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New Members / Salutations
« on: April 01, 2018, 11:39:50 AM »
To whom it may concern,

I am writing to formally introduce myself. I am Hamish Rodgering. I hail from West Withering, just a couple of streets from the beach there.

Best regards,


Off Topic / Operation: F.O.R.S.
« on: June 20, 2017, 07:01:06 PM »
HELLO everybody! So we have a fun new event. One of our newbies by the name of Rhemming has a challenge. We have to give her the weirdest Photoshop combinations ever for her to make. The Sims are twofold:

-To make beautiful art
-To freak out her siblings as they walk past and see her creating unthinkable things.

A few things to bear in mind:

-Keep it family friendly.
-Bear in mind there will likely be a wait between suggestion and it becoming a reality. You can't rush art and she has sone form of life outside of the forum. (I'm not sure what they are either but apparently it's a thing) please be patient.
-Rhemming has full veto on what she chooses to create.

I may write other stuff here later but this is it. Hopefully art that is made will be posted here. Let the fun begin!

Archived Profiles / Imperious Gambit (WIP)
« on: June 04, 2017, 02:17:55 AM »
Just need to do the bio I believe and sort out the errant urls/images. Everything else should be good to go

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Imperious Gambit
- Pronunciation of the Name: im-PEER-ee-uhs GAM-bit
- Name Etymology: Imperious believes his name reflects his attitude towards power and his drive to maintain and build upon it. Imperious comes from his ability to be domineering and his comfort asserting his authority. He sees himself as a natural born leader. "Gambit" comes from his willingness to take a gamble to further his own ends. In fact, he somewhat relishes taking a risk every now and then and it paying off.
- Given Name: Agnivesh Seri
- Pronunciation of the Name: Arg-niv-esh ser-EE
- Character Job:  Imperious Gambit has been King of the Fae court in South Asia, since he took the throne from his predecessor, a Fae called Indra Lei. His territory includes all the “Stans” except Kazakhstan, and includes all of Asia south and east of that except Japan, and goes no further than Mongolia and China. Anywhere between there and the ocean is Imperious’ territory.
- Qualifications: Imperious is qualified to rule because he killed the last monarch and has spent the last few centuries expanding the  territory under his control and asserting his power within his court.
- Titles: King Gambit, ruler of the Fae Court in Southern Asia. Imperious also settles for Your Royal Highness or Your Majesty.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Imperious is ambitious, and is not content to rule his current domain, however large it might be. To grow and expand makes him stronger. This stems from his philosophy towards international relations.
Imperious is a classic realist. Thus his attitude to politics and international relations. He is very Machiavellian in that he believes you cannot be a good person as well as a good politician. Therefore, Imperious has no qualms in his disrespectful and disinterested attitude toward others, and will not hesitate to deter rivals or betray someone to preserve or enhance his political standing as well as his court’s power.
His attitude towards international relations follows the theory of Hobbes’ Leviathan - that you need a “leviathan” to keep a state of order. Without it you have a state of nature - i.e. chaos.
Imperious is a political scholar and often enjoys a quote from the Melean Dialogue - “The strong do what they can, while the weak suffer what they must”. Thus he is just playing the same political game that every other monarch is.

Imperious can be quite playful, though not in the way a puppy may play with a kitten, so much as a the way a boy might play with ants and a magnifying glass on a hot day. He’s extremely sarcastic, though wields a silver tongue when dealing with other power players, or people he wishes to manipulate to his own ends.

Imperious often has his guard up, and is seldom relaxed unless on his own as he is usually on his guard around other people. Secretly, Imperious often finds himself feeling lonely as a result of his hesitation to trust anybody and his knowledge of the way he has acted to consolidate his power. Imperious longs to fall in love, but cannot allow himself to do so with just anybody; he has to take care in finding a partner that isn’t just using him to gain power.

Imperious enjoys a mental challenge, often filling his time with puzzles, battle simulations, looking at maps and going over plans for expansion and consolidation of power, looking not just at how he can progress but how he would go about defeating himself (it mixes things up and often gives him a fresh perspective on how to increase his chances of success).
Imperious is fond of battle, having been brought up in a time where it was considered an honourable clash of arms where much glory was won. While Imperious is not exactly honourable, he still enjoys the romanticism of war, taking part in war games often and makes sure his troops regularly participate in them, usually with his observation, if he has the time. Imperious is quick to anger, due to the fact that he is under constant pressure from his occupation. Thus he is quick to anger, though not always to demonstrate it. Imperious will often conceal his fury until the opportune moment, so that he doesn’t say or do anything he later regrets. If he has no chance to lash out at the offender or put them in their place verbally (for instance if doing so would cause a diplomatic incident) Imperious will vent his frustration by torturing a prisoner or hunting a mortal or two in one of the nearby towns. Though he can usually contain his temper until an opportune moment, his subordinates know that if they value their lives they should avoid Imperious at all costs once he’s venting his fury.
- Character Likes: Conquest, gaining power, a sense of achievement or progress, turned Fae (he recognises that they have to work harder to progress in Fae society due to the prejudices and that born Fae have the advantage of their family), verbal sparring, interrogating, hunting, people who can hold their own in a debate or when pitting their mind against him in a playful way, such as a game of chess. He especially enjoys this when both sides have risk involved. Gambling appeals to Imperious, though not to the point where he takes unnecessary risks.
- Character Dislikes: Stupidity, people who don’t consider the consequences of their actions, naivety, being beaten when it matters (like a fight, battle or matters of state), melodrama, people trying to trick him, people trying to get close to him for the sake of power, showing weakness. NIMBYs (Not In My BackYard) - Imperious has a distinct hatred of people who complain about things simply because they are near their residence (such as wind farms etc.) He considers it very small minded and endlessly frustrating. Whenever he searches for someone to kill, if possible he tries to find a NIMBY. This stems from his tendency to see the bigger picture. Thus he is frustrated by small minded people. People who don’t think before they speak or act rub him up the wrong way and will usually find themselves at the wrong end of his anger in whatever manner he can get away with. He can be set off by something as little as an unjustified complaint, or a poorly timed/chosen kill. 
- Mental Traits: Imperious is a megalomaniac, and a meticulous planner. Imperious can be ruthless, especially when dealing with people that have crossed him. He doesn’t have much time for mercy, only employing it when he realises he is stronger and more secure by showing it.

Imperious can and does show compassion, particularly to the common people within his court, using displays of generosity to build up loyalty to his reign. He longs for someone that he can open up and show kindness to, but it’s lonely at the top and Imperious has yet to find someone he can trust enough to fully open up to like that.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Natural Fae
- Ethnicity: Kashmiri.
- Nationality: Imperious was born in Kashmir, but he considers his nationality to be South Asian, the larger territory his court controls rather than just a small region within that.
- Alignment: Lawful Evil
- Allegiance: Imperious holds allegiance to his court, and is willing to go to great extents to keep it secure or to strengthen it.
- Reasoning:Imperious is focused on world domination. Partly for his species, and also for his own lofty aims. He’s a lawful evil because as King of half of a continent, it’s his view that it pays to make the law work for you. He works hard to protect and strengthen his court, recognising the need to have a solid infrastructure in place before he expands further.

- Allies: Imperious does not consider himself to have any true allies. Due to the nature of Fae society and the method by which he claimed the throne, Imperious is always careful of people positioning themselves to take his place, and thus works to divide his advisors and limit their power. The closest he has to an ally is Xalek Ocan, whom he has a secret alliance with against the current king of the Oceanic court, Pedri. He doesn’t fully trust anyone in his court, believing that if he gives them half a chance, they may try to seize power from him just like he did all those years ago. Rather, he views the members of his court as a large set of rivals, and often plays them off against each other to make sure nobody gets too powerful in his court. That said however, he knows he can count on their outward support and so will often use his power to issue commands and delegate tasks.
- Enemies: Anyone who is an enemy of the South Asian Court, officially. What he does not advertise is that this effectively includes every other monarch and person loyal to another court other than his own, as he aims to conquer them all eventually.
- Family: Imperious had a mother and father, now dead, but no siblings. His father was a Fae called Maresh Dro, who was a trusted general to Indra Lei, the previous monarch of the South Asia Court. It was this connection that helped Imperious’ own rise. His mother, Ankha Reem, was turned by Imperious’ father Maresh.
- Friends: N/A - Imperious is very hesitant to trust people, thus nobody really gets close enough to him to befriend and then betray him.
- Significant Other: Imperious is single and while he is hesitant to trust people and finds it difficult to get close to anybody, he seeks to find someone who can get past his many walls.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 535
- Appearance Age: When in his recycled form, Imperious looks around 32
- Character Birthday: 28/06/1481
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Relatively dark brown when recycled, but his skin is a leathery black with a purple tint that becomes more pronounced as it nears his face, which is a deep purple.
- Height: 176cm
- Weight: 81.6kg when in recycled form, 86.5kg when in his true form. The extra weight comes from his wings and horns, as well as having more muscle in his true form.
- Hair Description: Doesn’t have hair in his true form but when recycled, he has short, black hair with a parting on the right side and his hair combed across towards the left.
- Eye Description: Crimson irises with black pupils and black sclera, when in his true form. When recycled, he has hazel eyes.
- Facial Details: When he’s in his true form, Imperious has a chiselled jawline. He has small ears with a detached lobe. His cheekbones are barely visible. His teeth are human in shape, and are straight and white.
In his recycled form, his cheeks are slightly filled out, he has black, bushy eyebrows, and straight, white teeth. His ears are small and have an attached lobe. His nose is slightly hooked and he has sideburns on either side which he keeps well maintained.
- Physical Appearance: Imperious has large, leathery wings the colour of coal with a slight purple shimmer akin to the top layer of oil when in the light. The rest of his skin is similar, although towards the front and the face the purple is more visible. The bone in the wings is structured similarly to that of a bat, although in the instance of Imperious’ wings, the bone extends beyond the webbing of the wings. It is these spikes that Imperious uses to turn people into Fae. Like the bat wings in the image below:
(click to show/hide)

