eyes. "But I have a saline solution somewhere near my desktop. If you can find that and some disposable gloves, I can clean my wound and actually dress it, I've left it open to bacteria for dangerously long-- um... the damage is a little too severe, it'll need..." Amputating. Aria let out a long sigh. "I'll need to call a doctor with questionable ethics... just some cleaning and dressing will do for now."
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Even if he took moving as slow, and non-threatening as possible, it was clear Aria still held some amount of fear of him.  It wasn't the nicest of revelations that someone who you yourself regarded in high spirits could turn against you in moments.  Carelessness, controlled, or out of control actions taken into account, it was very easy to lose everyone you cared for in one stupid second. 
As this was the case, Rico relented and chose to keep his distance.  His head was killing him, but he was consciously choosing not to complain when there were more dire injuries to attend to, even if he squinted against the lightheadedness he was experiencing.

Her claims of not being a victim, or being a little girl were met with a confused furrow of the man's pained brow.  His initial thought was to remind her of how she was behaving, but thought better than to say anything to save an argument for now.  Threats were still dawning on them both from outside, threats which Rico couldn't for the life of him recall right this moment.  He'd need more time to sift through whatever footage had saved, but even then he probably could devise a plan to save their arses.  He'd cut it too close this time, and in not evading (like he usually did) he'd been a dumb c-nt and faced the fanged dog of female orientation face-on.  He needed a new plan...  Aria's instructions were heard, and Rico's attention slowly returned through the throbbing of his brain.  The tension in his abdomen wasn't helpful when he tried to get back onto his feet, so progression was slow and ascension didn't bode well either. Easy does it, he didn't want to black-out for a third time.
Through the barrage, Rico was able to locate the necessary tools and solutions, and an additional boiled sweet for Aria to bite on (sometimes pain required something extra). It was the cut-off sentence that had him pause in collecting the gauze.  It had his mind immediately swarming with all the wrong ideas, and he did not condone a single one of them.  He'd amputated limbs before, with an array of technique, but that couldn't be an option here. Not now.  Even if Aria was familiar with the lack of body parts, Rico wasn't about to be swayed into helping her remove--
No, instead of thinking about that he focused on saving it instead.  He had the tools, and lay them next to Aria as he eased himself back to a crouch in front of her to be of most use if need be.  Though, the most useful thing he could do right now was possibly alert Ximena to buy them some time;

  Classified: Target neutralised. Aria Kane is dead.

That would keep him in the clear for the time being, and focused on what was more important.  Perhaps, it was time to come clean.  Aria had been through more than Rico would've dreamed of allowing in the space of a few months.  Being associated with him was detrimental to one's well-being, and frankly Rico was thankful Aria wasn't a little girl and could hold herself in such confrontations.  maybe having cybord eyes was a fortunate thing after all.

"Tell me," his roughly spoken words come forth again.  His idea was an attempt at diverting his own train of thought, he wasn't ready to spill the beans about aspects of himself he tried to hide from, "why do, you have hotlinks to, seal sex?"
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 At least the soldier got straight to work. His movements were laboured, but he wasn't dawdling. There wasn't exactly any time to be wasted right now, especially not with Monty--
 Oh, unpleasant excrement. Monty! How could she forget the man who was scrapping with a vampire?! And how was the whole Sanctuary not alerted?! This time, it couldn't even be blamed on her slacking off at work! They needed to get to him, she needed to-- severe doubts about his ability to fend off such a volatile woman were plaguing her mind, and if the man got harmed because of her request, then she didn't even know how she'd live with herself.
 Aria may not have been a scrapper, but a ruined leg had never stopped her from accomplishing anything before. It certainly wasn't going to now. She shifted her leg slightly, using both hands to set it properly - the glow from her cybernetics lit up her chest and neck, indicating that her breathing was being regulated, a forced relaxed pace.
 In fact, she hadn't even noticed Rico was over her again. Her mind had been focused on trying not to cry like a little girl. His question was even more bizarre than his hovering. Was he stalling? Did the vampire scare him that much? There was so much that Aria just didn't know.
 "Seal sex?" She repeated dumbly, her expression blank. "I... oh! I-it's a nature documentary thing. They're elephant seals. The only time you get all the elephant seal content is during breeding season, so..." She said her explanation as if it answered every question that Rico could possibly have had about why she had it, what use she had for it, and why exactly she used it.
 Snapping a glove on her organic hand, Aria grabbed the saline solution - trying to ignore the slight shake - and focused her efforts on cleaning the wound.
 "Besides, try and tell me that reading information on elephant seals isn't confusing and mildly distressing, I dare you..."

 This seemed like a pointless effort; even once the wound was cleaned and dressed, Aria's mobility was severely hindered, she couldn't just conjure--
 Aria let out an actual hum of approval. "Eureka moment! Where's my vellum and pencil? I need to blueprint something!"
 Her hands were still dressing the wound properly when she looked up at Rico, half expecting him to give her an exasperated - or confused - look. "I'll get it-- I've got an idea!" She hadn't finished her sentence before starting to shift, feeling blindly around for - ah, was that blueprint important? Well, it wasn't now. Her fingers wrapped around the bit of paper she'd grasped and smoothed it on the ground beside her, twisting her hip at an odd angle to start sketching.
Title: Re: The Game of Cat and Mouse Begins (DOCKY, FLINT, GID, AND MAYBE ASTA)
Post by: Mad Murdock on October 19, 2019, 02:51:10 AM
What he received in response only left him with more questions, though they required answers that would take too much time to bleed out of a stone.
"It was, an experience," Rico could honestly say whilst he monitored her progress.  She worked quickly, and of course as efficiently as she could, as would any doctor with her amount of skill.  though even in the wake of her patch-up job, it was still obvious Aria retained zero function of the limb.
The dressing wasn't even finished before the doctor was on another train of thought; the spontaneous announcement almost had Rico at a loss.  But he knew what a blue-print was. It was why she needed it right then that had him holding a questioning brow.  A sound at the door had Rico's attention immediately snap towards it and waiting quietly for anything further while Aria got busy.

"What's your plan?" he carefully asks as he reluctantly pries his attention away from the door.  If he was honest, Rico felt at a loss right then; a head injury, coupled with his non-savvy tech arse, the merc had no hope in Hell of being any use now.  But, he did need to debrief her, in a way- he couldn't stall forever, and it was preferable to tell her about it before she was lost in the schematics of her idea.