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Title: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 12:11:57 AM
 It had only been a few days before Rhys had broken his promise to Mat and had already ventured to the Australasian Court.
 Technically, it wasn't breaking a promise; his wording had ensured that. It didn't stop him from feeling a little bit bad as he'd pulled his hoodie down across his face and ventured into the grand halls of the court, trying his best to remain unnoticed. So far, he hadn't met the negative reactions that he'd been subject to before -- it seemed his changed appearance, the marking of a somewhat fresh kill, had given him a somewhat more respectful appearance. It was an effort not to show his disgust at this fact.

 Maybe he was being an absolute idiot. He'd already blabbed everything to Harper and now was actively seeking a girl that wanted to kill him? How would one even find someone like her, who was so accustomed to being in the shadows?
 How the hell was he supposed to help her, in the way he wanted? To get her away from that bad influence she was so happy to be around? Maybe Rhys hadn't thought this through at all--
 But he was already here, already looking around the vast and beautiful sights, and there was little reason to turn back now.

 Come on, Victoria, he thought to himself as he walked, those reddening eyes on the sun that was casting its shadows along the floors. Do a dramatic drop down from the sky or something, come on...
 Their last conversation hadn't exactly been friendly, so it was a wonder the boy had seen this girl - who had put a knife to his throat - and decided he wanted to somehow establish a friendship, but the way she had been so easily dismissed... it still grated on him.
 Rhys really hoped he wasn't making a mistake.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 29, 2019, 12:42:02 AM
Victoria had spent the majority of that day in her Bartizan, for the first time in a while not having anything specific to do. She had found it nice at first, but as the day wore on she grew bored, used to having something to do. With a sigh she closed her book, picking up her tridagger before leaving the building, deciding to go for a stroll, and you can probably imagine her surprise as she saw Rhys in the court.

Honestly, she hadn't expected him to be back in the court anytime soon, but she didn't exactly mind. Not that it mattered if she minded, anyway.
She watched him walk around, seemingly aimlessly, leaning against a wall in a spot he had just passed silently.

"You're back?" She quirked an eyebrow, speaking loud enough so she knew Rhys would hear her. Her voice was almost questioning, but in a rhetorical sense. She didn't really care if she got an answer or not.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 12:50:54 AM
 Rhys would have liked to have said he'd reacted smoothly, suavely, and with immense tact. He would have liked to be able to say that a lot. The fact of the matter was that as Victoria's voice boomed across the room from behind him, he'd jumped about a foot in the air and let out an alarmed cry, spinning comically and feeling his hood falling loose.
 "unpleasant excrement!" Rhys cursed loudly. He'd expected her arrival - if it was going to come at all - to be a lot more... well, flashy. "unpleasant excrement, llama, you can't sneak up on someone like that!"

 Pressing his hand against his chest, he took a moment to recover. Victoria's tone was such that told him she hadn't been requiring an answer, it was more of a dubious statement than anything. Though he did find a million indignant responses rising up, merely one look at her posture told him that she probably wasn't in the mood for any witty repertoire.
 "Yep," His tone was still a bit strained. "Was just... in the area, I guess. Kind of hoped I'd run into you, actually."
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 29, 2019, 01:33:49 AM
A smirk was given at his reaction, it was amusing. He had been more shocked than Victoria had anticipated. She then gave him a look, the emotion behind it indiscernable. "I think you'll find I can actually. I just did." She pointed out, with an eye roll.

Her look faded to one of ever so slight confusion as Rhys spoke for the second time. "You were looking for me?" She sounded a lot less confused than she felt." But why would you be looking for someone who wanted to kill you the first and most recent time you met?"

Victoria's second question was one that did require an answer. In her opinion, seeking out a person who didn't like you to the point of wishing to literally wanting to kill you was a ridiculous idea.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 01:44:20 AM
 Victoria's witty retort was only met with a roll of the eyes from the teen. He was going to need to carry around a thesaurus at the rate all this fae were starting to correct his language. Did they all have to be so literal?
 "Yeah," Rhys' voice had gone quiet. He'd started fiddling on the hem of his sleeve. When she put it like that...
 This was such a stupid idea. It was going to get him killed. His last conversation with Victoria almost had gotten him killed. "So you kept mentioning the last time we talked... it's not reassuring at all, I can tell you."