Imperious has quite a strong build, sporting a six pack. He has long curved talons at the end of his hands. The muscles on his limbs are well defined. Imperious has two horns jutting out at the front of the top of his skull just behind where his hairline would be. These horns start out leaning forward slightly at the base at a 20 degree angle curl back and then upwards with a ribbed pattern, adding 6 ½ inches to Imperious’ height. This gives an idea of their length, curvature, pattern and colour:
(click to show/hide)
Imperious has a few scars criss-crossing on his chest, as well as three that form an upside down equilateral triangle around his left nipple, with the lines extending past the corners of the triangle in a straight direction. Imperious learned to heal these scars centuries ago, but keeps these (albeit a little tidied up) as a reminder of his training when he was younger. He also thinks it looks intimidating, and it is this shape he carves onto the chest of each Fae who pledges loyalty to him in a ceremony when they are turned or once a born Fae reaches the age of 12, though that’s less common.He does this to try and inspire loyalty towards him especially from younger Fae, and so if one betrays him, they are easier to identify. The triangular scar was given to him by his old mentor Syrio Light in a training session (See bio).

When Imperious is recycled, he has an athletic frame, with toned arms and legs and broad shoulders, though not as much as in his true form. His fingers are slightly stubby and his shoe size in UK terms would be an 8. He is very muscly around his torso and abdomen, with a six pack and some substantial muscle around his shoulders, but not to the point that it is particularly bulging.

- Attire: Imperious has quite a lot of outfits. He likes to wear lavish black, red, green and purple jodhpuri suits which differ depending whether he’s in his recycled or true form. These are his favourite suits:
(click to show/hide)

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice As male voices go, it isn’t very deep. His accent is from the region of Jammu and Kashmir, so north Indian.
- Speech Traits: Imperious is well spoken and speaks carefully and clearly, his words chosen to have a specific impact or result.
- Languages: English, Hindi, Gujarati, Korean, Mandarin, Cantonese, Uzbek, Portuguese, French, Dutch.
- Habits: Imperious cracks his knuckles, as well as the joints on his toes whenever tension builds up there. His inferiors have learned to become worried if they notice him do that. Imperious also has a habit of gambling. He can usually resist the higher stakes gambles, but when the takes are low, Imperious can often be seen playing game after game after game.
- Mannerisms: He has the dangerous (to his underlings) habit of pretending he is feeling warm and friendly when in fact he is fuming with rage, and then quickly and sharply revealing his true mood. When thinking among people he has no reason to plot against, Imperious likes to think aloud so that his subordinates has an idea of his line of thinking and so that any flaws can be noticed. He likes to include them on this when strategising so that if they are required to make a judgement call on Imperious’ behalf, they have a better idea of what the aim is. He also does this alone, because hearing his thoughts helps him to think.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: A white gold staff with snakes at the top forming a caduceus, except one of the snakes is upside down, with its tail at the top, and its head at the bottom. Both snakes are biting each other. This snake represents the institution of the South Asian Fae Kingdom and and is a symbol of Imperious’ power. It is only brought out for ceremonial occasions such as awards, annexation of new territory or anniversaries.
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Weaponry: Twin goloks which Imperious stores his biomancy magic in, and one Kukri with a symbol carved onto the bottom of the hilt that can be activated by being tapped. This symbol heats the blade to the point that it cauterises any wound it makes instantly. It’s Imperious’ favourite torture tool, though it does sometimes play a role during combat. Imperious keeps his goloks in a sheathe on either side of a leather belt that sits loosely around his hips. Each golok is situated on his side, with the handle sticking upwards, and the blades pointing downwards when in their sheathes, resting against his thighs. Imperious keeps his kukri strapped to the inside of his left arm, inside his sleeve. The kukri is kept inside a smaller sheathe here, with the blade end pointing in the direction of his elbow. This sheath is secured by two leather straps around his arm. Imperious keeps his kukri blade here, and only takes it out for the purposes of torture, or when subtlety is needed, for instance when he can only carry concealed weaponry.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Pocket Items: [What does the character often have in their pockets?]
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: As a Fae monarch, Imperious has access to a collection of artefacts including (nbut not limited to) a cloaking sphere, the constantly charging echo stones of all previous monarchs of the South Asian Kingdom, and a small artefact that generates a temporary personal shield. However while Imperious has unrestricted access to these artefacts, they are owned by the Court as an institution, with Imperious at the head, rather than being his personal belongings.
- Other: Imperious owns a black Tesla Model 3, red Lamborghini Aventador and a silver Ford GT.
Imperious has multiple residences across his territory. After each new conquest, he claims some new land in the newly acquired region to serve as a residence and base of operations for the governance of his kingdom.
Residences: east of Tegar, Kashmir; in the ghost city of Kerqin, NE China; Bokeo Province, NE of Tonpheung, NW of Simuangngam, Laos; Underneath Rashaant (Court of Mirrors), Western Mongolia; Kantubek, Vozrozhdeniya Island (Island of Forgotten Diseases) (weapons testing place see here ), Uzbekistan; Sulixiang, NE of Har Lake, Qinghai Province, China

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept, Energetics
- Specialization: Biomancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis:Only experienced biomancers can achieve IM. Biomancers can turn into beings of pure light. As light has no mass, Imperious can defy gravity and fly or hover. He can also move at the speed of light, but since no being can react while moving that fast, Imperious must predict/calculate where to go before moving. While in IM Imperious can only attack from close distances as all of his power is used to sustain his form. As the light is concentrated, it is extremely hot, comparable to a plasma cutter at 60 amps (enough to cut through a 3cm steel plate) However because this is extremely difficult, Imperious can only maintain this form for around 7 seconds before turning back. He also has to be relatively near full power and can’t use biomancy for approximately 10 minutes after using this ability. To successfully achieve this form, he must close his eyes and focus for a few seconds, visualising both his transformation and where he wants to go. Imperious always unfurls his wings when doing this, spreading them out to absorb as much light as possible to make it more likely to succeed and so that when he completes this, the magical exhaustion is minimalised. Imperious cannot steer when using Immersion Metamorphosis, simply because travelling at the speed of light, he cannot react in time. For this reason, he doesn’t like to enter IM and when he does, he attempts to stop almost as soon as he’s initiated so that he doesn’t have too far to travel to get home and isn’t more exhausted than he needs to be. Imperious doesn’t like entering Immersion Metamorphosis because of the weakened state it leaves him in, especially because as a monarch, he believes he should always show strength. He also avoids entering IM because of the high likelihood of causing himself physical injury.
- Ability Specific Info: Imperious’ magic is stored in his twin Goloks which he keeps strapped on horizontally at the back of his waist, both facing different directions so Imperious can draw one in each hand simultaneously. Similar to necromancy, if someone touches these without Imperious’ permission, they will attack whoever is trying to touch them. They will do this by becoming intensely hot as the person cracks and is torn apart by a bright white light that appears from the centre of their body. Releasing the weapons before this process has finished does not stop the process, though it will slow it down by approximately a minute. Imperious has to recharge fairly often, like all biomancers, but constantly recharges in sunlight, and can use his wings a bit like solar panels so that he can charge up faster.
- Magical Abilities: While he possesses an understanding of all aspects of biomancy theory and has practised tirelessly for centuries. Imperious is not at his peak because of the nature of biomancy. He lacks close friends, relatives or even a kindred spirit, which gives biomancers a significant buff. As Imperious is a lonely figure, he cannot enjoy this perk. It is, however, the reason that his family have always looked to biomancers as potential mates and encouraged their children to take biomancy as a discipline, so that they may draw strength from their family, quite literally. Imperious likes to utilise a combination of short range and long range attacks, utilising lightwalking to quickly create and close any distance between him and his opponents. His theory here is that the opponent isn’t really able to adapt to Imperious quickly switching between melee and ranged, as well as dashing in and out of his opponent’s range. He also utilises lightwalking for when he needs to make a quick retreat. It is not common for Imperious to leave the fight permanently. Instead he prefers to escape to a short distance away, use his magic to heal his wounds and then come back for another assault. Thus Imperious’ fighting style is more about harassment and out enduring his opponent, as opposed to finishing the fight in a few strikes.
- Physical Abilities: Imperious is proficient in knife fighting, but prefers to fight using his goloks which he predominantly uses for a “hack and slash” style of fighting. Imperious is still deadly when armed with these even if not using his biomancy. Being a natural Fae, Imperious is much faster and stronger than a mage, as well as more able to take a hit than even a turned Fae. Imperious can use his wings to lash out as well as protect himself from hits, fly and can even use them to turn a dying person into a Fae. This is easier for Imperious as he can use his healing magic to prolong their life just enough to give him time to turn them.
Imperious is not so keen on hand to hand combat, relying a lot on his wings, but prefers to use them in conjunction with weapons as opposed to his main weapon. On the rare occasion that Imperious fights without the use of weapons or his magic, he uses his claws and arms for offense and his wings primarily for defence. Imperious can last a small while as a fighter, but will try to avoid or escape unarmed physical combat at the earliest opportunity.
- Strengths: Imperious is immune to UV radiation, and is strongest when in an area with a lot of sunlight. His ability to heal makes him much harder to take down, making his main strength endurance. He also is extremely vicious in a fight, taking much pleasure from inflicting pain and suffering as a demonstration of power. Imperious often likes to use feints to mislead his opponent to make them unsure of themself. He can unleash a lot of attacks very quickly, using lightwalking to produce a fast combination of ranged and melee attacks that are different to withstand. His ability to lightwalk away and heal mean he can often outlast his opponents, combining his endurance with a guerrilla style of fighting his opponents to wear them down until they can’t take it any more.
- Weaknesses: Imperious has no real friends/lovers to draw strength from (biomancers gain strength from proximity to other biomancers that they have affection for). Imperious can also be somewhat arrogant, leading him to underestimate a foe. If he finds himself at a disadvantage, especially if that advantage translates into the power relationship between the two, it will take from Imperious’ focus until the power relationship is shifted in his favour. Imperious also has been known to lose the chance to kill as he spent a little too much time drawing things out for his enjoyment, to the point where the window of opportunity closed and his opponent/victim, or whatever’s left of them, manages to escape. While Imperious knows the theory of all aspects of Biomancy, his magic is lacking where it comes to IM as well as amplification, because these are aspects he has tended to neglect in his training.

