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 Hunting for Thorkild Feilstrom should not be this hard. At least, it wasn't the last time Nadine had done it. Their last conversation had yielded a lot for Nadine; he'd given her the information she needed on the Ivory Coast, and managed to be irresistibly charming while doing so. What more could a woman ask?
 "Jesucristo." She murmured over the document she was reading on her tablet, taking another sip of her lukewarm coffee. "I hate putting aside my pride."
 The Spanish woman hated being bested, but the Elder had simply been moving around too much for her to actually catch him -- and she didn't even want to get into the conversation of how creepy it potentially was that she was trying to do that in the first place. Business was calling, however, and Nadine had formed a plan.
 A plan she needed the influence of someone such as Thorkild in order to allow it to work. Hopefully, she could find some way to get the Elder to agree. Though she already had promised him a favour, she didn't need anyone to have two favours they could call upon her for.

Subject: Cena y una pelicula?

Elder Feilstrom,

I could attempt to appeal to your good nature by way of flattery, but I'm sure you'd merely ask how I got your email (you left it open on your desk; I'm a creepily observant woman - unfortunately for you). You'll forgive me if my English seems a bit sloppy, as we both know, English is not either of our native tongues.
Despite the topic of my email, I am not actually trying to take you out. I think the title may just be amusing for anyone perusing your personal assets. I require your assistance in something, and the last I heard we were both in Spain. Whatever business you may have here is beyond me -- but I'd like for you to visit me, all will be explained in person. As always.
A small insight into my life, I spent my childhood causing mischief on the streets of Toledo. How about we meet after my namesake? Plaza Estrella. Totoro Sushi.

I'm looking forward to seeing you,
Your innocent bystander -- Nadine.

As she finished her email, she hit send and released a nervous breath.

Approved Profiles / Emrys "Rhys" Perennial
« on: January 17, 2019, 12:31:23 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Emrys “Rhys” Perennial.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Em-REESE “REESE” per-en-EE-all.
- Given Name: Vincent Bane.
- Pronunciation of the Name: vin-SENT BAY-nuh.
- Character Job: Currently unemployed and living on unemployment and disability benefits. He has previously worked as a barista and library assistant at his local schools.
- Qualifications: Rhys has completed his thirteenth year of school with all the qualifications that come with it and is deliberating either higher or vocational education. His highest grades are in History, Research Skills, and Literature.
- Titles: N/A as of yet.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: For someone so young, Rhys can come across awfully profound at times. He has grown up with the benefits of both a mortal life and an immortal life to come. Not yet old enough to be jaded or wizened, not too young so as to be naive and gullible - Rhys feels as though he has reached a good balance in his personality, and his therapist would likely agree. He may come across as slow to trust others though in actuality he is merely only skeptical of people’s first intentions.

In a lot of his later life, Rhys has had a lot of support from the system around him (mental health clinics, government funding) and approaches most of his problems with a fairly level head. He compartmentalises, which may be annoying, but has helped him a lot to get through hard times and is one of his main coping mechanisms. In any stressful situation, Rhys’ first course of action will be to start a list and prioritise all of his activities from most important, to least important, and gradually work his way through them - which, while under pressure, is arguably not the most effective way of dealing with things.

There’s a short period of his life that is entirely blanked out, and that is the transition from his life with his mother to his current life. Most of his 14th year is nothing but fuzziness to him since whatever memory was there has been repressed. This has resulted in Rhys becoming slightly avoidant of the slightest troubles in fear of his brain identifying it as trauma and immediately repressing it. This avoidant behaviour is yet another thing his therapist has pointed out as needing work. Since his 18th birthday, he has been taking action to put himself in situations that he usually wouldn’t while still being a stuttering wreck, resulting in the juxtaposition of nervousness and recklessness in his behaviour.

He is a very pretentious kid, with his head always in a book he deems “classic” or “intelligent”, even if he can’t understand them half the time. Literature is one of his passions, and he even has a notebook full of his favourite book quotes to keep him motivated at times which he always, always keeps on him. He also has an extreme interest in philosophy and quantum physics, even going so far as to annoy the people around him with these musings.

On a first glance, Rhys comes across as a drug addicted teen: he can never keep still; always having to jiggle his leg or an arm. He stutters most of his words out, and most of his sentences sound like something from Jaden Smith’s twitter page in logic and sense. Despite this, and the head that he constantly has in the clouds, he has managed to do well in school and conforms as much as he can to societal expectations and what he is recommended by the clinic. He truly doesn’t want to be weird, and he makes an active effort to fit in and get along with the people around him, which often means he can lose his sense of self around all the people he is trying to emulate at one time. In fact, sometimes, Rhys finds himself wondering if he truly has a personality, or if they are just scraps and habits from the people around him put together to create him.

Like most people, Rhys does have a dark side. He suffers from homicidal thoughts, which he is constantly working to repress. It is not a side of him that he tends to acknowledge often, as the information that he is likely capable of killing someone is a little too chilling for him to truly mull over. He has many different mantras and coping mechanisms for when these intrusive thoughts occur, and has been under watch by every school he goes to for having voiced these thoughts so long ago.
- Character Likes:
Books: Cliche as it is, books have always been a source of refuge for Rhys. When he finds himself unable to focus and agitated, a good book is always a distraction for him. Due to this, he has piles and piles of dog-eared books covering his bedroom floor.
History: Rhys has discovered that there’s a lot to learn in the actions of people before him, as well as a lot of schadenfreude to be felt. He has extensively spent a lot of his time looking into many historical events - both mortal and magic - and getting his own hold on it.
Researching: Anything can be dug up with enough effort and Rhys is particularly good at it. A lot of his time is spent in the dark recesses of the internet, even the deep-web.
Suspenders: Because he hates belts, he’s really gotten into the fashion statement that is suspenders and braces. He’s found new ways to wear them fashionably and efficiently and they have become a small obsession of his, he’s even started a small collection whenever he can pool the money together.

- Character Dislikes:
- Belts: During his youth, Rhys was subjected to impetuous punishment for being an unruly child. The most popular of these disciplinary acts was via the use of a leather belt being rapped across the back of his knees. Since this torturous experience, Rhys hasn't been able to bring himself to look at a belt, let alone wear one since.
- Fire: Fire is very hot, and very bright. It’s also something his mother incited a fear into him that he isn’t quite sure why. When he comes to meet his mother’s king, however, there will likely be some enlightenment.
- Sudden loud noises: Rhys is a quiet child who likes to keep to himself with his books a lot of the time. Loud noises, especially when unexpected, can be a huge energy destroyer. He needs time to prepare before having to deal with loudness such as big crowds or small children.
- Restraints: He always needs to be able to move about in order to remain calm. Him jiggling his leg or arm is usually a way of keeping his cool. When restrained, he can no longer control any emotional or physical outbursts that may ensue as a result, which is something he dislikes.
- Mental Traits: Rhys has been diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome (mild autism), but is currently in the process of having that reviewed what with the criticism of the Asperger’s diagnosis coming into action in the world. He is also diagnosed with Psychotic Depression, Insomnia and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). To top this all off, he is currently in the process of getting a diagnosis for Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). To treat these, he is undergoing intensive CBT (Cognitive Behavioural Therapy) and takes prescribed Seroquel and Citalopram to treat his depression and psychosis.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Fae Changeling.*
- Ethnicity: Half-Maori, half-European.
- Nationality: New Zealand.
- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral.
- Allegiance: N/A, Rhys does not have a particular group or company that he is allied to, though he is technically in Pedri Bane’s Fae court.
- Reasoning: He hasn’t come in contact with any groups that he can affiliate himself with, and therefore has not, yet. Any loyalty that may come to Pedri Bane’s court will be through familial obligation.

- Allies: N/A as of yet. He’s unsure as to if anyone is on his side in anything at the moment.
- Enemies: His mother made many enemies of Pedri Bane’s court in her lifetime that Rhys has yet to meet.
- Family: Father; Mathieu Finnick-Bane, and uncle; Pedri Bane. Mother (Nymphaea Perennial), deceased.
- Friends: N/A. Rhys is a little too weird and nervous to make any long-term friends as of yet.
- Significant Other: N/A.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 18.
- Appearance Age: 18.
- Character Birthday: 09/07/1998
- Gender: Cis male.

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: An extremely ashen white, looking particularly jaundiced around the eyes and fingers.
- Height: 6ft 3.
- Weight: 80KG.
- Hair Description: Murky blonde, with a few dyed silver streaks that have gone grey from his mini scene phase. It’s styled somewhat similar to an undercut, with the front curly and floppy and the sides/back shaved, though grown out a little and given a fluffy look.
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- Eye Description: Dark brown irises, borderline black. Almond-shaped eyes, characterised by the dark circles under them.
- Facial Details: Rhys takes after his father in a lot of ways and his mother in another. His eyes are one aspect he’s gained from his father -- something that creeps out a lot of people in his class. He has very conflicting features: a sharp chin and ears with rather round cheeks and soft lips. Most of his features have been gained from his mother, especially his prominent cupid’s bow and dimpled chin which makes him look a little more youthful than he actually is.
His eyes, which are almond-shaped, are accented by possibly the most striking feature of his face: the dark circles. A signifier of many sleepless nights and a lot of stress. The pink scar that reaches from the outer-corner of his right eye, across his eyelid, bypassing his nose, all the way down to his top lip is the focal point of his face.
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- Physical Appearance: Rhys is extremely lanky, and seems like he hasn’t properly grown into his height just yet, leaving him at the point where he gives off an awkward and nervous presence. He looks slightly underweight, as if he doesn’t eat quite enough; couple this with his already pale skin, this gives Rhys a very sickly appearance.
His hands are dainty, with long fingernails that have bitten edges and slightly callused palms. He has rather long arms and broad shoulders that he tends to hunch to give him a small appearance.
Despite looking underweight, there is still quite a bit of lean muscle to him. His chest and shoulders are decently shaped and his calves are extremely muscular from running. His entire ensemblè gives him the jittery appearance of a sleep deprived rabbit ready to flee.
- Attire: The one thing that Rhys always wears that appears to be his identifier is a hugely oversized yellow hoodie that is washed out, riddled with holes, and stained beyond belief. He will usually wear an oversized shirt, tucked in with a flannel or button up shirt, and a pair of suspenders for his skinny jeans. For shoes, he either sticks to tims or Doc Martens, anything big and clunky.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: His voice is quite deep and smooth, though sometimes cracks whenever he hasn’t spoken for a while or tries to talk in high notes.
- Speech Traits: He has a noticeable and a very slight lisp. He also tends to speak very fast, belting out all of his thoughts at once without filtering them and then taking a huge space between sentences.
- Languages: Rhys is fluent in English, French, and Italian. He knows vague amounts and is currently learning Tahitian.
- Habits: He bites his nails, fiddles with anything he is holding, bounces his leg, and drums his fingertips on tables.
- Mannerisms: Rhys always has to colour co-ordinate his outfit and picks at the sleeves of his jackets in order to calm down. When in a tense situation, Rhys also tends to babble a little bit in order to break the ice.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: He has a leather messenger bag that he stores all important documents and any drinks or emergency cash in.
- Small Equipment: His notebook, he uses this to document him stalking the Fae courts.
- Weaponry: Due to him being under supervision from his psychiatrist, Rhys is not allowed to carry anything that may be used as a weapon.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: Rhys always has a pen and plasters on hand, alongside his wallet
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: He doesn’t own any property or anything of the like, but rents a small flat in New Zealand with his disability allowance.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept.
- Specialization: Hemomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Rhys has never managed to reach Immersion Metamorphosis and even if he did he would not understand what was happening enough to label it as IM.
- Ability Specific Info: Hemomancy is the manipulation of blood, it allows the user to control blood both inside and outside of their own body.
- Magical Abilities: Rhys has not had much practise in his magic and therefore his abilities are somewhat lacking. Naturally, as most hemomancers his age would, Rhys has a decent grasp on;

Flow: Rhys is able to move his own blood within his body to some extent, but finds this process incredibly uncomfortable and therefore is not too adept at it. He has practiced a lot more at using the flow of his blood outside of the body via the process of breaking skin and slowly controlling small droplets of blood until he could get the grasp of moving larger amounts while outside of his body.
Recovery/Blood production: Most likely the most time invested has been into this aspect of the discipline, Rhys is quite proficient at producing blood and recovering lost blood after a lot of trial and error in this aspect.
Crystalisation: The next logical step after learning about making the blood flow is to learn how to crystalise the blood, Rhys is fairly skilled at this ability but has not yet needed to use it in a desperate situation, so he has little to no concept of how skilled he is compared to other mages; he can create basic constructs from his blood and harden it when needed and that is about it.

Emrys is not yet proficient in any other aspect of this ability.
- Physical Abilities: Rhys is very durable for a boy of his age, mostly due to his affliction. He is stronger than the average human, faster, has a more advanced vision, sense of hearing and of smell.
- Strengths: He is a swift mover, quite fast and agile when need to be and a very good climber.
- Weaknesses: He does not have brute strength or knowledge of fighting, Rhys would not know where to put his power in a punch and has absolutely no skill in combat.
- Training: He was trained by his mother at a young age in the art of magic, but since has been self-taught.

