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Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 20, 2019, 11:56:43 AM »
Athena responded to the next shot with a little twitch. She hadn’t expected the man to fire off again so suddenly, but she did suppose his situation was a desparate one. The vampire fell to the floor, her shoulder in bits, hissing with the pain. Onyx looked at the black blood pooling at her feet with distaste; she had never been fond of the undead, of any kind. While many could control their monstrous, often carnivorous, urges, she felt those who refused to die at first usually lived on to bring about more death.
The man stumbled off, wounded by the vampire. In his hand was some form of grenade, though it appeared to have appeared from thin air. Strange. Still, she reckoned he wasn’t getting very far very quickly, so the Cleaver General bided her time. There was also the vampire, a vicious-looking woman. Athena had a hunch that this woman was a bigger threat than the man she’d initially been set on. The vampire looked at her now, as she egged the General on to make a move. Athena set a pair of disinterested eyes n the mangled monster. She was rather unpleasant.
“I’ve got a downed vampire, alley just off Dean’s Yard. The target is fleeing towards that area. Pursue him, please”. She pocketed her phone, though reckoned the Grand Mage had already read the situation through their minds and sent a squad her way. Her gun raised towards Ximena, Athena spoke calmly, and sternly.
“I’d suggest staying put, if I were you. I’d hate to make that hole in your shoulder any uglier”

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 12, 2019, 07:11:52 PM »
By the time Athena rounded the corner, the blast of a shotgun rang through the alleyways, and another woman was pouncing on her target. Athena raised a brow as she watched them tussle for a moment. She was no Sanctuary agent, Athena could tell. She knew her Cleavers, and she knew her colleagues who worked under Prime Detective Daunt. This woman was something else.
The Cleaver General retreated once more, moving to one of the men she'd beaten and taking his handgun before quickly returning to the fight that was going on behind her. Gritting her teeth tight, the Greek fired two shots in the air, cursing herself for forgetting earplugs.  A dull hum in her ears, she looked at Ximena and Rico sternly, wondering how they'd react. Either she'd avoid a three way fight that could get her injured, or she could chase the duo into the clutches of her Cleavers. Either way, Onyx wasn't ready to let either of them go without some answers

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:16:07 AM »
Athena rounded the corner when the woman appeared before Classified. An ally of the Sanctuary? Unfortunately no. The woman appeared to an accomplice of the criminal, and she'd brought friends. The trio made their way towards her, drawing guns. A lack of demand or warning suggested to Athena that they meant to kill. So, she ducked back behind the corner, hearing the three pairs of footsteps quicken as they made for her.

When the men rounded the corner, Athena was not there. In fact, she was now behind them once more, and with a sly grin she greeted.
"Hello gentlemen"

The first one spun right into her gauntleted fist, his jaw taking a hit that sent him barrelling into his associates. They recollected themselves before firing a barrage of bullets in the Cleaver General's direction, but she was gone again. This time she appeared from behind, announcing her presence by driving her wrist blades into one of the men's legs. He screamed, and his partners jumped backwards. Athena retracted her blade and kicked upwards, sending a powerful wave of shadow into the men she hadn't stabbed, leaving the trio on the ground groaning with pain.

Athena stood still for a moment, catching her breath. That had gone a lot better than she had hoped. She walked by the three men, landing a kick to the teeth of one of the men who began to rise as she made her way after Classified


Flint bit down on the leaf, grateful for the temporary release of pain but wary of the pain that was to come with the removal of the bullet. He looked to Hawkeye now, and noticed how worn out his friend looked. The doctor must have been working restlessly to find Classified, and it definitely showed.
"How are you, Hawk?", he asked, wincing as the leaf failed to suppress some of the pain

