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yeet yoot

Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a mod posts V 2.0
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Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a mod posts V 2.0
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Forum Games / Re: This or That
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Licorice ice cream. No way am I eating pineapple on pizza.

Cheese or Eggs

Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a mod posts V 2.0
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Character Profiles / Re: Jay Nightslash (WIP Bio)
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None taken. And no, but it could be IDK.

Manga and Anime / Re: Last Anime you watched/ Last Manga you read?
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Character Profiles / Jay Nightslash (WIP Bio)
« on: August 27, 2018, 12:38:28 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Jay Nightslash
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jay Nite-Slash
- Name Etymology: He took ‘Jay’ as his first name because as a child he loved to sit in the garden and listen to the blue jays. He chose ‘Nightslash’ because he wanted to sound like he slashes at night. This is untrue, however, and he only works during the day unless 100% necessary.
- Given Name: Zack Wilson
- Pronunciation of the Name: Zack Will-sin
- Character Job: Unemployed. (Does jobs for payment but does not work for one specific person/place/company.)
- Qualifications: Diploma in Advanced Programming and web design.
- Titles: ---

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Jay is stubborn. If he has set his mind on something, he will carry it through by whatever means necessary, though he doesn’t ‘set his mind’ on many things, as he is aware of the fact that he is stubborn.
 Jay is also able to stay calm in stressful situations. He has currently had precisely 39 times where people have tried to kill him, and while they became irrational, worried and stressed, even when in life or death moments his judgement and stress levels are barely different to when he started.
 He has a ‘there is won and lost, but whatever’s in the middle is still left to fight for’ attitude, not being discouraged by the fact that his opponent has the high ground, because tides will do what they do, which is turn.
 He gets extremely annoyed if someone calls him ‘vampire’, because while he is one, he does not like to be classified with all other vampires, them being one of the few things he was scared of as a teen.
- Character Likes:
~Rubix cubes. Jay is more than ‘talented’ at puzzles, able to solve rubix cubes quickly and efficiently, even if someone else has scrambled it. He can often be found with a cube in his hands, solving and scrambling it repetitively.
~Mental challenges. He enjoys brain games and riddles designed to confuse and baffle people, and most of the time is able to solve them without any hesitation.
~Books. Another thing he enjoys is books. They allow him to zone out of reality and visit a world where anything is possible, and no-one judges you for who (or what) you are.
~Programming, coding and hacking. One of the few things he managed to do after being turned was learn to program at GITI (Geneva Information Technology Institute) in his 80s, and after he left continued to program, teaching himself some things, and becoming a kind-of master at it.
- Character Dislikes:
~Serum. While he hates his monstrous side, he hates the feeling that the serum gives him, preferring the alternative, either caging or chaining himself up.
~His vampiric side. As a teenager, the one thing he had been scared of were vampires, and when he was turned, as soon as he found out what he was, he shut himself in a cage for a week, trying to escape the inescapable. He is often scared of himself, and he will be unwilling to do anything that day, instead curling up in a ball on the bottom of his cage.
~His father. Jay’s father entirely abandoned him from the day he was turned, and a part deep inside of him hates him for it.
- Mental Traits:
~He thinks outside and inside the box, making him skilled at solving puzzles, confusing or otherwise.
~He is observant. He notices details people usually overlook, including eye, shoe, and jewelry colour as well as the normal thing like skin, hair and clothes. He will also remember where someone put something, like a phone, weapon or other item, no matter how small.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Vampire.
- Ethnicity: White British
- Nationality: British
- Alignment: Chaotic Good
- Allegiance: ---
- Reasoning: Jay doesn’t have a job, but it is likely to find him trying to do good, however society doesn’t condone the methods he uses. He often ends up in trouble with the law, and many times he has had to run from the cops.