Magical Afflictions

- Magical Disease or Affliction: Fae Changeling.
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- Cause of Infliction: Birth.
- Site of Infliction: N/A. There is no apparent site of infliction, he was merely born with the disease.
- Benefits: Immense strength, (potential) immortality, speed, heightened senses, and a slight attunement to magic and magical creatures.
- Downsides: He does not have the ability to lie, suffers from homicidal thoughts, and is prone to violent outbursts of magic due to the unstable nature of his affliction.
- Fitting In: Rhys does not quite “fit in”, but he does appear to be very human apart from his ears and teeth, therefore he does not need to put much effort into looking human.
- Suppressant/Cure: There is none, but he does try to suppress the homicidal nature of his affliction by going to therapy (this does not work).
- Infecting Others: Rhys does not seem to possess any abillity to infect people with the Fae gene, as his time integrating in mortal society has put a huge dampener on his attunement to his backgrounds.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Rhys’ major goal in life at the moment is to find his father and discover more about his heritage and lineage, this is something that would bring him a lot of peace once he discovers the truth behind who and what he is — especially to the magical world.
- Minor Goals: Get a job and support himself on his own income, Rhys hates living on a restricted income from the government and getting a good job with decent pay or even receiving commissions for research would solve a lot of his demotivation over this.
- Motivation: He has little to no motivation, hence why he hasn’t gotten around to doing any of this yet. Occasionally, his scattered mind is hit with a sudden burst of ideas on how to reach these goals and that will keep him working on them for a few days, but perhaps he will find a more constant motivator in time to come.
- Bio:
 A good few decades from present, there was a lot of tension between the Fae courts around the world. Perhaps this conflict was inevitable, given the ever so different and changing natures of all the courts, but nonetheless the tension that was always somewhat underlying had grown to an almost palpable point. With the Americas being under the vicelike grip of Wrathia Venora - considered to be a dirty Turned Fae, there were monarchs scrambling to keep their thrones from being usurped or stolen.
However, the Oceanic courts were almost perfectly stable. With Pedri Bane sitting comfortably on the throne and a steady alliance forming between Oceania and the Americas, there was very little visible chaos to ensue. They had rallied against the monster hunter threat and prevailed -- at the cost of their previous king.
Rhys’ mother, Nymphaea, had been considered an avid loyalist to throne. This loyalty bordered on obsession, especially once she got her eye on the king’s sons. The pureblood symbologist had been a member of the court for her entire life, and believed she herself deserved to become royalty too, someday, and it would be with the kings sons that she’d enact this plan. Now that the king was dead, she believed that the eldest son Mathieu would be her key to Queendom.

Little did Nymphaea actually know that Mathieu was a notorious womaniser, and she couldn’t capture his gaze for more than a few hours -- no matter how many times she attempted. And Pedri? Pedri didn’t have emotions!
It was shortly after Mathieu’s second and final disappearance that Nymphaea discovered that she was with child, and finding a way that this could become a useful tool of hers in future, she quickly went to work slowing the child’s development with magic until she was prepared to raise it to be a king. Within the night, Nymphaea stole all she could from the Court and fled, opting to hide among mortals with the newest child of royal blood.
Growing up, Rhys had never attended school. Nor had he seen much of his mother. He spent most of his days in his bedroom, reading books and playing with toys, and in the evenings Nymphaea (as she always insisted he call her) would come to see him and attempt to teach him whatever magic he would pick up. She spoke to him often in these hours, telling him how special he was, how he’d grow into such a fine ruler… Rhys never pretended to actually understand what she was babbling on about and later on in life decided to shrug it off as the ramblings of a madwoman. He grew older and older, and his mother soon started to notice how human he looked. Feeling disdain towards her son, she started growing increasingly volatile, sometimes yelling at him in frustration and other times keeping silent for whole days. Unknowing of what it was he was doing wrong, all Rhys could do was try and keep his mother happy.
Until she brought home a little girl. She had to be about Rhys’ age, and she was almost definitely mortal. A small blonde girl with bright eyes and a tear-streaked face. Yet Nymphaea looked absolutely delighted.
“Kill the girl, my boy.”
“... Sorry?”
“Kill the girl. You’ll feel much better, sweetie…”
Rhys blinked slowly. “No… I’m okay, thanks, ma…”
Nymphaea looked put out. Her lower lip jutting out. She tried to explain to Rhys that it was what they do. What was a Fae if they didn’t succumb to their nature? One of those damned pacifists?
Rhys had the sense to call the police on his mother that night. To no avail, she simply killed the girl and dealt with the mortals that showed up on the door and punished Rhys later in the night.
It didn’t look like Rhys was shaping up to be a good Fae in her opinion.
A few rocky years had passed and Rhys was at the peak of his practising. He often learnt using his own blood or Nymphaea would insist on him using some of hers, though that was much more difficult. He practised day and night, and read in his spare time, finding himself immersed in the fictional words that were away from his mother.
Until one day he woke up, made her morning tea and went to give it to her and she was unresponsive. He went to check her pulse, and she was stone cold to the touch.

Rhys never learned what his mother died of, just that those days were a total blur and it was probably natural causes but there was nothing to worry about because he’d find a nice home blah… blah… blah…
Perhaps Rhys was being too hard on the social worker talking to him. It had been a rough time, and he could barely recall anything. She told him he would be put into a counselling class to help with bereavement and to integrate him into society, she said she was surprised he wasn’t something she called a “Feral Child”. He decided it was in his best interest not to look it up.
His life with normal people was set to begin.

True to her word, the woman did put Rhys in the system. He was in care for several years, where he was given weekly counselling, and multiple diagnoses, and multiple medications. He found himself growing more and more angry, and more and more violent, dreaming of weird things.
It was time Rhys was going to learn about himself.
Rhys took on multiple jobs, found them too stressful on top of his mental health and eventually went on income support to get a flat in his town. With a bit of researching, it was easy for him to start finding the mage presence in his area, and he’s now dedicated his spare time to stalking Pedri Bane in search of his father.

- Additional Notes: *A Fae Changeling description is below --
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RP Discussion and Planning [GRP] / Medieval High Fantasy Setting
« on: December 21, 2018, 10:25:29 PM »

I got a craving for some high fantasy roleplay after spending too much money on a Pathfinder game. SO, any takers? I'll explain some of the lore I'm thinking;

Naturally, a high fantasy setting usually takes places in a different world from the primary one -- meaning we're probably talking dragons, orcs, elves, tieflings -- whatever fishing D&D-like stuff you wanna throw in here, really -- I'll post up a skeleton if there actually any takers (as naturally man's not gonna go to the effort to make an entire fishing custom skeleton only to have you llamas not wanna do this am I now). I'll make it kinda in-depth but not so much that you'll spend more than 20 minutes on it if you really don't wanna. All I ask is as normal; nothing overpowered -- THINK about your character as a person. They will have flaws AND strengths, and maybe even racial attributes that affect them differently to the other races they will be roleplaying with. There won't be any one-touch kills or anything like that.
But you guys know that.
I don't mind a Mary-Sue, so long as they aren't WAAY up there on the scale, 'cus it's high fantasy, which is like a world of Mary-Sue's. Just no fishing Geralt of Rivia's up here please.
This is open to EVERYONE. Just post in this thread or PM me or whatever and it's sorted. Same goes for any questions you have-- just set them my way and we'll figure out whatever you want to try and implement. I already have a sort-of plot in the works in my head, for a general direction this RP will go (nothing too linear, just a "this is the general goal and whatever llama shenanigans will be in the middle can be in the middle"). I would shove this straight in the world of Dungeons and Dragons but in all honesty, their worlds can be a bit complex imo and I'd like this to just be a simple fun thing.

I've been rambling for like ten aeons now so I'll just leave it now. Any takers?

Alignment help.
Class types -- you don't have to go into extreme detail, just an overview of what sort of stuff they do.

Fan Works / ask my goats anything (char)
« on: December 24, 2016, 01:06:10 AM »
gwan ask my characters anything

Approved Profiles / Wrathia Venora
« on: October 02, 2016, 05:10:42 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: “Wrathia” Venora
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ray-thee-ah Vay-nora.
- Given Name: Naira. Though after many years of being disconnected from her humanity she has forgotten her given name.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Nigh-rah.
- Character Job: Fae Queen of the Americas, all Fae within her domain and who wish to enter it answer to Venora herself; she holds command over all Fae there and is a formidable enemy for anyone wishing to cross her.
- Titles: Whether or not Wrathia is a nickname or a title is unclear to most anyone who has known the woman for a long while. Her Highness, Her Majesty, Queen, and Baroness appear to be titles that Venora has earned over her long life.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Venora is a determined woman. Her entire self is defined by her achievements and the power she is capable of holding over everything. While Venora was once a charismatic woman, this charisma has been replaced by the bloodlust from her affliction. As a result, Venora lives for violence and death and is extremely short tempered. Her fae are her fae; she’ll defend them just as aggressively as she’ll order them around. Due to the position of power she has held over her Court for almost nine centuries, Venora’s main trait appears to be her bossiness; she tends to expect people to do as she asks simply because she asks them to and if they don’t she loses her temper marvelously quickly. Power appears to be her crutch and is the easiest way for her to keep a level head, even to the extent that she needs to protect the people that come with her power. Though not a born Fae, she holds the status as if she were one as she has spent the majority of her life with the “affliction”.
In all honesty, Venora isn’t sure where the human compassion she has ends and the Fae ruthlessness begins. As people, they are disconnected, territorial, and violent. While Venora holds all of these traits, she is extremely connected to her emotions and desires. In many ways she is extremely driven and constantly motivated, she will always work to whatever goal she has set for herself no matter the cost.
Unsurprisingly, she is a supremacist. She believes that mages and mortals are below her and won’t even lower herself enough to flirt with them. They are mere entertainment to her and she doesn’t hide the mocking amusement she gets from their existence. If someone was to bring up her old human nature is an extremely quick way to get her to kill you slowly, intimately, and ever so personally. Although, this vulnerability isn’t a lie… She is still shamefully connected to her human emotions and occasional guilt, a side to her that not even Pedri is allowed to see.
Despite how sensitive she can become, Venora likes to be ruthless and imposing to the point that she will go so far as to push herself to be scarier and more controlling, she’ll skip out on sleep, food, and any essentials in order to keep the vice-like grip she has on her Court to the point that she has even passed out on her throne in her mansion before. Many Fae are graceful enough to pass this off for mere boredom and not a weakness and she has managed to have hidden this behaviour from her Oceanic king.
Venora’s very proud of herself and her power but also very conscious as to what public opinion of her is. Harmful words and opinions damage her a lot more than she lets on. If an insult is personal enough, Venora will likely be mulling it over in her head for days before finally letting it go. It’s clear to anyone that she is a damaged soul who is desperately attempting to seem larger than she actually is. For the most part, it works, and her influence in the Americas has not suffered. However, Venora does have a small but constant worry of running into the North American Sanctuary and ending up allowing her honour-driven nature to burn it to the ground in a reckless move, this is why she often turns to Pedri when trying to figure out what is the best move to make.
- Character Likes:
Pedri Bane: Her closest friend and more, Pedri is her better half and Venora will always hold a deep love and respect for him. He ensures that she keeps her level head whenever she is at risk of losing it and has shown a respect for her that no other Fae could match. She returns this respect with a love and respect for her own. Pedri is possibly the only reason that Venora hasn’t attempted to raze the human population of her domain.
Power: She started off in a very low position, even when she became Fae. Venora’s main source of pleasure is through the position of power she built up for herself and the fact that she has come through with it with even less scars than many others who would attempt to reach her level of power.
Her Court: They’re smart, they’re loyal, they’re grateful, and she appreciates that. Venora enjoys the level of dedication that she gets from her Court. Being a Queen has its benefits and the Court that came with her royalty is quite possibly one of the biggest ones -- and a large part of her power.
Her affliction: While many would attempt to fight the murderous nature and the supremacist behaviour that often comes with being Fae, Venora accepts and embraces this side of her. It gives her so much power and magic to get drunk off and the feeling of seeing people quiver before you is oddly intoxicating.
Learning more about her discipline: Venora was a born vulcaturge but died at a very young age just after her surge and as such knew very little about her discipline. She would love any opportunity to learn even more creative applications of her magic.
Murder: As part of her affliction, she’s addicted to murder. Many would consider this a downside, but Venora loves being able to think of thousands of ways to brutally end a person’s life within conversation. She feels this aspect of her makes her a lot deadlier and in no way sees it as “succumbing” to her affliction so much as embracing her nature.
Alchemy: While a bit too sciencey for her tastes, alchemy is always fun. Especially the cool concoctions that one can make from such trivial seeming ingredients. A very fun way to pass the time yet still be prepared for many scenarios, Venora enjoys alchemy a hell of a lot.
- Character Dislikes:
- Losing: She’s a winner, or so she tells herself. The shame and disappointment from losing anything at all is a feeling that Venora does not want to become intimately familiar with, instead electing to move on swiftly and have dozens upon dozens of small and large victories.
- Helplessness: Venora’s been helpless before, and it was one of the worst things she could have experienced. She’s made active efforts to prevent herself from being put in the situation where she is once again unable to save herself in her long lifetime, but it’s still verging on a phobia for her.
- Insolence: She expects to be treated with respect at all times and will take drastic measures to protect her honour if it’s hurt. This is behaviour that would get her criticised in a human society, but the Fae believe very strongly in the preservation of honour and a good show of strength.
- Mortals: They are below her. Even lower than that; they are not worth her attention. Mortals, unlike mages, do not hold even a gleam of amusement for her. They are weak, stupid creatures who only serve to get her mad that she cannot give them a show of her own magic.
- Stagnation: Possibly the most hypocritical of her dislikes. Venora wants to do something big with her immortality (she doesn’t know what yet) not simply sit there and become decrepit and worthless and she discourages any lazy behaviour from anyone within her Court.
- Mental Traits: Wrathia’s mind can vary between strategic and purely driven by her own honour and emotions. This leads to her sorting her issues out in a manner of  “have they personally insulted me?” to “is it a good move?”, often requiring her to defer to Pedri.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Native American Fae.
- Allegiance: Chaotic Evil.
- Organisation: Her own Court and the Hierarchy of the Fae.
- Reasons for Allegiance: She believes in her Court because she leads it and expects it to flourish under her own rule. This is probably the case, as no Fae have risen to challenge her in centuries.

