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Discussion and Planning / Of Sanctuaries and Dark Sorcerers.
« on: April 16, 2017, 03:11:45 PM »
A link to the master post for reference

Right, are you comfortable? nope not completely retiring
I shall preface with, this is not a gripe towards anyone, but it is more a prod towards to Plot Masters, and a message to both PMs and regular users alike.
In my time, I have seen the RP in many forms, and seen many different groups in charge. I've watched it as two role plays that collapsed into one and a new RP rose from that and watched it expand to what it is now.
As it is now, I feel like it's lost it's original purpose. Yes it's an open world where you can do what you want within the confines of the rules. but it feels like that central core is being neglected. And by that I pointing to what is in the link above (because I couldn't quote it). The Sanctuaries vs Dark Sorcerers. I feel like that aspect to everything isn't as well known of the the current generation here, or is kinda pushed to the side. Since the merger, I've taken that aspect on. Even outside of PM-ing I have taken that as a plot I have been working on myself for a couple of years now.
My point towards the Plot Masters and the organizing side being: The Sanctuaries aren't my thing. It's everyone's. I believe they, and the Dark Sorcerers, should be more of a focus, rather than just another side thing. And that a number of Sanctuaries are still uncompleted after the merger, (I've got 3 and it feels like too much and I don't want to do it all), and it doesn't seem like the current PMs are aware, or invested into this side of it.
My point towards RP-ers in any form: Is that this exists, basically.
I also propose that there be a forum-wide plot that involves the original setting of the RP with Dark Sorcerers and the like. Big plots like that are, admittedly difficult to organize, but when pulled off, would be an experience for the people involved.

Archived Profiles / Arnos Elen
« on: November 29, 2016, 05:13:45 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Arnos Elen.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ahr-nos Ay-len.
- Given Name: Lokun
- Pronunciation of the Name: Lowe-ken
- Character Job: -
- Qualifications: -
- Titles: The Ascendant Slayer (lost); Oran Warden (pseudonym);

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: A long time ago, Arnos was an inquisitive person, who wondered who things worked, including magic, and the nature of magic. He sought the powerful and wisest bearer of knowledge alive. He sought answers from the Mage of Darkness, a Faceless Worshipper, a mage of extreme power but frailty in body. He manipulated Arnos to do his bidding, and turned the curious young mage into a dark mage with a lust for power and a penchant for manipulating those around him.
Arnos is set in his dark goals of wiping the world clean and ushering in the restoration of the Faceless Ones. He is opposed to Sanctuaries and governance and seeks to bring them down for his vision.
Arnos knows what strings to pull to get people to do what he wants. This is helped by his Image. But a lot his down to charisma and charm. Any niceness he puts on is fake. This facade can be dropped in an instant and turn threatening and menacing when he is angered. When alone, he is stoic, preferring not to talk, even to himself. To pass the time, when not delved into his machinations, he is meditating, engrossed in his own mind and thoughts, yet also reading the magic in the world around him. He resides in isolation, and is completely accustomed to this. He recognises and understands emotion in others, even if he consciously chooses to avoid such matters for himself.
He is prone to hyperbole. And will often overestimate his power and reach, especially when threatening another individual.
Arnos does not like to put more effort into something than he deems worth it. Because of this, he will fight an opponent on their level, believing them not worthy for a show of power.
His goal is one that requires secrecy on his part, for his identity. For this and the reason directly above, he believes his powers must be kept hidden from the world.
- Character Likes: Silence; destruction; challenges; planning.
- Character Dislikes: Organised Sanctuaries; outgoing people; attention seeking.
- Mental Traits: Patient; manipulating; thinker.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Human; Scandinavian.
- Alignment: Chaotic Evil.
- Allegiance: Himslef, Dark Sorcerers.
- Reasoning: He desires to return to Faceless Ones and rule the chaos they will bring.

- Allies: Other Dark Sorcerers.
- Enemies: Sanctuaries.
- Family: -
- Friends: -
- Significant Other: Once, long ago.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 1167.
- Appearance Age: True: Impossible to determine due to inhuman appearance, young, but there is an age to it. Image: Late Thirties.
- Character Birthday: 13-03.
- Gender: Male.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour:
True: His skin has a light grey hue.
Image: Caucasian.
- Character Height: 182 cm.
- Character Weight: 76 kg.
- Character Hair Description:
- Colour:
True: White.
Image: Black, with grey streaks.
- Length/Style:
Arnos's hair is cut shorter at the back and sides, with a fade, and longer at the top (about 3 inches), and brushed to the right, and slightly forward. His hair itself is thick and coarse, which allows it to stick up slightly at the base, though the weight of the hair pulls the ends down.
 Style does not change between his Image and True appearance.
- Character Eye Description:
Blue. #0404B4. In the right light, usually when the sun shines directly on them, his eyes look like they're flecked with gold throughout the blue iris.
- Character Description:
Arnos has a distinct inhuman appearance of grey-tinted skin, white hair and a circular pentagram of symbols on his back and chest. He has defined muscles and is hairless. In the face department, he has defined jaw and cheek bones, and large eyes. His Image face has a constant lined, almost grimaced look to it. This is because his maintaining his Image constantly causes him a burning pain in his chest.
When using his image, his skin changes to a more normal tanned caucasian tone.
He shows confidence in the way he holds himself. He always tries to maintains good posture.

- Character Attire: Generally, he will wear a suit, white shirt, always with a black or white waistcoat. Black pants, shoes, and jacket the same colour as his trousers. He varies the colour, from black, to white, to blue, or pinstripes.
When residing in his temple home, he goes barefoot, with black track pants, a white long sleeve shirt, and a thick hooded robe left open at the front.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: orotund baritone.
- Speech Traits: He doesn't have a really noticeable accent, there is a slight refined pronunciation English accent, but not so noticeable that it stands out to people. When he's angry, he raises his voice a large degree, and can be very intimidating to people.
- Languages: English, Latin.
- Habits: Due to his age, he has certain ways he does everything. If it has been the most efficient method for him, so he will stick to that.
- Mannerisms: Doesn't get physically close to people. Avoids contractions in speech. Copies others motions and instinctively mirrors certain social behaviors, as to make other more comfortable around him, and to give himself a positive disposition towards them.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Weaponry: -
- Ammunition: - 
- Pocket Items: Phone. 
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:

Locket of Imagery:
(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Eye of the Faceless One.
(click to show/hide)

Lance of Thralls.
(click to show/hide)