Being a Fae, Imperious cannot lie.
Imperious also has a gambling problem. While he does not gamble at detrimentally high stakes, he can seldom resist a game of chance with lower stakes. The problem arises from the fact that he will usually agree and will often play game after game after game, regardless of whether he’s winning or losing.
Due to his biomancy, Imperious is weaker at night as he draws his magic from the sun. He can launch attacks at the same power level, but cannot recharge when he needs to so easily.
Imperious’ combat style relies heavily on his ability to move quickly, especially when using his magic. If Imperious was to be stopped from moving so much, he’d find the fight a lot more difficult. Likewise, a situation where he cannot use his magic, such as fighting within a sealed room would severely impinge his ability to come out on top. If Imperious can be forced to use his IM, Imperious will be exhausted and will not be able to use his magic for some time, making him extremely vulnerable at this point. Even fighting in a small room would limit him somewhat as he’d struggle to utilise his wings in combat for attacking from extra angles
- Training: When Imperious was young, his father brought in a biomancy instructor called Syrio Light. This training was mainly magical based, including practising recharging his magic, developing his own style, building up his resistance to pain, healing while seriously hurt, as well as physical combat and analysing the situation mid-fight. Imperious was encouraged to read from a young age, which helped give him a strong grasp on politics, especially as his father would often take him to court to observe and learn from other people’s successes and, more importantly, their mistakes. Imperious was only expected to observe Maresh and his colleagues, but he paid especially close attention to the then queen, Indra Lei. He was always fascinated with how she managed to rule what was already a large court, though not as large as it would be under Imperious.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Natural Fae
- Cause of Infliction:N/A - Imperious is a natural Fae, with a natural Fae father, and a turned Fae mother.
- Site of Infliction: N/A
- Benefits: enhanced senses, heightened senses, extreme strength and agility.
- Downsides: Fae cannot lie. Fae are also frequently targeted by monster hunters and are not usually liked by the Sanctuaries, though this is mutual.
As time goes by, Fae have to recycle more frequently, because the more they kill, the more their true self comes out and the more quickly they burn out their recycled forms.
- Fitting In: Imperious, being the king of a very sizeable Fae court, tends not to mix with the humans too much. The Fae tend to steer clear of the Sanctuaries in particular. He only really mixes with mages/mortals when looking to kill or turn somebody, either for vengeance, a mission, fun or to increase the numbers of those in his court. When he does enter a place with lots of humans, though, he takes his recycled form so as not to attract attention, unless in a situation he wants to create fear, i.e. before killing someone. He tends to socialise with other Fae quite a lot. As the monarch of a court, he’s expected to attend events frequently. His courtiers often desire his attention, though he suspects mainly because to be in his good graces gives them power over their colleagues. Imperious also frequently visits area of his territory and interacts with Fae that aren’t particularly special, as a way of building loyalty to him at every level. Because of how much time this takes up, Imperious values his time alone when he doesn’t have to be so careful about what he says or does, though he wishes he had someone he could truly be himself around.

Imperious’ equals are monarchs of other courts and Sanctuary representatives. Thus when it comes to interacting with them, there tends to be a fair amount of posturing and verbal power plays followed by diplomatic negotiations and/or threats.
- Suppressant/Cure: N/A

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Total world domination of the Fae world, but ideally of the human’s too in an overt manner. Imperious believes that he’s been pretty effective at exercising what power he has, and while not one to blow his own trumpet, he takes great pride in the fact that his court has become much stronger since he took the throne after killing Indra Lei. Thus, he wants to take over the world for a few reasons: he’d be good at it, power is fun to wield over people, and because if he didn’t have to worry about dealing with those pesky Sanctuaries (which he considers quite a limiter on his political power) then he’d be able to be a much more effective ruler. Not to mention if he overtly ruled the world, there’d be no need to hide from mages and mortals.
- Minor Goals: To expand his court to contain all of Asia, and Hawaii. He considers Hawaii a place of strategic importance and has always been mildly surprised that nobody has claimed it yet. He would, but he also needs the ability to defend it and incorporate it into his court fully. This is what stops him from claiming it straight away. His reasoning is simple - land is a measure of power. Some of the most powerful mortal countries - Canada, the USA, China, Russia, Brazil, India, all have large populations and a lot of territory. Even geographically smaller powers such as the United Kingdom have benefitted from large empires.
To build up his court through turning people as a method of countering population decrease and building up forces to strengthen his already sizeable kingdom.
Imperious would also like to find a nice lady biomancer to turn and make his queen as he’s very lonely at the top, but he doesn’t actively pursue this, because he doesn’t believe affairs of the heart should be forced. The best he can do is take advantage of any opportunity that should present itself. He’d like them to be a biomancer specifically because then that would actually strengthen his own biomancy whenever she were around him. This is also a goal because Imperious wants to start a dynasty and needs an heir.
- Motivation: World domination is no mean feat. To achieve it takes centuries of planning and careful manoeuvring. If Imperious were to give up on his life long goal of world domination, then the vast majority of his life - which in his eyes is worth a whole lot more than any creature, Fae or otherwise - would be for nought. Thus, he owes it to himself, as well as his parents who worked hard to give him a good start, to see his goals through to the end (even if his father might not approve of his murdering Indra Lei).
- Bio: Imperious was born on 28/06/1481 to his parents Maresh Dro and Ankha Reem, in Tegar, Kashmir. As an only child, his parents gave him much attention in his early years. They loved him and spent much of their free time teaching him and spending time with him. From the age of 10, his father brought Imperious with him to court to watch the goings on and learn about the politics - both about how to govern but also about the power plays between different factions and individuals.

They hired a Fae called Syrio Light who trained Imperious in combat. Syrio was a friendly mentor but could be punishing when he wanted to be. For instance,  when Imperious learned how to heal himself, he bragged to Syrio about how he was theoretically unbeatable now, and could even beat Syrio in a fight. Syrio did not react well to this, having been irritated by Imperious’ swelling ego for some time now, telling Imperious to pick up his weapons and prove himself. Syrio always held back when training Imperious, but but this time he didn’t hold back very much, swatting Imperious’ moves away with ease, and making a careful slash above Imperious’ left nipple, approximately 5 ½ inches wide. He lowered his sword and stepped back, scolding his acolyte and reminding him that pride comes before a fall. Imperious did not take the hint however and demanded Syrio picked up his sword again. Syrio sighed and complied, getting around Imperious’ attempts to attack with incredible ease and knocking him onto the floor, giving Imperious another slash around the same nipple, intersecting the first slash at about 60 degrees. Syrio stepped back again, telling Imperious to be careful and pick his battles wisely. If he challenged everyone he met, he’d surely end up dead. Imperious by this point was enraged, and charged his mentor once more. Syrio parried the attacks and punched Imperious, following up with a third slash, completing an upside down triangle around Imperious’ nipple, with the lines extending past the corners. Imperious never fully healed these wounds, keeping them as a reminder of each of the lessons Syrio mentioned, as well as that as much as he progresses, there’ll always be someone able to beat him.
In public, however, Imperious was much less hot-headed, as to do so would reflect badly on the family. Imperious was encouraged to be quiet whenever his father took him out, usually to observe the goings on of the court and learn from the successes and failures of others. Imperious particularly watched Indra Lei, the monarch at the time. She was a wise and charismatic monarch, inspiring loyalty in her subjects, and with Maresh Dro as her general, she enjoyed a long period of security. Imperious liked her for a long time, his opinion helped by his father’s genuine loyalty. His family had a long history of serving the reigning monarch

2 other scars - one when seizing power, another when fighting a war.
-Chinese Sanctuary
[Their Backstory. What happened in their past? What are major events that have shaped them? Explain in as much detail as possible.]