- Allies: Her Court, Pedri and his Court.
- Enemies: Any Fae, mages, or mortals who attempt to challenge her. Venora also has a growing hatred with monster hunters after far too many encounters with them.
- Family: N/A, she’s too old to care for her family now.
- Friends: Pedri.
- Significant Other: Though the specifics of their relationship are… murky, Pedri Bane could be considered a significant other.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 970.
- Appearance Age: Venora looks very ageless, but her physical age upon death was 19, three days before her 20th birthday.
- Character Birthday: Fae don’t tend celebrate birthdays so it holds little meaning to her but she was born on the 7th of April, 1045.
- Gender: Gender also holds little relevance to Fae, but she is a cis female.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: A slight orangey tint, with blotches of red. When she was human, she was dark and smooth-skinned. On days where her emotions are balanced properly, she can look almost human, and even hold some semblance of her old and darker-skinned form.
- Character Height: 5ft 7.
- Character Weight: 60KG.
- Character Hair Colour: Dark, jet black. It’s always glossy and has some strands of white or red in some places.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Venora has always worn her hair in a long braid that she pulls over one shoulder, keeping it voluminous around her face.
- Character Eye Colour: Bright myrtle green, her pupil and sclera are a deep red.
- Character Description: As far as Fae go, Venora is very attractive by their standards. Venora is very lean and petite, her skin is a blotchy red/orange combo that can darken until it looks almost like her old skin colour when her emotions are balanced enough. Her shoulders are small, and her back is curved slightly, though she straightens her back to give herself a more imposing appearance. Her neck has some volcanic rock protruding from her skin, alongside parts of her shoulders, and her collarbones jut out slightly. There is a scar marring the rock and up her neck into her chin from a run-in with Felicity Pandemonium where Venora just so happened to torture her for over twelve hours. Venora has a nice shape to her body, looking a lot more mature than her physical age -- giving her an ageless appearance. Her chin is a soft shape and her lips are full and slightly darker than the rest of her body, showing off the slight overbite she has due to the razor-sharp teeth inside her mouth. Her tongue is long and she can stretch it over half a meter from her mouth, though she doesn’t. Venora’s nose is harsh and gives her face an overall harsh and regal look that she wouldn’t otherwise have. Her eyes are large and almond shaped, with a slightly hooded and smoky eye texture… literally, steam appears to curl from her eyes. Her hair frames her face very well and is always pulled over one shoulder. Working back down her body, her limbs are mainly proportionate to the rest of her and her hips and breasts are best described as an hourglass figure. Her hands are dainty, but have claws tipping them with which she transmits her affliction upon death.
When she was human, her skin was dark and creamy in texture and her body was soft. Her large lips were a light brown in colour and her nose was a lot less severe. Her eyes were a subdued green colour and she bore no scars and a perpetually smiling expression. Venora does not miss this appearance of hers, much preferring the vastly superior body of a fae.
- Character Attire: Due to the heat of her body, Venora has to wear magically strengthened clothes. She loves to show her body off, and will do so. Most of the time she wears dresses and shoes, but always regal. Ordinarily she’ll wear dresses in the style of this:
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Rarely, she may wear simple trousers and a hoodie to conceal her features in front of the puny mortals. She dislikes this getup, but she’d rather hide her body than lower herself to the status of recycling a human body.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Harsh, regal, and loud. Venora’s voice is never quiet, not even when she whispers. It’s just not possible. She’s way too proud a person to lower her voice. In the presence of Pedri, her voice is a lot more subdued. She speaks in an almost lustful voice, as if there are playful undertones to every word she says towards him; this is truly only to get some form of affectionate response from him as he is a stoic individual.
- Speech Traits: She laughs quite a lot after talking, as if something she’s said is very funny. This is a tactic to throw the person she’s talking to off and undermine their authority.
- Languages: Navajo, English.
- Habits: Runs her hand around her braid, she also has the slightly unhealthy habit of murder.
- Mannerisms: Her face turns orangey when she gets angry because of lava.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: The white gold sword that was given to her upon her coronation. Merely for show, as all the Fae Monarchs inherit it.
- Small Equipment: N/A.
- Weaponry: N/A.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: N/A.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: A mansion she shares with some of her Court in South Carolina.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Vulcaturgy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: IM doesn’t affect Venora as much given that she is Fae and already is changed to look more like her discipline. However, lava seems to pour freely from her whenever she reaches IM.
- Ability Specific Info: Vulcaturgy is the manipulation, creation and expelling of lava and magma. It is a dangerous but rewarding discipline. Venora herself was a born Vulcaturge.
- Magical Abilities: Venora has had many centuries to practise her magic and as such can create, manipulate, expel, and use the fluid manipulation of her body to control lava. She is considered a master of her discipline due to her age and ability.
- Physical Abilities: Naturally, Venora is very strong and agile and has enhanced senses. Otherwise, she doesn’t have any particularly special physical abilities worth noting.
- Strengths: Strength, agility, enhanced senses, strong will.
- Weaknesses: Her pride and honour demand to be satisfied constantly and if someone insults her she will probably elect to destroy them regardless of whether she’s likely to survive.
- Training: Herself, a single book she read once, and knowledge from Pedri.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Fae.
- Cause of Infliction: Death by angry Fae. There is a small scar on her stomach: three puncture marks above her belly button where the Fae that killed her pierced into her stomach and scooped out her insides. This is the only remaining similarity to her human body other than her eyes.
- Site of Infliction: As above, she has a small scar on her stomach. Three puncture wounds about her belly button.
- Benefits: Enhanced senses, extreme strength, agility, and heightened magical capacity (despite it being chaotic and erratic). She has thicker skin due to her ability and the power to transmit her disease through her nails, like the Fae that turned her.
- Downsides: The addiction to murder and never being able to fit into human society without ruining her reputation. If Venora did ever recycle a body, it would be destroyed extraordinarily quickly due to her murderous nature. Though Venora has never really hidden her intentions, she doesn’t have the ability to lie.
- Fitting In: Venora makes no efforts to blend in. She has lesser Fae that will take on puny mortal forms and do her bidding for her.
- Suppressant/Cure: No, hence why it’s so unmanageable.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To extend the reach of her Court.
- Minor Goals: Joining Empires with Pedri.
- Reasoning behind goals: It labels her as one of the strongest Fae around, and she enjoys Pedri’s company.
- Motivation: The groveling of her Court usually helps, but if she’s really struggling with motivation (which she never seems to) she will talk to Pedri.
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: My knowledge of Native American culture is lacking and any references I have made to certain tribes and customs and where those tribes are from are purely from what I have been told and seen from Wikipedia. Please correct me if I’m wrong.
- Suescore: N/A.

Europe / Doctor, doctor... (ARIA AND HAWKEYE)
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 God, Pringles were so addicting. Aria had made her way through three tins in half an hour... thank Cthulhu she had a fast metabolism.
 "You're a fatass, Aria Kane, Pringle grease is all over your mechanics, that'll take forever to clean." She told herself through another mouthful of Pringles. They were the best flavour, too, Salt and Vinegar. Oh, she could eat this all day without thinking about any one of her many, many responsibilities--
 "Oh llama I forgot to turn the security system on."

 Once Aria managed to actually do her job, she straightened her labcoat and slumped in her chair. It was bloody uneventful, and Aria couldn't help but wish she could message Rico-- Ah.
 Rico. That was a subject that darkened her mind incredibly quickly. She could bet he was thinking of her as irrational, or over-emotional. That must have been why he was avoiding her, leaving her to her Pringle-induced procrastination and cycle of existential distress. She'd worked so hard to get where she was, to impress Arabella and allow her to hire a younger mage than usual for her position... how could she begin wondering what the point to it all was? She had to stop it, lose herself in productivity, she knew where this depressing line of thinking always led...

 Today was to be a long day.

Fan Works / char's oc prompts.
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a continuation of stone cold soldier from aria's side

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Middle-East / Middle-Eastern Sanctuary
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The Middle-Eastern Sanctuary

-Sanctuary Officials-
Grand Mage:  Caialyn Nephthys.
Elder: Uriah Ravan.
Elder: Joseph Vashti.

Administrator: Jusef Hardium.
Prime Detective: [Please provide a link]
Head Gaoler: Gauci Lepore.
Head Artificer: [Please provide a link]
Cleaver General:
Head of Medicine and Research: [Please provide a link]

-The Council of Elders-

The current Elders haven’t been leading for very long, since the twins and their affiliates got voted off the Middle East. In the Middle Eastern Sanctuary, all the Elders prefer to make a unanimous decision, and if they cannot come to one they will immediately turn to the Grand Mage to command. The Grand Mage aims to make a pragmatic decision that pleases everyone, but in cases such as war Elder Ravan will take emergency charge of cleavers.

The Grand Mage, Caialyn Nephthys, has absolute control of everything in the Sanctuary and on Sanctuary grounds. Nothing goes in or out without her knowing. Despite this, she is hardly tyrannical and has a rather progressive lead on the Sanctuary. She reaches out and welcomes all on her Sanctuary soil and is unafraid to make allies. It is clear that her main goal is Sanctuary expansion, as she is very eager to extend her Sanctuary’s reach to the currently uncontrolled regions that were previously governed by the Egyptian Sanctuary. Caialyn favours a diplomatic approach towards any problems the Sanctuary faces due to the controversy that showing excessive force would bring, she’s promised to have renounced her days as a mercenary and seeking a non-violent way to solve problems.

Elder Ravan is usually referred to as the “War Elder”. Though he usually protects the Grand Mage and furiously backs her in most of what she does and says, he’s not brainless. Conflict and defence is his forte, and he is Caia’s most trusted elder despite the controversy behind his appointment. In times of crises, Uriah is given immediate control over all the armed forces in the Sanctuary and is usually deferred to when deciding when action needs to be taken. To Caia, his word factors a lot in her decisions of when to show force. Caia puts trust with her work and her life into Uriah, she has a deep respect for him and expects him to extend the same respect. Uriah often deals with traitors to the Sanctuary (though there aren’t any as of yet) and is thought of as an equal to Caialyn.

While Elder Vashti isn’t considered to have much presence in the Sanctuary and often is considered to actively go against Caialyn’s opinions for the sake of being opinionated, he is entrusted with the business and legal aspects of the Sanctuary. Joseph Vashti’s knowledge of his work and desire to keep his Sanctuary secure comes in handy and he often deals with the Prime Detective in his work. He is also entrusted with Sanctuary funds.

-Jobs and Missions-

One of the more important aspects of the Sanctuaries is the jobs they offer, employing large groups of sorcerers and occasionally hiring Freelancers for miscellaneous missions. Though the missions can be anything from escorting another sorcerer (due to either a lack of Cleavers, or the need to remain inconspicuous), to fetching an object or mage, or even attacking a target, there are generally a few missions available to Freelances at all times. The Middle East puts up a board with different missions for freelancers to complete for a small boon. Mercenaries, Assassins, people just looking for small-time money, all are welcome to approach the Sanctuary for a job and while it oftentimes won’t be permanent, they will be talking with an ex-assassin and an ex-mercenary who are definitely open to paying them for any jobs that need doing. Often, they will talk to the Administrator or Prime Detective regarding any jobs that need to be done and whatever pay they will receive.

-The Repository-

The Repository is the Sanctuary’s store of magical artefacts and items, and though it is rare, these artefacts are occasionally loaned out to trusted individuals. Their locations however, are strictly recorded, the Sanctuary officials in charge of them making sure they know who has each artefact and what they are using them for at any given time. Often, it is just a researcher interested in finding out what these artefacts can do, but occasionally someone who knows their properties attempts to utilize their power. Having had plenty of ancient history in the countries in their jurisdiction, the Middle East has managed to get quite a number of artefacts in their Repository. However, the Grand Mage has made it clear that they may be put up for sale or for scientific research if asked. The Middle East used to share their resources and all artifacts in the repository with Egypt but since their destruction the Repository has simply been left with the Head Gaoler and any ambassadors who reside in the Middle-East. Caialyn has been looking for a way to expand the repository into artifacts and science and research.

-The Gaol-

Before the Egyptian Sanctuary was destroyed, they had an alliance with the Middle-East that allowed the Middle East to set up their Gaol in one of the Egyptian outposts in Cairo. The holding cells are located underneath the Kingdom Centre Tower and at the very bottom end of the holding cells there’s a portal set up by the Head Gaoler that can only be used by the Head Gaoler that leads to the Egyptian outpost. The Gaol is set up in the Cairo desert, magic dampening symbols are etched in all the stones the Head Gaoler could get to and there are five floors that make up 22,700 cells, all designed to bind magic. The Head Gaoler has cleavers situated all over the Gaol and a Warden who remains there 24/7 to keep an eye on it at all times. Outside of the building are ten Rippers awaiting order to kill. Despite the extreme security, most mages brought to the Gaol are treated humanely.

The Sanctuary is located in the Kingdom Centre Tower in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia on King Fahad Road. The tower is always bustling with activity so the activity from the magical community is hardly noticed given the offices that are used in the tower. All members of the Sanctuary are offered a Kingdom Centre Residential Apartment upon getting the job and is within close proximity to cafes and a mall. The place was picked out of convenience. In the Sky-Bridge there’s a symbol etched by the Head Gaoler that, when pressed, transports you to the Holding Cells underground the Kingdom Centre. The building is comprised of 65 storeys and is the third tallest building in the world. On the very top of the skyscraper there is a 56m skybridge that is often utilised by the Head Gaoler. It is situated on a site of 100,000 square metres and has a carpark for 3,000 vehicles. The Upper Third of the tower has a parabolic arch and uses butt-jointed glazing alongside the lack of distinguished floor lines and other tall buildings around it. The lower two thirds are constructed with a reinforced concrete frame while the top has a tubular steel frame. The interior is pristine clean and has a desk at the front where the Administrator sits. Only mages will really realise what the Administrator is for and approach him for jobs and otherwise. There are two glass lifts that lead up to the offices.


The Middle Eastern Sanctuary is ancient, yet for the most part has an uneventful history. There’s little to be said other than the creation of the Sanctuary being due to the need for legal enforcement within Saudi Arabia. It started with just the one country and eventually started to employ ambassadors from countries outside until it finally encompassed all of the Middle East, bar Egypt. A group of mages set up the Sanctuary and it grew over time to the power it is today. A while ago, there was an Alliance between the Middle-East and Egypt and when Caialyn was appointed Grand Mage she was working on the relationship between them before it got destroyed by Shaitan. Due to the extremely neutral nature of the Sanctuary, it hasn’t suffered any attacks and therefore there is little to talk about other than politics.

