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New Members / Breif return from the cold, dark shadows.
« on: June 09, 2019, 10:46:09 PM »
Hi. I might decide to be back for a bit (for the umteenth time). I might disappear yet again as quickly as I just came. Don't know, depends on a lot of factors. Providing any around here remembers me and/or is still around and still gives a unpleasant excrement.

(Warning: no mouth filter. Got worse the older I got. Don't like like it, find another thread/topic besides this one then.)

Gaming / Bendy and the Ink Machine
« on: August 07, 2017, 04:33:39 PM »
Anyone else have played this game?! I absolutely LOVE this game! Only two chapters are out at the moment but chapter three is almost here!

Character Indices / German Werewolf's RP Character Index
« on: August 05, 2017, 06:27:29 AM »

Fan Fiction / Escape
« on: December 01, 2014, 04:31:57 AM »
And now introducing yet another fanfic that I should be working on the other ones that I have started ....

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Approved Profiles / Al Hor
« on: July 29, 2014, 09:24:03 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Al Hor
- Pronunciation of the Name: ae-l  h-aw-r
- Given Name: Cavan Patton
- Pronunciation of the Name: k-ae-v-uh-n  p-ae-tuhn
- Character Job: monitors magical activities that might endanger the exposure of magic to mortals
- Titles: Agent

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Al has a dirty mind and spends most of his spare time seducing women or getting drunk, even doing both at the same time. This means he flirts a lot as well. Besides that, Al is a laid back person. He forever has a joke or funny story to tell.  When it comes to work, Al must be paid in order to do it. Overall he is lazy. Occasionally he’ll help his friends with any projects such as moving furniture or making house repairs for free.
- Character Likes: women, alcohol, strip clubs, parties, joking around
- Character Dislikes: come-backs, independent women, working
- Mental Traits: Al is slow when it comes to anything other than a dirty joke or sex. He also takes everything the wrong way because he has a dirty mind.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Irish, human
- Allegiance: chaotic good
- Reasons for Allegiance: Neutral is definitely not his thing, but evil is not fun. Being on the good side with all the good-looking women and parties is the way to go.

- Allies: he likes to think he does
- Enemies: most definitely, mostly “ex-girlfriends” ;  none of significant importance
- Family: living
- Friends: the group of men he works with
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- True Age: 120
- Appearance Age: mid 30’s
- Character Birthday: 05-10-1894

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: white
- Character Height: 5’9”
- Character Weight:  81.65 (180 lbs.)
- Character Hair Colour: dark brown
- Character Hair Length/ Style: short, wore in an early nineteenth century style, has somewhat of a curl to it
- Character Eye Colour: light brown
- Character Description: a bit on the heavy side, has some strength, has a bit of a beer belly, has short mutton chops
- Character Attire: a fedora and a suit

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: tolerable, suave sounding , masculine
- Speech Traits: thick Irish accent, tends to talk fast
- Languages: English ; some Gaelic, French, and Italian
- Habits: addicted to alcohol and sex, flirting, turning conversations into a perverted setting, smokes cigars sometimes
- Mannerisms: Al likes to act like a gentleman, but is not really good at it. He mostly does this to attract women. Al likes to act tough and all-knowing which is another one of his tactics, but in reality, he is a coward and is lucky he knows how to do his job.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: desktop computers
- Small Equipment: a handgun
- Pocket Items: money, cards with his number on them, a badge
- Ammunition: supplied by the Irish Sanctuary
- Weaponry: a few handguns ; supplied by the Irish Sanctuary when needed
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: owns a small house in Dublin and a car

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: navimancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: does not use his magic enough and is not powerful enough to have one
- Ability Specific Info: navimancy is  the manipulation of the energy created by the movement of electrons to create things like walls and other barriers
- Signature Ability: making barriers against doors
- Strengths: easy access to a shield or barrier, easy discipline of magic
- Weaknesses: can be energy consuming
- Training: taught from a retired sanctuary agent

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: having as many women as he can; trying to figure out how to retire early and never work again
- Minor Goals: owning a bar
- Reasoning behind goal: his addiction to sex and alcohol; also he really dislikes working
- Motivation: that he is a Sanctuary agent
- Bio:
Not much is known about Al’s early childhood. In his teenage years he did cause some trouble . He had a rich family that owned a car, and because of this he was one of the few kids to drive one at the time.  Al was known to drink and smoke at an early age, leading to constantly crash the family car. Back then Al tried to act tough and he would verbally bully younger kids. His parents just disregarded any complaints from other parents about his bulling and totally believed he did no wrong.