Key of Detachment:
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- Other:
Located an hour outside of Prague, and away from visitors. Arnos updated this temple from the previous ownership. He gave it modern upgrades, in throughout the 20th and 21st centuries. It has magical protections in place, as it is a centre of dark energy. For other people, it has an uneasy feel to it, but it has an attraction for those who relish that feel.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Caelomancer/Continuum.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Standard Caelomancy IM, gravity warps slightly around him.
- Ability Specific Info: He can manipulate space and gravity.
- Magical Abilities: Due to the extreme nature of the discipline, Arnos had to be prepared for it by his former master. Through a series of symbols, his magic energies are constantly charging, and faster than it does naturally, meaning he can use Continuum normally. But because of this, he has an unnatural appearance, which must be masked. The nature of it means it is painful to use.
Due to his experience, he is a powerful mage, knowing many creative and devastating uses of his powers. A brutal tactic of his is to create a singularity inside of an enemy, killing them instantly. He can make someone's bones so heavy they fall out of their skin or crushed inside of them.
Arnos can use Distortion to create pocket dimensions, where he stores the Lance. He can use Distortion for travel around a battlefield, but generally not as casual travel. From experience, and his modifications, he has a sixth sense for magical energy, he can get a feeling when there is a large scale disturbance.
- Physical Abilities: He is not much of a physical fighter, preferring not to engage in close combat.
- Strengths: Very powerful discipline with devastating abilities. Powerful items.
- Weaknesses: Using his natural magic is taxing, and he cannot use it if he desires to hide his appearance. Vulnerable to close quarters fighting. Fights opponents on their level.
- Training: Taught by his former master.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Return the Faceless Ones to this world through the Marquis Oak.
- Minor Goals: Locate the Soul Catcher with his former master's soul in it, locate his tomb, locate the Five Relics. Disrupt the Sanctuaries. Maintain secrecy in the above.
- Motivation: He distrusts a united magical community against his religion.
- Bio:

The Church:

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(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

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Current Time:
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The Marquis Oak and the Five Relics:
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The Lance of Thralls:
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The Eye of the Faceless:
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The Key of Detachment:
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The Rift:
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The Void/The Crown of Demons:
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Archived Profiles / Valentine Sands -- Prime Detective of Argentina.
« on: August 10, 2016, 01:05:16 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Valentine Sands
- Pronunciation of the Name: Vay-len-tine Sahnd-s
- Given Name: Gabriel de la Cruz
- Pronunciation of the Name: Gay-bree-el deh lah Cruh-z
- Character Job: Prime Detective of the Argentine Sanctuary. Leader of the Unique Operations Team.
- Qualifications: -
- Titles: The Immortal. Prime Detective.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: He brings a stoic presence to almost everything in his life. He shows very little emotion, barely reacting to things. It is rare to see him surprised by anything. Or if he was, he wouldn’t show it. He feels it is a weakness if he does. His driving factor is his job, and the thrill he gets from battle, and arresting mages. His eagerness to fight, and his skills, have given him a reputation. He is very intelligent, in a logical way. He thinks everything through tactically, especially battles.
He hates being in enclosed places, or being in the same spot, or position, for too long. This comes from the time he spent as a prisoner, and being tortured during said imprisonment.
He is angry at everything, and is quite the sadist. He gets enjoyment from seeing the people he thinks are bad put into prison, and from having a job well done, and winning. He sees investigations as a game, and a puzzle to solve, even though he doesn’t care about the consequences of the crime, or what happens to others in the process.
He likes to keep himself occupied, usually by way of investigating something, be it a criminal, or just reading, or working out tactics.
He does not like having emotional attachments to people. There are people that he respects, but there is no one he can say that he loves.
He seeks revenge against the people who captured and tortured him, this is something that drives him to keep going, and that when he does that he can finally feel free and like he belongs.
He adheres to a strict routine when he can, waking up at a certain time (though he always sleeps poorly), and always making sure his sleeping area is neat.
He has a strained relationship with his brother. He loathes Lorn for not getting him out of prison, but he also respects Lorn for his intelligence and power.
- Character Likes: Fighting; Investigations; winning.
- Character Dislikes: closed in spaces; being stuck somewhere; physical contact.
- Mental Traits: Apathetic; logical.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human.
- Ethnicity: Argentine/Spanish.
- Nationality: Argentine.
- Alignment: Lawful Good.
- Allegiance: The Argentine Sanctuary.
- Reasoning: The Sanctuary employs him, and aids him. He feels to particular loyalty to any particular member. Though it is not in his best interests to betray them.

- Allies: The Sanctuary.
- Enemies: -
- Family: His brother, Lorn Convergence, one of the Elders.
- Friends: -
- Significant Other:

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 143.
- Appearance Age: mid-twenties. 
- Character Birthday: 23-04.
- Gender: Male.

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Caucasian – Pale.
- Height: 184 cm.
- Weight: 74 kgs.
- Hair Description: Black. Cut to eyebrow level, it has the same length all over. His hair goes over his ears, but is shorter at the nape.
- Eye Description: Amber coloured.
- Facial Details: Thin, and gaunt. He always has a tired look to him, with darker rings around his eyes. Small, straight nose, and thin lips.
- Physical Appearance: He is skinny, but not bony. Scars cover his torso, souvenirs from his torture.
- Attire: His main clothing of choice, is a suit. White shirt, black jacket, black pants, and a black tie. He wears this when working. Outside the office, he removes the jacket and tie.
When in battle, he wears a black custom Cleaver uniform. He has personally customised his with symbols to improve its defensive capabilities. He has a design on it to mark him as Prime Detective.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Soft, but harsh sounding.
- Speech Traits: slight Spanish accent
- Languages: English, Spanish.
- Habits: He fidgets when sitting still.
- Mannerisms: He slouches almost all the time, except when fighting. He adheres to strict routines when he can.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Weaponry:
He takes a cleaver scythe into battle.
He carries a revolver around with him.
- Ammunition: Spare bullets for his gun (3x6) and 6 pre-loaded.
- Pocket Items: Phone; Sanctuary ID; fake civilian police ID; wallet.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: His Linking Device; a silver crucifix necklace. A Sanctuary Cleaver uniform with his rank on it, for battle.
- Other: Owns an apartment in the Sanctuary Town.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept.
- Specialization: Mystical Arts – Healing.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: When under extreme emotional and physical strength, he can access minor abilities from the other Arts. His hair begins to turn white, and his body has a golden glow. Healing time is increased.
- Ability Specific Info: He can channel energy from another dimension to heal his own body, provided he has contact with his Linking Device.
- Magical Abilities: He has incredible healing ability. By channelling energy from another dimension, he can heal himself. Even serious injuries can be healed quickly. Provided he has a moment for this to happen. The cleaner the injury, the quicker this can happen. For example, a bullet would with an entry/exit point that doesn’t damage any major bits can take about 20-30 seconds to heal, or longer, depending on his concentration. Messy injuries can take him a long time to heal, if they aren’t fatal. Same with major organs. They can be healed, provided he does not die during the process. Decapitation, or brain damage cannot be reversed. He is resistant to illness and the like.
When in IM, he has access to minor abilities from the other Arts.
- Physical Abilities: He is trained in close-combat, as well as being proficient with many weapons.
- Strengths: His healing ability, killing him requires effort. Proficient close combat fighter. Tactical knowledge. Ferocity in battle.
- Weaknesses: No magical attacks to rely on.
- Training: Taught himself the discipline while imprisoned. Weapons training through various means.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Seek revenge on his torturers so he can feel at ease.
- Minor Goals: Complete any investigation set to him. Because it is his job and it gives him a purpose.
- Motivation: When he removes his torturers from the world, he can finally begin to feel like he belongs.
- Bio:
Born into a magical family that moved from Spain to join Araya in the new Sanctuary. He had an older brother, and a younger sister. The family had an important place in the Sanctuary, and was often involved in the War. Through his childhood he was educated about the mortal and magical worlds, and was in the process of choosing his discipline. He was always a studious and intelligent person.
When he was 16, his father and sister were killed in the War, and his mother was missing. His older brother raised him, but Lorn was becoming an important mage in his own right, well into his research into the origins and definitions of magic.
When he was 18, he was captured by Mevolent’s forces. And imprisoned because of his family. Because of his discipline, his captors soon worked out that he could heal himself, and would be useful for torture.
It was publically known that he was being tortured, and would continue to be until either the Sanctuary surrendered, or Lorn paid the ransom.
He would continue to be tortured, and every time, he would heal himself to full health and the torture would begin anew. He managed to keep sane, by retreating into his own mind, where he created his own worlds to keep himself amused.
His torture continued until the War ended. Although it did ease up as his captors began to lose the War, and only kept him out of amusement.
The War ended, and the prison was liberated.
He was brought back to the Sanctuary. Lorn and Araya noticed his talents, and decided to put him in the team formed to hunt down war criminals. Araya noticed he had a certain knack or hunting someone down, and how he threw himself into battle. He became the detective of the group, and as the amount of war criminals dwindled, he was promoted to Prime Detective, and put in charge of the team, after a restructure of the team.