Notes: look into Pedri’s expansion and alliance building, assassination of Indra Lei, a few wars that expanded his territory (Perhaps some of the Stans or the Korean peninsular), check about Wrathia with Charlotte

Imperious’ father was wealthy, and so he was brought up well. Imperious knows many languages because of his expansion of his territory. Over half a millennium, Imperious has learned quite a lot about nation building, and tries to help assimilate newly conquered peoples into his court by learning their languages in an effort to build a connection between him and them. The idea behind this is it helps towards building a national identity, which makes his nation stronger, more stable, and ready for future expansion.
Imperious has his capital in Kashmir but tours around and follows the idea of peripatetic monarchy to further build on the loyalty of his people.
Imperious moved the court to Kashmir, partially as a demonstration of power. The amount of unrest greatly helps as it is easier for Fae to get way with attacks and killings in this area. It is also a good source of recruitment as the recruits from here share a heritage with Imperious, being of Kashmiri origin, and people tend to be a little tougher as they have to survive the constant conflict in the region. The disputed (between the mortal governments of India and China) area of the region to the east and Muslim dominated areas towards the Indian-Pakistani border are especially useful due to the ongoing conflict and opposition to the local mortal governments. Imperious has been considering using this conflict as a chance to assert some overt dominance over mortals, rather than just the members of the Fae.
Imperious needs a character like Hundred Eyes

- Additional Notes: [Is there anything else important that was not covered by the previous sections? Something that you would like to add that does not go elsewhere? Place it here.]

Imperious’ family has a coat of arms, which looks like this:
(click to show/hide)

Europe / Dancing in the Moonlight (Flint, DammitImMad and Isfet Lethe)
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Jargon Resilient was not a morning person. It took her long enough to wake up at the best of times but when she had to get up at the crack of dawn, she was not a person you wanted to talk to for several hours. At least until she had had a smoke, a coffee, some food and a little time to play with her pet bearded dragon Nharrang and catch up on her emails. It was only after then that some dared approach her office. hough some had the sense to hesitate before knocking all through the day.

She fished into her from pocket of her coat and lifted out a tub of mealworms crawling around in sawdust. Jargon held the tub up to her eye level and lifted the lid, examining it before plucking a particularly plump looking and dangling it in front of Nhar. She watched it thrash as it noticed the predator and frantically tried to escape, searching or grip on the only surface within it's reach - Nharrang's face. It was safe for now, being in a blind spot of his vision, but now Nharrang knew something there. Jargon held it a little further away, and moved it to the left, allowing it to come into Nharrang's field of vision. She watched her pet, but saw no reaction. Jargon lowered the mealworm in front oh him and allowed it to settle itself in front of Nharrang. Now, there was a response. His eyes focused as his face shifted and tilted, watching his prey. By now the mealworm had orientated itself, and began to make its bid for freedom. Nhar watched it, tracking its progress as it turned and fled, choosing his moment wisely. Within an instant, as if a switch had been flipped, Nhar darted forward and grabbed the mealworm with his tongue, snapping his jaws as he enjoyed the delectable treat. CRUNCH! CRUNCH! CRUNCH! Nharrang swallowed and finished devouring his food, licking his lips every second. "Who's a good babby boy?" Jargon cooed, kissing Nhar on the top of his head. And with that, she hooked her hands under his belly and lifted him into her pocket. No, Jargon was not in the best of moods so early in the morning. But she'd been told she had a briefing to attend in the meeting room so unfortunately she had to turn up. She'd have to make do with what little time she had. she'd have to have her coffee in the meeting room. She'd have her smoke after the briefing. Nhar would provide company enough while she was given another task. Hopefully this one would be more interesting than watching the mage pubs.

Jargon Resilient gathered her belongings and began to stroll out of her office and along the corridor. It wasn't too long a journey to the meeting room, but Jargon wasn't one to appreciate any journeys so early. She glared at anybody foolish enough to cross her path on the way to the meeting room. Jargon had worked here for several years now, and for several years, she had made the journey from her office to the meeting room, but never this early in the morning. No, there'd better be a good reason for this.

Skulduggery Pleasant / The War
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So I've been thinking about this a lot recently and I'm really curious to learn more about the war with Mevolent. The factions, what sparked it off (we know it was worshippers of the Faceless Ones vs people who like living, but what about the event that triggered it? The build up? I'd like to learn about important figures in the war that we haven't heard of.

I want to know more about the history of the world, especially an event that shaped the present. What do you guys think?

Gaming / Sid Meier's Civilization
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So who here plays Civ? What are your thoughts on Civ 6? Anyboy gonna preorder? Do you like or hate the art style? Does it look better or worse than Civ 5?

Fan Works / Isfet Lethe's OC Ask Me Anything
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So I realised that my OC AMA was lost in the reset, so here it is reborn!

A list of my characters:

Ardent Desultory

Jargon Resilient

Samantha Foxx

Arshaka Pellucid

Svengali Iniquitous

Ask away!

Approved Profiles / General Svengali Iniquitous
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Svengali Iniquitous -  General
- Taken Name: Svengali Iniquitous
- Pronunciation of the Name: sven-GAH-lee in-NICK-wit-uhs
- Given Name: Bjørn Vestergaard
- Pronunciation of the Name: Byern VEST-er-gard
- Character Job: General in the mortal Norwegian Army.
- Qualifications: N/A
- Titles: General

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Svengali is a pyromaniac and a nihilist. He quite literally wants to watch the world burn. His nihilism is concerned primarily with morality and existentialism in that he believes life has no intrinsic value or meaning, and that nothing is strictly moral or immoral as he views morality as a concept that society has arbitrarily come up with to suit its own needs and discards just as easily, so in a weird way, the most moral thing to do is to have no morals, which suits Svengali pretty well indeed. 
He is a strategist, and knows that it’d be unwise to draw attention to himself by often sending his subordinates on missions that are unauthorised. Svengali, ever the tactician, plays the tactician and is reluctant to commit all his forces.
Svengali doesn't joke around much, though it's not completely unheard of. He prefers wordplay, or political/ideological jokes. Most other kinds will likely result in a glare or a polite smile and a change of topic, or perhaps  taunt, depending on how much Svengali knows and (dis)likes the offending individual. Some might call him cowardly, but he doesn't believe cowardice or honour to be relevant during fighting. What matters is survival and overcoming your opponent(s).
Svengali is polite to strangers, and tries to appear friendly, reasoning that it doesn't pay to make enemies, though it's rare for him to find people he gets on with. He can be accused of being too logical, but is quite empathetic when he wants to be. Svengali does take an interest in people's problems, though. He values understanding individuals. Whether he wants to help them though, is another matter. Svengali appreciates good conversations, especially ones that stretch your brain. Few things make him smile more than new ideas to consider or someone who can hold their own in a debate. None of his lieutenants would've been able to reach such a point in the hierarchy if they hadn't proven to Svengali their ability to think and debate.
Svengali appreciates intellectualism, and often uses this angle when re-evaluating his thoughts (which is often. Svengali often re-evaluates his ideas to see if they stand up to reason, discarding those that don't, and taking on board those that do). Svengali doesn't get angered by failure. He is a leader and leads by respecting his subordinates, even if he wouldn't complain if most of them wound up dead. Svengali encourages people to challenge his ideas for missions and strategy, though is not exactly afraid to lay down the law. Svengali, having been the middle of he and his two brothers, has learned to be diplomatic from a very early age. He has since developed this silver tongue to further his own ends, rather than just placate people and defuse tense situations.
- Character Likes: Morally flexible individuals, pondering philosophy, intellectuals, people who challenge him.
- Character Dislikes: People with morals – he views them as irritating, with sticks too far up their ****,vegetarians, bleeding heart liberals, mayonnaise, idiots, American Comedy (he views it as unsophisticated) most Americans, the USA
- Mental Traits: Svengali is a tactician, specialises in coming up with a plan, weighing up his adversary and adjusting by predicting what his opponent will go for. I.e. if his opponent is smart, Svengali will expect his traditional responses to be expected and will alter plans accordingly. He doesn’t tend to laugh much, viewing jokes as immature and a waste of time.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human
- Ethnicity: Caucasian/Scandinavian/Norwegian
- Nationality: Norwegian
- Alignment: Chaotic evil
- Allegiance: General of the mortal Norwegian military
- Reasoning: Svengali views it as a means to an end, giving him money and people power so that when the opportunity presents itself, he can utilise his resources to quite literally let the world burn. It is worth mentioning though, that because it is a north European nation, Svengali can hardly call the entire military in to do his bidding. To stay off the radar, and because not many people agree with his nihilistic aims, Svengali can only call on a maximum of four people, and that is when giving advance notice, though even then he prefers to use less as there are less witnesses, it costs less and raises less eyebrows if he’s not constantly calling squads of four away at a time.