As far as magic goes, Al did not realize he had any magic within him until he had his first household by himself. Neither of his parents were mages and he had no clue of any family history of mages that he knew about.

In 1912, Al’s parents helped him pay for a luxurious apartment in Dublin. However within less than a year of having the apartment, his parents picked up and moved somewhere else without notifying him.  He had no money and no job, and he took the abandonment  very hard. Al had a terrible time finding a job because of his past. Finally he found employment in a factory and worked there for many years.

In the 20s, Al went on a seducing spree. He would forever visit strip clubs after work and stay up late with a different girl every night. During this time period, he began taking up a strong habit of smoking. He also found his parents, although no one ever knew the reasoning of his parent’s sudden disappearance, and convinced them to give him money. His parents bailed him out of the many troubles that he caused during their absence.

Early in the 1932, the factory he worked in closed due to a failure in keeping up with modern technology.  A couple months after this, his parents bought him a mansion and gave him a good proportion of their wealth to help him out. Al used the money to buy a strip club of his own and host huge fancy balls in his mansion. Just as he thought his life was getting better, his parents were murdered. He took this harder than when they disappeared for almost a decade. His parents left him all their money and gave the estate to a close relate. For a three years Al tried to solve his parent’s murder, but he got nowhere. He had no idea how to look for clues and he eventually ended distorting evidence for the police leaving the case to be forever open. After this, Al’s whereabouts were unknown. He rarely was seen in public and he was occasionally spotted in a few strip clubs. It was almost like he fell off the face of the Earth.

Sometime in the beginning of WWII, Al Hor had reappeared and he was horny and drunk as ever. During his time of absence he took interest in furthering  his magic. He found a retired Sanctuary agent to teach him magic. Soon Al was on his way of becoming a navimancer. Since he had a connection with this retired agent, he was offered a job in the Irish Sanctuary . It was at this point when Al wanted to start a new life. He sold his strip club and tried to get some education. Unfortunately he dropped out of college shortly after attending mostly because of the threats of suspension due to suspicious of several cases of suspected rape. However, Al was starting to make his way in life.

Unfortunately, Al spent too much money on expensive things and soon he was bankrupt. He was forced to live in a small house and live a simpler life. However, he made a few friends in his department of work within the Sanctuary. Al had gone from being rich and well known to poor and unpopular. Also on a sad note, no matter what position he was in, Al was never liked.

He went on another seducing spree in the 60s. This one was the biggest event of his life since the spree in the 20s, his parents disappearance, and their murder. Al never fully practiced his magic and was too busy to worry about.  He had many adventures in his line of work as an agent to make sure that magic did not leak into the mortal realm. He first started out investigate cases of magic used that might have threatned the exposure of magic, but he was quickly moved to a desk job where he would monitor activities. Al still was put out in the field occasionally but he usually was a last resort. Now he lives a small happy life working for the Sanctuary while continuing some old habits.

Forum Suggestions and Support / SP Quizzes
« on: June 28, 2014, 06:43:04 PM »
Well, what about SP quizzes? Maybe just trivia? Or have personality as well? Thoughts?

The Books / Thoughts on the Series
« on: June 26, 2014, 04:53:16 AM »
Well, what are your overall thoughts on the SP series? SP is coming to a close so ...

Approved Profiles / Eva Kriegstein
« on: June 24, 2014, 12:06:40 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Eva Kriegstein
- Pronunciation of the Name: ee-f-ah  k-ray-g-sh-t-i-n
- Given Name: Elsa Zimmerman
- Pronunciation of the Name: eh-l-z-uh  z-ih-m-er-m-uh-n
- Character Job: military reserve
- Titles: Major

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Eva has a dry sense of humor. She hardly cracks a slight smile and may occasionally give a small hardy chuckle. She is fun to be around and children love to look up to her as a heroine. For the most part, she is serious about almost everything and hardly says much. When Eva is with her family though, she takes on a new personality almost. She smiles more and seems like an average mother who fusses around with her children.
- Character Likes: order, hard work, combat, sticking to traditions, children, nature
- Character Dislikes: disorder, world domination, being late
- Mental Traits: Eva is very intelligent. She has a very outstanding memory of knowing who said what as well as an eidetic memory. She is able to look at enemy plans and speak and/or reproduce on paper. Eva also has a knack at analyzing a person for their personality and can easily identify disguised enemies. Although she is highly intelligent, Eva is not considered a genius.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: German, human
- Allegiance: lawful neutral
- Reasons for Allegiance: Does not believe in world domination.