- Additional Notes:

Archived Profiles / Corona Dinora - Argentine Elder
« on: August 01, 2016, 06:38:12 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Corona Dinora
- Pronunciation of the Name: Cor-oh-nah Dee-nohr-ah
- Given Name: Catalina Barret (Cat)
- Pronunciation of the Name: Cat-ah-leen-ah Bahr-ret
- Character Job: Elder of the Argentine Sanctuary. Former/Part-Time member of the Unique Operations Unit.
- Qualifications:
- Titles: Elder.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ever since she became an Elder, she has taken to hiding emotions behind a façade of indifference. To not allow people to use her emotions against her, and because she has lost anyone she feels she can truly trust. When Grand Mage Araya died, sacrificing himself, she felt that she lost her last friend, and feels that fate has treated her unfairly.
She does a lot out of spite, or to prove people wrong. She accepted the position as Elder because as a child, her father said she would never amount to anything. Some people said that as a young female Elder, she would take the Sanctuary to ruin, but wants to prove them wrong, and increase it’s already mighty strength.
She doesn’t trust people easily, in a personal way, due to her childhood. She does not feel comfortable in relationships, or getting too close to someone.
The person she got closest to in her life, was Grand Mage Araya, who she seen as a replacement father figure. This was until he died. After his death, she has felt more sensitive to death, and more willing to protect people from harm. Although in battle she will kill if it is in defence of herself or others. However she will try to find other alternatives.
She has a natural hate for vampires, and does not believe a vampire can have any redeeming qualities. She wants revenge against her vampire father, and his group of vampires.
She can come across as quite sarcastic to those who don’t know her well. Because she doesn’t like answering questions with a seemingly obvious answer. But she cares about the Sanctuary and the people in it.
Cat is a surprisingly good leader. Hard working, and always looking for ways to better things, and is well liked by people in the magical community.
- Character Likes: Archery; cooking; rabbits; long car rides.
- Character Dislikes: vampires; corruption; being manipulated; swimming.
- Mental Traits: slow to trust; has a habit of bottling up emotions.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human.
- Ethnicity: Anglo/Spanish
- Nationality: Argentinian.
- Alignment: Neutral Good.
- Allegiance: The Argentine Sanctuary.
- Reasoning: She believes in doing good for the world, just doesn’t believe that the rules are always the right way to do things.

- Allies: The Sanctuary; Elizabeth Meredith
- Enemies: -
- Family: -
- Friends: (ex)Grand Mage Araya
- Significant Other: -

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 323
- Appearance Age: early-twenties
- Character Birthday: 02-01.
- Gender: Female

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Caucasian, lightly tanned.
- Height: 170cms.
- Weight: 71kgs.
- Hair Description: neck-length black hair, worn either clipped back, or with a chin length fringe over her left eye.
- Eye Description: Light blue. Sometimes bloodshot, due to her dog allergies.
- Facial Details: Round, with full lips and a straight, small nose. She has an absent look about her when she is thinking about a subject.
- Physical Appearance: She has an hourglass shaped body, with wide hips and a medium bust. She is well built, muscle wise, from her discipline.
- Attire: In battle, she wears a black uniform made from the same material as Cleaver clothing, but with the Sanctuary logo on the back, and a mark showing her Elder status.
When on formal sanctuary business, she dresses neatly, but not overly formal. Usually wearing black stockings under a grey mid-thigh length skirt with low cut flat boots. Sleeveless button-up shirt with a leather jacket, or knee-length trench coat or Sanctuary robes.
All other times she wears plain jeans, combat boots, and t-shirts.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: soft, modulated.
- Speech Traits: -
- Languages: English, Spanish.
- Habits: Has a light smoking habit.
- Mannerisms: -

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Weaponry:
No magical attributes. She does not carry it around with her. 166 cms in length, made of yew. It has a draw strength of 190lbs, her discipline gives her the strength to use a bow of this draw weight while maintaining accuracy. The string is made of hemp. When not in use, she keeps in unstrung and in storage.
- Ammunition: 24 arrows (spares located at her personal range at the sanctuary)
- Pocket Items: Phone (card, money, ID, in case)
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: -
- Other: Owns a house within the Sanctuary.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept.
- Specialization: Provectimancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: During IM, it is as if the world around her moves slower, allowing her to react faster. Her senses are also increased.
- Ability Specific Info: Her discipline gives her increased agility, strength, and instinct beyond that of any mortal. She can also sense vampires from up to a kilometre away.
- Magical Abilities: Can sense vampires up to a kilometre away.
- Physical Abilities: Increased agility, strength, dexterity, and instincts from her discipline. They are equal to that of a vampire, if not better, through training.
- Strengths: Very good physical fighter, weapons that use her physical prowess.
- Weaknesses: vulnerable to magic attacks, and fights in small spaces.
- Training: Trained by Grand Mage Araya.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Grow the Sanctuary further because it is her home; prove her doubters wrong; kill her father.
- Minor Goals: Start trusting people, maybe have a relationship one day and to leave the Elder position at to be normal.
- Motivation: Her vampire father was abusive and made her feel worthless, and she wants to prove herself.
- Bio:
When she was 7, while her father was travelling home from his work, he was attacked and bitten by a notorious vampire of the time, who had dubbed himself the Vampire King. Her father went missing for a week, but when he returned to his family, he killed Cat’s mother in front of her.
For the next 8 years, he abused her physically and verbally. He never bit her though, and kept his vampire form hidden away (by going out at night with the Vampire King). The entire time, she developed magical abilities, but they were unrefined.
The Vampire King was hunted down and killed by Araya and a group of English mages. Cat’s father escaped the hunt, however.
Araya fostered Cat, taking her to Argentina with him. She lived in Sanctuary and was taught magic.
She had her Surge, and developed Provectimancy abilities. She also chose her own name: Corona Dinora. She still sometimes uses the name Cat though.
Araya kept her away from the War, when she was there.
Due to a few deaths over the War, she eventually was put in charge of managing the city when Araya was away.
When the War ended, Araya put in a unit of mages that hunted down the most notorious criminals and responded to the most serious of threats. She was only a part-time member, as Araya did not let her go on every mission. She was made Elder 20 years after the war ended, with the retirement of the previous Elder. This was not a popular appointment. While she was well liked by the majority of the mage population, there were certain circles that did not approve of her in that role, due to her background, age, and gender. She also retired from the Unique Operations Team after her appointment, and would only assist in the most serious of threats. Such as the most recent Dark Sorcerers assault.
Recently, Araya was killed, sacrificing himself to protect a Sanctuary secret. This left Cat devastated, and a hole in the Sanctuary leadership.