- Allies: Svengali has four lieutenants he can call on to assist in his missions, though he prefers to use less. It’s also less conspicuous if Svengali uses less men to achieve his aims.
- Enemies: Anyone who objects to his methods, or crosses his path or actively stops his… philosophical experimentation as he considers it.
- Family: None – his parents died in the War, fighting against Mevolent. He had two brothers, but they both died during the 20th century.
- Friends: Svengali has no friends. The closest he has to friends re the very few subordinates he can call on to help him out on jobs not authorised by the Norwegian Military. However, because of the illicit nature of the missions, Svengali prefers to bring as few people on missions as possible. No need to draw attention to himself.
- Significant Other: Svengali has an ex wife by the name of Eliana Steel.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 221
- Appearance Age: 31
- Character Birthday: 05/06/1795
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Pale white
- Height: 187cm
- Weight: 82.1kg
- Hair Description: long, blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. Svengali takes some inspiration from the Vikings
- Eye Description: Intense, piercing blue eyes, the colour of a shallow swimming pool. They’re sometimes described as intense.
- Facial Details: Chiselled jawline, pale, burns easily in sunlight. Freckle between his blonde eyebrows
- Physical Appearance: Cleanshaven, muscular build, a single hair on his chin that always somehow manages to escape shaves. Svengali has a scar along his chest that trails from his collar bone, down between his pectorals, tracing the outline of the bottom of his lungs on his skin.
- Attire: Crisp white shirt, black tie, pinstripe suit

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Thick Norwegian accent. Sounds similar to Ragnar Lothbrok from Vikings, but a tone deeper.
- Speech Traits: Tends to use long words. Svengali likes to use eloquence when he talks. His words are usually carefully chosen, though this can go out the window when he has been angered.
- Languages: English, German, Norwegian
- Habits: None – Svengali makes a point of breaking habits whenever they appear straight away.
- Mannerisms: Plays with a single hair on his chin whenever he’s thinking. Caresses the blades of his axes in tense situations. It’s a comfort thing, though he has been known to use it to appear intimidating. When he's using it to intimidate, it's deliberate. When doing it for comfort, it's a subconscious action.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Weaponry: Sig sauer p226, a pair of war axes with a symmetrical symbol carved on the back of each blade, allowing Svengali to use them as bludgeoning weapons as well as sharp weapons. These symbols allow Svengali to teleport the blades into his hand whenever he clicks his fingers. The metal at the back, by the handle is weighted so that it packs more of a blow and is more likely to imprint the symbol on an enemy.
- Ammunition: Three magazines each carrying 12 9mm rounds
- Pocket Items: money, car keys, house keys, iPhone 6,
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: Note regarding Svengali’s hand axes - If the symbols imprint onto an object or person due to a blow from the back of the blade, Svengali can temporarily teleport the imprinted object/person into his hands at will as long as the imprinted symbol is entirely intact. Once the symbol is compromised in some form, Svengali can have no effect on it.
- Other: Svengali owns a small estate just outside of Trondheim, and an expensive flat in Oslo. Svengali also owns an Audi R8

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Venti – specifically Pyrokinetic. Svengali has gone very far down the Pyrokinetic route – to the point all he can do with electricity is remotely short circuit and power electrical devices.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: When Svengali feels pure rage, or is on a good day (is rested, alert, feeling energetic and powerful) he can turn into smoke, making him invulnerable to anything except a very, very, strong wind. Should he be hit by one of these, he will immediately revert to his human form and will be magically crippled for some time to the point where he cannot use immersion metamorphosis. Svengali’s experienced it once. It wasn’t fun. He still bears the scar across his chest from it. He’s more careful about using his immersion metamorphosis these days.
- Ability Specific Info: Svengali is a Pyrokinetic Venti. Rather than surging, Venti have “discord bars”. It charges up during use. The longer a fight with Svengali lasts, the more powerful becomes, until he stops using magic for some time or takes a hit in smoke form.
- Magical Abilities: Svengali likes to fight using mind games. He’ll fiddle with the electrics of any devices/ equipment his opponent(s)may be relying on or near, will manipulate or create smoke to confuse them, help guns overheat to the point where the user can’t bear to hold them, etc. Svengali likes to use his magic to throw his opponent(s) off balance and then go in for strikes once he has a measure of them. This also gives Svengali the chance to charge up a little. 
- Physical Abilities: Svengali is a good marksman with a pistol, and is proficient in fighting with his hand axes. He tries to be versatile in case of unexpected circumstances. He can hold his own in unarmed combat, though always prefers a match up where he and his opponent have weapons as opposed to a fight where neither do. Svengali is strong and his fighting style focuses on power and endurance, relying on his magic if he needs speed.
- Strengths: Svengali is physically strong and very cunning. He views fights like a game of chess match. He plans it out in his head – feinting, sending a few blows out, but nothing major to test his opponent, messing with them, trying to knock them off balance mentally so that he can take control of the fight.
- Weaknesses: If Svengali is too angry, he becomes less clearheaded and will make mistakes. Svengali also doesn’t do so well in matches that are fast as he’s still warming up his magic. Quick knock outs are the best way to take him out.
- Training: Growing up just north of Vadheim, Svengali was often cold. He was encouraged by his parents to learn to manipulate heat and smoke. Svengali trains regularly. He believes in mastery of mind, body and magic.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To watch the world burn. Quite literally.
- Minor Goals: Power. Svengali aims to accumulate money money political power so that when the opportunity presents itself, Svengali is as ready as he can be to be able to bring about the end of the world.
- Motivation: Svengali has become increasingly cynical and had his opinion of humanity lower over the few centuries when he’s been alive. He used to be a left wing political activist believing in helping his fellow human beings. But political events across the world (Svengali pays keen attention to current events, both in the mortal and the magical communities) have over the years turned him hardhearted, eventually to the point where he views humanity as a plague, a cancer on the world that needs to be eliminated.
- Bio: Svengali’s family was not wealthy. He lived in a shack with his parents and two brothers, doing whatever he could to get by and help his family. He joined the military several times, the first time was 1813.  Officially, he died several times, always missing in action, the body never recovered. Each time he had a different name. He’d always wait thirty to forty years though before rejoining. Between 1814 though and the Second World War, he went for retirement, or dishonourable discharge.
Svengali would try to vary the reasons for leaving – it made them easier to distinguish and avoided any patterns from appearing. He knew it was extremely unlikely anybody would notice one, but there was no need to take risks. Svengali didn’t want to be recognised by the officers when he was supposedly dead. If it weren’t for that, he’d have stayed in the military all his life. The money would go back to his family, helping them survive.
The first time he left the military was in 1841. He came back to discover that his father had died in an ambush by Mevolent's forces, aged 52, several years before. His family couldn’t read or write, so he had no way of knowing until he left the military. When he wasn’t in the military, he worked on a farm, living there full time, until the owner was forced to sell it in 1866. Svengali  revisited his family, but discovered that his mother had died in a mission in Sweden, then worked in the local coal mine - not wanting to have anything to do with magical affairs - for 12 years from 1866-1878, when he moved on again before the mortals could realise he wasn’t aging, faking his death in a collapsed tunnel. Svengali sought out the magical community after that, hoping to find a place for himself there, where he wouldn’t have to keep moving so that nobody realised he wasn’t aging or dying. He worked in a public house near Leirvik for 56 years, rising up the ranks, and rented a room there. Svengali enjoyed that he could settle down, and even found a wife, a woman named Eliana Steel, though that marriage ended 8 years later when he discovered she’d been cheating on him.
It was during Svengali’s time here that he became interested in political ideology - Not enough to fight in the war - both his brothers had picked up the baton and Svengali fully expected them to die Sure enough, they did. Svengali's younger brother, Magnus died assaulting a cargo train in Spain, and Sigurd, the oldest of the three brothers died just 6 months before the peace agreement.
Svengali had heard and discussed politics long before, but had never take full ideologies into account. It was during his time in in Leirvik that he began to read, learning about political ideas and philosophy. Svengali became interested in the idea of Socialism. He’d seen the ugly side of capitalism. He’d seen it cause wars and keep people down. And while he had no objection to taking part in wars – he’d found a sick sense of excitement from when the blood was pumping and it was kill or be killed –he’d seen how exploitative it was. People were always out for people. Perhaps a system that worked for the many, not the few. Svengali discovered that he excelled at philosophy, which quickly became Svengali’s hobby.
Svengali left the magical community there in 1935, having grown tired of the arrogance. People, he’d noticed, were arrogant creatures. Mortals were worse. They thought just because they could make fire with their bare hands, or channel the power of death that they were superior, but they were stuck in their ways, they sickened him. Mortals sickened him too, of course. But while Svengali saw the advantage of having a few magical friends, he preferred to mix with mortals overall. He rejoined the Norwegian military in 1937, and fought in the Second World War. This time his money didn’t go to his family. He saved it up for when he could use it himself.
Svengali stayed in the Norwegian military this time until 1962, where he faked his death during an attack during the Congo Crisis in 1962. After that, Svengali moved to Oslo and spent his time working for a rightwing newspaper as a photographer. It was here that he learned the extent of media bias and editing.
Svengali left after 15 years there in 1978. It occurred to him that policing might be a decent substitute for the military, so he joined the police force as part of the National Criminal Investigation Service. He worked in Oslo as an officer for 12 years, before he decided it was time to return to the army.
Svengali this time went through the Norwegian Military Academy so that he could become an officer from the start. He spent four years studying to become an NCO, and served in Bosnia, Kosovo and Afghanistan. Svengali quickly worked up the ranks and was eventually promoted to general in 2015. It was during this time that he bought himself a new flat in Oslo, where he currently resides.

