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Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 16, 2019, 02:32:46 AM »
 Nadine reached a hand to rest on Thorkild's elbow, an odd clacking noise emanating from the bone that ground together.
 "It's fine."

 Gideon's reaction, however, was not. The sudden rage that overtook him didn't seem to be triggered by anything, and the mages around him all seemed lost on how to react. Despite her posturing, Ether went into action remarkably quickly -- moving herself in front of all three mages before Nadine could even blink.
 Staring at Gideon's hand, Ether let out a breath through her teeth as he made the same mistake she did too often as a child.
 "You never touch the glass." Ether informed him. "It does unpleasant excrement like that."
 Despite this, he had turned to Nadine and his gaze was soft enough to let her sigh in relief as she realised he'd be accepting her offer before he even said it. The young woman's shoulder's sagged and she ran a hand over her face.
 "Ohmygodthankllamaforthat." She mumbled into her hand. She had honestly started resigning herself to either dying in this room or getting killed by the English madwoman back at her own home. "Literally everything."

The Teleporter coughed. "Um. You said he was... a war asset? The war was ending around when you were born, that's a lot of ground to cover. Plus, you don't tend to ask vets to recount their war stories. Unless, you know, you're you."
 Nadine frowned at being chided by a literal child, and crossed her arms. "Fine. Start at the beginning. Ether's sister here says you were born under the name Charlie, you were implanted with... those things, by Israel Sodom... presumably while you were still quite young, and the Nails, as you call them, were part of a matching set--"
 "We'll leave that bit alone." Ether warned, Nadine frowned.
 "The more we know--"
 "We'll leave that bit alone." Ether repeated, a little harder this time. "There are some things you don't force people to relive. Ask Silas or Jacinth for that one."
 "It wouldn't be the same, but fine." Nadine relented. "I'm told you're barely a century older than me, why would someone so young let someone experiment so heavily on them just for a War they were too young to--"
 "I'll just stop you there." Ether cut in. "The War here was genuinely absolutely unpleasant excrement. Huge cradle of magic, we're getting torn the llama apart. Part of the reason this facility was built was for it. People were desperate. Plus, he told me he signed up for Cleaver training."
 Nadine frowned. "So the Elder just flat out fishing lied?"

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 16, 2019, 01:18:12 AM »
 Nadine got absolutely no opportunity to speak up against both Ether and Gideon, trying to placate the killer and perhaps tell him it wouldn't exactly play out the way he was thinking of before Thorkild whirled on her.
 "Did you just threaten to use Gideon Macabre on Israel Sodom? Israel SODOM?" His voice sounded unusually shrill and lilting oddly, clearly distressed.
 "You're assu--" She tried to cut in weakly, and noticed that Joakim and Ether only looked on in pity at his oncoming torrent of disapproval.
 "Was THIS your plan? Get a hold of a walking war crime and try to send him against Israel Sodom? One of the most powerful telekinetics alive and an Elder of the Cote d’Ivoire Sanctuary?
 Nadine visibly recoiled, taking another step back, but before she could respond Thorkild's eyes were back on Gideon, warily taking in every movement of his.

 His movements were imperceptible, and the piercing gaze struck right through her. She fell absolutely still.
 Ether made a gesture for her to speak, realising that all the colour had drained out of Nadine's face at being put on the spot.
 This is how I'm going to die. Nad took a shaky breath.
 "I... was never going to use anyone against anything. I have absolutely no intention of getting you to kill anyone. To be blunt, I'm rather worried if I even attempt such a thing, the first head to roll will be my own." Nadine managed to say, causing a derisive snort from the vampire across from her. In response, Nadine shot her a nasty glare, the bones of her knuckles poked out to shield the skin, slowly starting to encase her hands -- a knee-jerk reaction she hadn't noticed. "If you really wanted to go head to head with Israel Sodom, I won't stop you, but good luck. She is quite a force to be reckoned with."
 "Who said he'd be alone?" Ether purred, a sickly noise that made Nadine want to retch. Her jaw set.
 This vampiric dog of female orientation was going to ruin her entire fishing plan and get her killed with her ridiculous bloodlust. This dog of female orientation was going to-- Nadine's eyes widened in realisation. It was a risk, but if Ether was here to protect them... she had orders. And the Midas Project was hardly a secret; especially when a lot of the magical community wanted to know why their scientists in Africa were getting slaughtered.
 "And who said," Nadine's voice had finally regained its cool, she finally was able to weave her words. "That your handler would let you? You are family, after all. She wouldn't want to lose her bodyguard."
 A low growl resounded from Ether at that, shaking the woman's entire body in a fit of fury. Her lips curled upward into a disgusting snarl, those claws curling as if they were imagining the exact way they'd sink into the skin of Nadine's throat. She spat something out in a language Nadine did not understand, but remained where she was.
 So it seemed Jacinth had kept her pet on a leash for her. With that knowledge, Nadine was finally able to keep calm.