- Additional Notes:
Her vampire father, is in fact already dead. She does not know this. (may relate back to a future character)

Discussion and Planning / Argentine Sanctuary
« on: July 20, 2016, 08:36:29 AM »
Is on offer to anyone worthy of holding it. I kinda have it, but I thought it'd be better to not have a ridiculous number of sanctuaries/area.

Post below if you want it and whatever plan you have, and I, with the other PM's, will work out who to give it to. glhf.

Approved Profiles / Elizabeth Astra Meredith
« on: July 11, 2016, 01:25:41 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Elizabeth Astra Meredith
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ee-liz-ah-beth Az-strah Mer-e-dith
- Given Name: Thea Miles.
- Pronunciation of the Name: The-ah My-luls
- Character Job: Store worker.
- Qualifications: -
- Titles: -

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: 
She is outgoing, and enjoys being out among other people, especially if she knows them. As she also despises being lonely, not being by herself, but feeling like she is the only one around.
She is curious, and likes to find out whatever she can about something. Such as finding out more about magic. Which is why she attends what essentially be classes arranged by the Australian Sanctuary. She feels an innate draw to magical objects, which is how she found a magical artefact in a store, and then the classes.
She is into things that are different from the general social normality. Such as alternative fashion and the like. She does not feel this makes her superior to others. She does feel morally above criminals and no-good-doers.
She enjoys living in an urban environment, having everything central.
She has a cynical sense of humour, and has to filter what she says sometimes. Her jokes can be brutal when she wants to. Apart from this, she is optimistic and calm about things, liking to believe that things can and will be better.
Because of her origins, she has no memory of Ancient times, but she has a nagging feeling, a sense, in the back of her mind that there is something a lot more out there and around her, or sometimes, about her.
She feels like an outcast from others. Not only from the mortal world, but sometimes from the magical community, as she has been described as 'exceptional' in how her magic has progressed, but she does not feel exceptional. She wants to find her place in the world and not have to feel different because of being a necromancer, or being exceptional or dangerous or whatever.
- Character Likes: Rock music; playing guitar; being out in public; concerts;
- Character Dislikes: Loneliness; being put down; others being put down;
- Mental Traits: Curious; optimistic;

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Human (Ancient), Australian.
- Alignment: Lawful Good.
- Allegiance:  -
- Reasoning: She believes in doing good in the world.

- Allies: The Adelaide magical community and Australian Sanctuary
- Enemies: -
- Family: -
- Friends: Lorn Convergence.
- Pets: Her white cat, Zero.
- Significant Other: She has had a few flings, but no current Significant Other.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 21; many thousands for her Ancient age.
- Appearance Age: 18.
- Character Birthday: 18-11.
- Gender: Female.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Caucasian, slightly tanned more so on her arms, shoulders and legs.
- Character Height: 167 cm.
- Character Weight: 67 kg.
- Character Hair Colour: Dirty blonde.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Mid back length, and mid face length down the temples, and eyebrow length down the forehead. Varying styles, depending on activity. Favourite general style is the fringe with her hair hanging loose at the back.
- Character Eye Colour: Blue.
- Character Description: She has a fit body, but not to the level of a professional athlete, c cup breasts. She moves gracefully. Oval shaped face, with fine features. When going out, she wears make-up, with red lipstick.
- Character Attire: In sunny weather, she wears knee/mid-thigh length dresses with flats generally. Her favourite being a red/white polka dot one. Or she will wear denim shorts with a tank top. In cooler weather, she wears skinny jeans in a dark colour with boots that go up just past her ankles. With dark coloured sweaters and a short cut parade style jacket. Sometimes she swaps the jeans for skirts and knee socks.

(click to show/hide)

(click to show/hide)

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Appealing, silvery, soft.
- Speech Traits: -
- Languages: English.
- Habits: Taps the rhythm of the song stuck in her head.
- Mannerisms: -

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Weaponry: -
- Ammunition:
- Pocket Items: Phone, credit card, keys, id.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:
- Other: An small apartment in the center of Adelaide

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Necromancer.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes. When on the verge of dying, her Ancient necromancer side appears. She gains memories of Ancient times, but has no memory of this afterwards. Her abilities also gain an immense boost. This only lasts until the adrenaline from dying wears off and she calms down, which is only minutes at the most. When in IM she is much more angrier and has more of a bloodlust, not for a desire to kill, but for survival and safety. She has no memories of being in IM.
- Ability Specific Info: Control of shadows.
- Magical Abilities: She is a naturally powerful necromancer. Being a reincarnation of the OG necromancer, her abilities are above the majority of necromancers, but are unrefined, she is not technically proficient, and while her moves are creative, an experienced opponent could easily spot openings.
Her signature move, is to create a creature out of shadows, or multiple creatures, depending on size, and her state of mind. The calmer, the more powerful she will be. Particular examples include creating a wolf out of shadows; creating a murder of crows out of shadows; a mountable horse. Another ability is to create a large arm out of shadows, for reach, and to grab things.
When in IM, her powers gain an incredible boost, in sheer power, but also in variety in her attacks.
She can Shadow-Walk, but doing this she leaves a trail of shadows as she moves to the destination.
- Physical Abilities: She knows basic self-defence, but is not a physical fighter by any means.
- Strengths: IM. Mid-range attacks. Naturally good at the discipline, already above average in power.
- Weaknesses: Physical fights. Opponents that are more experienced.
- Training: Taught by mentors from the Sanctuary.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Learn more about the magical world. Find her place in the world as she feels she doesn't really belong yet.
- Minor Goals: Survive. Become a skilled musician. (to give her a reason, ambition, and passion).
- Motivation: She knows that there is a lot to find out about, and sees it as an escape from the regular world.
- Bio:
Thea was the daughter of the Ancient Necromancer mage. Born during the dying days of the Ancients. To protect her, Thea’s soul was put into The Stream. Set to return to the same bloodline at a time of ‘peak of the necromancer magic’, or when the discipline would be considered its strongest and most tumultuous. Her soul came to rest in the child born, then named Thea Miles.
She was born into a normal family living in the suburbs of Adelaide. The only daughter to her mother. They lived a standard, lower-middle class life. Her father went missing before she was born, kidnapped or killed for ‘Sanctuary Business’ was all she knows.
Magic was kept unknown to Thea, but mages were friends with her mother, after Thea’s dad. In particular Convergence.
As a child, she was never deeply involved with others socially. She got along well but never fitted into any ‘clique’.
She went through primary school and high school unawares of magic. But when she was 18. Her mother succumbed to a magical disease she was not aware of that was crippling her.
Convergence, being friends with her mother, decided that she would be introduced to magic, and taught it at the Sanctuary. They got her a job in a sanctuary music store and the magic classes, along with her living arrangements. She has been noted as a natural by those with her. Because of this, and her heritage. Magical creatures are attracted to her. Like a magnet to metal. This also extends to other mages who get a sense of her power. Due to the isolated location she is in this does not happen all too often. But can and has happened.

Character Indices / Character Index of Sargey
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The Archive / Russian Sanctuary
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The Russian Sanctuary

Grand Mage: Doctor Savely Kozlov
Elder: Nat Hyber.

