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Off Topic / Re: The Random Conversation V 3.0
« on: January 18, 2019, 07:03:45 PM »
how has this topic not been posted in at all since 2018???

Character Profiles / Emrys "Rhys" Perennial
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:31:23 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Emrys “Rhys” Perennial.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Em-REESE “REESE” per-en-EE-all.
- Given Name: Vincent Bane.
- Pronunciation of the Name: vin-SENT BAY-nuh.
- Character Job: Currently unemployed and living on unemployment and disability benefits. He has previously worked as a barista and library assistant at his local schools.
- Qualifications: Rhys has completed his thirteenth year of school with all the qualifications that come with it and is deliberating either higher or vocational education. His highest grades are in History, Research Skills, and Literature.
- Titles: N/A as of yet.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: For someone so young, Rhys can come across awfully profound at times. He has grown up with the benefits of both a mortal life and an immortal life to come. Not yet old enough to be jaded or wizened, not too young so as to be naive and gullible - Rhys feels as though he has reached a good balance in his personality, and his therapist would likely agree. He may come across as slow to trust others though in actuality he is merely only skeptical of people’s first intentions.

In a lot of his later life, Rhys has had a lot of support from the system around him (mental health clinics, government funding) and approaches most of his problems with a fairly level head. He compartmentalises, which may be annoying, but has helped him a lot to get through hard times and is one of his main coping mechanisms. In any stressful situation, Rhys’ first course of action will be to start a list and prioritise all of his activities from most important, to least important, and gradually work his way through them - which, while under pressure, is arguably not the most effective way of dealing with things.

There’s a short period of his life that is entirely blanked out, and that is the transition from his life with his mother to his current life. Most of his 14th year is nothing but fuzziness to him since whatever memory was there has been repressed. This has resulted in Rhys becoming slightly avoidant of the slightest troubles in fear of his brain identifying it as trauma and immediately repressing it. This avoidant behaviour is yet another thing his therapist has pointed out as needing work. Since his 18th birthday, he has been taking action to put himself in situations that he usually wouldn’t while still being a stuttering wreck, resulting in the juxtaposition of nervousness and recklessness in his behaviour.

He is a very pretentious kid, with his head always in a book he deems “classic” or “intelligent”, even if he can’t understand them half the time. Literature is one of his passions, and he even has a notebook full of his favourite book quotes to keep him motivated at times which he always, always keeps on him. He also has an extreme interest in philosophy and quantum physics, even going so far as to annoy the people around him with these musings.

On a first glance, Rhys comes across as a drug addicted teen: he can never keep still; always having to jiggle his leg or an arm. He stutters most of his words out, and most of his sentences sound like something from Jaden Smith’s twitter page in logic and sense. Despite this, and the head that he constantly has in the clouds, he has managed to do well in school and conforms as much as he can to societal expectations and what he is recommended by the clinic. He truly doesn’t want to be weird, and he makes an active effort to fit in and get along with the people around him, which often means he can lose his sense of self around all the people he is trying to emulate at one time. In fact, sometimes, Rhys finds himself wondering if he truly has a personality, or if they are just scraps and habits from the people around him put together to create him.

Like most people, Rhys does have a dark side. He suffers from homicidal thoughts, which he is constantly working to repress. It is not a side of him that he tends to acknowledge often, as the information that he is likely capable of killing someone is a little too chilling for him to truly mull over. He has many different mantras and coping mechanisms for when these intrusive thoughts occur, and has been under watch by every school he goes to for having voiced these thoughts so long ago.
- Character Likes:
Books: Cliche as it is, books have always been a source of refuge for Rhys. When he finds himself unable to focus and agitated, a good book is always a distraction for him. Due to this, he has piles and piles of dog-eared books covering his bedroom floor.
History: Rhys has discovered that there’s a lot to learn in the actions of people before him, as well as a lot of schadenfreude to be felt. He has extensively spent a lot of his time looking into many historical events - both mortal and magic - and getting his own hold on it.
Researching: Anything can be dug up with enough effort and Rhys is particularly good at it. A lot of his time is spent in the dark recesses of the internet, even the deep-web.
Suspenders: Because he hates belts, he’s really gotten into the fashion statement that is suspenders and braces. He’s found new ways to wear them fashionably and efficiently and they have become a small obsession of his, he’s even started a small collection whenever he can pool the money together.