 "All I wanted was to know of Project Blackshield." Her full attention turned to Gideon. "Israel needs to be brought to justice, and if it can't happen your way, then I only ask you allow for the opportunity for it to happen my way as well. You can do whatever you want, you can go and face her down and try and tear her limb from limb if you wish and I'll give you all the resources to do so unhindered, but should that fail, allow me the chance to make sure that she goes down no matter what. I'm offering you closure, and failing that, retribution."
 Even Ether didn't seem to be put out by such an offer. The vampire looked to Gideon with a raised brow and shrugged, as if to say; Doesn't sound like such a bad idea.

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 15, 2019, 04:49:27 PM »
His stare was rounded on Nadine with a predatory intent, causing her heart to jump down into her stomach. Her chest palpitated a little, making it hard to breathe.
 What the llama have I gotten myself into? She thought fretfully as her palms started to itch; she could have sworn she was starting to sweat. And to add insult to injury, the student next to her was merely typing something on his phone.
 In fact, she had barely noticed Thorkild's subtle shift in stance to stand somewhat in front of her. When she did, she flashed him a thankful look that she hoped portrayed her sorrow in involving him so heavily.
 Nadine doubted that he'd ever fully forgive her. Yet now was not the time to worry about the relationship implications of her work. In this moment, she was no longer an avid journalist, hunting for her next story in the warm streets of Spain. To Gideon Macabre, she was no-one and nothing other than a kill that would be too quick, too easy, to be satisfying enough for longer than perhaps an hour or so.
 Despite being in zero gravity conditions, the killer shifted his weight and moved with skill, moving one arm down in an almost delicate motion to keep himself rooted to the floor, the rest of his body floating as if in a divine portrait.
 Something Ether said dragged his attention away from Nadine, and she loosed a quiet breath that she hadn't realised she'd been holding. She could have sworn there was an emotion that flashed across his face that wasn't pure rage for a second, but it was ruined by his entire body convulsing in a way that had her step back once again.
 Despite herself, the words she used to recite with her mother started blurting out from her, quieter than a whisper; "Padre nuestro, que estás en el cielo. Santificado sea tu nombre--" It was the teleporter's hand on her shoulder that broke her from her reverie, allowing her to fall fully silent as she realised what he was bringing her attention to.
 The killer had calmed, as calm as one could be when wracked with unthinkable pain. He was talking as if they were just having a particular strained cup of tea.
 "What the llama." She finally spoke at full volume. "How..."

 Ether rose a brow at the Elder's comments.
 "I didn't do anything." She turned her attention back to Gideon, deeming both Thorkild and Nadine too over-dramatic. "The Nails? Is that what you call the implants? There's plenty of animals in your cell to shred up for now." 
 With that, Ether slowly stopped manipulating the gravity around him, allowing him to sink to the floor. She noticed Nadine stiffen once again in her peripherals; understandably unhappy at the man who'd fixated on the idea of killing her being able to have full movement. The Spaniard opened her mouth to protest when Ether raised her good hand to shut her up.
 "I wonder if anyone has ever bothered just being polite? You'll find that sometimes it works out."
 "Being diplomatic is wonderful when it's not with a man known for his brutal nature." Nadine countered coldly. "I somehow don't think many people he's run into end up alive at the end of the encounter."
 Ether looked back at Gideon. "Do you want to llama up Israel Sodom?"
 Nadine's eyes narrowed. "Not how I would have put it."
 "Your business thrives on bullunpleasant excrement." Ether mocked. "I'm being straight with the man. I ask again, do you want to llama up Israel Sodom? I know I would."

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 10, 2019, 09:59:10 AM »
 Nadine jumped back a whole foot when Gideon tapped on the window, though both the teleporter and Ether stood their ground. With no small amount of shame, she glanced to Thorkild - whose raving suddenly seemed a lot more fair now that the beast was awake, she noticed sweat forming on his brow.
 Well, if he was nervous, he had absolutely no idea the amount of flips her stomach was making. Despite looking like he had been part of some wreckage, the beast before them spoke somewhat eloquently, but his words made absolutely no sense. They were archaic, as if he still spoke as if he were a three-hundred year old mage.