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 06, 2019, 01:13:30 AM »
Athena was a skilled necromancer, and a quick thinker. Unfortunately it was sometimes difficult to be both of those things at once. So when the flash grenade went off, the Cleaver General disappeared into a cloud of shadows, shadowalking away from a temporary blindness. It had been a knee jerk reaction, and her timing had been impeccable. However, she reappeared at the other end of the alley, missing the corner that the gunman had turned round. So, she doubled back, and creeped along the wall until she was at the corner once more. Resting her back against the wall, she awaited an opportunity to move again

Flint nodded. It'd be foolish to go on, and the sooner he got patched up, the sooner he could join the search for Rico. So, he followed the doctor back to the infirmary, feeling just a little bit light-headed.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:46:46 AM »
Athena vaulted over the hood of a car, hot on Classified heels. Her Cleavers hung a bit behind, some continuing the chase with her, others working damage control for the various mortals whose cars were slamming into one another. With a quick flick of the wrist, two deadly blades grew out of her right arm gauntlet, ready to dig into her target should she be able to close the distance

Flint began to move down the hallway, but he soon realised his friend was right, He was losing blood, and he'd only be putting the both of them at risk by dragging Hawkeye onwards. Still, admitting defeat wasn't something he relished.
"That individual of illegitimate birth... If only I'd been quicker I might have...". He couldn't excuse himself. Rico had gotten the upper hand. They'd failed to prepare, but then, they'd never expected to find Classified so soon.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:29:56 AM »
Rico's thumb bit into Flint's gunshot wound, and a burning sensation caused the hunter to recoil and fall to the ground. Looking up at his opponent, he swore. Rico was making an escape, and had already rounded a corner by the time Flint began to rise. Desperately he scrambled to his feet, prepared to make another break after Classified.

The Cleavers beat him to it. One woman zipper by, her legs seemingly made of shadows. Her allies followed, four cleavers in full uniforms, scythes in hand, keeping pace as they zipped out of view. Flint made a start to follow them, then looked back to Hawkeye.
"Come on, we'll catch him!"

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 06, 2019, 12:20:18 AM »
A number of Cleavers rose in unison with Athena, which lead her to believe an urgent security breach had occurred. Each of them heard the Grand Mage's voice in their heads, the guards trading glances as their leader spoke

Major Security in the west wing of the first floor. Deal with it, please

Their boots clunked against the metal-paneled floor as they made for the elevator, footfalls in unison. Rising to the ground floor, the Cleavers heard the sounds of gunshots growing in volume. As the doors opened, four Cleavers lead by their general poured out of the lift, rushing for the cause of the commotion.
Flint broke into a run, flinching at each slight movement of his shoulder. He wasn't of much use without his bow or two arms, but if he could slow Rico down in time for the Cleavers to arrive they might stand a chance at stopping the assassin.
"Give up, Classified! We'll never let this go, and you can't run forever!"

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 05, 2019, 11:38:54 PM »
The gun appeared from nowhere, and in an instant Flint heard it fire. Pain flared down his arm and he cried out as he dropped the bow, releasing his grip. The arrow zipped upwards, embedding itself in the ceiling above Rico's head. The monster hunter crouched low, gritting his teeth, daggering his eyes into Rico's. He raised his uninjured arm, extending a hand towards the arrow in the ceiling before clenching his fist shut.
A small concussive blast pulsed from the arrow, enough to disorient Rico momentarily. If it hit home it would give Flint the chance to recover and close the distance between himself and the assassin. He could only hope he was good enough with one arm.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 05, 2019, 10:49:37 PM »
The description didn't give too much to go on. The image Hawkeye had pulled up was that of a masked man, meaning they didn't even have a full portrait of the murderer's mug. Flint tried to drill an image of Rico into his head before they left for the medical archives.
As they moved, Flint wondered how he'd fare against Lexis Pistor's killed. The shapeshifter had been a formidable fighter, with a brave heart and a head full of sense. Getting the upper hand on her was a momentous task, even for a seasoned assassin. Whatever this Rico guy was, Flint would be careful in facing off against him. But then, he wasn't afforded much time to prepare for a fight.