- Character Dislikes:
- Belts: During his youth, Rhys was subjected to impetuous punishment for being an unruly child. The most popular of these disciplinary acts was via the use of a leather belt being rapped across the back of his knees. Since this torturous experience, Rhys hasn't been able to bring himself to look at a belt, let alone wear one since.
- Fire: Fire is very hot, and very bright. It’s also something his mother incited a fear into him that he isn’t quite sure why. When he comes to meet his mother’s king, however, there will likely be some enlightenment.
- Sudden loud noises: Rhys is a quiet child who likes to keep to himself with his books a lot of the time. Loud noises, especially when unexpected, can be a huge energy destroyer. He needs time to prepare before having to deal with loudness such as big crowds or small children.
- Restraints: He always needs to be able to move about in order to remain calm. Him jiggling his leg or arm is usually a way of keeping his cool. When restrained, he can no longer control any emotional or physical outbursts that may ensue as a result, which is something he dislikes.
- Mental Traits: Rhys has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (mild autism), but is currently in the process of having that reviewed what with the criticism of the Asperger’s diagnosis coming into action in the world. He is also diagnosed with Psychotic Depression, Insomnia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). To top this all off, he is currently in the process of getting a diagnosis for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). To treat these, he is undergoing intensive CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and takes prescribed Seroquel and Citalopram to treat his depression and psychosis.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Fae Changeling.*
- Ethnicity: Half-Maori, half-European.
- Nationality: New Zealand.
- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
- Allegiance: N/A, Rhys does not have a particular group or company that he is allied to, though he is technically in Pedri Bane’s Fae court.
- Reasoning: He hasn’t come in contact with any groups that he can affiliate himself with, and therefore has not, yet. Any loyalty that may come to Pedri Bane’s court will be through familial obligation.

- Allies: N/A as of yet. He’s unsure as to if anyone is on his side in anything at the moment.
- Enemies: His mother made many enemies of Pedri Bane’s court in her lifetime that Rhys has yet to meet.
- Family: Father; Mathieu Finnick-Bane, and uncle; Pedri Bane. Mother (Nymphaea Perennial), deceased.
- Friends: N/A. Rhys is a little too weird and nervous to make any long-term friends as of yet.
- Significant Other: N/A.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 18.
- Appearance Age: 18.
- Character Birthday: 09/07/1998
- Gender: Cis male.

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: An extremely ashen white, looking particularly jaundiced around the eyes and fingers.
- Height: 6ft 3.
- Weight: 80KG.
- Hair Description: Murky blonde, with a few dyed silver streaks that have gone grey from his mini scene phase. It’s styled somewhat similar to an undercut, with the front curly and floppy and the sides/back shaved, though grown out a little and given a fluffy look.
(click to show/hide)
- Eye Description: Dark brown irises, borderline black. Almond-shaped eyes, characterised by the dark circles under them.
- Facial Details: Rhys takes after his father in a lot of ways and his mother in another. His eyes are one aspect he’s gained from his father -- something that creeps out a lot of people in his class. He has very conflicting features: a sharp chin and ears with rather round cheeks and soft lips. Most of his features have been gained from his mother, especially his prominent cupid’s bow and dimpled chin which makes him look a little more youthful than he actually is.
His eyes, which are almond-shaped, are accented by possibly the most striking feature of his face: the dark circles. A signifier of many sleepless nights and a lot of stress. The pink scar that reaches from the outer-corner of his right eye, across his eyelid, bypassing his nose, all the way down to his top lip is the focal point of his face.
(click to show/hide)
- Physical Appearance: Rhys is extremely lanky, and seems like he hasn’t properly grown into his height just yet, leaving him at the point where he gives off an awkward and nervous presence. He looks slightly underweight, as if he doesn’t eat quite enough; couple this with his already pale skin, this gives Rhys a very sickly appearance.
His hands are dainty, with long fingernails that have bitten edges and slightly callused palms. He has rather long arms and broad shoulders that he tends to hunch to give him a small appearance.
Despite looking underweight, there is still quite a bit of lean muscle to him. His chest and shoulders are decently shaped and his calves are extremely muscular from running. His entire ensemblè gives him the jittery appearance of a sleep deprived rabbit ready to flee.
- Attire: The one thing that Rhys always wears that appears to be his identifier is a hugely oversized yellow hoodie that is washed out, riddled with holes, and stained beyond belief. He will usually wear an oversized shirt, tucked in with a flannel or button up shirt, and a pair of suspenders for his skinny jeans. For shoes, he either sticks to tims or Doc Martens, anything big and clunky.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: His voice is quite deep and smooth, though sometimes cracks whenever he hasn’t spoken for a while or tries to talk in high notes.
- Speech Traits: He has a noticeable and a very slight lisp. He also tends to speak very fast, belting out all of his thoughts at once without filtering them and then taking a huge space between sentences.
- Languages: Rhys is fluent in English, French, and Italian. He knows vague amounts and is currently learning Tahitian.
- Habits: He bites his nails, fiddles with anything he is holding, bounces his leg, and drums his fingertips on tables.
- Mannerisms: Rhys always has to colour co-ordinate his outfit and picks at the sleeves of his jackets in order to calm down. When in a tense situation, Rhys also tends to babble a little bit in order to break the ice.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: He has a leather messenger bag that he stores all important documents and any drinks or emergency cash in.
- Small Equipment: His notebook, he uses this to document him stalking the Fae courts.
- Weaponry: Due to him being under supervision from his psychiatrist, Rhys is not allowed to carry anything that may be used as a weapon.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: Rhys always has a pen and plasters on hand, alongside his wallet
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: He doesn’t own any property or anything of the like, but rents a small flat in New Zealand with his disability allowance.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept.
- Specialization: Hemomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Rhys has never managed to reach Immersion Metamorphosis and even if he did he would not understand what was happening enough to label it as IM.
- Ability Specific Info: Hemomancy is the manipulation of blood, it allows the user to control blood both inside and outside of their own body.
- Magical Abilities: Rhys has not had much practise in his magic and therefore his abilities are somewhat lacking. Naturally, as most hemomancers his age would, Rhys has a decent grasp on;