For a while, Raia and Visara Ulova were the Grand Mages of the Middle-East but eventually were voted off by the Sanctuary and put into retirement, the Sanctuary isn’t currently aware of what they’re doing, or if they’re still alive. It was then that Caialyn Nephthys, a renowned mercenary who had given up her ways of violence and was a known Sanctuary diplomat, was voted on as Grand Mage. The only comments against her being Grand Mage were because she’s Egyptian, and the Middle-East does not control Egypt, therefore she technically was not Middle-Eastern, and that her past is less than pristine. However, she accepted the position gracefully, with the one condition to her service being that she got to pick the Elders that served with her.

This promise was half-kept. She went looking for Elders that she deemed suitable and found one; Uriah Ravan. Once she appointed him there was extreme controversy over his methods as he was an assassin, but neither of the elders listened to these and eventually he was proven to be a trustworthy and strong asset to the Sanctuary. Caia never found the second Elder she wanted and instead ended up with Joseph Vashti as the second Elder. Not really knowing what she could do with Joseph’s abilities, she gave him the legal and accounting work in the Sanctuary, he was to work closely with the Administrator and Prime Detective.

Currently, Caialyn is looking for ambassadors and diplomats from the countries under the control of the destroyed Egyptian Sanctuary to take into the Middle-East for when she takes control of them.

Approved Profiles / Siobhan Donovan
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Siobhan Donovan.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Shi-VAWN DUNN-ah-vin
- Given Name: Meabh Caughlan.
- Pronunciation of the Name: MAY-ve CAW-lin.
- Character Job: Part time tattoo artist specialising in magical tattoos and ink. Siobhan is also a part time student, attempting to learn Alchemy and Symbols.
- Titles: N/A.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Siobhan is a survivor, and this is very evident in her behaviour and interactions with others. She is used to surveying her surroundings and sizing up the people around her, and her first instinct is to immediately distrust those around her. Siobhan second-guesses near everything told to her, and she has a habit of attempting to take control of the situation. Though she doesn’t realise it, Siobhan can be extremely hurtful and sarcastic. Her humour consists of satire and sarcasm and it is very easy to see her as a bad person. There are limits to her humour, and when a situation becomes genuinely offensive, Siobhan will tend to back off. She’s built up a very harsh demeanour over time, though it’s quite easy to reveal the passion and anger that’s pent up underneath.
 Siobhan is very, very political. She shows an interest in both mage and mortal politics, and when questioned, will often go into an extremely passionate rant about politics. As a rule, she’s generally upset with the way things are run, and will aggressively voice this opinion whenever it’s mentioned in conversation. She hates the Irish Sanctuary and the current Council of Elders.
 Her personality is very addictive, and she’s gone through numerous obsessions and addictions, ranging from fighting to blood to actual drugs. This applies to people, too; when Siobhan develops an attachment to someone, she will find it extremely hard to pull away, which has resulted in many broken relationships. Throughout the years, she’s found this to be an aspect in her personality she wants to change, but due to the nature of not only her personality but her affliction, this is an extremely difficult endeavor.
 Admittedly, Siobhan is an escapist who spends a lot of her time angry and wanting a release from her life and the world that she’s currently living in. This escapism has manifested in the form of her addictions, and also in her enjoyment of films and sex. She doesn’t always have regard for her body or other people’s emotions in her mind as she goes about life, which is extremely obvious in a conversation or even in spending an hour with her. She more or less wears her heart on her sleeve and acts as if she has nothing to hide. It is worth mentioning that she simply acts this way, there is a lot for her to hide (such as her addictions).
- Character Likes:
Sex: Sex offers Siobhan an opportunity to escape and feel something other than the anger and addiction she often feels. Whether it be disappointment, humiliation, pain, or pleasure… Siobhan enjoys sex as it gives her this chance to be intimate, even if it isn’t in a positive way.
Films: Pure, classic escapism. Siobhan loves to waste days watching films, whether they be classics or absolutely terrible. Taking her mind off everything to focus on this fictional world and the events transpiring within it is always a good bit of fun for Siobhan, though she’s adamant never to slip into a habit of it.
Politics: Always presenting a chance for Siobhan to simply get mad. Siobhan can talk for hours upon hours on end about politics and history, and while this may piss others off, she loves being this passionate about anything in her life, as she’s terrified of the likelihood of her passion dwindling over time.
- Character Dislikes:
 - Drugs: Despite being addicted to many things, the one that has left the most long-lasting struggle and effect on her is drugs. Though, yes, it offers her escapism, and yes, it can feel good, it has had a lasting mental and physical effect on Siobhan. Drugs are her crutch, and changes Siobhan in extremely unsettling ways. She wants to drop them and get them out of her life.
 - The Irish Sanctuary: Though she’s far from a communist, Siobhan recognises that the man in power should always be able to be overthrown. This is the root of her dislike with the Irish Sanctuary. The Irish Sanctuary has an Ascendant Grand Mage, and as a result has absolute power. There’s very little that the citizens of Ireland can do against an Ascendant if they’re unhappy with the Irish Sanctuary. This, above all else, is why Siobhan hates the Irish Sanctuary.
 - Helplessness: Like most people, Siobhan will always want the ability to defend herself or lash out if need be. Whenever she is helpless, the feeling tends to llama with her and she'll freak out.
- Alcohol: Siobhan does not drink and has no intentions to ever start drinking. She's only ever had a bad experience with it, and dislikes seeing other people drink, as it saddens her.
- Mental Traits: Siobhan is distrustful, and will almost always doubt someone regardless of whether or not she’s told they’re trustworthy. It’s also worth noting that Siobhan tends to notice very little details in someone that she’ll decide are “tells” for a certain something, which fuels her paranoia.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Vampire, Irish.
- Allegiance: Due to the nature of morality, Siobhan’s morals and allegiance are very questionable. For the sake of ease, it’s not inaccurate to say that she is Chaotic Good.
- Organisation: N/A.
- Reasons for Allegiance: Siobhan has the best interest of the people in her country and around her in her mind, but refuses to show it in the most legal of ways. She favours her freedom and she loves to see change, even in chaotic methods, and this often gets her in trouble legally.

- Allies: N/A, though she agrees with the aims of the SUI.
- Enemies: She considers the Irish Sanctuary an enemy of hers.
- Family: She has a living sister, dead sister, and dead parents.
- Friends: N/A
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 457
- Appearance Age: 25
- Character Birthday: 10/05/1558
- Gender: Cis female.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Pale white, Siobhan is noticeably an ivory tone and very clear-skinned, though she tends to burn in the sun.
- Character Height: 5ft 9.
- Character Weight: 65 KG.
- Character Hair Colour: Light blonde.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Siobhan’s hair is quite wavy and long, showing a lot of volume around her face. It falls just around mid-back and she does very little with it. There’s a slight undercut where she’s shaven it by her scalp to make room for the tattoo encompassing her neck and back.

- Character Eye Colour: Electric blue, they tend to hold a slight coldness to them.
- Character Description: Siobhan is very clear-skinned, and pale to the point that people tend to assume she is anaemic. There can be a slight lifelessness to her appearance sometimes, but when she gets talking, that is immediately dissipated in the fervour of her actions and speech. Siobhan has a slender nose that has clearly been broken before and has a slightly rounded tip. Her lips are relatively thin and her top lip is curved in an almost perpetual smirk, while her bottom lip is fuller and slightly chapped from Siobhan biting it. She has a slight overbite which is shown by how her lips jut out slightly and never properly close. Siobhan’s chin is sharp and quite small. Her cheeks aren’t wide, and as a result, she appears to have a relatively weak cheekbone and jawbone structure, giving her face an overall oval-y, yet sharp appearance. Her eyes are deep-set and heavy lidded, making her look constantly lazy or tired, and giving her a permanent case of “bedroom eyes”. Her eyes also hold a very smoky texture to the lids, and she has curved eyebrows that have a natural shape to them, she grooms them so that they’re bold. Siobhan has an elegant neck, with collarbones that jut out. On her neck, there is a Celtic cross tattoo that is placed evenly between her collarbones. Siobhan is quite muscular, despite having a very soft and very clear shape to her body. Her shoulders are broad, and her right arm is covered in a tattoo sleeve from the shoulder to her fingers, depicting a Celtic cross at her shoulder and going down to her fingers in numerous patterns, sometimes crude tattoos and sometimes just meaningless spirals, all of them in a somewhat glowing magic pattern. Her left hand shows her bite mark, a crescent of teeth marks on her palm. Siobhan has a curvaceous figure with average (though smallish) breasts and a soft waist and hips. Her back has a intricate optical illusion tattoo that reaches from parts of her scalp to her buttocks. All of her tattoos have been made in magical ink that she believes helps with protection and the channelling of her magic -- this is pure superstition.
This is a good reference for her tattoos:
- Character Attire: Siobhan will wear anything, really, though she most often wears over-the-shoulder sweaters and quarter-length trousers with sneakers. Sometimes, when it’s cold, she’ll wear a hoodie or a large parka. Siobhan usually wears leather gloves so people don’t have to feel how cold her hands are, or motorcycle gloves.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Her voice is quite husky and low in the throat. She sometimes skips over pronouncing some words. Siobhan has a strong Galway accent.
- Speech Traits: Coughs sometimes before talking or llamas up the pronunciation of certain words due to speaking so fast.
- Languages: Siobhan is fluent in Irish Gaelic, English, and French. She’s been attempting to learn German, and can say maybe one or two sentences. Oddly enough, she’s learned how to ask for a beer in Polish thanks to a friend of hers, and it’s just sort of stuck with her.
- Habits: Siobhan bites her nails, smokes, smokes weed and was addicted to heroin and Wax.
- Mannerisms: She clenches and opens her fists sometimes while talking and runs her tongue along her teeth when getting upset.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: N/A.
- Weaponry: Siobhan doesn’t go through every day in preparation for a fight. As a result, she tends not to carry weapons. Her discipline and Vampiric strength are ordinarily enough for her.
- Ammunition: N/A. She’s not a walking armoury and thus does not have ammunition for weapons she does not have.
- Pocket Items: Chewing gum, cigarettes, a ten draw of weed, a pen, and a cheap phone.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: Siobhan owns a large array of magical inks. She attempts to use concoctions of certain Alchemical formula to create good tattoo ink, though she never uses it unless she’s sure it’s safe. She ordinarily has a bottle of Panacea around, in the case of any emergencies. Siobhan doesn’t like to mess with Alchemy too much until she has a proper understanding of it, but given she specialises in magical tattoos, she is often asked to imbue potions such as Iterum or even Holy Water into her tattoo ink.
- Other: Siobhan owns a motorcycle, gym membership, and a bungalow in Galway.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Cryomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: In IM, Siobhan’s eyes glow an icy blue and freeze over, her body temperature lowers dramatically, her tattoos freeze over and glow with a blue energy, frost billows from her and her body.
- Ability Specific Info: Cryomancy is the creation and manipulation of ice. Siobhan, after four centuries, is very adept at her discipline and is able to use it in both everyday use and in a combat setting.
- Magical Abilities: Siobhan uses her magic almost entirely offensively, to the point that she actively trains with it everyday in a combat setting on her own. As a result, she’s become more and more dependant on her magic every day, to the point she’ll end up freezing a drink while it’s in her hand and has to make an active effort to moderate her magic in everyday life. Siobhan is very proficient in her magic and is able to create and manipulate ice with ease. Due to Siobhan’s dependence on magic, her body temperature is ordinarily quite a lot colder than an average human’s, and her hands are always cold enough to get someone to jump. Frost is almost constantly emitting from her hands and Siobhan has to take active measures to ensure that people are not uncomfortable because of this. In an emotional state, her magic goes a tad haywire and Siobhan has severe difficulties controlling this. She’s not too sure what’s made it harder for her, but not any other Cryomancer she’s met, to control this aspect of her magic but it makes it hard for her to not easily be found out.
- Physical Abilities: Despite her addictions, Siobhan is extremely physically fit. She consistently trains at the gym, and is able to push her body to do things that most humans would feel uncomfortable doing with ease, such as running at much further lengths, faster reaction times, etc. Siobhan is good at hand-to-hand combat and close-quarters combat and can adjust to most weapons that she makes do with. However, Siobhan has never been taught how to aim, or shoot anything at all, and as a result is not good at ranged combat nor with guns. It’s all a matter on whether the stuff she’s seen on TV is true (which it isn’t).
- Strengths: Siobhan is extremely strong, fast, and agile. Mentally, she’s very stubborn and second-guesses everything told to her, allowing her to pick up on an enemy much quicker due to this. Her body is tough and able to put up with most of the stuff that Siobhan forces it through.
- Weaknesses: Despite her being tough, she’s far from invincible. Siobhan is short-fused and it is easy to control her without her knowing through the use of her emotions. In the face of an empath, Siobhan would have very little defence. Siobhan also has minimal professional training and anyone with the same strength but more experience could easily trump her.
- Training: More or less self-trained, though she’ll always take the opportunity to exchange knowledge with a fellow Cryomancer.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Vampirism.
- Cause of Infliction: A vampire attack. She was bitten on the hand.
- Site of Infliction: A crescent scar on the palm of her hand, in the shape of a vampire bite.
- Benefits: Strength, speed, enhanced senses, immortality.
- Downsides: Obsession, ripping your skin off and turning into a bloodthirsty monster.
- Fitting In: Siobhan doesn’t cover her bite mark and simply blames it on an animal attack, which is ordinarily enough for someone to back off.
- Suppressant/Cure: Siobhan’s room has steel manacles locked into the wall and a soundproofed cage. She has the suppressant on hand, but doesn’t like to take it due to how itchy and uncomfortable it makes her and will only ever take it when she feels it’s needed (such as working late, or going out).