"Hawk", he said, a shake in his voice. A man moved their way, a mask covering half his face. His stride was determined, his gaze set sharply ahead of him.  A predator. There was no mistaking that Rico Classified was about to move past them. It seemed all to surreal. Here the pair of men were, about to delve into a sea of medical records, when the man they were after was under the same roof. At first sight, Flint felt as though his heart skipped a beat, but the shock quickly subsided.

He drew the arrow from his pocket, morphing it into a full quiver and looping it over his shoulder. A trick he'd done a hundred times before. Quickly he pulled another arrow, and this one morphed into a perfect mnemosium bow, the limbs sharpening into deadly edges. Finally Flint drew one last arrow, drawing it back in the blink of an eye, poising it at Rico's chest.
"You can run and hope I miss if you like", he growled. "I'd be more than happy to turn your back into a pincushion"

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:35:32 AM »
Flint felt a little more hopeful  when Hawkeye rose. His friend was regaining some of his composure and he looked ready to get to work. It was strange, he'd never worked on a job like this with Hawkeye before. Usually he came to the doctor when he was injured, or when he needed a second opinion on the wounds of a monster's victims. Now... Now Hawkeye was joining the hunt, and it was personal.
"Medical records seem like the best route. This sanctuary is teched up to the nines so their database should be rich with intel. If we'll find any dirt on Classified, it'll be here."

Moving for the door, Flint asked "Just a name? No profession, place of origin?". The basic information would direct Flint to which contacts he should be getting a hold of. Sapphire was in the States, Dai was in Russia and his father was in Africa. He also had Monty Scarce and Scott Grin, two mercenaries who got around. If the sanctuary's records didn't prove helpful, then they'd have other options

Europe / Re: Ketflix and Kills (Flint n Charlotte)
« on: February 04, 2019, 01:13:16 AM »
Again Axel found his gaze straying, falling on nothing in particular. He was told the Amplifier could take any shape but would be small and light enough to carry. It would hum with magic, and when he came close he'd apparently be able to sense this. He felt nothing now but the warmth of the fire and the heat from the teacup in his hands.
Siobhan spoke of what sounded like a lonely life. She was right; society didn't look kindly on vampires, and now that she was dabbling in alchemy... It mustn't have been easy.
"You're talented, I'll give you that but... it's hard to draw a crowd this far out", he said, though he assumed that the remoteness of the house was just as much of an advantage to her safety as it was a hindrance to business.

She seemed enthusiastic about his interest in tattoos, and it was nice to see  someone who seemed to live in solitude teem with energy. He'd always believed passion for one's craft was the first and most important step towards mastery. Looking to the girl now, Axel felt a pang of guilt. Taking the amplifier without asking would be cruel. Perhaps she needed it for some reason. To conceal her location from hunters? to aid in alchemy, or imbuing tattoos with magic.
"Actually, I wasn't quite sure about a particular purpose. I've only got the one so far", he explained, showing her the Infiltrator tattoo on his right hand. One that Roland Thorkild Dai and Alison also possessed. "It's to contact allies. Simple enough really". While he was curious for the types of tattoos Siobhan could pull off, Axel did have a few designs in mind.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 03, 2019, 11:35:01 PM »
He'd never heard of a Rico Classified, but in the moment that didn't matter. Flint had never had a sibling. He'd grown up his parent's only child, and he'd not known his father too long when he disappeared. A decade ago he might have found it hard to understand Hawkeye's pain. The only person he'd cared about was Dai, and the swordsman was practically invincible. Now, after gaining so much... he couldn't begin to imagine what Hawkeye felt from losing Lexis, and to have finally identified a killer...

His friend broke down, a look of devastation pulling his head to his knees as he curled up sobbing. The Irishman moved to his friend's side, resting an arm on his back and bringing resting his head against the doctor's. They sat there for a moment, and Flint didn't say anything for a time. Then, he spoke delicately, as though to calm his friend.
"We'll get the individual of illegitimate birth, you and me", he promised. "For Lex".