Prime Detective:
Head Gaoler:
Head Artificer and Scientist: 
Commander of the Western Borders: Niko Armitage
Commander of the Eastern Borders:
Head of Medicine and Research:

-The Council of the Elders-
Each Sanctuary is lead by a trio of mages, two Elders and the Grand Mage. Their command over their Sanctuary is generally absolute. Though the process for electing the Council of Elders is relatively simple, merely being a vote, every Elder tends to be a skilled user of their chosen magic discipline.
Heici Saga, a retired Japanese Elder, acts as an adviser to the Council.

-Jobs and Missions-
The Russian Sanctuary always has operations open to freelances, due to the territory the country has to cover. Many of these involve catching criminals who have escaped the country, finding magical artefacts and other items of import. The rewards for these are very good, generally considered to be better than other Sanctuary's. But the rewards and missions offered to Russian Sanctuary agents are much more extensive, as are the rewards. Russia is always looking for more operatives. The Administrator, elders and Grand Mage all give out missions.

-The Repository-
The Repository in Russia has grown so large it has become necessary for the Sanctuary to store it outside of the main building in Moscow. The Sanctuary guards this Repository intensely, and it is hidden from normal eyes, guarded at all times by a team of twenty Cleavers and two elite Sanctuary operatives, with extensive traps and locks around all sides of what generally appears as a normal two-story building. It is actually a large underground fortress.

-The Gaol-
The Sanctuary only has ten holding cells within it, with the main gaol being the massive, ruined fortress known as the Keep. Here, prisoners are worked to the bone, watched closely and nearly forbidden to speak. Only serious criminals are sent to the Keep, with most minor crimes resulting in being sent to the smaller prison called the Heiran Internment Facility. The most dangerous criminal inside the Keep is Notum Wasten.

The Russian Sanctuary has over three thousand active Cleavers. While this may seem like a lot, less than a few years ago they had six thousand. The majority of Cleavers act as guards at Russia's extensive borders, with another eight hundred acting at Russia's two main jails. This leaves two hundred and fifty cleavers to work within the Sanctuary. Considering the amount used in investigations and missions through Russia at any one time, less than a hundred Cleavers are generally available to the Sanctuary itself. The Cleavers can be called upon at a moments notice to form a large army.

The organisation of the Cleavers, and Sanctuary defence is organised into the Western Borders, and the Eastern Borders. Each with a commander. They have an external and internal primary role, respectively, however.


The Sanctuary was moved after the Dark Sorcerer attack. It is now located in the old underground complex in the Ural Mountains. This old base was selected as an alternative after the Dark Sorcerer attack.
The base is located deep in the Ural mountains. Tucked between a large rock wall and a lake, the castle sits on a rocky plateau. A dark grey stone wall runs along the castle plateau in a ring. There is a gate on the eastern wall, under the cliff. A well maintained dirt road runs from the gates, snaking through the steep, lightly forested slope to the shore of the lake and west down the valley. A wall runs down the slope from the plateau to the shore, but it is ruined and falling apart. There is a gap the road runs through.
Further east, past the road, a river runs from a waterfall running from the top of the cliff down to the lake, blocking any approach from the east.
The rocky plateau where the castle sits is divided into two sections, one higher than the lower, with a cliff seperating them. A large dark stone wall sits along the edge of each cliff. The wall on the lower level is attached to the higher level by a causeway running from the top of the lower wall, to a gate in the higher wall, but it has collapsed and the gate sealed. The is a ramp running from the lower level to the top gate on the west side, along the cliff. The walls themselves are in poor condition, but are still solid enough to stand on their own. Some sections of the lower wall have scaffolding behind them.
In the upper level, the facade of a hall is carved into the rock face, flanked by two towers, both 50 meters in height. The door to enter the interior is through the building, which enters into a large hall. At one point this would have been used as a feast hall, but is now the communal area for the Sanctuary, and the Administrator's office is here.
Through the back of this hall is the 6 level underground complex. Two levels above the entrance, and three below. The bottommost level is kept a secret from the population, with the exception of the Elders, Commanders, and Administrator. This is kept for confidential matters, and the only way down to it is through a staircase in the Grand Mage's Residence.
Floor -2 is used for the Elder's offices and residences (not actually sleeping quarters, they are available, but these are personal areas taken from the Lord's Residences).
Floor -1 is used for offices for the scientific and experimental departments, the Repository is here, and connects to the Armoury above.
Floor 0 is used for general office space, and the Armoury. The Armoury is used for weapons storage and barracks.
Floor 1 is dedicated to technology, and moving the castle up to date.
Floor 2 is primarily used for storage, but some workers use this area to sleep in.
Having been disused for so many years, the castle had to be repaired to a habitable state and turned into a useable Sanctuary, and the work is still ongoing with some sections unused, and some rooms and areas not having been properly investigated. Infrastructure is still in a hastily constructed state.
The corridors are lit by sigils on the ceiling, which give off light.
The castle is magically protected from the outside. As someone approaches, an overwhelming sense of fear comes over them, causing them to flee. This is caused by one of the spells weaved into the stonework. The only way around this is to be from the Nighymes house, or to be on an 'approved' list, held by the Administrator.
Travel to and from the Sanctuary is done by the teleporter employed by the Sanctuary, or the Sanctuary owned train which services Moscow and Yekaterinburg.

The original three elders of the Russian Sanctuary were the surviving House Lords of the Madrodawn Alliance, the side fighting against the Nighyme Alliance, Mevolent's Russian allies. Over time, both sides lost prominent leaders, and when the war ended the Lord Madrodawn was the Grand Mage, and the only survivor of the original Council. Aralisa Hughes and Rendred Vorchevsky, two heroes from the war, made up the rest of the Council.
The Russian Sanctuary quickly allied itself with the soon-to-be Pacific Sanctuary. This friendship has helped both countries greatly, with the alliance being so close that members of the Russian Sanctuary will often die for the ones of the Pacific, and vice versa.
Russia spent many years hunting and putting an end to the Exiles from the War, not wanting a situation like Ireland had where they were constantly watching to see if old leaders such as Serpine would call their allies to them. Instead, they captured and killed the leaders and imprisoned the allies in the Keep. This led to many years of relative peace.
In 2010, the Dark Sorcerers attacked. The Sanctuary's old infrastructure was destroyed. Along with the Elders from the old Sanctuary. Rendred Vorchevsky, was taken by the Dark Sorcerers, and his whereabouts are unknown.
An emergency election was called and Savely Kozlov was elected Grand Mage. He soon created new infrastructure as listed above.
Doctor Kozlov got the backing of the emergency committee of influential Russian mages by promising strength and unity in the wake of the attack.
Now, with the backing of the Russian mage population, or certain key figures, Kozlov moved into a new and powerful Sanctuary building.

Europe / Ambush in Prague - Thane(Sarge) vs Andhere(Anima)
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Thane Brennan looked around the hotel room. The window looked out over the Old Town Square and the Baroque architecture surrounding it.
The room was simple. One bedroom, a bathroom and a sitting room. All looking like something from a few centuries back. Except for the TV, where a Czech news program was playing. Thane sipped at a wine while lounging on the lounge.
He was off to Russia, as part of a complicated political situation. Grand Mage Kozlov wanted his services, but Grand Mage Stavros wanted information. He had never met this Russian Doctor before, and didn't trust him. Besides, Stavros's deal was a good one.
There was a knock at the door. He put his wine on the table and slowly got up.

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Sinistra Reeve
- Pronunciation of the Name: Sin-ees-tra Ree-vah
- Given Name: Ronan Hyland
- Pronunciation of the Name: Row-naan Hi-lahn-d
- Character Job: Executioner for the Mediterranean Sanctuary.
- Titles: Executioner. Stavros's Hound. The Hound.   