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To get a new Council of Elders in the Irish Sanctuary.
- Minor Goals: Giving up the drugs, maybe finding someone to get close to.
- Reasoning behind goals: Major: She doesn’t trust the Elders; they’re too powerful and there’s little that can ultimately be done against them. Siobhan wants a Council of Elders whom she knows can be overthrown in the event that something dangerous happens.
Minor: Siobhan is very, very alone right now… And she hates it. She hates the drugs and the way they impact her, and she hates the fact that she can’t effectively hold up a good relationship without it suddenly becoming unhealthy and clingy due to her personality. She wants to genuinely be close to someone.
- Motivation: Little more than the fact that it’s been four centuries and no one’s offed her yet. That’s more or less enough for Siobhan to grit her teeth and move on. However, when things are really bad and she’s on the verge of a relapse or some-other-such event, Siobhan will tend to recite a certain mantra she heard when young; Sireadh thall. She heard it once when she was younger and decided it made do for something to calm her down. Sometimes it will just be random words that don’t make sense together, sometimes it’ll be prose from a book, or her political knowledge.
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: Sources for any notes on Irish History and women’s roles:
- Suescore: N/A.

Approved Profiles / Lupa Risus
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Lupa Risus
- Pronunciation of the Name: Loo-pah Reeze-us.
- Given Name: Vittoria D’Amore.
- Pronunciation of the Name: vee-tore-ee-ah  dah-more-eh.
- Character Job: Ex-Assassin. Freelance “murderer-for-hire”, in her words.
- Titles: Lupa takes many names and titles, the Rising She-Wolf (whom some people believe is a literal translation of her name -- it’s not) was one given to her when she still resided in Italy. She uses the pseudonyms Victoria, Leonnie, Sylvia and Gemma most often. Lupa has also gained the title of Lust, a well known ex-assassin.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Despite her desire to be perfect in all forms of the word, Lupa is an extremely arrogant individual. She holds all faith in her ability to seduce, kill, charm and terrify. Lupa’s personality is - for lack of a better word - broken, splintered. There are the remnants of many personalities sitting in her head from the amount of souls she has absorbed, that sometimes it’s hard for her to focus on any one at a time and she’ll tend to zone out a little at all the conflicting opinions. The Lupa that comes through is an amalgamation of all these personalities,  lustful, arrogant, murderous and refusing to be tied down. Though there are some traces of humanity within her, it’s very hard to spot. Her entire lifestyle seems to be created on a whim, desire, and simple needs; kill, sex, fun. She plays with and humiliates her victims to the point that she holds clear dominance over them. Life, and work, for Lupa is a constant power-play where she likes to hold all the cards and have all the control. A self-serving woman in her entirety, Lupa is a selfish woman who tries to calculate her every movement to allure her new victim (or “plaything” as she does tend to think of them). Sex, while she enjoys it, is mostly just a tool for humiliation and murder, and a weapon that can be used to deeply traumatise. Lupa likes to think that she’s pretty simple as she lives for death. It’s easy for her to find joy in the last few moments of men pissing themselves in her presence, and it gives her the biggest thrill to be able to say that she has reduced people to nothing more than this. Although Lupa likes to think she doesn’t feel attachment, or guilt, she’s never truly had the pleasure of feeling love or compassion for someone, so cannot genuinely sa whether or not this is the case.
- Character Likes: Murder, sex, alcohol, control.
- Character Dislikes: Humiliation, lack of power, invalidity.
- Mental Traits: --

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Auramorbonist, Italian.
- Allegiance: Chaotic Neutral.
- Organisation: N/A. Ex-assassin for the group based on the “Sins”.
- Reasons for Allegiance: Lupa serves herself and her desires.

- Allies: N/A. Some of the old assassins who used to work with her, though they hardly are in contact now.
- Enemies: Many angry wives, and husbands. And parents.
- Family: N/A. Lupa’s family is of no consequence to her anymore.
- Friends: N/A. Lupa does not have anyone she tends to call a friend at the moment. Though she wouldn’t be opposed to the idea.
- Significant Other: N/A. Lupa doesn’t do commitment.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 379
- Appearance Age: 22.
- Character Birthday: 19/07/1636.
- Gender: DFAB. Identifies as female.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Olive. A tan sort of white.
- Character Height: Despite her imposing appearance, Lupa is only 5ft 6.
- Character Weight: 50 KG.
- Character Hair Colour: Naturally, Lupa is veering on a strawberry blonde/gingery colour but she does tend to dye it regularly. Blacks, reds, blondes, anything she feels matches her new look at the time.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Although Lupa changes her hair colour so often, it almost feels like a sacrilege to cut it, so she keeps it just over shoulder-length, with a curly, constantly almost-frizzy texture to it; tied up in various different ways so that it’s out of the way when she’s going to seduce the unpleasant excrement out of someone.
- Character Eye Colour: Cobalt blue. Her sclera, due to her affliction, is slightly silvery and almost glows sometimes.
- Character Description: Lupa’s body type changes dramatically based on how often she feeds. When she is well fed, she’s busty and curvaceous, her legs are curvy and her body fills out her clothing with soft, larger breasts than average and her lips are not particularly full though, oddly, her top lip is larger than her bottom lip. Lupa’s features dictate that she cannot truly have a neutral expression, as her default expression appears to be a half-smirk. Her face shape is angular, with sharp cheekbones and a seemingly permanent smirk, and her chin is sharp. Down her back, a long and thin line of a scar is there, which blossoms out into cracks in the skin, like porcelain, marring her entire back. When unfed, Lupa becomes malnourished, and underweight, her clothes becoming baggy around her and her scars becoming a more evident part of her body. Though she is not unattractive in this state, she is simply weaker and thinner. Lupa intentionally constantly sexualises herself in order to weaponise it.
- Character Attire: To show off her figure in the best way possible, Lupa wears dresses. Usually ones she can wear in public, just barely. Ordinarily, she wears a cream dress with embroidered floral patterns on it in order to mix with the innocence/sexuality fetish common in men, it makes them an easier target if they believe she is innocent and harmless. Now that she no longer is hired to murder people, Lupa rarely dresses in more combat-available.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Smooth, velvety and soft. Lupa’s voice can easily lull someone to sleep, and sneaks its way into your brain, only to linger there.
- Speech Traits: Very clear Italian accent. She also tends to use “darling”, “sweetie”, “cutie” and “love” in sentences.
- Languages: English, Italian, French.
- Habits: Licks her lips a lot.
- Mannerisms: Sways her hips when walking, especially when focused on a new target. Twirls a lock of her hair around her finger when she’s genuinely becoming nervous.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: A small purse she carries large enough to hold two small weapons.
- Weaponry: A knife strapped to one thigh, a glock to the other, depending on whether Lupa has come prepared for combat, she’ll have a forearm machete to strap to her forearm, making it easier to spoon people’s guts out.
- Ammunition: Lupa always has ammo for the gun in the ready, in her purse.
- Pocket Items: N/A. Lupa’s rarely common enough to have pockets.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: She owns a mansion in Italy. A boon from her old assassin days.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Empathing.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: In IM, Lupa glows with all sorts of colours from the emotions of those around her. Her eyes glow, her form flickers slightly and it seems like different emotions are seeping from her, or spiking out of her.
- Ability Specific Info: Empathing is, put simply, emotion magic. Put together either defensively or offensively. Lupa, as an Auramorbonist Empath with a huge body count, has quite a reputation for using her Empathing skills almost as an extension of her own body. Finding new and creative ways for extra and intropathing is something Lupa loves to be renowned for, and has developed quite a reputation (as the assassin ‘Lust’) from.
- Magical Abilities: Lupa doesn’t have a signature ability because she’s not a comic book villain, but she’s gotten extremely good at having her magic be an extension of herself, as stated earlier. Her kicks ordinarily with an edge of anger energy, or her punches with a ball of fear. Lupa manages all this with almost expert handling.
- Physical Abilities: Lupa has trained rigorously to be flexible in as many types of combat as possible, but she is not good at ranged combat or using a sniper. She likes  the action close-up way too much. Lupa is trained enough in hand-to-hand and weapon combat throughout her three centuries of living and has never been without fighting enough for it to not be properly refined.
- Strengths: Despite her life being lead on a whim nowadays, once someone has Lupa’s attention, it’s extremely hard to lose it. Alongside her exceptional physical strength, durability and speed, Lupa’s eye for a target is nigh-impossible to shake unless she feels she has a better target in mind.
- Weaknesses: Lupa can get too carried away and brutal, and this takes time and patience from her part, leading to it being possible for her to be overrun by enemies due to her meticulous need to ruin one mentally before moving on.
- Training: Her father. An old mentor (now long dead) and her old boss.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Auramorbonist.
- Cause of Infliction: Birth.
- Site of Infliction: The tell-tale signs of her affliction are the scars marring her back that have a permanent glow to them. There is one thin scar going down the line of her back that cracks open into hundreds of other little scars, like a cracked eggshell.
- Benefits: When she’s well fed she has increased strength, speed, durability and senses.
- Downsides: She’s always fishing glowing, especially when she feeds. Can only be nourished on souls.
- Fitting In: Lupa rarely bothers with this further than the excuse of body glitter.
- Suppressant/Cure: N/A. There is no known cure.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To have the highest body count of any Auramorbonist.
- Minor Goals: Perfection in her work and all that she does.
- Reasoning behind goals: Mostly because it pleases her, and part of her upbringing she believes will never truly wash off of her.
- Motivation: Pleasure. She feels good when she does it, so she’s inclined to do it more.
- Bio:
Born in Rome in the year of 1736, Vittoria had very little prospects in her life. The actual problems of the time were of little consequence to Vittoria and her family; they, as mages and elitist snobs, had worries and a name of their own to uphold. Vittoria was trained from a very, very young age to be dangerous. Her father was sure that was the only true way she could be of use to him as he had wanted a son who could fight and carry on his name as a murdering psychopath. Vittoria, in his opinion, could not carry that burden. From the days she could walk, a lot of pressure was put onto her by her father to be perfect. This meant looking perfect, acting perfect and being able to do as he asked whenever he asked. This wasn't necessarily odd behaviour, as the man was old and extremely traditional and there was not much to complain about. Despite this pressure Vittoria never did feel anything other than safe and, for the most part, happy.

However, as she grew, her situation was one she found herself increasingly unhappy with. Her father would train her in all sorts of skills, from mere flattery and charm to hand-to-hand combat. No transgressions were ever forgiven, as he was cruel and denying of failure. One particular memory stands out to Lupa even today: clear as day, Lupa (then Vittoria) could not get the hang of disarming her enemies, and while training with her father, had forgotten to disarm him in combat. While fighting, he broke her left wrist (which was the stronger wrist -- this also served as a way to strengthen her left wrist in combat through use) and, to prove a point to her of disarming her enemies, stabbed her in the side. While recovering, Vittoria made it a point to disarm him first thing in combat until she got her ass handed to her while he was weaponless. Despite the brutality in his methods, they were effective and got the desired result; Vittoria would associate failure with pain and strive to do more and be better in all aspects of life. He felt he was keeping her on edge and she could perhaps one day best him.

It was that particular goal that drove her, really. Each day she'd tell herself that she'd be better, she'd do better, until it became akin to an obsession. And when she hit puberty and started needing to feed, her training sessions became harder and harder. Vittoria had no idea what was happening to her. She was helpless, young, and slowly feeling her energy sap and her body feel weaker and weaker despite all the food she'd eat. Nothing sustained her. It made very little sense. That was, until she'd had her first kiss on the street. The boy it was with was meaningless, but the feeling. Vittoria had heard romantic poems about how that first kiss was a symbol of true love, and when she'd felt those lips on hers she immediately knew it was all utter horseunpleasant excrement. There was no love in the kiss, only hunger, and a primal need, an urge for more. As she felt her body strengthening and the boy kissing her slumping onto her, Vittoria could have argued that there was no better feeling in the world. God, even the feeling of his life mingling with hers... It was heavenly. The world sang with bright colours, her hands could crush rocks with a simple touch. All those things her father had told her about being imperfect, about needing to work for more, of course they were all wrong. How could they be anything but bullunpleasant excrement when she had this power at her fingertips? It was that night, when she left the boy's body on the ground and went home to train with her father, that she kicked his ass for the first time in her life. Until every night would follow this pattern, she'd lead people to their deaths and beat her father in training. It became the norm.

Still, he wasn't fishing sated. More training, more harsh words and more of Vittoria's secret. While her body count rose, her father would every once in a while comment on the murderer who had the gall to murder all these people and yet stay in the shadows. This confused Vittoria. Wasn't this what the was fishing training her for? Isn't this why she pines for his approval and attention all the bloody time? She could easily best him now, surely that meant she was superior by now?

While what happened next was entirely animalistic and unexpected from her, Lupa today would never admit to it being so. She killed her father. While fighting, she kicked him back into the wall and punched through his chest. It hurt, her fingers cracked under the pressure and she knew they'd be bruising for weeks. The look on her father's face, though? Oh, that was priceless. The little choke he made as she coughed blood up onto her face and that final, desperate gurgle as he died in her arms. She was practically drunk from giddiness.

From that point, her life stagnated. She chose a name; Lupa Risus, after the laughter people had claimed to be so wolfish, so terrifyingly without chill. Yes, it was true, Lupa had no chill, but it was just so fun to sexualise herself, to see the expectations in her victims eyes until she'd slowly humiliate and torture them 'till death. She wasn't paid to do this, not at all. She reveled in the murder and how she just was never caught. Lupa was renowned for her method of killing and the sheer brutality behind it, and this caught the attention of one particular man. He approached her, and Lupa barely remembers him to this day. From the very beginning it was so bleedingly obvious his intentions were to somehow tame her ability and use it to his own gain. He called himself her mentor, and sure enough he trained her in the most effective ways to be brutal. Lupa was already good at being brutal, but any weakness in her method was hunted down by the man who fancied himself able to train and strengthen her. Ultimately, he was of no consequence to Lupa and when she felt she was done with him, despite his clear disdain of her "failure", she still felt remarkably satisfied when she sunk her knife into his neck and let him choke on his own blood.

Her life went back to normal. Now, she was just more skilled and more bloodthirsty than ever. Victims practically flocked to her, unwitting and totally unaware of how terrifyingly painful the final hours of their life were going to be. Eventually, she was approached by an assassin who named themselves Gluttony (something that, ironically, Lupa thought was absolutely pretentious and a stupid thing to do despite her later taking the name of Lust). Though Lupa had noticed her presence for a short while, it was when she finally approached her that she genuinely caught Lupa's attention. There was no taking her seriously, and as Lupa decided to try and seduce her, it was somehow decided she was going to be the next Lust -- an assassin who killed, rather self-explanatory, using lust. Lupa took this mantle and trained for the next few years, making a scarily notorious name as Lust. While never giving her real name to "Consontia" (what an utterly fishing ridiculous name, Eoin) , they only ever seemed to call her by the name "Lust", anyway.