 Ether glanced at the teleporter. "How old is he?"
 "Seventeen..." Nadine answered, and ignored the judgemental look that Ether passed her way. "What are we meant to do if he gets out?"
 Eth moved her gaze back to the killer, "Hide behind me, I suppose. And pretend that the smell of urine isn't coming from you."
 How reassuring...

 Ether tapped the window again, demanding his attention.
 "Think you can behave yourself for ten minutes? No killing or death threats for a bit? It'd make my job a lot easier, I'm not looking for another fight." She was surprisingly polite, "The psionics are a little busy, but we gather that their presence hurts you." Ether shrugged. "Not looking to cause you more pain just for fish heads and giggles."

 That was when the Spaniard finally noticed it, the augments where the skin was slowly knitting back together, running down his spine and shoulders. She let out an audible gasp.
 "What... what's he done to himself?"
 Ether's gaze hardened. "Nothing, that's all the project you're so keen on putting your nose into. Isn't it?" She directed the question at Gideon. "Pretty banana'd, huh?"

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 04, 2019, 05:37:07 AM »
 To Ether's absolute bemusement, the older mage started fumbling for words and staring at her as if she'd descended from Mount Olympus itself. He broke rule number 1. Speaking.
 Then rule number 2. Freaking out. Then last, but not least, he brought attention to her ruined arm. Ether pinched her nose in frustration, and took a deep breath.
 "I thought the blond one was the older one?" She asked.
 "Yeah," Joakim spoke up, "A decade or so away from 700."
 "Then," Ether spoke slowly, so as not to startle the one braincell the Norwegian had left, "It should be of no surprise, that at almost 600 years old, I can smash a glorified attack dog. Plus, I'll have to break rule four here, my sister and her cocky American friend helped to sedate him."

 Nadine looked back into the cell, and immediately started asking questions. "What is he contained in? Is this some sort of lab?"
 "N?wi Dowini Yesayinisi Ina Makisesiti T’inati Ma‘ikeli." Ether said. "Most of the cells here were for magical experimentation, kids who could become soldiers, monsters that could mate -- that kind of thing. Their projects usually ended up very... formidable, so they had to reinforce everything for their own safety. A lot of the patients died, I believe."
 Nadine looked stunned. "Of what? You said they were formidable."
 "Oh, uh. Autoimmune system failures, during experiments, killed each other, somehow developed a ridiculous allergy." She counted on her fingers. "It's experimentation; there will always be a few failures."
 After noticing Nadine had no reaction, Ether slammed on the cell wall to wake the beast, deactivating the gravity around him.

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 04, 2019, 03:30:00 AM »
 Ether raised her brow and crossed her arms, her eyes narrowed.
 "Let's lay some ground rules. The blond twink doesn't talk for the remainder of our time here, at all. We do not call me a vampire, or anything even remotely related to that - it's just factually wrong," she bared those sharklike teeth at the three of them, Joakim paled as Ether raised her splinted arm to gesture at the area. "And we acknowledge that this place is extremely secure, so if the discount lord of thunder here could calm the llama down, that'd be great too."
 Nadine frowned. "You don't understand why anyone would be on edge? Our surroundings look like a torture dungeon and you're taking us to see a mass killer."
 Ether merely shrugged. "Doesn't mean you can be rude. I don't take disrespect. Shape up or llama off." With that, she savagely grabbed Thorkild's wrist and dragged them towards the end of the hall, a speed that Nadine's small legs could barely keep up with.

 She stopped when they reached a huge metal door, barred from the outside with an actual security bar lock.
 "I can keep him down quite easily for now, but I'd rather none of you did anything dumb. I don't look forward to another fight."
 "How did you down him in the first place? Your sister told me the story, but--"
 Ether groaned. "Rule number four. We do not mention Jacinth Quintessence, or preferably any famous psionic. Ready?"
 Ether noted after she spoke that absolutely none of them looked ready, so she released the bar and entered the room. It looked like a separated lab; old tables had been turned over in the corner to make up what looked like a makeshift fighting ring, and at the far end of the room was another cell, about the same makeup of the others, but with slots along one side -- clearly to pass objects through -- and a large cot upon which she had laid the body of one such Gideon Macabre.

"He's big." Joakim noted.
 And hopefully, Nadine thought. He's exactly what I need.
 "Is he okay? This seems needlessly barbaric." Is what Nadine said, though. Ether looked at the Spaniard as if she'd asked the dumbest question possible.
 "Is he okay?" The vampire parroted. "This rear end of a mule belongs in the deepest depths of hell! Who gives a llama if he's okay? He's an absolute fishing unit!"