- Allies: German Sanctuary, Irish Sanctuary, Australian Sanctuary
- Enemies: remaining Nazis, English Sanctuary
- Family: mother and father diseased ; her husband Volks Metzger, and her two children Kirk and Valerie
- Friends: has a few combat buddies and some local friends
- Significant Other: Volks Metzger (taken name)

Character Age
- True Age:  94
- Appearance Age: mid 20s
- Character Birthday: 11-27-1920

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: white
- Character Height: 6’ 0”
- Character Weight: 72 kg (160 lbs.)
- Character Hair Colour: medium mousy brown
- Character Hair Length/ Style: straight for the most part; usually found in a ponytail or pulled back with a ribbon
- Character Eye Colour: two-toned (light blue with a hazel ring around the iris)
- Character Description: tall, well built, somewhat skinny, big bone frame, masculine looking face, average sized breasts, quite agile, very strong
- Character Attire: military uniforms ; 40s and 50s civilian clothes (when off duty)

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: rough, serious, feminine
- Speech Traits: harsh German accent
- Languages: German (main), English (main), Latin, Italian, Japanese, French, Russian
- Habits: standing disturbingly still for a long period of time like a Cleaver ; fighting like a Cleaver
- Mannerisms: Eva always talk in a tone that a majority of people in a group with a variety of classes can understand. She also, when talking to individual people, analyzes the understanding of words and talks them in their dialect. She always keeps things short, to the point, and serious as necessary for the situation making her more of a professional type of person.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: handles large military equipment such as rifles, artillery, turrets, etc.
- Small Equipment: handles small military equipment such as handguns, explosives, knives, etc.
- Pocket Items: combat knife, a Luger, some ammo, a pocket notebook, a whistle
- Ammunition: supplied by the military
- Weaponry: rifles, machine guns, handguns, knives, stick grenades as she uses in active duty; she always uses her energized personal scythe
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: owns a comfortable cottage with a barn in the Black Forest, a few house and barn pets, co-owns a butcher shop, a few tractors and trucks, and a car

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept; had Cleaver training
- Specialization: weapon energizing
- Ability Specific Info: weapon energizing is the ability to make weapons stronger, more dangerous and better in many ways
- Signature Ability: an energized personalized scythe that she always uses in battle
- Strengths: controlling sharpness, weight, and strength of her scythe
- Weaknesses: unable to energize any other weapons
- Training: taught privately

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: prevent world domination and keep countries from forming empires that may indicate world domination
- Minor Goals: becoming a high ranking general
- Reasoning behind goal: Eva tragically lost her parents during WWII. What most spurred her on was her father’s death that Hitler’s officers had ordered for. She now wants to be part of the general ranks to make sure the military remains pure of its early Prussia history so events like WWII does not happen again.
- Motivation: her parent’s death ; her family
- Bio:
Eva Kriegstein was raised in a smaller, comfortable house surrounded by woods North of Berlin. Both of her parents were mages, but they were not interested in using magic much. They had a very small field and a raised garden that they used for a majority of their food. Also they had a few chickens and pigs that they would sell to nearby farmers for a small profit and had a goat that they used as a source for milk. Eva’s family was not poor despite raising their own food. Her father received income from serving in the military as a 2nd lieutenant and her mother brought in a small income with working in a textile factory in Berlin. Her father took up wood working and carpentry after he was relieved from duty.

Eva had a normal childhood as an only child. She spent most of her time playing with the animals and watching her parents work. When she got older, she relieved her mother of the farming work and spent most of her day tending to the animals and working in the field and garden by herself. Eventually they bought a couple of cows and a horse for her to take care of as well. Eva loved to watch her father make tables and chairs, and in no time she was taught to make small projects. Eva mostly did repairs and build small structures. Her father also allowed her to accompany him to veteran parties held for some of the major wars. He mostly attended WWI events since that was a current major war that he took part of.

Eva was at first taught magic for a short period of time. She was more interested in her work than in magic. Also, she could not choose between disciplines.