Flow: Rhys is able to move his own blood within his body to some extent, but finds this process incredibly uncomfortable and therefore is not too adept at it. He has practiced a lot more at using the flow of his blood outside of the body via the process of breaking skin and slowly controlling small droplets of blood until he could get the grasp of moving larger amounts while outside of his body.
Recovery/Blood production: Most likely the most time invested has been into this aspect of the discipline, Rhys is quite proficient at producing blood and recovering lost blood after a lot of trial and error in this aspect.
Crystalisation: The next logical step after learning about making the blood flow is to learn how to crystalise the blood, Rhys is fairly skilled at this ability but has not yet needed to use it in a desperate situation, so he has little to no concept of how skilled he is compared to other mages; he can create basic constructs from his blood and harden it when needed and that is about it.

Emrys is not yet proficient in any other aspect of this ability.
- Physical Abilities: Rhys is very durable for a boy of his age, mostly due to his affliction. He is stronger than the average human, faster, has a more advanced vision, sense of hearing and of smell.
- Strengths: He is a swift mover, quite fast and agile when need to be and a very good climber.
- Weaknesses: He does not have brute strength or knowledge of fighting, Rhys would not know where to put his power in a punch and has absolutely no skill in combat.
- Training: He was trained by his mother at a young age in the art of magic, but since has been self-taught.

Magical Afflictions

- Magical Disease or Affliction: Fae Changeling.
(click to show/hide)
- Cause of Infliction: Birth.
- Site of Infliction: N/A. There is no apparent site of infliction, he was merely born with the disease.
- Benefits: Immense strength, (potential) immortality, speed, heightened senses, and a slight attunement to magic and magical creatures.
- Downsides: He does not have the ability to lie, suffers from homicidal thoughts, and is prone to violent outbursts of magic due to the unstable nature of his affliction.
- Fitting In: Rhys does not quite “fit in”, but he does appear to be very human apart from his ears and teeth, therefore he does not need to put much effort into looking human.
- Suppressant/Cure: There is none, but he does try to suppress the homicidal nature of his affliction by going to therapy (this does not work).
- Infecting Others: Rhys does not seem to possess any abillity to infect people with the Fae gene, as his time integrating in mortal society has put a huge dampener on his attunement to his backgrounds.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Rhys’ major goal in life at the moment is to find his father and discover more about his heritage and lineage, this is something that would bring him a lot of peace once he discovers the truth behind who and what he is — especially to the magical world.
- Minor Goals: Get a job and support himself on his own income, Rhys hates living on a restricted income from the government and getting a good job with decent pay or even receiving commissions for research would solve a lot of his demotivation over this.
- Motivation: He has little to no motivation, hence why he hasn’t gotten around to doing any of this yet. Occasionally, his scattered mind is hit with a sudden burst of ideas on how to reach these goals and that will keep him working on them for a few days, but perhaps he will find a more constant motivator in time to come.
- Bio:
 A good few decades from present, there was a lot of tension between the Fae courts around the world. Perhaps this conflict was inevitable, given the ever so different and changing natures of all the courts, but nonetheless the tension that was always somewhat underlying had grown to an almost palpable point. With the Americas being under the vicelike grip of Wrathia Venora - considered to be a dirty Turned Fae, there were monarchs scrambling to keep their thrones from being usurped or stolen.
However, the Oceanic courts were almost perfectly stable. With Pedri Bane sitting comfortably on the throne and a steady alliance forming between Oceania and the Americas, there was very little visible chaos to ensue. They had rallied against the monster hunter threat and prevailed -- at the cost of their previous king.
Rhys’ mother, Nymphaea, had been considered an avid loyalist to throne. This loyalty bordered on obsession, especially once she got her eye on the king’s sons. The pureblood symbologist had been a member of the court for her entire life, and believed she herself deserved to become royalty too, someday, and it would be with the kings sons that she’d enact this plan. Now that the king was dead, she believed that the eldest son Mathieu would be her key to Queendom.