Regardless, after a long while of working with "The Sins" (something Lupa still found utterly ridiculous, but definitely fun and worth working for), Lupa decided she'd grown bored. She handed in a notice, saying she'd keep the mansion, money and equipment, and carrying on to kill in her own time. Occasionally, she gets paid for the odd murder or two, but Lupa's pretty fishing content to take the life and soul out of the local squalor, especially the afflicted.

- Additional Notes: Lupa is one of the auras who pick up the personalities of those whose souls she sucks, and has dyslexia.
- Suescore: --

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Aria Kane.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Arr-ee-ah Kay-ne.
- Given Name: Pavinder Ahmed.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Pah-vind-err Ah-med.
- Character Job: Head of Technological Research for the British Sanctuary.
- Titles: N/A.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: First and foremost, Aria understands that humanity is at a huge disadvantage and will always be inherently flawed. It’s this cynicism and need for perfectionism that fuels her, for lack of a better word, robo-madness. Aria hates the disabilities granted to her by her humanity and consistently works to better herself even at the concern of those around her. She’s at her happiest when surrounded by work, mathematical problems to work through and things to challenge her intelligence.
 While Aria is a blunt and dramatic individual, she truly does care for others and consistently works her hardest to ensure that the people around her are happy. Aria’s an absolute workaholic, and tends to work on things in the dead of the night while hyped up on coffee and zero sleep. Routines are a hard thing for her to get into as she works entirely on a whim.
 Aria's slight case of robo-mania is deterred only by her desire to remain the same in personality. While she is fairly sure that the technological implants and improvements to her physical body will not affect her psyche, she is not well versed enough in the psychology of the mind to be sure and as a result has been made to see a doctor every week to ensure that she is on peak mental health and that the implants on her body can have general maintenance from someone who isn't herself for a second professional opinion.
 She loves her work and she loves being absolutely swamped in it to the point of being stressed because the workload is too high, and she loves this because she sees it as a challenge to complete all of her work and to put her mind to the ultimate test. This usually ends with a slight breakdown at the end of the month, but before long she's up and back to work, pushing herself as hard as ever. Despite the unhealthiness of this cycle, Aria's not unhappy with life - in fact, rather the contrary, she loves life. She loves herself and she loves work. Aria is bubbly and happy, almost to the point that it's unbearable. However, her euphoric and constantly optimistic attitude can very easily be ruined. It's this mercurial nature of hers that prevents her from developing relationships that she doesn't ruin, entirely on accident.

- Character Likes:
Funny people.
Joking around.
Brilliant ideas.

- Character Dislikes:
-  Being yelled at.
- Strict routine.
- Onions.
- Chicken.
- Mental Traits: Aria has an obsessive need to keep things her way, not “neat” but organised in her own way in which she knows where everything is, this often is not decipherable to anyone who isn’t close to her. Aria is also vastly inconsistent in many things that she does, though whether this is due to possible neurodivergence is unclear to her, she has not ruled the possibility out.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Cyborg, English.
- Allegiance: Neutral Good.
- Organisation: The British Sanctuary.
- Reasons for Allegiance: She works with the British Sanctuary and for the most part supports the goals of Arabella.

- Allies: Most of the workers of the British Sanctuary.
- Enemies: She doesn’t really like Darius Daunt, to be honest. He’s kind of a prick to her.
- Family: N/A, Aria has been in foster care most of her life.
- Friends: N/A.
- Significant Other: N/A.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 40.
- Appearance Age: 18.
- Character Birthday: 06/06/1975.
- Gender: Cis female.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: A sort of light brown, showing off her Saudi Arabian descent.
- Character Height: 5ft 9.
- Character Weight: 60KG, she is slightly weighed down by the cybernetics.
- Character Hair Colour: Her hair is a soft brunette, darker at the roots and gradually lightening until it reaches a soft blonde at the tips.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Aria’s hair is long and wavy. It has a bouncy feel to it, just brushing past her shoulders with a fringe that she sweeps to the side.
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- Character Eye Colour: Grey with gold flecks in the iris.
- Character Description: Aria is very thin, to the point she’s practically scrawny. While she’s tall, there isn’t much shape to her. She has small breasts and her figure is proportionate, but not conventionally “attractive”. Her shoulders are thin, and she has a small frame, she has magically removed all of her scars from her operation. Aria’s face is a thin face, with a strong but small nose and rounded tip, her lips are thin, yet her top lip is very shapely and her eyebrows are plucked thin and drawn on at a sharp angle. Her chin is sharp.
This is a decent aide of her face:
(click to show/hide)
Aria’s right arm has been torn apart and  replaced with an extremely advanced model of a bionic arm that she has spent many years perfecting to look smooth and able to integrate into the rest of her body seamlessly. There are wires connecting to her nerves in order to make it so that she can simulate the sense of touch through her prosthetic, there is a facade etched onto her right arm in order to allow it to blend into normal society. This arm is designed to be stronger than the average arm, defter, more agile and able for those needing prosthetics. It can also connect to the internet and tell her the time and such but tends to malfunction when it does.
Aria’s respiratory system is entirely bionic, and the skin of her neck is made of asgardium metal to protect the machinery within. She also has coated the entire respiratory system in an asgardium casing for if her body is to get damaged, it could be severely fatal for her respiratory system. Her heart and lungs are a more refined and less malfunctional edition of already existing heart prosthetics. Despite them being vastly superior to the mortal technology, it still requires regular maintenance to ensure it is working at peak efficiency.
The heart I’ve been mentioning is;
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Finally, Aria’s right leg is imbued with a mechanical leg-brace to support the knee, which has a tendency to give way. The brace can be disconnected.
- Character Attire: In order to hide the skin of her neck so she doesn’t have to come up with a ridiculous excuse for the metal there, Aria always wears a scarf when not working. Given Aria’s lack of physical exercise, she doesn’t dress as if she’s expecting any rigorous activity such as running and instead tends to opt for the flowy dresses of any colour, ordinarily red or blue, and dark boots/tights combo. Sometimes, she’ll instead wear a batwing jumper with a high-neck and jeans.
(click to show/hide)

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Aria has a plain South-Eastern English accent, her voice is soft and her s’s are quite harsh, almost elongated. <- this is the general accent I’m on about. One thing to note is that due to the machinery in her neck and chest, there tends to be a slight whirr as she talks.
- Speech Traits: There’s a slight whirr from her neck as she talks, and when she gets over-excited she will stutter. Especially when explaining an idea to someone, as she doesn’t tend to think about her words before she speaks.
- Languages: English, Arabic.
- Habits: She bites her nails and knuckles, Aria also cannot get into a normal sleep pattern and goes to sleep at ungodly hours in the morning out of sheer habit.
- Mannerisms: Aria is a terrible liar, and her face will burn and she’ll choke on her words whenever she attempts to.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: N/A.
- Weaponry: N/A.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: N/A.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other:] Aria owns a flat in London.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Technomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: In IM, Aria’s entire body seems to have a metallic sheen to it, and her cybernetics glow with neon colouring.
- Ability Specific Info: There is very little to say about technomancy other than that it is the ability to manipulate technology, metal and alloys of any kind. A technomancer is able to wield and manipulate metal of any kind with more proficiency than the most skilled metal-workers.
- Magical Abilities: Through her proficiency at her discipline, Aria is able to code and create all sorts of crazy tech for the British Sanctuary, which is what she really tends to do. The real challenge is in creating tech that the human body won’t reject, which is something that Aria is constantly working on anyway.
- Physical Abilities: Aria isn’t a combatant and as a result has very little physical ability. However, due to her prosthetic respiratory system, she has far more stamina than the human body ordinarily does, her prosthetic arm is also much stronger and defter than the human arm, which puts her body’s capabilities at an edge above normal humans.
- Strengths: Aria has a brilliant work ethic and has all sorts of gadgets and tech that may give her or others an edge. She also has her prosthetics which, as mentioned before, are above the human body’s in terms of capabilities.
- Weaknesses: Aria has little physical training and no combat training whatsoever and in a combat situation would have to rely entirely on whether or not she could weave her way out of the situation.
- Training: Most of her magical proficiency has been through her degree in Biomedical Engineering at Imperial College. She also applied at the AEC in Lengrove in Engineering and Technology.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To actively distribute her prosthetics through the magical and mortal community.
- Minor Goals: To assist Arabella in her goals and innovation within the Sanctuary.
- Reasoning behind goals: Major: Her work could honestly be good for so many people if she could distribute it at a large level for those who need it.
Minor: Aria is loyal to the British Sanctuary and respects Arabella deeply.
- Motivation: The fact that she’s been made Head of Technological Research in the British Sanctuary alone shows that she’s closer to her goals every day.
- Bio:
 Pavinder Ahmed never actually knew her "real" family, whatever that was supposed to mean. As a result, there was never really any angst when it came to her family lives. Sometimes they'd keep her for a month, sometimes years, whatever was most convenient for whatever family was fostering her. The nature of her severe asthma made her a bit of a hassle to foster, so it usually wasn't long. Regardless, Pavinder grew up with plenty of time to study and practice her magic (subtly, of course, as she was still being adopted by mortal families). Pavinder excelled in science, and developed a huge interest for biomedical engineering, strengthened only by the crippling asthma.

 It was when she reached upper school that she decided to take the name Aria Kane, as it was just a hassle to get people to call her Pavinder without the odd comment, especially about her surname as it didn't match the name of her foster family. There was not really any factor behind her calling herself Aria Kane than the surname of her foster family being "Kane" and "Aria" sounding really cool to her.

 When Aria reached uni, her health deteriorated rapidly. She got involved in a car crash that hit her bike and ended up permanently damaging her knee, and her asthma was worse than ever. It was a decision she made on a random whim one day; make a bionic respiratory system. She started the original prototypes, and worked on refining them day after day until when she reached her Lengrove uni after finishing her Biomedical degree, Aria got one of her friends on her course to help her implant the lungs. It was scary, but there were no real problems when it happened, and Aria soon replaced her right arm with a simple but effective prosthetic model. Eventually, after Aria finished that degree, and was still working on the manual maintenance with different parts of her body, she'd developed enough prestige (and skepticism) throughout the magical community that when the old Head of Research of the British Sanctuary retired, Arabella Sovereign handpicked Aria personally for the innovation and new ideas she could bring to the Sanctuary. Some of the older members weren't too happy with it, but Aria's arrival has brought no problems to the Sanctuary (other than pestering the Prime Detective to give up his spine for a cooler bionic model). 

- Additional Notes: It’s worth mentioning that the AECs mentioned earlier, for whoever doesn’t know, are the Arcane Educational Centers that Nath’s created. They’re cool, check them out if you haven’t, already.
- Suescore: N/A.

Approved Profiles / Ether Pyrrhic
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Ether Pyrrhic.
- Pronunciation of the Name: ehth-er peer-ick.
- Given Name: Chiamaka Nnamani.
- Pronunciation of the Name: chee-ah-mak-AH nah-MAN-ee.
- Character Job: Jacinth’s bodyguard and self professed “Mage Hunter”.
- Qualifications: N/A. Ether has not had the time, nor the effort-levels, to devote to achieving any qualifications worthy of note.
- Titles: N/A.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ether is furious. She is furious at mages and furious that there are absolute hypocrites that would label her a monster. A self-righteous and violent woman, Ether has made it a point to show her fury at the way the world appears to work using violence as she believes that while it’s not the most desirable way, it’s the most effective way at exercising her anger on other people. Ether also happens to be quite humorous and will almost always crack a joke, usually in an attempt to comfort people.
Ether is always connected with her monstrous nature, and does not quite understand humanity. As an attempt to keep herself under control she needs a very strict routine that she cannot slip from - this keeps her from succumbing to her darker nature. This routine may be something akin to; “wake up at 7AM, exercise for two hours, practise sword-fighting, sit for half an hour and lament, etc.”
She’s a very determined person. This has been called a flaw of hers, but her sheer determination is what gets her through the day sometimes. A good challenge and someone to fight can cause Ether some of the only true happiness she’s had in years.
Her sister, Jacinth, is the subject of a lot of Ether’s  anger. Throughout the years, Jacinth had caused her a lot of pain and denial over her nature which has caused Ether to despise her sister as a result. Despite this hatred for Jacinth, Ether is extremely overprotective and would never let anyone harm her sister out of both a primal instinct and a sense of obligation that she must fulfill her intended purpose. One could raise that her “intended purpose” was never to be a protector which would put her at a loss.
In the case of her sister, Ether is unwaveringly loyal. She doesn’t want to be, and has shown a lot of dismay at the loyalty and duty she feels towards Jacinth. This is due to harsh conditioning she went through for many years. This is part of the main reason she hates Jacinth so much; she can’t go against her orders (though Jacinth herself is totally unaware of this and has never intentionally exploited this weakness of Ether’s) Ether cannot physically disobey her sister, to her knowledge, as she’s found herself completely unable to overcome this conditioning.

Through Ether’s white hot fury of everything, she’s a mixture of 'anger' and 'tiredness'. She’s lost everyone and everything she’s ever loved. People who were like family to her,  brothers… Ether desperately wants to change her situation. She wants the status-quo to change and yet is an equal mix of angry and tired to do it efficiently. As a result, she has resorted to the cold-blooded murder of mages to sate her personal feelings more-so than actually change the situation with monsters and humans. She feels stuck in her body and stuck as who she is; her entire life has been a chain of other people labelling her and telling her what she should do and what she was created for. It’s become a complex for her to complete her intended purpose, and this is leading her to go down a path of violence and murder - one that her sister entirely disagrees with and wishes to turn her away from.
Robbie and his Adroa (or, as she recently found out, was renamed to ‘Hyde’) are an extremely touchy subject for Ether. Upon his escape, life truly got hard for her as she was dubbed one of the main “troublemakers” in the incident. That’s become a sensitive word for her, among others.
It’s worth noting that the experimentation that Ether endured broke her both mentally and physically. While no harm was intended during the experiments, Ether’s childhood was hardly what could be called healthy. Often, Ether will put herself through the same sort of conditioning she once went through. She convinces herself that the feeling of helplessness keeps her in line, and is unwilling to believe that this is an unhealthy and dangerous habit. She often gets nightmares that spur herself into doing this, though it only ends in panicking. Ether is convinced that this is a weak response to what she went through and is adamant to eradicate it through desensitisation but she finds herself more often than not avoiding all reminders of the experience until putting herself through it. This is something Jacinth does not know about.