As a child, Eva mostly played by herself or with the animals. There were a few boys that occasionally she met up with and they would reenact wars and battles. When she got older, she joined the Army to fulfill her dream of becoming a soldier just like her father. Unfortunately, she joined during the rise of the Nazi Party. She did not agree to a lot of the forced practices. Both of Eva’s parents, more so her father, told her to keep her mouth shut and keep her thoughts to herself no matter how much she wanted to argue against something. Eva did what her parents told her, and what the military told her to do even if she was totally against it.

She fought in the beginning of WWII alongside her father. However, her father remained out of the action and stayed in Berlin while Eva herself was bounced around in different fronts. She had a natural talent for fighting. This helped her quickly rank up along with an excellent skill of leading units.

It was on a day when Eva, now a Sergeant 1st Class, was temporarily relieved from duty for a week when she came home to American planes bombing her house. Her father made it out, but Eva went in to retrieve her mother and found her dead. This made Eva more bitter towards the Third Reich.

She had now been promoted to Master Sergeant. Eva began supporting small groups to overthrow Hitler and quickly found herself working alongside her father in one. However, the two were separated shortly after when word was caught of her father disloyalty to the Third Reich. An order for her father’s arrest and execution was given out and one day a few fellow officers meet up with the two as they were walking along the streets of Berlin. The officers arrested Eva’s father and shot him on the spot. Then they arrested Eva and brought her in for questioning. She managed to escape and flee from Germany and into the neutral country of Switzerland. There she spent most of her time supplying Hitler assassination groups and began gathering a small army to overthrow the dictatorship; she also partook in the famous Operation Valkyrie.
While in Switzerland, Eva partially went insane. Her parents’ death and the growing corruption were too much for her to handle. She suddenly had a thirst for strength that fueled her fire in gathering forces. She was only a Master Sergeant but she preferred that the fellow refugee soldiers call her 2nd Lieutenant, in honor of her father. Eva also met a Swiss man who secretly taught her weapon energizing. She wanted to use this to help overthrow the dictatorship.

Unfortunately, the war came to a close before she had enough strength to move back into Germany. Eva hesitated a year after WWII before entering into Germany again when the Army allowed her to be directly promoted to 2nd Lieutenant. When she finally returned, she was much stressed. Her house was gone, her parents were dead, Germany was in distress with the postwar, she had nowhere to go, and now that the war is over, no job. She joined the reserves but still she found no satisfaction; she still had to find a job. Eva was on the brink of going fully insane when she found one in the German Sanctuary. She spent the next fifteen years as a Cleaver.

After her service time was up, she returned back into society and decided to restart her life again. She still remained in the reserves but spent a while looking for a career. She worked at restaurants and general stores, but did not seem to be satisfied with them. Finally she settled on a job of working on a farm in the Black Forest. It was here, in the early 70s, where she met her husband for the first time. After a few years later, Eva married a butcher, Volks Metzger. They settled somewhere in the Northern region of the Black Forest where they decided to raise their own small ranch and farm. Volks made his own butchery shop and allowed Eva to work there. They also decided to add on to the shop a general store that they could sell their own raised produce as well. Her husband worked the butchery and she oversaw the store. Eva spent more time caring for the dairy cows and the horses and worked in the fields than in the store itself. She also picked up a second job of teaching new recruits at a nearby reserve campus.

Eva still remained very active in her military duties. She loved her small farm, but nothing felt more comfortable than being around comrades. She was involved in many events and fought many battles, quickly ranking up to Major. After being a Cleaver, Eva had begun to fight only with a scythe. She was good with guns, swords, and knives all her life, but her skills at a scythe were unmatchable. She was noted to do multiple tricks while in combat that made killing enemies more creative and time passing. Some say that Eva was actually born almost as a Cleaver. She was very agile and able to use weapons very skillfully. And now that she was is a scythe, they say she is a human Cleaver.

In the mid-90s, Eva had her first child, a son, named Kirk. And then eight years later, she had a daughter they named Valerie. She raised her new family just like the way she was raised. She lived on a farm and worked like a farmer, but dressed and acted professional.

Eva now enjoys her new life. She has a loving family that she protects dearly and still partakes in military activities. She eventually gave up training recruits and began being involved in the security of the German Sanctuary where she worked with Cleavers. Now she has found a nice balance in her life of having a normal family to take care of, being in the military to defend her country, and being part of Sanctuary security making sure the magical community and the world itself remains safe.