 Though he'd gathered up some courage now, even straightening his posture so that it wasn't hunched. He felt a scarred brow quirk.
 "Though you wanting to kill me doesn't equate to you actually killing me, does it? I'm guessing it's not your place to decide if someone in the king's court actually deserves death because they annoy you... so I figure I'm pretty safe for now." It wouldn't do well to openly say that he'd wanted to -- to help her, his bluff wouldn't keep him alive in the instance she took badly to that...
 "I was going to ask you to teach me to fight."
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 29, 2019, 01:58:23 AM
She took a moment to take a deep breath. They had only talked for a minute and she was already ready to stab him multiple times. This was going to be a fun conversation. She just knew it. "At this point, it might not matter if its my place or not. You're incredibly annoying, do you know that?"

His second remark was enough to draw a laugh out of her. "You? Fighting? That's a laugh and a half." She stopped, taking another look at his face, and her smile dropped. "Wait, are you serious.?" She sounded disbelieving.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 02:24:03 AM
 Rhys frowned. "Yeah. I get told that I'm annoying a lot, actually."
 That was hardly fair, was it? Or polite. Rhys hadn't done anything to cause this girl's ire and she'd been nothing but rude to him! He'd felt a wave of indignant anger rise up in him at her words, as if he'd had a right to be angry.
 Rhys had been reminded of his station in life, and to the fae, much too often for his liking since his first meeting with Mat. It was beginning to grate.

 "Yes," his irritated tone seeped through to answer her question. "I'm deadly serious. Why would I be joking about that? What's wrong? Too scared to teach me?"
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 29, 2019, 02:58:34 AM
"What?" She spluttered. "No. I'm not scared. Why would I be scared? I just didn't take you to be the type to want to learn to fight. Or want to fight, for that matter." She went silent, considering his question.

Of course, she had never taught anyone anything before. Plus this kid ticked her off. But then again, what harm could it do to teach him? Probably none, it would be a good excuse for her to do something when she wasn't busy. She let out a long sigh of resignation.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 03:56:56 AM
 Did people actually like fighting? Rhys could understand the desire to kill, it brought such a rush with it... but fighting was a bit too long, a bit too taxing for him to consider a worthwhile endeavour.
 Yet he was tired of feeling so weak, and Mat didn't seem inclined to assist him with his magic anytime soon, instead expecting that he knew things he didn't.

 "Well, I don't want to fight, but I get myself in a lot of dumb situations. Plus, it's an opportunity for you to beat me up, which I'm sure you'd love," His tone dripped with sardonicism. "So you agree?"
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 29, 2019, 04:07:01 AM
Victoria's lips twitched up into a smile for a moment. "Dumb situations like this one? You're trying to enlist the help of someone who wanted to kill you. But sure. I'll teach you." She agreed, reluctantly.

If she was entirely honest, it hadn't even occurred to her it would be a chance to beat him up, but she supposed it would be a bonus. She had a feeling she was going to regret her decision later, but oh well.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on July 29, 2019, 09:45:11 PM
 A large toothy grin lit up Rhys' face. It wasn't that he was excited at the prospect of getting the crap beaten out of him (he wasn't a flat-out masochist, despite what Mat would probably say) but the fact that he hadn't been instantly denied was so fulfilling. The young fae was becoming increasingly used to having to prove himself to everyone! Getting denied instantly, and having to persist until they'd just given up.
 Victoria didn't know it, but she'd just given Rhys the most validation he'd received... probably ever, and it was such a good feeling. It warmed up the chest, made his face flush in his happiness.
 "When and where do we start? What do we start with?" He supposed it was good to know how to fight, even if it wasn't his main goal. Rhys could already feel the bruises blossoming from whatever she had in store for him -- but they were going to be such satisfying bruises. "Dunno about you, but I'm excited."
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on July 31, 2019, 03:39:23 AM
If it was any other situation or person, she would've laughed at his enthusiasm. "So eager to be beaten up?" She rolled her eyes, amused. She was unaware of the fact she had given him validation, which in this case was probably a good thing. It had definitely not been her intention.