- Additional Notes: The most he’d ever call to his aid are his four lieutenants (whom will most likely get character profiles in the near future) though if possible Svengali prefers to not rely on his position of command at all. He doesn’t want to draw attention until a massive opportunity to destroy the world appears.

Europe / An Undiplomatic Mission
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Samantha sighed and rolled her eyes as Ardent scrambled up and down the stairs looking or his shoes. The guy could take down targets before they had time to register they weren't alone. He could experiment with elemental magic in ways she hadn't heard of it being applied until she met him. But could he make sure he was completely ready to go when she came to pick him up? Evidently not. "You don't need much, just your gear. Didn't you pack this all last night?" She called up to him.
"I did, but not the stuff I'll be wearing to-AHA!" He shouted triumphantly. "One down, one to go!"
"Why don't you keep your shoes together?"
Ardent's head appeared over the banister. "Because that, my dear, would be common sense", he relied with a grin as his eyes widened and he bolted downstairs, one shoe on his right foot, laces flailing and somehow not tripping him and sending him flying. Now that would be just wonderful. Having to ring Alistair Kairos and apologise that he could not have the full selection of bodyguards they'd agreed because one of them couldn't overcome the most fearsome of foes - shoelaces. Samantha sighed and sat at the bottom of the stairs.
"If we're late, I'm going to cause you more pain than the Red Wedding and Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. combined", she threatened her boyfriend. She was usually very relaxed, but they were going on a job together and Samantha knew if they managed to do their job well and give off a good impression, this may be the first of several contracts with the Elders of the British Sanctuary. She heard a thumping noise and looked around to see Ardent hopping up and down in an attempt to get his second shoe on. So he'd found it after all. "Come on, you can do your laces in the car! Have you got your trident?" She asked, getting up and fishing out her car keys.
Ardent fished a small trident out of his pockets with a smile and quickly replaced it before grabbing a bag he'd left by the staircase the night before. "Yep. Right here", he replied as he grabbed the keys to his flat and followed her outside, turning around only to lock the front door. Samantha was already settling into the driver's seat when he put his keys back in his pocket, so he jogged over, dumped his wheelie bag in the boot of her Ford Focus and slid into the front passenger seat. He did up his seatbelt and glanced at Samantha, who was already a lot calmer now that she was behind the wheel of her car. He knew she was just as much a boy racer as he was, and enjoyed the feeling of her hands on the steering wheel. She grinned at him.
"Is the Pope a Catholic?" Ardent grinned back as she turned on the ignition, removed the brakes and drove off.


Arshaka Pellucid was not happy. Xe had been put in touch with some lesser mercs to help get xir job done. It was a big one. Political assassination. Xe had hoped to finish the job off quickly and easily, but the fool who'd planted the explosives hadn't applied enough, and so their target had instead been treated to a small lights show and had been gifted with the knowledge that someone wanted them dead. Now they'd be much more difficult to take out. Arshake knew they'd probably have taken precautions, and would be a lot harder to catch unawares, if there was any chance of that happening now. The job was difficult as it was, but one buffoon had made xir life infinitely harder, so xe had ended his. Arshaka did not tolerate failures, especially if they were in xir name. Xe suddenly developed a red tint as xe reflected, then banished the feelings, xir body losing its tint. There was work to be done, and emotions would just make life even harder still. Xe sighed and picked up the phone. They knew their target was going to be on the move soon. Time to make some preparations.

Approved Profiles / Samantha Foxx
« on: September 05, 2016, 12:10:12 AM »
Samantha Foxx, Mercenary
- Taken Name: Samantha Foxx
- Pronunciation of the Name: Suh-MAN-thuh Fox
- Given Name: Emily Burns
- Pronunciation of the Name: EM-ill-ee Burns
- Character Job: Samantha’s a merc that only does jobs she agrees with morally. Clients have to approach her with caution as if they offer a job and she dislikes it, she may actively try to stop anyone who takes it.
- Qualifications: Driving license
- Titles: N/A

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Samantha is a fun loving person. She enjoys a joke and she loves to embrace her inner nerd, especially book and TV/film characters. She views flirting as a form of joke, though separates serious flirting from jokes between friends. Samantha is a proud nerd, and enjoys talking to other people about nerdy things, be they fandoms or deep, intellectual conversations. She enjoys interacting with people; But she has a harder side which comes out she she's on business. When on a job, she exudes an air of confidence, or whenever she's interacting with anyone new. The insecurities get revealed later, depending on whether she gets on with them. She will joke a little if she knows the person she's working with well, but never at the cost of the job.  Samantha values being formidable; She considers that her main aim. She seeks to become a better person in every way (except maybe the following the law way. She realises that the law is quite a handicap). She values strength in others, be it physical or mental/emotional, though the latter garners a lot more respect.
- Character Likes: anime, reading, watching sci-fi and fantasy, Dr Who, Game of Thrones, Hustle, BBC Dramas are particular favourites, appearing formidable, flirting, dark jokes, puns, intellectual conversations, people with drive,
- Character Dislikes: People who think Capaldi is too old, being talked down to, stupid people, people who expect respect without earning it, people with no sense of humour, cowards
- Mental Traits: Samantha is a quick learner, and very driven. She prides herself on being and appearing formidable.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human
- Ethnicity: White, English
- Nationality: English
- Alignment: Neutral good
- Allegiance: N/A
- Reasoning: Samantha has spent time time in the care system, and later living on the streets. She knows what it’s like to be failed by the law, and the systems that are supposed to serve and protect. She doesn’t resent the law, but she does recognise it’s astounding ability to fail those who need it most. Combine that with how hard Samantha had to work to drag herself out of the gutter. She doesn’t want other people to have to fight like she did, so she is driven to improve herself and wants others to have an easier time making something of themselves than she did. After all, were she not shown charity by Moribund Sage, she’d still be a street urchin now.

- Allies: N/A
- Enemies: N/A
- Family: The only family she really had was the mage who took her in off the streets and trained her, Moribund Sage. He gave her everything he had when he died.
- Friends: Sapphire Knifepoint, Flint Deadshot
- Significant Other: Ardent Desultory (boyfriend)

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 25
- Appearance Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 16/05/1991
- Gender: Female