Ether has already gone through her identity crisis and self-loathing. It has admittedly changed her as a person and she has learned - not improvement - but self-acceptance. She understands that she is a terrible person and has absolutely no desire to change that or do any good in a world that she already believes is not worth helping.
She does not have suicidal thoughts. She long ago learned that there doesn’t seem to be an efficient way for her to kill herself, and she refuses to resort to that level. Ether can often be quite insensitive and ableist in her views that suicidal thoughts and mental illness is weak, though this is only as a result to her own mental illnesses. If she were to learn of her old friend, Robert Warren’s, cause of death, the most likely result is to be a furious rampage. She cannot cope with the idea that someone close to her was unhappy enough to give up on living.

Ether has one “true” passion which resides in weapons. Old weapons, new ones, all weapons. She uses this as her “nerdy” outlet, as she likes to call it. Throughout the years she’s gained a love for creating weapons and has collected quite a vast amount of antiques that she keeps hidden in a closet in Jacinth’s home - she’s not allowed to take them out as they clash with Jacinth’s pacifistic values… and tend to break stuff.
There is some small part of Ether that holds the same excitement and joy that she once had. Though she is now scarred and jaded to the world, Ether longs for the sort of closeness that doesn’t come with the secret thoughts that she’s a monster. This is the main reason that Ether dislikes her sister; she can almost clearly see the fear and disappointment that Jacinth holds for her, and it infuriates her to no end.
Ether would hasten to tell anyone almost immediately that she has not chosen her fate. She did not choose to be tested on and she did not choose to become who she is today. Ether wants to hold as open a mind as possible, but she’s so compulsive and so uncomfortable that she has extreme difficulty in doing so.
Ether has spent so much of her life merely fighting, surviving, that she hasn’t considered the question of whether she is truly “living”, she hasn’t realised that so many of her old passions have been stripped away through her experiences and now she’s merely living for the sake of her sister, a cause she truly doesn’t want to live for.

- Character Likes: + Weaponry: A good form of escape and distraction for Ether is through the tools she uses to kill. How they are made, what they look like, what their purpose is… all of these are things that absolutely fascinate Ether and can cause her to go into long tangents. The most Ether ever really talks is when she’s talking about her weapons.
+Violence: No matter what is said about her, Ether is inherently violent and brutal. Killing, maiming, harming and fighting people in any way gives Ether a rush that is almost impossible to compete with. Better than any drug.
+ Science: Science is really cool and Ether will be the first to admit that she’s the smarter of the two siblings. Most of her years spent in experimentation had been filled with excuses about “scientific reasoning”. Naturally, the mages were simply trying to rationalise the inhumane experiments they performed on children and there wasn’t much stock in assuming that there was any true science behind what they did, so Ether took an interest in what real science could do. She owns quite a few quantum physics books, though doesn’t always understand it all, it’s food for thought.
+ Robert Warren: He’s long dead, and his name is likely to provoke a violent reaction out of Ether. However, she has always held a soft spot for the late Robert Warren. She thought of him as a brother, and protected him with her life. His death is something she’s never quite come to terms with, probably because she doesn’t truly know the circumstances behind it (or if he’s even really dead, his file never specified that). More of a relative to her than her actual sister, Warren is the easiest way to appeal to Ether’s humanity (or get killed, depends how you play that angle).
- Character Dislikes:
- Jacinth Quintessence: Her entire life has been shaped around Jacinth. The reason for her birth was only to be in case Jacinth fell to an illness. Ether still hasn’t decided if she was lucky or unlucky for being placed in the Aether Initiative instead. Ether is meant to be a bodyguard, a slave, a fighter, a brainless warrior for Jacinth, and all the conditioning she’s been through to bend to her will has caused a deep hatred for Jace. Even if Jacinth didn’t intend for this to be the case, nor want her to be her protector. Hiring her as a bodyguard has only strengthened Ether’s suspicions in this respect.
- Herself: Ether is very self-loathing by nature. Her past has defined her and she constantly forces herself to relive it and puts herself through all the pain she can muster. Not the best way of dealing with it (or truly any good way at all), but she’s found that it helps her to get motivated.
- Clinical rooms: Ether cannot relax in extremely clean, clinical environments. She gets too on edge and needs there to be at least some personal element that can tell her something about her environment. Doctors also apply to this field, as Ether has never gotten along with doctors or anyone who gets paid to open up other people (though her experience has little to do with real, reputable doctors).
- Condescension: Too many people in the world condescend to her whether intentionally or not, and too many of them end up dead due to their sharp tongues. A pity, anyone other than Ether would think upon seeing their mutilated corpse.
- Mental Traits: Though Ether has undergone many psychological evaluations, mental health science was not yet advanced enough to diagnose her with anything. Despite this, she shows many signs of PTSD and insomnia. Due to the attitude of most people growing up in her time, she has ignored these symptoms and is of the opinion that she is neurotypical. This has resulted in extreme confusion and unhealthy, ableist behaviour to neurodivergent and mentally ill people. Ether also has a phobia of being alone, after long periods of time spent in isolation. This isn’t helped by the fact that she pushes everyone she loves away. Her coping methods are very… destructive, she finds that it’s easier to calm herself once she’s destroyed a few water fountains, or delicate porcelain plates. She’s not quite sure why this is the case, but can wager a guess towards it having something to do with her literally being bred to be a warrior.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Ethiopian, Vampire.
- Alignment: True Neutral.
- Allegiance: N/A.
- Reasoning: Ether sees the world in varying shades of grey. She recognises that nobody is truly right and nobody is truly wrong, but this doesn’t stop her from being mad and stopping at absolutely nothing to achieve her own aims with little regard for anyone else.

- Allies: Though Ether does not consider her to be so, Jacinth Quintessence is actually an ally of Ether’s. Otherwise, she does not yet have any other allies.
- Enemies: Jacinth Quintessence can be considered a begrudging enemy. Otherwise Ether tries to stop herself from adopting a “me vs the world” attitude. She’s horribly failing, resulting in her kind of considering everyone her enemy.
- Family: She has someone she’s related to, but outright refuses to consider her family; Jacinth Quintessence. The late Robert Warren was a brother to her, though she never talks about him to anyone - she’s kept his files from their childhood, not allowing Jacinth to read through them.
- Friends: N/A as of yet. Ether’s not got anyone she considers close enough to be a friend.
- Significant Other: N/A.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 596.
- Appearance Age: 19.
- Character Birthday: She doesn’t celebrate it, but she was born on the 9th of April, 1429.
- Gender: Ether does not believe she can be considered human enough to have a gender, and therefore identifies herself as non-binary. Any pronouns, especially female ones, are preferred so long as it’s not “they” or “it”. DFAB.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Black, coffee coloured.
- Character Height: 5ft 10.
- Character Weight: She hasn’t been weighed in years, but she weighs approx 88KG.
- Character Hair Colour: Ether’s hair is black, peppered with slight grey and brown bits.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Short, styled in a curled undercut.
(click to show/hide)
- Character Eye Colour: Caramel brown.
- Character Description: With clear defined muscles and a small bust (yet noticeable, hence why she binds) that she binds, Ether is pushing the borders of androgyny. Her neck is strong with visible tendons, her shoulders are broad and relatively muscular, her stomach is toned and her chest is small and constantly pressed down. It is clear she has powerful legs and more edges to her body than curves. Throughout the years, she has toned her body for fighting, and there are callouses all over her.
Her face is quite sweet-looking, with large and shapely lips, a strong jawline and strong, sculpted features that border on masculine. Her wide eyes have a slight slant to them and her eyebrows are always plucked at a rakish angle. Underneath her soft-looking lips with a strong cupid’s bow and shapeless bottom lip, Ether has teeth that appear to be sharpened to an unnatural point, some of them jagged and seem to point out slightly, causing her to wear a retainer - mostly for show, as her teeth don’t seem to harm the skin of her mouth. This gives her a slight lisp.
She is scarred horrifically, everywhere but her face is touched and weaved with scars. Her jawline is scarred, there are horizontal and jagged lines down her neck and across her shoulders that disappear under her clothing and across her back. Her chest and back region are covered with both operating scars and fighting scars. There is a large bite mark on the slight swell of her hip where the skin was torn away by some monster. Her legs are scarred with the same sorts of bites. A series of scars mark her left arm, starting at her thumb and going up to her shoulder, they are a series of tallies -- these mark how long she spent in isolation.
While on the verge of androgyny, Ether is still very visibly feminine. When not binding, she has quite clear curves and her eyebrows and lips point to her being more feminine. This is a feature she dislikes, as she feels too disconnected from her humanity to bother with the concept of “gender”. She has some very clear discoloration on her skin. Most evidently around her mouth and neck, but with little speckles across her hands and forearms. 
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- Character Attire:
It is worth noting that while Ether does bind, she doesn’t wear the binder when planning to fight, and if she does she takes full responsibility for any trauma to her ribs as a result.
Most of the time, Ether wears a tank shirt and comfortable trousers, with a jacket to cover her arms and shoulders. It takes a lot of effort to get her to wear anything fancy. While working, she’ll wear the standard security outfit. This outfit is similar to the usual bodyguard outfit: kevlar; dark trousers; black shirt with a security detail on it; and a holster by her hip for the gun.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Her voice is quite husky, low in her throat and slightly grumbly, as if she’s trying not to growl. It seems strained a lot of the time, unless she’s raising her voice - then she seems to be most comfortable talking.
- Speech Traits: Ether has a noticeable lisp and a mix between a Central Ethiopian and an American accent.
- Languages: Amharic, English, French; she can also write basic, grammatically flawed, Greek.
- Habits: Ether tends to bite her knuckles (resulting in callused and scarred knuckles) and pulls on the back of her hair. Ether also forces herself to relive her conditioning at times, believing that the feeling of helplessness works to keep her in line, she refuses to believe it’s a bad habit and wants to desensitise herself from her experiences, as mentioned in personality.
- Mannerisms: Ether’s most noticeable mannerism is a slight tic whenever certain words are mentioned, or flinching away from sudden touch before responding in violence. When planning to retaliate or make a violent move, she often clenches and unclenches her fists or shifts the position she’s standing in.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: N/A.
- Weaponry: On her person, Ether always carries a stun baton and a Smith & Wesson BODYGUARD .380 auto gun. Whether or not she likes the gun, she’s not commented on, it’s simply what she was issued.
However, Ether has a large variety of other types of guns and weapons at her home. Most notable of which are the Scottish Claymore made from steel, inward slanting quillons and a peened leather-wrapped hilt. Ether often likes to brag about this whenever she can, though she didn’t - to her dismay - make it. Other than this, she owns a standard longsword - most alike to the albion brescia spadona, made for piercing through armor, a replica rapier (she spent a long time hunting a nice one down, though she’d never actually use it; it’s practically worthless in combat). Ether once tried to sneak a pike into the house but instead Jacinth used it to prop up one of the gutters, Ether still hasn’t forgiven her. She also owns a weapon she crafted herself, and has carried for many years, it’s extremely worn and not much good now so she only really carries it for sentimental reasons. A shotel, engraved with various sayings in Amharic that Ether has had for centuries. Jacinth doesn’t have the nerve to ask her to throw it out as Ether very clearly shows a deep attachment to the blade.
- Ammunition: She has an ammo belt for the gun. It holds 6 + 1 rounds. 
- Pocket Items: N/A.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A.
- Other: N/A.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Continuum, Ether specialises in the Gravitation aspect of it.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: In IM, Ether’s body appears to have an unstable sheen or shimmer around it, a sort of gravitational field that appears to be visible, blurring the edges of her body.
- Ability Specific Info: Continuum is an ancient discipline which relates to the manipulation of space and gravity. Ether herself specialises in gravitation which is rather self-explanatory. Continuum is an ancient discipline and therefore incredibly powerful that mortal bodies cannot handle it, and it takes a pretty powerful non-mortal to be able to wield such power.
- Magical Abilities: Ether’s magical ability relies less on brute force like the rest of her does, and more on smartly using it. Her grasp of gravitation is not the strongest of any mages, and definitely not her main strength, but it still is enough to give her an edge in combat. Ether’s use of her magic is often to give her higher jumps or more powerful smashes down into the ground, but she also uses this ability to throw her opponents around like a ragdoll. She can create small zones of heightened or lessened gravity, or even alter the pull around her to prevent people from running away from her. Other than that, she finds little need to use anything else of her magic.
- Physical Abilities: Centuries of combat and training has given Ether an extreme physical edge. She has all of the benefits of her affliction - including enhanced strength, speed, senses, endurance, etc - while still having been a strong human before. Ether has extreme control over her center of gravity, her overall balance and stamina. She was born and raised to be a fighter and that has not been lost on her even remotely.
Her main edge in physical combat is her brute strength and agility, as well as her training in numerous forms of combat and weapons. She is most skilled in krav maga, but also has skills from more western-style boxing and certain other martial arts.
- Strengths: Physical strength, hand-eye co-ordination and overall control of her body. Ether also has enhanced senses and speed.
- Weaknesses: Mentally, Ether is surprisingly weak. It’s not remotely hard to get under her skin, and she can lose her cool remarkably quickly, instead seeking to satisfy her bloodlust instead of actually win a fight.
- Training: A lot of Ether’s training happened in the facility in which she was born (which translates most easily into “New Dawn”), but she was also part of a few travelling mercenary bands shortly after escaping.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: “Vampirism” is the best way to describe what Ether has, though she’s often even an outcast from the vampiric community due to how different she is from a normal vampire. This is a result of rigorous testing and experimentation throughout her life. Though she is technically successful in that a strong fighter was created, she’s unable to reproduce and therefore ultimately a failure. Ether is ultimately more attuned to her bestial nature, rendering her with some of the more vampiric attributes permanently while being unable to turn.
- Cause of Infliction: From birth, Ether was bred to be a lethal vampire, until she was turned when she was 19 years of age. After she was turned, she was later experimented on - for the most part painlessly - until she became what she is today, which many vampires would immediately write off as some sort of pathetic mule. The process involved injection of vampire venom and being put under extreme circumstances until she’d been changed
- Site of Infliction: There is no scar from being bitten. However, her entire body is riddled with scars from the entire process (most of these should be explained in her description).
- Benefits: Extreme strength, sense of smell, sight, hearing, taste. She’s always in a “battle” state and able to strategically place herself to have the upper hand in combat. Put simply, Ether is a formidable and not desirable enemy.
- Downsides: Ether can never fit in with the mortal population due to her excessive scars, bloodthirstiness, and sharp teeth. It is also hard for her to hide her abnormal strength. She not only sticks out like a sore thumb, but she’s never really able to “turn off” her need for blood. It’s not something that a little bit of therapy could fix.
- Fitting In: Ether is unable to fit in. Being in Jacinth’s company has merely marked her as “eccentric” and she doesn’t bother to cover most of her scars; people are too scared to ask anyway.
- Suppressant/Cure: N/A.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: In all honesty, Ether isn’t sure she has a major goal other than to simply survive. She’s not sure what she has to live for, anymore. So as it stands, her major goal is merely to survive.
- Minor Goals: What on Earth happened to Robert? That’s what she wants to find out. It’s safe to say that Ether wants to discover the location of the man who was a brother to her and reconnect, or at least find out in depth what happened to him. There’s no way he could be dead, surely?
- Motivation: She struggles a lot from motivational issues, and often is brought out of it by the fact that whatever life throws at her, she has been through worse. Regardless, sometimes it helps to think of some of the conversations her and Robbie used to have about their natures and how they struggled.