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 04, 2019, 01:54:11 AM »
 The waiting period had been really awkward, both Joakim and Nadine just awkwardly looking at their phones and occasionally nodding at each-other. Thorkild could be heard thudding around upstairs, seemingly quite moody.
 Understandably so.
 When Thorkild re-appeared, he was a little paler than he had been before, and was holding a long saber in his hand.
 "You might want to sheathe that." Nadine suggested, but she knew he wouldn't, so she grabbed hold of Joakim, who then put one hand gently on Thorkild's shoulder.
 "I'm a huge fan--" Joakim begun, but Nad cut him off with a brutal glare. He swallowed and the area around them changed.

 In a split second - maybe that was a bit generous, but it was at most two seconds - the temperature had risen by a good ten degrees, and the humidity already had a bit of sweat dripping down the nape of Nadine's neck; she was used to hot countries, but compared to Spain - which sat happily close to central-South as you could get.
 Ethiopia was much more south-East, and sitting at a lower inclination from most of the city -- it was hot. On top of that, it seemed they'd just started to reach the slightly wetter months, as there was warm dew everywhere.
 The sight they arrived to was a shocking one. The facility, which Nadine had foolishly thought was made of metal, was actually made of stone. It had the air of an abandoned hospital, or abandoned asylum from the 1500s, but with cells that seemed to be made of metal and some kind of reinforced glass. If she looked closely enough, she could see little symbols flickering around different points of each cell. Perhaps they were tailored to each inhabitant?
 The first corridor wasn't too long, but as Nadine strode forward, she'd already found the first body; clearly a scientist, the clothes were rotted and they had decomposed, only a mass of rotten skin and bone, but it was clear that while their body faced downward, their head had been snapped at a complete 180 degree, and their spine dislodged a little.
 Who the hell had done that? A voice down the hall called out to them. "This place is a maze. Come this way."
 That seemed to be Ether Pyrrhic's way of greeting them, as it took her mere seconds to cross the hall to meet them, she crossed her arms and regarded Thorkild. "Do you plan on dueling anyone? That sword is a little useless, if not. Sheathe it, or you'll set him off. He is still unconscious, and I don't get paid enough for this, so take him off my hands or let him rot in here, your choice."

Movies & TV / Re: The Marvel Cinematic Universe
« on: May 02, 2019, 08:23:03 PM »
I am completely sure that Endgame only needs to be one word .

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 01, 2019, 02:14:58 AM »
 Nadine pulled out her phone, and in seconds the teleporter was next to her. He shook his hair out of his eyes and looked at Thorkild, his eyes widened at seeing he was in a dressing gown.
 "Oh." He looked away immediately, turning completely and covering his eyes. Nadine snorted.
 "Joakim, this is.."
 "Elder Feilstrom. Yes. I'll never tell anyone about this, Sir." The teen stumbled over his words, his cheeks having gone a bright red.

 "Dress for humidity, Elder! Ethiopia isn't too hot at the moment, but it is very humid." She patted the young boys shoulder next to her. "And don't bother rushing, Joakim could probably do with a break."

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 01, 2019, 01:29:46 AM »
 Nadine nodded. "Yes. Well, actually. We're going to Ethiopia, first. I'm not too well-versed on what went on there, apparently something involving children or whatever. It's sketchy."
 Another glance around the room. "Did you just break your switch?"

 She checked her phone, sending a quick text to the teleporter waiting outside; he had sent a bunch of passive emojis that Nadine assumed in student-speak meant that he was growing impatient.
 "I just need you to be there, pretty much. It seems we will be... about as safe as you can be when there's one of the scariest men you could think of just a few feet away from you, but regardless I'd say be on edge. You mentioned you wanted to keep your friend safe, I figure... the best way of doing that is making sure no one makes any absolutely ridiculous ideas about utilising him come into fruition."
 It took a moment for her to realise it sounded like she was making a threat, and she quickly backtracked. "All I want to do at this junction is talk. Or... however you can get someone like him to communicate. I've been told, however, that the psionics that helped bring him down will not be in the picture -- no Jacinth Quintessence, and no Silas Crayne, apparently a foam finger and crocs is not a becoming look for him."