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:51:50 PM »
A smirk creased Flint's lips at Hawkeye's jest. He was right, shorts and a t-shirt was going to be a pain if Hawkeye's monster was anywhere outside the building. Unless, of course, Flint managed to morph up some warmer clothes. He'd done so before, but more often than not he'd wind up with a pair of pants missing its backside. Perhaps he'd have to opt for his Summer outfit.

The brief and faint laugh shared by the two died down fairly quickly, and the tension in the air added to the dread in the monster hunter's chest. Hawkeye couldn't meet his friends eyes, and Flint raised a brow questioningly, dropping to a scowl when Hawkeye finally brought himself to speak.
"Who is he", was all he could manage before a lump in his throat stopped him from going on. The dread was quickly boiling to anger, and Flint wanted nothing more than to punch something in that moment. He restrained himself for the sake of his friend in need.

Europe / Re: Ketflix and Kills (Flint n Charlotte)
« on: February 03, 2019, 10:40:17 PM »
Unlike many vampires Axel had encountered, Siobhan didn't have a deathly look to her. No, her appearance suggested... fatigue. Her eyelids sagged to a degree, her striking blue eyes seeming to sink away from his own. The woman, who looked a little younger than Axel, moved inside the bungalow. Her hair was styled messily, and the monster hunter wondered if he should have called in advance. As he followed, the werewolf took his jacket off, feeling warm as it was in his shirt, coupled with the fire blazing inside. Small as it was, Siobhan's home was, well... homely.

"Ms. Donovan, nice to see you again", he smiled warmly, having a quick scan of the eyes around the house in the hopes the amplifier was just laying around, then looking to the vampire when she turned to him. "Tea and a towel would be lovely", he replied, stopping himself on the third option. He'd smoked his share for a while when visiting his son in California over Christmas. Still, what was one spliff? "Might have a smoke later."

He stood outside the kitchen as his host boiled the kettle, before even hearing his response. In that moment he felt more at home than he had in a while. The cote had its upsides, but the Ivorian Coast had always felt alien to Deadshot. Sitting in a rural bungalow waiting for a cup of Barry's felt almost surreal after all this time. He almost completely forgot about the task at hand.
"How's business? I'd been meaning to speak with you about some tattoos".

Europe / Ketflix and Kills (Flint n Charlotte)
« on: February 03, 2019, 07:10:06 PM »
The rain had fallen unexpectedly, and it had fallen heavily. Axel's face was covered in a film of rainwater as his bike came to a stop outside the bungalow. Dismounting the Harley Sportster that had sped him to Galway, the head monster hunter of the Cote's sanctuary walked briskly to Siobhan Donovan's front porch. He was glad to finally reach shelter from the biting cold of Ireland's winds. Living in Africa, Axel had grown too accustomed to warmth. For most of his life a bit of dampness and cold wasn't even noticeable to the man.

He came face to face with himself as he raised a fist to knock on the front door. In the glass pane at the top of the door he looked to his somewhat youthful face. He knew looking directly into his eyes would reveal a wealth of maturity and age. Axel had seen so many horrors he was surprised the eyeballs hadn't rotted in his head.

His job was a secretive one, and he didn't at all like it. He'd met the vampiric tattoo artist before, and she'd made quite the impression on him. Had they not come to meet, he may have died from wounds dealt by the Dullahan; a headless spectre they'd killed together. Now, he was at her door once more, though this time his intentions were by no means pure.The Irish Sanctuary had sent him to retrieve a magical amplifier, one whose signal had been tracked to the woman's home. He had no clue what she needed it for but doubted she meant anyone harm. The Sanctuary, on the other hand, were a mite more suspicious.

Well Axel thought to himself. At least I'll finally be able to schedule that new tattoo

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