Character Mentality
- Character Personality:  Whenever Sinistra is given a mission, or a goal to complete, he will give his entire attention to it until he completes it. He takes a relaxed approach to life, dealing with problems as they arise rather than meticulously planning out events. He will often just assume Jason will plan something, which doesn't always happen.
Sinistra likes to wander around peaceful town settings, with a preference for the seaside, as it also reminds him of a good childhood moment.
He enjoys travelling and going to new places, which he does a lot for his job.
Sinistra can become very sadistic when thrown into a rage. This happens when he finishes off a target that he was told to complete. 
Sinistra is vulgar, swears a lot, and does not know how to hold his tongue and not speak his mind. Which can often veer into offensive territories. However, he can tell when not to speak rudely to Stavros, out of respect.
He hates his cousin, after something that happened during their childhood (see bio). He wants to fight and kill him.
- Character Likes: The seaside, travelling, magic, a mild interest in science-magic, hunting down people for the Sanctuary.
- Character Dislikes: His cousin, being beaten, staying in one place for too long, confined spaces, being underground, mines.
- Mental Traits: Gets violent when angry, holds grudges.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Italian/Irish.
- Allegiance: Chaotic Neutral.
- Organisation: Mediterranean Sanctuary.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He owes Stavros for something that happened many years ago.

- Allies: Jason Stavros.
- Enemies: Amos Elantri.
- Family: -
- Friends: -
- Significant Other: His ex-wife, Jacelyn Lyle (dead); his current wife, Alayne Emmery.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 345
- Appearance Age: mid-twenties.
- Character Birthday: 27-12
- Gender: Male at birth, identifies as male.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Pale. Tanned on most of his body.
- Character Height: 188 cm.
- Character Weight: 90 kgs.
- Character Hair Colour: Dirty blonde.
- Character Hair Length/Style: Medium length. Parts on the right and is swept to the left.
- Character Eye Colour: Light Green.
- Character Description: Sinistra is tall and strongly built. He has obvious muscles. His face has average dimensions, and he keeps himself clean shaven. There is a scar that goes from his right shoulder to his sternum, he kept it as a reminder of the hate that he keeps for his cousin.
General Lookalike:
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- Character Attire: He wears a leather jacket over a white shirt and dark blue jeans with canvas shoes. His trousers are held up with a black belt and silver belt buckle. He does not tuck his shirt in and keeps the sleeves rolled up when his jacket is not on.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Average, slight Italian accent on his vowels. Slight Dublin accent when he gets angry.
- Speech Traits:  -
- Languages:  English. Understanding of Spanish and Italian.
- Habits: He enjoys drinking alcohol when he can.
- Mannerisms: -

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Weaponry: -
- Ammunition:
- Pocket Items: Phone, wallet.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: He owns two amplifiers, a silver ring on a chain around his neck. And a two-handed sword that is kept in the Mediterranean Sanctuaries Repository.
- Other: He owns a house in the town near the Sanctuary.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic:  Adept.
- Specialization: Magebound. Colour: scarlet.
- Immersion Metamorphosis:  When using his ring amplifiers power, his eyes turn dark red.
- Ability Specific Info: Sinistra specialises in using his discipline for combat, and is skilled in the sealing aspect of the discipline.
Silver Ring: 
Using this, he can create armour around his body to deflect attacks. The armour looks like a detailed suit of plate armour. While he has the ability to create a full head-to-toe suit of armour, this is taxing and it is easier to create it bit by bit on a need-to-do basis. A full suit of armour can only be used for 5 minutes at a time.
It can easily deflect most magical attacks, but a suitably powerful attack would affect Sinistra, despite the armour protecting him. It is red, and slightly transparent.
He summons it onto his body at will. It does not appear instantly. Rather, it appears 0.3 seconds after the thought. The thought does not have to be a conscious defense, it can happen automatically. But only when Sinistre is in a high psychological arousal. (acutely aware of his surroundings)
1.2 meter black steel blade with no distinctive markings. 40 cm handle wrapped in leather with a cross-guard extending 15 cm out from the handle. The pommel has a red gem set in it. The blade is made from steel, but magic was used in its forging, giving it its black appearance.
When in use, the gem glows red.
The sword was something Sinistra's father gave him for his Surge, as a gift. It is fused with Sinistra's Magebound powers, which gives him complete control over the sword. The sword's main ability is that it can cut magic. While it can pass through living objects, it does not do any physical damage, unless that bit of skin is being held together with magic. It will not pass through anything not contraining magic. So it will not pass through a brick wall, for instance.
When it cuts through magic, it dispells the magic it comes into contact with.
It was forged in the Hell Forge using Magebound magic. The steel turned black with the magic, which gives the steel the ability to have large amounts of magic surge through it, but the main source of power comes from the red gem. His father poured his own magic into it, and passed it onto his son.
- Signature Ability: -
- Strengths: Physically strong; very strong defence; Strong in close quarters;
- Weaknesses: Can be defeated by a fast opponent who can bypass his armour; Needs to be in close; Lacks his main offensive ability if he is separated from his sword.
- Training: He was taught how to control his magic by his father.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Unlock the full potential of his Magebound powers. Fight his cousin.
- Minor Goals: Complete jobs for the Sanctuary.
- Reasoning behind goals: He has a grudge against his cousin for killing his first wife. He wants to be powerful.
- Motivation: Amos killed his wife, and Sinistre wants him brought to justice for it.
- Bio:
Ronan was born in a rich Irish household. His father was Irish, and his mother was Italian.
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Early Life:
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Recent Life:
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- Additional Notes:
Re: The sword: Yep. I accidentally a Shardblade.

Europe / Central European Sanctuary (RUINS)
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Ruins of the Central European Sanctuary

The ruins are currently inhabited by a group of Children of the Spider, led by Arachne Atheni. Death is also living in the subterranean sections of the sanctuary.

Before the attacks, the repository was filed with many interesting artefacts with magical properties and origins.
The missing Codex Gigas pages; many documents relating to witch hunting including a full original Malleus Maleficarum and many more practical artefacts; Nazi mage paraphernalia; magical doomsday weapons from the War Against Mevolent.
The Dark Sorcerers took all objects of note. Except for the Terminus Bomb, a bomb that can absorb all magic in a certain radius. Store it. Super-charge mages or cause an explosion. It is currently lost somewhere underneath the west wing of the Sanctuary.


The Sanctuary is located in Switzerland, posing as a hotel posing as a 18th century castle. It is located up in the foothills of the Alps, in the Canton of Bern. There is only one road up to the Sanctuary.
The building itself has three sections. The front faces north.
The main building is mostly just the four-story high atrium. The main administration facilities are here. It's not overly spacious, but there is enough room for 100 people to stand around comfortably.
The east wing is where the main facilities were. The Elder's offices, and all the other white-collar workers work here.
The west wing contains the medical wing, the repository and all science-magic laboratories as well as the Cleaver barracks.
Both wings are two stories high.
The whole place is surrounded by 500 meters of green lawns and a 2 meter high wall encloses the place. Magical defences are in place.
There is a subterranean tunnel system that runs the length of the building, with various boiler rooms and other infrastructure.
Ever since the Dark Sorcerer attack, the majority of the facility is in ruin. With only the vital infrastructure functional.