Approved Profiles / Jacinth Quintessence
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Name and Occupation

- Taken Name: Jacinth Quintessence.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jay-sinth Kwin-tess-ense.
- Given Name: Akello Nnamani.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ah-kell-oh Nah-man-ee.
- Character Job: Mage-exclusive talk show host, philanthropist, famous comedian, author, actress, investor in many charitable organisations, advocate for AEC and mage revelation, prodigy hunter.
- Qualifications: PhD in Philosophy and Psychology.
- Titles: Dame, Dr.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Jacinth is a firm believer of equal opportunities in all aspects of life. She believes that people from all stretches of the earth, from all professions, from all beginnings, should be able to become whatever they want and she will do anything to ensure that this is the case. As far as she is concerned, her own life is forfeit compared to those she intends on helping as she has already lived for much longer than they likely will.
Politically, Jacinth wants a form of laissez-faire in which mages are known and have power within the mortal world and are regulated by the mortal laws, not the Sanctuaries. As a result, this is a topic she tackles very often in her talk show.
Jacinth is extremely compassionate, to the point of people claiming it to be her “fatal flaw”. She very easily becomes connected to those she is funding and can even get emotional over their failures and troubles. She aims to make life as easy as she possibly can for everyone. Jacinth is adamant about achieving this to the point that she may even forget to care for herself in the process and end up stressing herself out or working to the point of fatigue. Due to this, Jacinth’s work life is extremely complicated. For all intents and purposes, she is a work-a-holic, but needs to take breaks every month in order to ensure that she is at peak capacity and able to help people with the most efficiency.
Jacinth has the mildly annoying talent of inquiring into any topic to the point of borderline interrogation. Though it seems harsh and perhaps even judging from anyone else’s end, it is only meant as friendly concern for whomever is talking to her and is a habit that has been earned from a long time of her talk show.
Unfortunately, Jacinth can take to heart every time something doesn’t go to plan. A tragic example of this is her sister. Jacinth feels as if she has failed her sister and wants to stop her from destroying herself for her ‘cause’. She likes to believe she has made the first steps in this with giving her sister a job helping Jacinth out, but she truly feels as if she might be an enabler. This guilt makes it hard for her to talk about her problems and personal life as she much prefers to listen to others. If people were to make the link that Jacinth and Ether are sisters, Jacinth wouldn’t deny this correction but would instead ask for help saving her sister as it’s something she believes she cannot fix and cannot even bear to see.
Jacinth abhors violence in all forms and is a pacifist. She often tackles violence in her talk show and has made clear her feelings on it (domestic violence, abuse, war, fights, all violence). A long life of experiencing violence has allowed her to grow tired of it and yet surprisingly she isn’t jaded to the idea of it being abolished in all forms.
Additionally, Jacinth is an optimist. This is such an evident part of her personality that people have even gone as far to dislike her for it, labelling it as obnoxious. Even if it is obnoxious, Jacinth actively refuses to drop this part of herself as it is this optimism that has kept her alive and happy for this long, especially with her curse.
Overall, Jacinth is truly a happy person and happy with herself. She believes that the work she is doing is good work and she will defend it, and those she loves, to the death… even if it’s not with her fists.
- Character Likes:
Children: Jacinth has always had and probably will always have a soft spot for children. She sees them as vulnerable and in need of protection and learning and will do everything in her power to ensure that this is always the case when she’s involved. The knowledge that she doesn’t have children and probably never will due to the curse kills her.
Work: For Jacinth, work is a release. A chance to distract herself from her never-quiet mind and an opportunity to do good things. It’s hard to distance herself from work as she not only enjoys it but believes that it gives her the power to help change the world for the better. Often, she puts her work above her own health.
Her sister: Despite feeling that she has failed her sister, Jacinth loves her deeply. The lack of connection and intimacy that there is between them is something that she cannot stand and a huge driving force for her desire to get rid of the curse. Jacinth longs for a healthy and loving relationship between her and her sister, even if she cannot touch her.
People in general: Every person has a redeeming factor in Jacinth’s eyes. People are absolutely fascinating and all of them have a story to tell that is worth telling and worth listening to. Jacinth’s extraversion is a large factor in her career success and she enjoys this fact deeply.
- Character Dislikes:
- Violence: Jacinth has lived a long life that has been full of violence from the day she was born. She’s sick and tired of it. Violence has never accomplished anything, even if her sister refuses to see it the same way. The problems of the world have never been solved by punching someone in the face, so what’s the point in doing it? To Jacinth, violence is a pointless and fruitless endeavour that no one should aspire to do.
- Being touched: Whenever she’s touched, Jacinth knows what’s going to happen. The only times she’s ever really been touched in her life, even by her parents, people have tried to hurt, use, and kill her.
- Sleeping: Sleeping is an absolute waste of time and prevents her from getting the work she wants done. Jacinth often skips sleeping in order to continue working without thinking of how this may affect her health later.
- Mental Traits: Jacinth learns very kinesthetically. In order to fully understand any topic that she is talking about, she needs to actually do it or at the very least make the gestures of doing it, especially while explaining. If she doesn’t gesture or is not doing anything while attempting to explain a topic, she will lose her train of thought and become confused. Jacinth also as mild GAD (Generalised Anxiety Disorder) that she uses the idea of application of logic and systems to deal with, Ether is able to help her with the shared idea of routine, which in times when Jacinth’s anxiety is truly bad can help her to calm down.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Human, African.
- Alignment: True Neutral.
- Allegiance: N/A.
- Reasoning: Jacinth wants to bring attention to all issues in an objective manner unless she has a personal attachment to it.

- Allies: Jacinth believes that anyone can be her ally if she tries hard enough.
- Enemies: She does not personally dislike the people in the Sanctuaries, but believes that there should be a different system. This puts her at odds with the Sanctuaries.
- Family: Only her sister remains, Ether Pyrrhic.
- Friends: N/A at this moment.
- Significant Other: N/A. Due to her curse, she is unable to really have a significant other.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 598.
- Appearance Age: 37.
- Character Birthday: 07/04/1417.
- Gender: Jacinth doesn’t care much for gender roles and is on the verge of believing she is, in fact, non-binary or genderfluid. However, she identifies as female. She also happens to be DFAB (designated female at birth).

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Jacinth’s skin is a dark coffee colour, slightly paler on her palms and the bottoms of her feet, some parts of her skin shimmer gold with the Midas Touch and some parts of her skin are entirely gold, such as her right hip and her side. Her right shoulder  has a spray-painted looking texture of gold on it.
- Character Height: 5ft 5.
- Character Weight: 59KG
- Character Hair Colour: Dark brown, though she wears different coloured weaves and wigs.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Jacinth’s actual hair is short and in tight curls but she tends to wear weaves and wigs. Her most common wig is a dark green wig that’s about shoulder-length and a full fringe.
- Character Eye Colour: A deep caramel.
- Character Description: Jacinth has quite a round face, with full lips that are ordinarily covered in green lipstick and a very defined cupid’s bow. Her features are soft, her chin is round and she has an almost-defined but not quite strong jawline. There are lines by her mouth from laughing and when she raises her trimmed and curved eyebrows there are lines on her forehead. Jacinth’s eyebrows are thin and her eyes are quite large and heavily accented by her eyeliner. Her nose is quite flat, giving her face a very cute look however in profile the bridge is very obviously strong to compliment her lips. Her neck has lines in it and very defined tendons and collarbone. There is quite a bit of muscle to her shoulders and arms and her breasts are quite large. Her body is curvaceous and there is a bit of weight to her hips, stomach, buttocks and thighs.
- Character Attire: Jacinth wears all sorts of dresses. Her favourite combo, however, is a pencil skirt and a tucked in blouse with heels while on business work.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Jacinth’s voice is quite loud and powerful, she’s able to have it resonate across a room with very little effort.
- Speech Traits: Jacinth clearly enunciates all of her words, her S and R sounds are very harsh and drawn out, especially when singing. Jacinth also has a very strong Californian accent.
- Languages: Amharic, English, French.
- Habits: Runs her hand through her hair constantly to adjust it and scratches the backs of her hands while talking.
- Mannerisms: Jacinth’s nose tends to flare when she’s angry and her eyes tend to glow slightly as a signifier of her magic.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A.
- Small Equipment: N/A.
- Weaponry: N/A.
- Ammunition: N/A.
- Pocket Items: N/A.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: An animi, a small pendant she used to keep around her neck when starting.
- Other: Comfortable mansions in North Carolina and California.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Mindwalking.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Jacinth cannot enter IM. However, every time she uses her magic her pupils turn to slits and her eyes glow neon. She passes this off as a special type of contact lense for anyone who inquires.
- Ability Specific Info: Jacinth has an animi that she used to always use but has since stopped using it. It’s a small crystal pendant. Mindwalking focuses on thoughts, memories, and other cognitive functions.
- Magical Abilities: Jacinth is the most adept at telepathy and dream manipulation, but is able to apply herself to all aspects of the magic. Her mind is warded from as many psychological attacks as possible. However, Jacinth does not use spiking under any circumstances.
- Physical Abilities: Jacinth can walk and run without passing out. She does not have any special training and is not combative in nature and therefore does not have any special physical abilities either.
- Strengths: Jacinth is very adept at her discipline, has intense wards, she’s also very persuasive and influential, making her a powerful political opponent.
- Weaknesses: She cannot touch people, Jacinth can also be too compassionate (especially towards young people and children) which makes her an easy target sometimes. Jacinth has little physical strength and therefore would not hold up very long in a physical fight.
- Training: Largely self-trained.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: In childhood, Jacinth was cursed with something that she jokingly refers to as the “Midas Touch”. Whenever there is any contact with Jacinth’s skin for a period longer than around three seconds (from what she’s counted), the person she is touching appears to develop a lust for gold, power, or money. They will proceed to attempt to murder or control Jacinth in order to get this and will be temporarily fixated with her as they are forced to believe that her death or cooperation is the key to attaining this desire.
When a week has passed, this will fade and the person will return to everyday life with a blank in their memory. As far as she knows, the curse transmits through thin surfaces such as medical gloves but not through walls or thicker gloves/clothes.
- Cause of Infliction: She received the curse at a relatively young age as penance for her parents actions.
- Site of Infliction: There is only one thing to mark her affliction; her golden nails that she passes off as acrylics and a patch of gold that’s slowly been working it’s way up her body from her hip. The reason that this has been making it’s way up her body isn’t entirely clear to Jacinth. As far as she knows, it grows more once people are affected by her curse. This may be because the curse was designed to end up with her entirely encased in gold and, well, dead. She does not know if anyone else shares this curse, but would be interested to find out.
- Benefits: There aren’t really any that Jacinth has been able to think of other than some cool sparkly gold-patches on her skin, Jacinth is also able to morph her nails and make them longer and sharper, or shorter. This helps in a combat setting, but she doesn’t do it as it’s quite painful and unnerving.
- Downsides: Jacinth will never be able to touch people, kiss people, or start a family. She can’t hug her own sister or comfort people with physical connection. Despite her not necessarily desiring any sexual or romantic skin contact of any kind, it’s still an inconvenient part of her life. There is also the possibility that one day in her lifetime she will be killed by the gold on her body. Sometimes, during period of highly elevated emotion, her touch can cause a shimmer of gold across whatever she is touching - this is deadly poison, and hurts both Jacinth and whatever is being touched and is a part of her curse that she is unable to control.
- Fitting In: Jacinth is very much a show-woman and simply tells anyone who notes the gold on her skin as part of her “style”. They have become a trademarked part of her appearance by now.  She tends to cover as much of her body as she can, even going as far as to wear gloves sometimes.
- Suppressant/Cure: N/A.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To find Ubu Mantella and find a way to get him agree to an expansion of the WARD programme with Jacinth’s help and endorsement.
To find a way to get rid of the Midas Curse.
- Minor Goals: To get her sister, Ether Pyrrhic, to stop being a murderous and horrible person.
- Motivation: Her success is a huge motivator for Jacinth.
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: This bio is pretty experimental. I’ve tried writing it in a mixture of ways that might come across a bit confusing. 
- Suescore: N/A.

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