- Allies: ---
- Enemies: His father (who has tried to kill him on many occasions.)
- Family: Mother (deceased), older brother (deceased) and his father.
- Friends: ---
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 122
- Appearance Age: 19
- Character Birthday: 09/03/1831
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Beige
- Height: 173cm
- Weight: 53.9kg
- Hair Description: His hair is a platinum blonde and messy. It is short on one side with the hair on the top and the other side swept to the right. It looks like this.
- Eye Description: Jay’s eyes are a piercing blue, the exact colour of the blue jays he loved as a child. They are kind and warm normally, but wary and suspicious when he is with new people.
- Facial Details: Jay has defined and angular cheekbones and jawline. His head is inverted triangle-shaped, see pchart for reference. Jay’s nose is medium sized and on center. His eyebrows do not need shaping, because they are naturally shaped perfectly.
- Physical Appearance: Jay’s body type is a mesomorph, a strong athletic body type, muscular build, well-developed shoulders and slim hips Mesomorphs have a faster metabolism than other body types and can lose weight and gain muscle mass easily. He has a single tattoo on his right upper arm near his shoulder of a rubix cube. He has a white scar on the left side of his neck where the vampire bit him. After he had been turned, he had the mark removed so people couldn't tell what it was, leaving a slightly larger but less obvious (as to what it was) scar.
- Attire: On a normal day, or a day he goes out he wears a suit like this. On a day where he is going out to do a ‘job’ for someone, whether it be hacking, coding, or occasionally, yes, killing, he will wear something like this

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Jay’s voice is smooth and professional, making him seem wise and experienced. The pitch is even and somewhere in the middle of high and low, leaning slightly further to the low, but only a little.
- Speech Traits: He articulates his words carefully. He also has a noticeable British accent.
- Languages: English.
- Mannerisms: He squeezes his hands behind his back when stressed. He also sometimes bites his lip when considering something, like a proposition or a question.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: Rubix cube.
- Weaponry: 2 silver WWI US Mark I trench fighting Knives.
- Ammunition: ---
- Pocket Items: Pocket knife, cell phone, wallet, rubix cube.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: ---
- Other: He owns a small abandoned warehouse with a cage, a chair, a table, and an old, overused laptop.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Energy-Throwing
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes - Before energy is released from the body, the area used to release said energy glows with an inner light of the same colour as the projected energy.
- Ability Specific Info: Electrical energy can be used both as a lethal weapon or a way to stun/incapacitate. It can be used as either a taser or a lightning cannon.
- Magical Abilities: Jay is able to use lightning as either a cannon, or a taser, depending on his preference. He does not know as much as some do about magic, having so little time to learn about it with his father, and does not know any other types of energy throwing, therefore never using heat or kinetic. He has, however, worked on his electrical so much that he is capable of making it wrap around his blades, making them even more lethal, because if he touches you with one, as well as the cut, you also have lightning burns to worry about, too. His lightning has the limit of about 4 meters before the power is lessened somewhat, and by 12 meters it feels little more than a faint tickling sensation.
- Physical Abilities: Jay is good at close range combat, his knives sharp, and he is good at wielding them, with or without lightning around them. Even when he is not using them, is still a formidable opponent, his reactions fast and his punches strong, quick and hard.
- Strengths: Strong, fast, agile, smart.
- Weaknesses: Allergic to salt-water.
- Training: He learnt the basics of magic from his father, but is otherwise self taught, and practices it regularly.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Vampire.
- Cause of Infliction: Was bitten by a vampire.
- Site of Infliction: A scar on the left side of his neck. It originally had a more defined fang shape but he had the mark removed so there's only a thin white scar.
- Benefits: Fast, agile, strong.
- Downsides: Turning into a monster every night.
- Fitting In: During the day, Vampires have a ‘human’ skin so they can fit into society.
- Suppressant/Cure: While there is no complete cure, there is a special kind of serum to suppress their vampiric side.
Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Kill his father, who has made many attempts on his life (or un-life…?)
- Minor Goals: N/A
- Motivation: ~To be done
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: ---

Movies & TV / Re: last movie you watched
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Ant-man and the Wasp

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Forum Games / Re: Count to 50 before a mod posts V 2.0
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Forum Games / Re: Last Post Wins!
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That ceremony is so 9 hours ago.

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