Approved Profiles / Cathy Petri
« on: June 23, 2014, 04:45:12 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Cathy Petri
- Pronunciation of the Name: kae-thee  pee-tray
- Given Name: Agnes McMurphy
- Pronunciation of the Name: aeg-nihs   mic-mer-fee
- Character Job: magical doctor
- Titles: Doctor

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Cathy was always a serious woman. She always has to follow a specific routine. She never really had a sense of humor and hardly smiles. She always seems busy, and sometimes she really is not. Cathy seems very reclusive even though she is seen running around healing people. She tends to keep to herself.
- Character Likes: quiet, studying, books, experimenting, teaching
- Character Dislikes:  whining, disorganization, fights
- Mental Traits: Cathy is a real perfectionist. She also is very picky about things because of this. Cathy has OCD. Also, she is highly intelligent in her field.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Irish, human
- Allegiance: lawful/neutral good
- Reasons for Allegiance: Cathy never saw the point in violence and hurting people.

- Allies: N/A
- Enemies: N/A
- Family: her brother Reece ; a majority of her family is diseased
- Friends: Relics Archer, otherwise none in particular
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- True Age: 188
- Appearance Age: late 20’s
- Character Birthday: 16-01-1826

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: white
- Character Height: 5’8”
- Character Weight: 58 kg. (130 lbs.)
- Character Hair Colour: medium brown
- Character Hair Length/ Style: has a wave to it, length ends just past the shoulders; usually wears it back with a dark blue ribbon
- Character Eye Colour: hazel green
- Character Description: small busted, skinny, pale, smaller structured, fragile looking, wears glasses
- Character Attire: black skirt, white button-up professional shirt, white lab coat, black casual shoes

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: dry, professional, feminine
- Speech Traits: Irish accent
- Languages: English, Gaelic, Latin, Greek
- Habits: frequently checking on her patients a lot when on duty; always organizing files and records despite that they are already organized; happens to always use the same tone of voice
- Mannerisms: Cathy is very professional in everything. She is very thorough in her work.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: handles large medical equipment such as x-rays, CAT scans, etc.
- Small Equipment: always seen with a clipboard; handles small medical equipment such as needles, bandages, etc.
- Pocket Items: normal general tools used for her profession such as a thesascope, tongue depressors, etc.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: owns a luxurious apartment in Dublin

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Sanomancy
- Ability Specific Info: sanomancy is the ability to heal, anesthetize, and transfer wounds
- Signature Ability: pain manipulation
- Strengths: buying time for a patient
- Weaknesses: time consuming, energy consuming
- Training: Her father taught her some of the basics but mostly she Rread books about it and learned it by herself.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To try and find all the cures of all known disease as well as knowing and/or discovering all the diseases. Also, to make sure her brother is well taken care of.
- Minor Goals: To become the Head of the Medical Staff of the Irish Sanctuary.
- Reasoning behind goal: To try and reduce the confrontation people could have like the one she had with her father’s death. She also likes to see healthy people.
- Motivation: her father’s death
- Bio:

Cathy had one parent that was a mage. Her mother was a mortal while her father was an alchemist . She grew up in a manor in Ireland with her rich parents. Cathy is the younger of two children;  her older brother, Reece, was born with mental  and neurological problems.  Ever since she could remember, she always has seen her brother struggle to walk normally and fully function with his body. He never was able to learn magic due to the fact that he was severely dyslectic in learning just the academics.  Also, he had a hard time remembering things as well.  However, Reece was still able to talk but everything said back to him has to be stated in the simplest way.

Cathy and Reece were privately tutored since the family had wealth.  If she was not helping her brother around, or had her face buried in a book, Cathy was normally found with her father in one of his laboratories in the manor. He had one in the basement for highly dangerous experiments that she could never enter. However, his lab in the attic was used for safer projects and she was allowed to enter. She loved to watch him experiment with chemicals and herbs. Cathy was interested in her father’s job as a pharmacist, doctor, and chemist; he also worked as a paramedic during major wars. He owned a small pharmacist store and a small clinic where he would practice his medical career.  He had a second job with chemistry were he not only tried to help improve the medical field, but Cathy’s father also helped with the slow evolving discovery of modern chemistry. Cathy, however, was more interested in his medicine experiments more. As she got older, her father would take her to his clinic to experience the life of the doctor. Cathy immediately fell in love with it.