The Dark Sorcerers attacked suddenly and viscously in 2010. They easily overran the Sanctuaries defences and slaughtered anyone that was working there at the time. 71 mages and Cleavers were killed. Including all three Elders.
Prime Detective Gunther Gunner tried to rebuild the Sanctuary after that with minimal resources. But Death soon swooped in and killed anyone that remained. He became the only resident for a few months until Arachne Atheni and her group arrived and struck a deal with Death, which meant the Children of the Spider could remain, as long as they followed Death.
These repeated disasters left central and some of Eastern Europe without any centralised magical governance.
Former Assistant-Prime Detective Tobias Greenwood set up a hastily prepared vigilante organisation in Prague where people could request that someone come and avert any crisis that may be happening. Tobias has allied himself with the British and Mediterranean Sanctuaries for requesting assistance.

Approved Profiles / Death/James Wagner
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Death
- Pronunciation of the Name: Deh-eth.
- Given Name: James Wagner.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jay-mess Wahg-ner.
- Character Job: -
- Titles: -

Character Mentality
- Character Personality:
From an early age, James had shown signs of having a split-personality disorder. James only shown minor symptoms until his Surge, which was when the Death personality surfaced.(see bio!!) Over the next hundred years, Death grew to be the dominant personality. While James was relegated to a remote corner of Death's conscious. Occasionally, James's personality will surface, but Death has too much control and will overcome James.
James is aware of Death, but Death is only vaguely aware of James, and pays no interest in that personality.

Death thinks he is the earthly personification of death. This personality originates from his mother's worship and involvement in a cult when James was a child.
Death is a sadist, and takes enjoyment from destroying things that he does not agree with. He is aware that he needs control over this sadism to properly interact with people. He has trouble interacting in a normal social environment, as Death treats people like he is above them, socially and ideologically.
Death desires to be master of death. He wants to rule over a dead, ghostly realm and destroying the current world magical order is part of his grand image for the world. He has targeted Germany and France to be first to fall.
He puts no value on 'trivial' things such as fashion, or relationships. His favourite time era was the victorian era, because of how stoic and impersonal it was, and he could move around more freely.
Death also followed the various wars happening around the world. The bigger battles of the War Against Mevolent, but also both World Wars.

James is shy, and dislikes being the centre of attention. He will go out of his way to avoid anything to do with commanding or being in charge. Preferring to sit at the back quietly and observe proceedings rather than lead what is happening. Despite this, he desires to be a part of events and have influence. James enjoys crime literature and classical epics from the major Greek poets. Reading these epic poems gave him the desire to be apart of something grand, which is why he chose to enter the magical world. James enjoys spending time with his close friends, especially the girls he is attracted to and would be happy spending hours just talking to people.
Ever since Death became the dominant personality, James has become fearful of that person, and what he does while like that. Death gives James great mental stress, as he does not agree with the actions of Death, to the extent that if he gets a chance, James would kill himself to kill Death. James also carries immense guilt about how the Death personality came to be.
- Character Likes:
   Death: destruction, death, anarchy, supernatural, haunted places, salty foods, noir films.
   James: Classical literature, chess, puzzles, challenging himself, salty food, noir films.
- Character Dislikes:
   Death: His authority being questioned, failure, crowds of people, loud sounds, being the centre of attention.
   James: Death (the personality), being the centre of attention, failure, loud sounds.
- Mental Traits: Death is a sadist and is psychotic. James is shy, and currently suicidal. Both are introverted.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Irish.
- Allegiance: Chaotic Evil/ Neutral Good.
- Reasons for Allegiance: Death just wants to watch the world burn, while James wants the stop his other personality from harming people.

- Allies: Arachne Atheni.   
- Enemies: The Sanctuaries.
- Family: -
- Friends: -
- Significant Other:

Character Age
- True Age: 321
- Appearance Age: Mid thirties.
- Character Birthday: 01-04.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Pale. 
- Character Height: 174 cm.
- Character Weight: 71 kg. 
- Character Hair Colour: Black and White mix.
- Character Eye Colour: Dark brown.
Character Description: His hair parts in the middle and hangs messily over his forehead and over his temples. It reaches past his ears and down to the base of his neck. It is mostly black with long white streaks. Death is not well built, having no great muscle mass, but he does not look skinny, only small in stature.
His cheeks are gaunt, and sunken looking, showing his jaw and cheek bones more prominantly.
- Character Attire: He wears a dark blue cloak. Underneath he wears a grey jerkin made from the same materiel as Cleaver armour. This is so his own cloak does not end up killing him. His pants are black, and tucked into his leather boots. Death's fashion is still stuck in Victorian times, and he considers it a trivial matter.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Deep, and slightly raspy.
- Speech Traits: -
- Languages: English.
- Mannerisms: Scratches at his chest when uncomfortable.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: A falx, blue cloak.
- Small Equipment:
- Pocket Items: -
- Ammunition: -
- Weaponry: -
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: His two necromancy objects, the falx and cloak.
- Other: -

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Necromancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: When using his Death Bubble, people around him can hear a slight hum. The Death Bubbles also cause a rippling in the air that is noticeable.
- Ability Specific Info: Death prefers to use magic that does as much damage as quickly as possible, sacrificing control for raw power.
He has two objects to channel his power, one greater and one lesser.
His greater, and main, object is a falx. The handle is 0.7 meters long and the blade is 40 cms from the end of the handle. The handle is made out of wood and the blade out of steel infused with magical properties that increase endurance. He uses this object for offensive.
The lesser object is his dark blue cloak. It was made in the Shadow Forge, but it can only be used for one purpose. Death wears it all the time, and he uses it as a last-line defence against attacks that get close to his if his other shadows fail him. It is heavy and cumbersome, and sometimes makes it hard to move around.
Death is also proficient in creating a Death Bubble. He can expand it out 12 meters. But the further away from him it is, the longer it has to be held around the victim for it to work. He can also create Death Bubbles that float away from him, but these Bubbles can only have a radius of 1 meter and cannot go further than 20 meters away Death. 
- Signature Ability: Creating and Manipulating Death Bubbles.
- Strengths: Powerful attacks, a strong defence, ruthless fighter.
- Weaknesses: Physically weak, his cloak is cumbersome. He must be mostly stationary to use his attacks. Death Bubbles are powerful, but they can be detected early enough.
- Training: Was taught by a cultist, and taught himself after that.   

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Create a ghostly realm that he can rule over. Intends to turn Germany and France into his 'Wasteland'. Gain control over Death (James).
- Minor Goals: Fight the most powerful mages to prove his strength.
- Reasoning behind goal: Death still believes in the teachings of the cult, and his mother. | He doesn't want to destroy the world.
- Motivation: That the world would be a better place if people were dead. | That James can stop any genocide or similar that Death commits.
- Bio:
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Falx (falk-z)
Similar to a scimitar, except the edge is facing inwards.

By all the gods I hope this works and makes sense and isn't too much of an Ass Pull.....

Off Topic / Themed Avatar Weeks!
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Game of Thrones week from the 12th-19th and...
Avengers week from the 19th-26th.

I'll take Stannis again, or maybe Dolorous Edd, and Capn America.