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: May 01, 2019, 12:59:53 AM »
 Nadine shrugged and followed Thorkild into his abode. She made no effort to nose around, and didn't even bother commenting on his home.
 "You won't like it." She stated immediately. "But you wanted to keep your friend safe, so you may as well know that I need to pick up a certain Gideon Macabre."

 She let that sink in for a moment. "So it's less talking, more doing." Her arms crossed. "Apparently there's someone out there in existence who can down him in a fight. Or, I suppose three people, by my information."

Europe / Re: Yeah I wanted to use Gideon and look at me now
« on: April 30, 2019, 11:57:34 PM »
 Nadine's month had been a busy crunch. Her visit with Thorkild hadn't yielded much information, but it was more than enough for her to get started. All that was left was for her to find a way to use it to her advantage. She needed to get the pieces rolling.
 Indeed, she had tried. There was a lot of communication; the occasional threat, and an awful lot of digging to try and find anything useful. But then, as if fate itself had taken pity on her and decide to align itself in her favour, the very subject of Project Blackshield himself emerged from the darkness and basically screamed; "Hey, find me!"
 Or more accurately, according to Jacinth; "I'M GONNA FEED THE PSIONIC YOUR EYEBALLS". Yeah, he seemed like a real laugh to have at parties.
 It had been literally seconds after the call that Nadine got dressed and started making her way to Thorkild's, wasting literally no time. On her commute she had invested a lot of her thoughts into how exactly she would explain this one off; she'd managed to find herself a teleporter - a very quiet man, luckily, who was willing to get her to places for very little pay but would not involve himself any further than that.
 But how did she properly voice her plan to destroy the Ivory Coast without him completely being out of it? She'd had to keep him kind of involved; he was her bodyshield as it was. On top of that, the best way he could ensure his friends safety was to be as close to the project as she was.
 Nadine had him between a rock and a hard place, and she was going to milk that cow for as much as it was worth.

 Her teleporter had her outside the premises before too long. It was the middle of the night in this country, so it didn't take long for security to find her at the gate and start asking questions. Nadine had a full dossier on Thorkild, but she never really had been so thorough as to try and figure out the lives of the fishing help.
 She bluffed her way in, and strode towards the door with the resoluteness of a woman who gave absolutely no llamas. Which was not inaccurate. She'd manage to make good way towards the doors when they swung open, the lights blinding her for a hot second, and Thorkild waddled out in...
 Nadine burst out into laughter. "That is a very short bathrobe." She took a few deep breaths to collect herself, only to look at him again and burst into laughter all over again. "Oh... Sorry... Sorry. It is a very funny image..."
 Nadine righted herself and held her stomach with one hand, keeping herself still as possible to avoid another outburst. Her face turned serious. "Blackshield's no secret anymore."

Americas / Re: I just wanted to use Gideon ok
« on: April 30, 2019, 09:04:58 PM »
 The two sisters remained over the body, both waving their hands away at the offer of a cigarette, making fumbling excuses. During Silas' talk, Ether had started trying to move her arm, using her good one to try and snap the bone back in place with a disgusting shlrping noise, but very quickly found it was rather inappropriate to the situation and stopped.
 "England is still next to Ireland," Eth pointed out, "That hasn't changed." But the businessman had merely motioned for his lackey and disappeared.
 "Who's Alex?" Ether asked no-one. Jacinth merely shrugged. It wasn't either of their business, really.
 At least one of them could just ollie outie of this fish headshow.

 And it was a fish headshow. The drive was a mess. Out of the two monsters, Ether seemed the least damaged, but now that the adrenaline had stopped pumping through her body her shoulders had slumped and her expression darkened. She looked exhausted. Jacinth wiped at the blood on her face.
 "How heavy is he?" Her voice was quiet. "Maybe we should bring him inside?"
 Ether looked at Jacinth in complete incredulity. "So he can destroy the furniture too, when he wakes up?"
 "Well we can't just... leave him there!"
 Both sisters sighed.