Overall, Cathy lived a normal life. Her mother eventually passed away from mortal aging and it was up to her to help her brother with functioning through his daily life.  She took up the study of medicine and began working as a nurse at newly built hospitals that were slowly being invented. Her dream was to be a doctor like her father and to help find treatments to aid her brother’s condition. Soon the turn of the century came and Cathy found herself working in the battle fields patching up soldiers.
WWI came and she worked alongside her father who would retrieve injured soldiers and give them to her to take care of. He also did the surgeries as well and she was one of his assistant nurses. The war ended and the two of them continued on with their medical studies.  Cathy went to school to become a doctor and then eventually worked in her father’s clinic as a fellow doctor co-worker.

Then WWII came, and the two were sent off to nonstop work again. This time Cathy’s father stuck to being a paramedic and allowed his daughter to take his place as a doctor at military clinics.

It was one day that Cathy met her tragedy. She was arriving at a POW camp where her father was to meet her and give her a group of wounded soldiers he collected that needed more medical attention. She stood in the middle of the traffic of soldiers being moved to different transport vehicles when she spotted her father’s corpse.  Two soldiers approached her and gave her her father’s dog tags and walked away in silence.

Cathy took her father’s death hard. She removed herself from the action, and dedicated her herself to studying medicine and looking after her brother. It was at this point were Cathy refused take part in any way, shape, or form of violent actions which included working in the military even though she was not part of the action. She only wanted to heal and help people. Her ultimate goal became knowing all diseases and disabilities and finding a cure for every single one. She also took up the specialization of using herbal treatments and medicines.

She began more clinics and she eventually moved into Dublin where she centered her practices. In the 60s, Cathy  applied for a job in the Irish Sanctuary. It seems like she was going against her oath of not being involved in violence, but she shrugged some of it off. There was always going to be people who were into violence and then needed help too. However, Cathy did not want to relive the intensities of a military doctor. The Sanctuary job was good enough for her and she turned over a lot of her distant clinics to other doctors. She still kept a hold of the clinics she started in Dublin but did not get involved with them anymore. She focused on her Sanctuary job where she seemed to fit in most comfortably. She was relied on to fetch injured Sanctuary personnel with fighting occurred. This was because she had the most experience of this. At first Cathy was hesitant towards it, but eventually she overcame her issues.

Cathy occasionally worked with med students on internships and she taught a few classes here and there.  It was over several decades when she obtained an apprentice named Relics Archer. She was not fond of apprentices but the girl proved her dedication to the want of medical studies. The girl, Relics, wanted to specialize in herbal medicines and ancient treatments. As time went on, Cathy took a liking to the girl and enjoyed having her as an assistant nurse for some minor surgeries. In due time, she allowed Relics to freely take care of minor injuries and sickness.

Cathy did not care to get involved in romance, as well as having no intensions of having children. Despite this, her liking to the young teenage gave her a feeling that she has a daughter. She enjoys giving her up close experiences. Cathy thought it was good for the girl to accompany her in her duty of retrieving injured Sanctuary personnel while fighting took place to give her not only a taste of doctor life, but also to quickly teach her the basics.

Besides being a doctor, Cathy also has a simple small life outside her work. She lives in her apartment taking care of her brother. When Cathy’s mother died, a maiden was hired to help her and her father take care of him. This maid had aided Cathy with caring for her brother throughout a good proportion of her life and, as well, lived with the two in Dublin.

Discussion and Planning / Sanctuary Jobs
« on: June 20, 2014, 06:45:04 PM »
What all divisions/branch/departments/careers are there in the sanctuaries? I know there are detectives, cleavers, elders, doctors, etc. But what else? Computer technicians? Agents of some sort?

Fan Fiction / Monster, How Should I Feel?
« on: June 09, 2014, 11:27:45 PM »
Surprise to those who thought I was working on Outcasted.

(click to show/hide)

Fan Fiction / Outcasted
« on: May 10, 2014, 03:34:28 AM »
Well, I still need to finish the first part, but here's a preview. It's a scene that will eventually come up in the story. And hopefully the other characters will make more sense to you as the story goes on to get to that point.