Approved Profiles / Dorian Bane - Strider
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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Dorian Bane
- Pronunciation of the Name: Dohr-eye-ahn Bay-neh
- Given Name: Gariwerd
- Pronunciation of the Name: Garr-ee-word
- Character Job: Bounty Hunter for the Australian and New Zealand Sanctuary.
- Titles: Strider.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Dorian is loyal, and will stick to his beliefs in times of adversity. He tries to find the best in people, even those he doesn't like. He is obstinate and will complete any job requested of him. He can empathize with people who do bad choices out of circumstance. He does not respect people who commit to bad choices if there are other alternatives.
Dorian finds enjoyment and peace when he is out in the wild hunting someone. This is the only time when he feels truly in control of everything.
He embraces his heritage, and Indigenous culture.
Dorian remains stoic, choosing not to show his emotions, as more of a defensive thing to not let anyone be able to use his emotions against him. He thinks that people can easily read him, and is slightly paranoid about it.
He hates people that harm native animals, and doesn't respect those people. He also hates people that blatantly disrespect his country and his state. This makes him angry, but he will usually remain quiet about it.
Dorian is a bit of a technophobe, as he dislikes using technology to do a job that a person could do.
- Character Likes: Hunting; tracking; nature; the outback; cricket; summer; native animals.
- Character Dislikes: technology; traitors; modern travel; politics; feral animals; people that harm animals.
- Mental Traits: Observant; stoic.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Indigenous Australian.
- Allegiance: Lawful Good.
- organisation: Australian and New Zealand Sanctuary.
- Reasons for Allegiance: These values were instilled into him during childhood. Sometimes, he begins to doubt his allegiances, but time out hunting gives him time to think away from society, and this firms his beliefs.

- Allies: Australian and New Zealand Sanctuary. 
- Enemies: -
- Family: -
- Friends: -
- Significant Other:

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 701
- Appearance Age: Late thirties.
- Character Birthday: 06-07.
- Gender: Male.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Light brown. 
- Character Height: 192 cm.
- Character Weight: 86 kg. 
- Character Hair Colour: Black.
- Character Eye Colour: #BDBDBD - Grey.
- Character Description: Dorian is tall and strong. He has broad shoulders and obvious muscles. His face is broad and rough. There is thick stubble covering his jaw, chin and neck. His nose has a slightly flattened look to it. His skin is a light brown, being half-aborigine. He is darker across the face, shoulders, torso and legs from being out in the sun for hours on end. His hair hangs half-way down his neck, and is slightly wavy. It is brushed back over his scalp and rendered flat because he constantly wears a hat.
- Character Attire: Dorian wears a brown leather overcoat that hangs down to his knees and is left open at the front. Underneath, he wears a grey singlet/tank-top. He does own other colours and tee-shirts, but prefers this singlet. He wears blue jeans or dark blue cargo shorts with brown leather boots and thick grey socks. When around a domestic environment, he will wear a pair of thongs (footwear!).

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Hard, deep and a bit rough.
- Speech Traits: He has a broad Australian accent of the South Australian variant, meaning he stretches his vowels.
- Languages: English.
- Mannerisms: Limps from a knee injury, but it doesn't affect his movement.
- Habits: Always has a drink of beer or whiskey in the evening.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: When hunting, he carries a 6ft long wooden staff. It is made of eucalyptus wood and carries no engravings. On the end is a wooden ball, with no markings.
- Small Equipment: He carries a metal flask in his coat, it is simple with no markings except for the makers stamp, a long defunct business; compass; lighter;
- Pocket Items: Phone (satellite enabled).
- Ammunition: He carries 7 spare pellets.
- Weaponry: He owns a hunting shotgun, a Remington Model 870 with a 7+1 mag. He doesn't always take this with him.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: His staff has a sigil on it that allows Dorian to channel his magic through it.
- Other: Owns and lives in a large house located in the suburb of Tea Tree Gully, Adelaide, South Australia.
He also has a beach shack on the Yorke Peninsula, but he never gets up there.
He owns a white, old Toyota HiLux.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Caelomancer.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: IM hits when he has an adrenaline rush. He gains 0.08% boost in power and his eyes begin to glow silver. A side effect of IM is that when it's over, he often gets a blood nose after.
- Ability Specific Info: Dorian is most versed in the gravity aspect of his discipline. Being able to change an opponents gravity, making them float up into the sky, or be forced to the ground. He can create small black holes, but doing this is very taxing on him. He also uses this ability to lighten some of the things he carries, usually his phone so it doesn't drag his trousers down, or his gun so he can carry it around easier.
He can also manipulate space. He can use it to almost teleport himself short distances (20 kilometers), albeit with a different mechanic then actual teleportation.
Dorian can sense energy around him, and unleash low-level energy attacks and can create weak defensive shields.
- Signature Ability: Gravity manipulation. 
- Strengths: Powerful discipline; trained; physically intimidating.
- Weaknesses: He cannot move anonymously, as mages will notice the very slight gravitational pull towards him, and the slight bending of light around him when he performs his magic.
- Training: He was taught by his father for a few years, then self-taught.   

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Become the best hunter in the country; support the Sanctuary.
- Minor Goals: Improve his Caelomancy; travel overseas.
- Reasoning behind goal: He comes from a family of skilled hunters and trackers, and wanted to be the best among them, as he is the last. The Sanctuary has supported him and given him jobs, and he is loyal to the Grand Mage and the Sanctuary because of it.
- Motivation: He has the skills and support to become the best, and it's all he has ever wanted to do in life.
- Bio:
Ever since the dawning years of Australia, there has been a wandering Aboriginal clan of powerful mages. Legend says that they had a connection to the Ancients, and wielded a powerful magic that could manipulate the land and air. These legends are true. The clan members never stayed in one place for too long, because they were ageless. They travelled all across the continent, for thousands of years.
He was born and given the name Gariwerd, because he was born in the Grampian mountains, and clan tradition was to name children after where they were born. As with all clan members, he displayed Caelomancy powers from an early age, and was taught by his father, who was 500 years old at the time, how to control this power.
For the next several hundred years, he followed the clan around Australia. Honing his powers and learning the land.
When European settlers arrived in the late 1700's, the some clan members chose to help fight, but many were killed, despite their powers.
Eventually, over the 1800's, the tribes numbers dwindled further, and they settled in South Australia, in the Flinders Ranges. Dorian continued his practice of tracking and Caelomancy.
In the early 1900's, Dorian's father died of natural causes, leaving Dorian to be the last tribe member.
He fell in with the local Sanctuary in 1910, in the city of Adelaide. The War with Mevolent was winding down, and despite the Sanctuaries request, he didn't fight in the war.
However, in 1915, he joined up to go to Gallipoli to fight. He wanted to use his magic, but the Sanctuary had forbidden it. Early in the war, he was shot in the knee and invalided.
A Sanctuary mage seen to it, and healed it back to full health, although he now has a slight limp.
Ever since WW1 ended, he has lived in South Australia, and worked for the Sanctuary. His job is to track down criminals across the country, especially if they fled into the outback. He also hunts monsters and items if the Sanctuary requests it.

Europe / Left 4 Dead. . . In Wales! - Drake(Sargey) & Flint(Flint)
« on: March 31, 2015, 09:43:55 AM »
Out of all the possible locations for a zombie apocalypse. Northern Wales would not have been the place Drake would have picked.
The abandoned, valley town, had been infested with a horde of rotting zombies. Where they came from was a mystery, but Drake had been instructed to meet up with an expert to remove the infestation.
He parked his motorcycle at the base of the steep road into town. This is where Flint was supposed to meet him.

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