Little did Nymphaea actually know that Mathieu was a notorious womaniser, and she couldn’t capture his gaze for more than a few hours -- no matter how many times she attempted. And Pedri? Pedri didn’t have emotions!
It was shortly after Mathieu’s second and final disappearance that Nymphaea discovered that she was with child, and finding a way that this could become a useful tool of hers in future, she quickly went to work slowing the child’s development with magic until she was prepared to raise it to be a king. Within the night, Nymphaea stole all she could from the Court and fled, opting to hide among mortals with the newest child of royal blood.
Growing up, Rhys had never attended school. Nor had he seen much of his mother. He spent most of his days in his bedroom, reading books and playing with toys, and in the evenings Nymphaea (as she always insisted he call her) would come to see him and attempt to teach him whatever magic he would pick up. She spoke to him often in these hours, telling him how special he was, how he’d grow into such a fine ruler… Rhys never pretended to actually understand what she was babbling on about and later on in life decided to shrug it off as the ramblings of a madwoman. He grew older and older, and his mother soon started to notice how human he looked. Feeling disdain towards her son, she started growing increasingly volatile, sometimes yelling at him in frustration and other times keeping silent for whole days. Unknowing of what it was he was doing wrong, all Rhys could do was try and keep his mother happy.
Until she brought home a little girl. She had to be about Rhys’ age, and she was almost definitely mortal. A small blonde girl with bright eyes and a tear-streaked face. Yet Nymphaea looked absolutely delighted.
“Kill the girl, my boy.”
“... Sorry?”
“Kill the girl. You’ll feel much better, sweetie…”
Rhys blinked slowly. “No… I’m okay, thanks, ma…”
Nymphaea looked put out. Her lower lip jutting out. She tried to explain to Rhys that it was what they do. What was a Fae if they didn’t succumb to their nature? One of those damned pacifists?
Rhys had the sense to call the police on his mother that night. To no avail, she simply killed the girl and dealt with the mortals that showed up on the door and punished Rhys later in the night.
It didn’t look like Rhys was shaping up to be a good Fae in her opinion.
A few rocky years had passed and Rhys was at the peak of his practising. He often learnt using his own blood or Nymphaea would insist on him using some of hers, though that was much more difficult. He practised day and night, and read in his spare time, finding himself immersed in the fictional words that were away from his mother.
Until one day he woke up, made her morning tea and went to give it to her and she was unresponsive. He went to check her pulse, and she was stone cold to the touch.

Rhys never learned what his mother died of, just that those days were a total blur and it was probably natural causes but there was nothing to worry about because he’d find a nice home blah… blah… blah…
Perhaps Rhys was being too hard on the social worker talking to him. It had been a rough time, and he could barely recall anything. She told him he would be put into a counselling class to help with bereavement and to integrate him into society, she said she was surprised he wasn’t something she called a “Feral Child”. He decided it was in his best interest not to look it up.
His life with normal people was set to begin.

True to her word, the woman did put Rhys in the system. He was in care for several years, where he was given weekly counselling, and multiple diagnoses, and multiple medications. He found himself growing more and more angry, and more and more violent, dreaming of weird things.
It was time Rhys was going to learn about himself.
Rhys took on multiple jobs, found them too stressful on top of his mental health and eventually went on income support to get a flat in his town. With a bit of researching, it was easy for him to start finding the mage presence in his area, and he’s now dedicated his spare time to stalking Pedri Bane in search of his father.

- Additional Notes: *A Fae changeling [description here when i can be arsed]

New Members / Re: For newbies by a newbie
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:52:53 PM »

how do you mean?

Comics / Re: What's the last comic you read?
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:12:14 PM »
i've been flicking through isola, saga vol 8 and cursewords very slowly but i fully read through the first issue of a comic called DIE -- it's very interesting!! and the art is absolutely stunning

General Works / Re: Fishing In Norway
« on: December 27, 2018, 09:43:40 PM »
your writing has skyrocketed mate, that's honestly really good!