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Approved Profiles / Relics Archer
« on: April 06, 2014, 01:34:48 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Relics Archer
- Pronunciation of the Name: re-liks  ar-chur
- Given Name: Melissa McField
- Pronunciation of the Name: muh-lih-suh  mic-fi-eld
- Character Job: apprentice doctor
- Titles: N/A

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Melissa is a polite, intelligent,  sweet little girl. She tries to get along with everyone and tries to make people get along with each other. She tends to be quiet and cheerful all the time, rarely getting mad. She tends to cry instead of being angry. She is responsible and acts more like an adult for her age. She always sees the bright side of things and is always willing to help. Melissa for the most part is a pacifist, however she does believe in some conflict but it is mostly for defense.
- Character Likes: reading, baking, music, archery, nature, animals, children, etc.
- Character Dislikes: modern music, modern clothes, most modern things, bullying, violence, world domination
- Mental Traits: She can tolerate almost all kinds of personalities in a very calm manner. She is a fast learner, and is somewhat observant than most people. She is able to read and pick up on things the first time through.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Irish, human
- Allegiance: neutral good
- Reasons for Allegiance: She  always wanted to help people. Also, she hates evil and corruption.

- Allies: the Irish Sanctuary, the German Sanctuary
- Enemies: N/A
- Family: mother, father, Uncle Ryley
- Friends: Doctor Cathy Petri, Sapphire Knifepoint, and Flint Deadshot; many other friends as well
- Significant Other: has a crush on a boy at an orphanage she regularly visits

Character Age
- True Age: 14
- Appearance Age: 14
- Character Birthday: 09-21-99

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Color/Ethnicity: white
- Character Height: 5’6”
- Character Weight: 49.90 kg (110lbs.)
- Character Hair Color: naturally bright red-orange
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- Character Hair Length/ Style: long and straight with a wave to it, ends at mid back; occasionally worn back
- Character Eye Color: medium brown
- Character Description: skinny, high cheek bones, some freckles under her eyes, small busted, has a runner’s body, not muscular, has a faded scar on left forearm
- Character Attire: mostly jeans, a sweater or long sleeve shirt, boots, and a brown hooded burlap cape

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: soft, light feminine
- Speech Traits: Irish accent, prefers to speak with proper grammar
- Languages: English, Gaelic
- Habits: tends to read too much, collects to many books than space she can store them, asks many questions on things that is not literature or magic
- Mannerisms: Melissa likes to help people no matter how little or big the problem may be. She is noted for not only her unwavering content mood, but also her politeness. She tends to play with her hair a lot. She always has to complete a task fully.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: bow and arrow, crossbow, quiver
- Small Equipment: knives
- Pocket Items: small foldable knife, some magical healing herbs, a small book of magic
- Ammunition: an abundant amount of various arrows
- Weaponry: Normally seen with a bow and a quiver containing about a dozen of arrows when not seen in public. Normally carries her foldable knife with her when going out in the woods or on risky calls with Doctor Petri.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: magical healing herbs
- Other: owns a few pets, herb garden

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Elemental
- Specialization: strongest element is water
- Signature Ability: able to make puddles of water almost anywhere she goes for healing purposes
- Strengths: being easily accessible
- Weaknesses: the water to be soaked up or unable to stay in a puddle, unable to conjure a puddle depending on some surface, able to concentrate in hard situations such as fights
- Training: taught privately