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: pale white
- Height: 178cm
- Weight: 70.2kg
- Hair Description: fiery red, wavy hair that goes down just past her shoulders.
- Eye Description: Warm chocolate brown eyes
- Facial Details: Samantha has red lips and a pointed nose. Her ears are relatively small, with a slightly detached lobe. Here eyebrows are thin and well maintained.
- Physical Appearance: Samantha’s body is very toned, with muscles that are evident without her flexing. Her skin is pale, her body is slim. Bra size 32D, a couple of freckles on her harms, but her skin is otherwise unblemished.
- Attire: Samantha traditionally wears a leather jacket, jeans and a fandom t shirt (traditionally Game of Thrones, Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, but she has a lot of fandom merchandise) She owns a couple of dresses, but Samantha prefers wearing trousers, so will wear a grey suit that emphasises her body shape. When clubbing, Samantha tends not to reveal too much – she doesn’t feel the need to reveal everything, but tends to wear tight fitting clothes, as she, and most people she talks to are of the opinion that she makes it work.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: warm voice, average pitch, very slightly below average if anything. Has a southern English accent - home counties, particularly Suffolk
- Speech Traits: Tends to say "like" a little often and can sound a little flirtatious unintentionally.
- Languages: English, Spanish.
- Habits: Bites her nails
- Mannerisms: Twirls a strand of hair to her right when she’s bored or in thought, bites her bottom lip when she’s talking to someone she has feelings for.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: See weapons
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Weaponry: Solid plastic Spear with a chain in the pole attached to the metal spearhead that can extend and retract at Samantha’s will. This spear can be concealed by a symbol on the handle which turns the spear invisible. This spear is usually strapped to Samantha’s back when on her person.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Pocket Items: Samsung Galaxy S5,wallet, house keys, car keys.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: Samantha's spear
- Other: Samantha owns a nice house in Greenwich, as well as a Ford Focus. The House was inherited, the Focus was bought after her first contract.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Elemental
- Specialization: Fire
- Immersion Metamorphosis: N/A
- Ability Specific Info: Samantha specialises in fire, having used it often for distractions as well as a good ranged and melee weapon. She often uses air to detect nearby people as well as a way of maintaining distance from targets and subduing them quickly (throwing them against a wall or cutting off their oxygen supply) Samantha uses the water element as a good defence against vampires, being able to produce water combined with salts in the air and ground to kill them, but has been learning to use it, as well as all her elements in more unorthodox ways as a result of her intimate relationship with Ardent Desultory, whom spends much of his time experimenting with elemental magic. Thus she tries to use it to travel quickly via bodies of water, as well as for survival skills. Samantha is least proficient with earth magic, not knowing much about its applications, but has been training with her boyfriend so that she can use it to create cover at will via drawing
- Magical Abilities: Samantha often creates small fires in her hand to burn her opponents and force them to break holds or withdraw when she is at a disadvantage. She often uses fires for distraction too, though tries to put them out when she has a chance and it doesn’t benefit her to create an inferno. Samantha often uses her magic for dirty moves during fighting – expanding and compressing air to create missiles that hit soft spots, attempting to force water into the airways of her enemies etc, though she has been learning more to use her magic to improve her stealth via her boyfriend, a Cloaked in the Wraith Initiative.
- Physical Abilities: Samantha excels at hand to hand combat, having spent some time on the streets where she was forced to become proficient at unarmed self-defence. That said, her weapon of choice is the spear with the chain, and she has spent a lot of time training to the point that she is most dangerous with that weapon, and can use it in both lethal and non-lethal ways. Samantha has studied the use of nunchuks, but that is mainly to help her utilise the chain aspect of her weapon in more imaginative and useful ways.
- Strengths: Samantha is adaptable, intelligent
- Weaknesses: Samantha can be angered by people who manage to manipulate her past or by people underestimating the hardship she has had to go through, or arguing that there is no excuse for working outside the law. If someone manages to get into her head, Samantha is a lot less strategic, and fights more instinctively.
- Training: Samantha learnt to fight on the streets, and gained her knowledge that she could perform elemental magic by accident after enduring many storms without shelter and suffering many cold nights. When Moribund Sage took her in, he trained her to use her magic and to fight. After he died, she devoted her time to her training and her contracts as her way of grieving. She has since gotten closer to dealing with the death of the only father figure she had, and the closest thing she had to family, though that doesn’t mean she has slowed down her training particularly.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Samantha wants to be formidable, in every way. Smarter, stronger, more understanding, wiser, what matters to her is self improvement. She’s had enough of being vulnerable, and now wants to excel in every way – people, intelligence, wisdom, strength, combat, the lot.
- Minor Goals: Learn more about Elemental magic
- Motivation: Samantha Foxx has had enough of being weak. When she was in care, she had no control over her life. When she ran away and lived on the streets, she had some autonomy, but she was powerless. Since she has been shown charity, She will always be grateful to the late Moribund Sage for how he helped her, but she doesn’t want to be in a position where she requires someone else’s charity again, and so she focuses on getting stronger, on learning, on stability.
- Bio: Samantha Foxx’s earliest memories are in a care home, given up by her mother, whomever she may be. Samantha lived there until she was 15 and ran away to live on the streets. She lived on the streets for 2 years, learning the hard way how to fight and fight dirty. When she was 17, a sorcerer named Moribund Sage took her in and treated her like she were his own daughter. She lived with him for five years, until he died of a heart attack when she was 22. Samantha inherited his estate, and all of his worldly possessions. She flung herself into training as her way of grieving. After 2 years, she began to accept and deal with his death, though she is still grieving. Not long after her 25th birthday, she met Ardent Desultory in a bar in Los Angeles while on holiday and they’ve been together ever since.
- Additional Notes: N/A

Discussion and Planning / A re-christening
« on: September 04, 2016, 03:38:47 PM »
So Arshaka Pellucid, the friendly neighbourhood Petra Borne mercenary had xir first RP but that was lost to the forum reset.

If you want to know what a Petra Borne, or to use their official name, the Corundumakili, simply click here.

I'm also interested in doing an RP with Ardent Desultory and his girlfriend Samantha Foxx, whom was also a casualty of the reset.

Approved Profiles / Arshaka Pellucid
« on: June 29, 2016, 01:16:48 AM »
Top of Form
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Arshaka Pellucid
- Pronunciation of the Name: arr-SHAH-kah pell-LOO-sid
- Given Name: Almass Wahid (Arshaka is a Corundumakili which is essentially a crystal being that gained sentience. As xe was not born, xe has no parents, having simply “awoken”. As such, Corundumakili aren’t given names, they simply choose names for themselves. This name came from the locals who saw Arshaka when xe first arose (Xe has a true name)
- Pronunciation of the Name: Al-mass wah-HEED
- Character Job: Freelance Mercenary
- Qualifications: N/A
- Titles: The Diamond One
Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Arshaka is innocently curious about life, with an interest in pursuing xir own self interest as following other causes seem illogical to Arshaka. Other than self-interest, Arshaka has a sense of loyalty, and can sometimes be called upon to assist those that have shown xir kindness. Arshaka can be altruistic, but usually expects to be able to call in debts. Xe has an endless fascination with the world around xir. Xir lack of understanding of life and death means that xe is not largely affected by the act of killing. When angered enraged by a person, Arshaka will usually respond with violence. Similarly, when shown kindness without the expectation of being repaid, Arshaka will go to great lengths to repay their debt. Arshaka places little value on life itself. Xe enjoys being mentally tested, and has a level of arrogance, looking down upon organic life forms.
- Character Likes: logic, achieving something that makes life easier for Arshaka, helping xir allies, hurting xir enemies, learning, pondering philosophy, trying to understand life and death from a biological point of view, studying/observing biological beings as xe is curious about biological entities.
- Character Dislikes: People being illogical, acting against xir
- Mental Traits: very logical and emotionally distant. When Arshaka does experience emotions however, it is usually a very intense form, so is enraged rather than angry, blissful as opposed to happy, etc.
Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Corundumakili, Egyptian. Corundumakili are often referred to as “Petra Borne” by the magical community, hence I sometimes refer to them in that way.Corundumakili is the way members of the species refer to themselves however.
- Alignment: Chaotic Neutral – works for self interest, does not care about killing, because while xe understands death in terms of an animated/animated no more kind of way, but not in the need to survive, fundamental/instinctive kind of way that biological entities do.
- Allegiance: N/A
- Reasoning: Arshaka has yet to find any cause other than himself that he finds logical and worth following.
- Allies: Arshaka doesn’t have many allies. He has a few friends in Egypt (where he gained consciousness) but hostility from some locals forced him to move on. He remembers those that have helped him though and tries to repay his debts.
- Enemies: People have tried to hunt Arshaka because of his uniqueness and how rare his race is. Thus he tends to be suspicious of monster hunters.
- Family: Corundumakili have no biological family as they are not biological constructs. Arshaka has tended to live a relatively solitary life as xe has had no family nor a need/desire to start one.
- Friends: N/A
- Significant Other: N/A
Character Age and Gender
- True Age: Arshaka has been conscious for over 7 centuries
- Appearance Age: Petra Borne are created fully mature, and do not show any signs of age until they reach 1000 years at which point they begin to crack and wind erosion begins to show.. Arshaka in human terms, appears as a thirty year old healthy human male would barring the being a  living translucent crystal.
- Character Birthday: 28/5/1296
- Gender: Genderless, though has a traditionally masculine appearance
Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Translucent, colourless, though it can gain a red tint when Arshaka is sufficiently enraged or a turquoise tint if Arshaka is feeling particularly joyful.
Arshaka has a core in where xir gut would be. The core shimmers in the light, giving off the impression that it is multi-coloured, however it would look similar to brass if removed from xir body. The core, like all, is made from a magical element called Arcanium.
Arshaka often wears a façade (engraved on xir left collarbone) for the purpose of blending in. While the façade is often randomised, xe has a default setting for when xe wishes to be recognised. Xir default is a thirty year old Egyptian male, with very tanned skin. Xir finds that human females tend to be attracted to xir facade.
- Character Height: 179cm
- Character Weight: 617.3 lb/280KG
- Character Hair Colour: Arshaka has no hair due to being a crystalline humanoid. Instead, there is a crest of rough diamond that resembles hair and goes down to shoulder length. Xir default façade however has black hair.
- Character Hair Length/Style: When wearing the default façade, xe has relatively long, tousled hair that barely touches xir shoulders, but is very unkempt. Xir default façade also has a light (in terms of density, not colour) beard that goes from xir hairline to xir chin.
- Character Eye Colour: Arshaka’s eyes are the colour of amber. When wearing the default façade, they are a greeny-brown.
- Character Description: In terms of body shape, xe resembles a muscular male, with a lot of rough edges across xir body. The default facade is quite muscly, with a rather well toned body including a 6 pack. Xir facade face is unblemished, with quite a chiselled jawline. Xir nails are short yet not bitten and xir shoulders are broad.
- Character Attire: Arshaka usually wears heavy duty denim jeans, with a sleeveless shirt and denim jacket. Xe will dress formally sometimes but prefers not to because of the likelihood of the sharp edges of xir body tearing the fabric if it isn’t made of a durable material.
Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Arshaka has a rather deep voice. Not so deep that it would be considered inhumanly deep however xir voice is considered high by Corundumakili standards.
- Speech Traits: Arshaka possesses an Egyptian accent owing to where xe emerged from, though has over the centuries mastered several other accents including American midwestern accent, an African-Londoner Accent (similar to John Boyega).
- Languages: Arabic. Also knows German, Mandarin and English.
- Habits: Drums fingers absentmindedly when thinking, and also likes to reshape little fingers sometimes temporarily.
- Mannerisms: Body gains a red tint when Arshaka is sufficiently enraged and Arshaka traditionally starts combat by bending xir knees and waiting for xir opponent to make the first move if xe knows little about xir opponent when fighting.
Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: Mobile phone (Samsung Galaxy S6)
- Weaponry: Reforms arms into shape of equipment (for example an axe or sword ) as and when required.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Pocket Items: Mobile phone, wallet, car keys, house keys.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: Arshaka owns a relatively small yet modern house on the outskirts of Cairo, as well as one in Munich. Xe also owns a ford C-Max.
Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept(only usable by Petra Borne).
- Specialization: Shard Manipulation.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Crystalline body gains a red tint when sufficiently enraged.
- Ability Specific Info: Arshaka follows a sub-branch of Shard Manipulation called “Swarming”. This involves a Corundumakili dividing their consciousness amongst the many shards that make up xir body. The result is that the Petra Borne can reform their body (but not create or destroy mass). They can divide xirself into hundreds of shards and fly away if necessary, as well as hurl shards from their arm at a foe, and then back to rejoin with the Corundumakili’s body. They can also utilise this magic to reform their body to better serve their aims (for instance turning an arm into a sharp blade made of diamond). More information on these magical abilities can be found in the custom magic section. (I will post a link to it here once I have submitted the custom magical discipline).
- Magical Abilities: Arshaka can reform xir body or separate parts of xir body, hurl shards at enemies, turn into a swarm of shards that can fly when required, sharpen or make xir body blunter.
- Physical Abilities: Arshaka is physically strong and being made of diamond, can take physical blows extremely well, even if they come from very sharp objects. For these reasons, Arshaka excels in hand to hand combat. Being a Corundumakili, Arshaka does not need to breathe, eat or sleep though xe can benefit from a long rest.
- Strengths: Arshaka is very strong and intelligent. Xe thinks very logically.
- Weaknesses: Arshaka struggles to empathise, especially with biological entities. While xe does have emotions, xe is often emotionally disconnected.
- Training: Arshaka has had no formal training, learning how to fight only by fighting a lot over 7 centuries.
Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Arshaka aims to simply improve xir quality of life and gain wealth as well as knowledge. Arshaka lives to improve xirself and discover more about xirself.
- Minor Goals: Understand life and death as organics understand it, not simply an “animated and then death happens” way, which is how Arshaka currently understands it.
- Motivation: Arshaka remembers that xe has been around for 7 centuries and therefore has a lot of experience to put to use, and has also usually been in tougher scrapes. Arshaka’s pursuit of knowledge also means that in tough times Arshaka decides xe does not want to die yet and uses that to overcome whatever hardship xe faces.
- Bio: Arshaka started out as a diamond in the ground. Somewhere nearby, a Petra Borne must have died because the magical energy transferred to Arshaka, giving xir life. Arshaka dug upwards and eventually reached the surface before heading to a nearby farm. Arshaka scared the locals but did not attack them as they were unable to hurt Arshaka. (It did not occur to Arshaka that they were attacking xir until afterwards). This was where xe learned Arabic and a bit about the world. Arshaka stayed with the family for some time, helping them in return for them teaching them. This lasted for some time until other people discovered Arshaka and tried to kill xir. This resulted in a fight with many deaths (including the family that had helped Arshaka) and so Arshaka moved on. Arshaka travelled across Egypt for quite some time (as in a few decades) until a mage that specialised in symbols named Zia Alssurat gave Arshaka a facade. Xe lived with Zia until she was murdered at the hands of a lover, whom was subsequently killed by a mercenary. When Arshaka discovered this, xe learned about mercenaries and decided it was logical to play to xir strengths by becoming a professional merc. Arshaka decided to move on and travelled into the desert for a long time. It was there that Arshaka met Erishti, a fellow Corundumakili who explained some things about Corundumakili to Arshaka. However they did not get on well and their time together ended with with Arshaka murdering Erishti after a struggle. Arshaka was part of a small group that called themselves “Hapi’s Scythe”. They were very successful for several centuries until there was a dispute over pay that left two members dead and resulted in the others going their separate ways. Arshaka has been a freelance mercenary ever since.
- Additional Notes: Arshaka spends most of xir free time learning. Being interested in organic philosophy as well as contemplating xirself (as Arshaka has only met another Corundumakili once before and xe left many questions left unanswered about xirself). Arshaka hopes to try to answer these questions
- Suescore:

General Works / COT WARS!!!! (PG)
« on: October 25, 2014, 01:43:35 AM »
Ok so first of all an explanation of what is going down. This is going to be a fic (NOT an RP) about how every forum member has a cot (which can be as simple or as decked out as you like) MsMadMurdock and myself are forming the Great Cot Empire. And to do that, we are invading each and everybody's cots. Why? Because we can. We'll include the following people in the fic:

Flint Deadshot
Lord Obsidious

If other people want to be included in the fiction, then by all means, let us know. We will post installments whenever we can, but in the meantime, we want people to give us as much input as possible. How would you react to the current situation? What would you like to happen? Any good plot twist ideas? The list goes on. We'll comb through the comments and will try to include as many as we can that work with it. Feel free to drop myself a message on Skype or the forums. The first installment shall be posted hopefully by early afternoon tomorrow GMT. (I'm going to sleep now and have no idea how many hours I'll get) please post as much input as you want/can. Especially your cot number ( a 7 digit number) and your cot's nickname, as well as the design you want for your cot.


Given Name: James Fisher
Pronunciation of the Name: James FISH- errr
Character Job: waiter

Character Personality:
James is often making jokes, and has a very varied sense of humour. James is often called weird as he has an unusual outlook on life and values loyalty above everything else. He makes a point of being nice to people until they give him a reason to dislike them, and is usually very altruistic if it isn’t against his interest to help someone. He is very academically minded, preferring activities that stimulate his mind such as reading, gaming and socialising.

Character Likes: writing and reading, listening to music, debating, chatting, gaming, animals, jokes, loyalty, sticking up for friends, sword fighting, swimming.
Character Dislikes: Bullies, narrow-minded or overly judgemental people, disloyalty, chick flicks, reality TV.
Mental Traits: very intelligent and cunning, ADHD and Dyslexia.

Race and Nationality: Demi-god, British, Caucasian.
Parent: Poseidon, God of the Sea, maker of horses, earth shaker.
Mortal Family: Mother: Isobel Fisher
Allies: Anybody who’s a nice person, work friends, friends back home from college
Enemies: Bullies, people out for themselves

True Age: 19
Character Birthday: 7th August, 1995

Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity:
Character Height: 172cm
Character Weight: average build for a 19 year old. (Sorry, I suck at estimating weight)
Character Hair Colour: Dark brown.
Character Hair Length/ Style: short, tends to let it grow quite a bit however before he gets it cut to save money
Character Eye Colour: blue like swimming pools.
Character Description: Average height, James has strong legs and a little muscle, but not much. He tries to stay healthy and enjoys sports from time to time, but doesn’t do it regularly.
Character Attire: deep blue jeans, t-shirts or polo shirt. Sometimes wears chinos and a denim jacket.

Character Voice: Very fast, London accent. Often gets loud when excited or enthusiastic.
Speech Traits: sometimes talks so fast that he trips up over himself verbally.
Habits: clicks knuckles, often taps, makes innuendos.
Mannerisms: when sat comfortably, often puts hands on his head.

Small Equipment: N/A
Pocket Items: Wallet with some money and ID.
Magical Equipment/Artifacts: a trident that can change its size and shape to suit James’ needs without him touching it.

Abilities: Good swordsman, able to talk to and get on well with equestrian animals, great swimmer. Can manipulate water and use it to strengthen and heal himself.
Major Goal:
To make something of himself, to have a positive impact on the world.
Minor Goals: To write a book.
Reasoning behind goal: He hates seeing his friends suffer.
Motivation: His altruism, ambition and disliking seeing his friends go through pain.
Bio: James was born in London, and is a middle child. He has an older sister and a younger brother, both of whom are mortal. His mortal mother died when he was 17, before he had any time to be told about his demigod status or be told about what it all means. All he knows is that he has found it hard to fit in at school and college. He’s now working in New York, living with two flatmates by the river Hudson. He moved over there after an argument with his father which culminated in him tiring of being on the same island as his dad, who felt similarly so much that he bought James a ticket to New York. He likes his current home precisely because of the fact that he can sit and watch the ships go by. His family would move around a lot, although he never understood why, though that seems to have stopped now that James has gone to university. He gets on with his younger brother ok, but has rarely gotten on with his sister, often having arguments with her. His life is simple, but James is discontent. He knows there’s more to his life than doing restaurant work in New York to pay for his flat.

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