Fan Works / Re: Murdock's OC prompts and stories
« on: December 22, 2018, 02:57:56 PM »
i cannae wait to see the finish product of this! :)

RP Discussion and Planning [GRP] / Re: Medieval High Fantasy Setting
« on: December 22, 2018, 02:53:17 PM »
I'm interested, though I'm oblivious to anything D&D.  I'll check out those links.

Don't worry about having an extensive or even a real base knowledge of D&D. It's more just a background that can be used.

RP Discussion and Planning [GRP] / Medieval High Fantasy Setting
« on: December 21, 2018, 10:25:29 PM »

I got a craving for some high fantasy roleplay after spending too much money on a Pathfinder game. SO, any takers? I'll explain some of the lore I'm thinking;

Naturally, a high fantasy setting usually takes places in a different world from the primary one -- meaning we're probably talking dragons, orcs, elves, tieflings -- whatever fishing D&D-like stuff you wanna throw in here, really -- I'll post up a skeleton if there actually any takers (as naturally man's not gonna go to the effort to make an entire fishing custom skeleton only to have you llamas not wanna do this am I now). I'll make it kinda in-depth but not so much that you'll spend more than 20 minutes on it if you really don't wanna. All I ask is as normal; nothing overpowered -- THINK about your character as a person. They will have flaws AND strengths, and maybe even racial attributes that affect them differently to the other races they will be roleplaying with. There won't be any one-touch kills or anything like that.
But you guys know that.
I don't mind a Mary-Sue, so long as they aren't WAAY up there on the scale, 'cus it's high fantasy, which is like a world of Mary-Sue's. Just no fishing Geralt of Rivia's up here please.
This is open to EVERYONE. Just post in this thread or PM me or whatever and it's sorted. Same goes for any questions you have-- just set them my way and we'll figure out whatever you want to try and implement. I already have a sort-of plot in the works in my head, for a general direction this RP will go (nothing too linear, just a "this is the general goal and whatever llama shenanigans will be in the middle can be in the middle"). I would shove this straight in the world of Dungeons and Dragons but in all honesty, their worlds can be a bit complex imo and I'd like this to just be a simple fun thing.

I've been rambling for like ten aeons now so I'll just leave it now. Any takers?

Alignment help.
Class types -- you don't have to go into extreme detail, just an overview of what sort of stuff they do.

General RP / Re: Zombie RP
« on: December 21, 2018, 09:55:46 PM »
would join this, would prefer a slightly more in depth skeleton though -- NOT SUPER IN DEPTH, just for help when i am describing other's characters.

Off Topic / Re: The Random Conversation V 3.0
« on: August 28, 2018, 04:29:35 AM »
dre fully read wicdiv inanna is a ledge

Character Profiles / Re: Jay Nightslash (WIP Bio)
« on: August 27, 2018, 07:11:24 AM »
pl0x no offense to be taken but is his name intentionally cringey?

Off Topic / Re: The Random Conversation V 3.0
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:40:33 AM »
Maguire and Garfield still did pretty good jobs >.> but Holland is literally the role. Like holy heck.

im pretty sure we all said this about andrew garfield

Fan Works / Re: An OC AMA | Murdock Edition
« on: August 27, 2018, 04:27:29 AM »
Penfold! :) My darling Penny, it's been a while since we last spoke... or argued over Discord. Any plans of interest lately? Since our last talk any hope of a facade has sorta been shunned as they're a bit fickle. But what about taking your adventures into a bionic body? Think on it ;)

Rico, your last interaction with Aria was quite... harmful to your relationship with her. Do you plan on reaching out again? Or do you not need her for your current walk in life? (also i love you)

Mathieu, taste in women? Do you prefer them to be fae, or are those lot waaay too complex nowadays?

ROBERT. fishing. TALK. TO. ETHER. The poor girl needs your guidance.

Fan Works / Re: ask my goats anything (char)
« on: August 03, 2018, 12:30:15 PM »
Wrathia tapped on her chin, giving the woman a long look. Quite a curious dear, wasn't she?
"Whenever we both have the free time, I suppose. We are relatively busy of late. Or, rather, he is." A scowl darkened her features as she thought of Xalek, and his constant hovering of her lover. My Lord, this, my Lord- that. Always having something to ruin their intimacy with at the most inopportune of times. Though, she supposed that was more of a human thought on it. "And I would go, of course. What reason do I need?"

Approved Profiles / Re: Xalek Ocan
« on: March 03, 2018, 07:23:49 PM »
have i ever mentioned my love for this character? he’s absolutely heinous, i love it.

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