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To become a magical medical doctor specializing in herbal treatments; to help people and animals.
- Minor Goals: To become a veterinarian.
- Reasoning behind goal: Ever since she was a kid, Melissa always wanted to help those in need and wants to try and eliminate evil and corruption that cause everyone harm.
- Motivation: her positive attitude
- Bio:
   Melissa was born to a Literature/Theological Professor and a musician in the Republic of Ireland. She grew up in a small quiet city in a large apartment. As a toddler, she spent some time in her father’s study where he would often read to her classical tales and fables. When she got older, her mother began teaching her music. Melissa enjoyed sitting near the harp when her mother would play and she would watch in intently; shortly, she was taught to play the harp. She also enjoyed watching her mother sway while playing the violin. However, Melissa decided to learn the flute instead.
   Her parents owned a small store that sold fresh produce that her Uncle Ryley grew and delivered to them as well as locally homemade products. A little after school sometimes and in the summer, she would help her parents run the store by stocking up the shelves and unloading the deliveries. However, she spent more time at her uncle’s than in the store. When she became strong enough, Melissa was allowed to help her Uncle Ryley with shepherding. She and the dogs were always there to herd the sheep in and out of pastures; when her uncle would shear, she was there to try and calm the sheep so he could easily complete the task.
   Melissa basically half lived with her Uncle Ryley. She would always escape out to the tree line, watching the sheep, and read under a tree in the hot summers. When it would rain, she would take up her reading in the rafters above in the barns, nestled in the hay. If she wasn’t reading, she was found roaming the woods, frolicking among the animals, or playing her harp that her mother bought for her to keep at her uncle’s. Eventually her Uncle Ryley taught her how to raise a garden.
   Another thing her uncle taught her was archery. She loved it as well and was naturally good at it. During her first phase of training, Melissa sometimes would hold her arm in too close in the firing line and the arrow would scrap against her. She had layers of skin ripped off multiple times until she learned how to hold the bow correctly. After the hard part of newly learning it, she quickly advanced in archery. However, she still carries around the scar that reminds her of the first times shooting arrows.
   Both of Melissa’s parents were Elemental mages while her Uncle Ryley did not wish to practice magic. Before she started to go to school, her mother and father taught her the basics. As time went on, they eventually hired a private tutor to teach her Elemental magic since her father was busy at the university and her mother with performing in Celtic festivals and concerts. Melissa loved it. As she grew older, she found a secret spot in her uncle’s woods to make a little garden filled with magical healing herbs. She wanted it hidden just in case something happened so that the herbs could not be destroyed in a time of need; Melissa was well informed of what could happen to her since she became part of the magical community.
   She progressed in her magical studies at a normal pace. She really wanted to get involved with the community, and she wanted to help others with her magic. When she just started her lessons, Melissa wanted to use magic to heal people; she wanted to become a doctor for the Irish Sanctuary. Her parents were sat down with the teacher and they talked about what would be good to help her get an early start on her future. That’s when secret orphanages for children mages began to flourish. The agreement between her parents and the teacher was for Melissa to go around and help the problem children. Melissa loved the idea and could not wait to begin. She soon found herself in a small orphanage that newly opened down the street from her house. She would help keep the kids active by teaching them to play old favorite Irish games. She also helped with making the stubborn little toddlers eat their meals, resolve fights over toys, and even putting hyper children to bed. It was a challenge Melissa loved to take and she never lost patience with any of the kids.
   However, there problem was to find a taken name. Melissa was not really much involved in the magical community. She would only work at the orphanage and come home and learn magic. That was all of her involvement. Her teacher told her she needed to pick a name, but Melissa struggled to find one.
   After spending much time in the orphanage and bettering herself in magic, her teacher finally got her to be an apprentice to a doctor in the Irish Sanctuary named Cathy Petri. Melissa was so excited. She was warned severely by both her teacher and master that she had to pick a name. Until she did, Melissa could only work in the Medical Bay at the Sanctuary. It was not until one day while practicing archery when it hit her. She looked at her personalized bow etch with ancient Celtic symbols before holding it up and drew back the arrow. She let go, allowing the arrow to glide to its target. It hit the bull’s eye and she lowered the bow and took a deep breath. Relics Archer. She finally found it.
   The next day she introduced herself to Doctor Petri and eventually to her teacher. Soon she was able to be taken out with the doctor to retrieve and treat injured Sanctuary personnel. Melissa quickly learned that she needed to have some sort of protection since some of the situations involved agents and detectives fighting the people they were to arrest or assassinate. She thought of using her magic, but she vowed she would only use it for good. So, she decided to use her bow and arrows.
   Now Melissa works as an apprentice to a mage doctor for the Irish Sanctuary and at the orphanage. She enjoys every minute of it. She hopes that someday she would be able to be one of the most reliable magical medical doctors known in at least in Ireland.

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I'm retrying this only because I was sort of talked into this. Here's a warning though: I follow one of the few ... I guess you can say ... rps that I developed in my mind. If you don't like that I always have my character(s) in the stories or one the settings I use then I don't recommend reading. I somewhat use fanfiction as a source of therapy (even though I don't particularly like writing).

Anyways, I'll only be posting short stories on this thread. I will update this specific post with what I have completed of the longer stories and have links to them that I have posted. Below is the current list of long stories completed:


Monster, How Should I Feel?


Short stories coming soon: A Restless Night   and   Random Online Chat Conversation 4    and    Children Attacking Gretel Scenes    and    Gretel's Alice Encounters    and    Night Frghts

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