 Eth rolled the serial killer over with her foot. "You have an entire dictionary of names and words and whatever to choose from, and this idiot chose Gideon."
 "Maybe it had sentimental value." Jacinth argued.
 "Or maybe he really thought it was a decent name." Eth rose a brow. "Which it really, really isn't."
 Jacinth leaned forward to get a closer look at the wires, embedded so deeply into his body, and tried to imagine how exactly a young man could be tricked into having that deep a level of experimentation on them.
 "There's some people in the English Sanctuary that would try and keep him in holding." Jacinth offered. Ether scoffed.
 "I think there's some people in a lot of Sanctuaries who would want to get their hands on him, he's a walking WMD. Anyone would want to have their Sanctuary with that edge, at least so they aren't the ones it's being used on." Ether rubbed her chin, shifting her weight from one foot to the other uncomfortably. "Who was your contact you mentioned?"
 Jacinth grimaced. "She isn't a Sanctuary affiliate, so much. An information broker, she mentioned him a while ago, said she would like to find a way to contact him with something... I handwaved it away, it seemed a bit improbable I'd find a way to contact a prolific criminal, but it seems like he... literally barged his way into it."
 Ether looked wary, biting down on her lip in an extremely human show of anxiety. "And what does she want to do with him?"
 "She told me, just to talk... she had someone she would be bringing with her. I guess we could take him to one of the holding cells in the old facility in Addis Ababa, maybe that could keep him in one place long enough for them to talk?"
 "I thought you were trying to turn that into an educational place for the WARD program?"
 Jacinth laughed, tapping those golden fingernails against the skin of her shoulder. "Yeah, it's... still pretty much a lab, at the moment. Renovations have been slow while I've focused my efforts on other things." She paused for a minute, gauging Ether's reaction. "I know... Ethiopia is a painful place for you to be--"
 "Okay then." Eth shrugged. "I'll heft him to Addis, just find me a doctor to help sort my arm out, contact your person, and we'll get going. You'll have to stay here, though."
It was with a hefty heart and a feeling of intense guilt that Jacinth made the call. Her contact answered on the first ring.
 "What can I do for you, Ms Quintessence?" She spoke with a slight lilt, seeming happier than their last call together. Jacinth didn't want to question what had made her so giddy.
 "I have your serial killer on my drive. Come and pick him up."
 "Oh, wonderful." Nadine grinned on the other end. "I'll grab my Elder and we'll be at the location you specify, privacy would be appreciated."
 "Yes..." Jacinth sighed. "I don't want to know anything else."
 "Of course... oh, and as always... your discretion is appreciated." The tone she said it in was light, but as the line went dead Jacinth knew it was a veiled threat. She glanced again to the killer that Ether had hefted slowly up the drive, and couldn't quench the feeling of dread that enveloped her.
 What on Earth are we doing...?

Americas / Re: I just wanted to use Gideon ok
« on: April 30, 2019, 07:11:10 AM »
 "This could destroy their Sanctuary." Jacinth breathed in disbelief. "It was different times, but now... a lot of people won't understand their desperation."
 Ether grimaced. "The war was pretty bad around Africa. All of the cradles, really. Some younger mage from... I dunno, England, probably wouldn't get it. But a lot of people who experienced it would."
 "Times have changed." Was all Jacinth had to say.

 So they all had nothing much else to say other than the solemn gazes at the man before them. Only 300 years old and already living through so much pain. Silas' comment at "the Bodyguard" had a bad tang to it in Ether's brain, but Jacinth breathed a sigh of relief.
 "He's a trained monster. We know more than enough about that."
 Ether was grinding her teeth, unable to hide the distaste from her face, she crouched back down and turned his head, getting a closer look at those teeth.
 "unpleasant excrement's like something from a bad horror movie..."
 "Except it's right in front of us. In the real." Jace agreed.

Americas / Re: I just wanted to use Gideon ok
« on: April 30, 2019, 05:44:52 AM »
 Even Ether fell solemnly silent at what Silas had to say. Jacinth lifted a hand to cover her mouth.
 "The entire Diablerie? They... weren't good people, but that's... that's war crime worthy." Jacinth sounded shook. Ether, however, was focused on a completely different fact. She stared down at the man before her.
 "His own soul mate." Her voice was quieter than she had been in years. "What a disgusting thing to do to someone..."

 Silas' phone beeped. The text was barely legible.
 "Whatvr doing,, plese stop!11 pain.unbereble. gp hhime"

 "So those wires..." Jacinth craned her head to get a better look. "Someone did that to him? All that pain... the doctors... he was afraid because they tortured him?"
 "Africa seemed to be a hub for unethical experimentation a few centuries ago." Ether grunted. "Seems like purging New Dawn is only the beginning of a long, long list.. He himself can't be anywhere near our age." She suddenly felt kind of bad for laying on him so hard.
 "What drove him here, though." Eth wondered aloud.
 Jacinth grimaced. "All I got from my little delve in was psionics causing massive pain. There was a project Blackshield, as well. That seems like a government thing."
 Ether sighed. "Ignore her." She told Silas. "She's Anti-Sanctuary. Conspiracy theories are so common with her."

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