"Me? I feel like I'm probably going to regret this. But you know what? At this point it's already too late, so oh well." She sighed, not waiting for a response before continuing. "I think the first thing." She said thoughtfully. "Is finding out what you already know. So tell me Rhys, what do you know?"
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on August 01, 2019, 09:01:40 PM
  "I know nothing about fighting," Rhys said candidly. There were very little situations in which he ever did fight. Even then, his opponents had either been extremely below his strength, or unaware.
 For a long moment, Rhys merely pressed his slender fingers against his chin in contemplation. He was aware of basic defence, that wasn't an issue - and at school, the bullies had always tended to avoid him as he was simply too hardy an opponent for mortals. When it came to actual fighting...
 Well, he was immensely knowledgable at weaknesses. The boy was perceptive, and there was no need to downplay his abilities in that regard; it wouldn't help him to learn.
 "I'm okay at basic defence. Blocking and dodging," He still found himself downplaying his abilities the slightest bit. Victoria had a way of making him feel incredibly self-conscious, maybe even inadequate. "I'm perceptive, which makes things... easier, I guess? Wouldn't save my life in the scenario that a Lady Dracula like you decided to end me, but it's a slight advantage. The rest is up to you to teach me,
isn't it?"

 He found that he was brimming with excitement, unable to keep still. Shuffling his weight from one foot to the other as if he were uncomfortable when he was really just overcome with anticipation.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on August 18, 2019, 04:23:37 AM
She rolled her eyes. "Oh please. Noone knows nothing about fighting. You can know very little, but I doubt you know nothing." She objected, listening to what he had to say. Victoria was incredibly tempted to attempt to punch or kick him to see his definition of 'okay', but she decided against it, for now anyway. From what she could gather, Rhys wasn't the absolute worst at fighting, so that was a good start. She nodded to herself, leaning back onto the wall.
She gave a short laugh. "Lady Dracula? Not everything and one with fangs is automatically a vampire, Rhys." She sighed, genuinely wondering what she had gotten herself into. "And yes, I suppose it is now, isn't it?" She agreed, almost reluctantly. She very much doubted that dealing with Rhys was going to become any easier. Once again, she had to ask herself. What had she gotten herself into.
"So." She said slowly. "I suppose now we go and find somewhere to begin." She decided, considering where she could take Rhys that was out of the way enough for them to not bump into any other fae but close enough she could get back quickly if she so wished.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Astaphaios on August 26, 2019, 03:24:57 AM
 It wasn't often that Rhys could say he was impressed, but Victoria's outright comically literal personality was honestly quite impressive. It was as if she didn't know exactly how literal she took everything, and exactly how comical her behaviour could be to anyone who had even a facsimile of a normal life. He bit down on his cheek to keep from making any remark to Victoria about this, though, and merely followed her lead.

 The set-up of the King's Court wasn't something that Rhys was incredibly well-versed in. The ancient Gothic castle had probably stood proud centuries before Rhys was even conceived, and it showed in the design. Large and confusing. But if the decadent decor and stone walls were confusing, it was only due to a lack of being there. They were remarkably spacious and allowed for the boy to walk through aimlessly without ever running into anyone.
 It was doubtful that any of these places he was thinking of would be ideal for a sparring match, though - in fact, the only place Rhys could think of as appropriate for practise fighting was... the Courtyard. Probably the one place Victoria would ever want to be seen with Rhys.

 "Don't hit me, but isn't the Courtyard the best idea? I've seen people training there before... unless the possibility of being seen with me is that abhorrent?" Rhys suggested, hands up, to Victoria.
Title: Re: llama You, Dad! (RHYS AND VIC)
Post by: Luna Sapphire on September 10, 2019, 12:24:46 AM
Victoria let out a long sigh. "Rhys. Put your hands down, I'm not going to be punching you just yet." No matter how much I want to, she added mentally as she considered what Rhys had said. It made sense, she supposed. The courtyard was commonly used for training, and that was exactly what they were doing. While the idea of being seen with him wasn't exactly ideal, she didn't really care too much. What was the shame in people watching you beat someone up, anyway?
"I wouldn't have agreed to teach you if it was. And as much as I hate to say it, you're right." She begrudgingly agreed, veering off in a different direction. "Come on."