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Europe / Ketflix and Kills (Flint n Charlotte)
« on: February 03, 2019, 07:10:06 PM »
The rain had fallen unexpectedly, and it had fallen heavily. Axel's face was covered in a film of rainwater as his bike came to a stop outside the bungalow. Dismounting the Harley Sportster that had sped him to Galway, the head monster hunter of the Cote's sanctuary walked briskly to Siobhan Donovan's front porch. He was glad to finally reach shelter from the biting cold of Ireland's winds. Living in Africa, Axel had grown too accustomed to warmth. For most of his life a bit of dampness and cold wasn't even noticeable to the man.

He came face to face with himself as he raised a fist to knock on the front door. In the glass pane at the top of the door he looked to his somewhat youthful face. He knew looking directly into his eyes would reveal a wealth of maturity and age. Axel had seen so many horrors he was surprised the eyeballs hadn't rotted in his head.

His job was a secretive one, and he didn't at all like it. He'd met the vampiric tattoo artist before, and she'd made quite the impression on him. Had they not come to meet, he may have died from wounds dealt by the Dullahan; a headless spectre they'd killed together. Now, he was at her door once more, though this time his intentions were by no means pure.The Irish Sanctuary had sent him to retrieve a magical amplifier, one whose signal had been tracked to the woman's home. He had no clue what she needed it for but doubted she meant anyone harm. The Sanctuary, on the other hand, were a mite more suspicious.

Well Axel thought to himself. At least I'll finally be able to schedule that new tattoo

Earth / A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 02, 2019, 04:31:48 PM »
The Ivorian climate had marked Flint with a generous tan, the monster hunter lacking the paleness he’d had when living in Ireland. Sitting on the beach now, with an afternoon sun beaming on his face, reminded him of that, and a little smile danced to life on the monster hunter’s face. It had been two months since he’d moved to Yamoussoukro, and he was pleasantly surprised by how life there suited him. The Ivory Coast was teeming with exotic monsters, many of which Flint had only ever read about, and some of which he thought were the stuff of folklore. He’d only just started to realise how wrong he’d been.
   The monsters weren’t the only thing that’d drawn him there. The Sanctuary was a fierce one, led by some of the most powerful mages in the world. What was more, he’d had easy access to the counsel of his father and Roland Mercer, war veterans whose reason was difficult to argue against. Flint was viewing his time in the country as a great time of development. Development of his trade, and to a greater extent, development as a person. It was only recently that he’d realized this.
   Today he sat in Abidjan, on a pretty little beach overlooking the sea. He was hours from what was now home, but the drive back was a pleasant one. Lost in thought for a time, Flint was pulled to alertness at the sound of his phone ringing. Looking to the device, he smiled at the name ‘Hawkeye’ in bold type over a picture of himself and the doctor, drinks in hand at an old Irish bar. However, his broadening smile died at the tone in which his old friend spoke.

Something was not right.

Americas / A Mutual Friend (Keilax)
« on: October 27, 2017, 12:14:00 AM »
With a clear conscience, a pint on the table, and no one trying to hunt him down, Flint Deadshot felt fantastic. For the first time in over 8 months he could say with certainty that his mind was completely at ease.  He had his job, home, and friends back, and that was worth the world. So, sitting in his favourite bar in LA (conveniently located ten minutes from his house), he couldn't help but smile to himself like an idiot. It was as if all the awful things that had happened in the past year had been erased from his thoughts. He wasn't worried about the remnants of the Chinese Sanctuary finding a way to throw him in a cell. He was more concerned with how he was going to get home at the end of the night, and who he was going to meet. He'd only been back in LA a couple of weeks, and he'd remembered Sapphire mentioning that Hawkeye and Matt would be in town at some stage, but he couldn't quite remember when they were going to be around.

His mind had been otherwise preoccupied. His business was expanding. While he'd been away, Sapphire had been networking like crazy. She'd made contact with mages across Australia, and from what they were reporting, the other Cradle of magic was booming with monster activity. Young as he was, Flint had made a name for himself in his trade, and he was in high demand. He displayed results and professionalism in all of his work, and people respected that.  One could call him cocky, but after all he'd been through, the Irishman felt he had a reason to be confident in himself and his abilities.

Taking a swig of beer, Flint scanned across the bar. He could see the smoking area from here, where a tall man in biker threads was lighting a cigarette for a young woman in a red dress and leather jacket. The man was using his Elemental magic openly, not caring who could see, while the woman poked her head through a wall to take a swig of her drink; a tall glass of wine resting on a nearby countertop. Flint palmed the arrow hidden under his chequered shirt, feeling the cool steel against his hand. He'd been keeping one on him at all times, though these days he wasn't sure if it was for self-defence or party tricks. It was only when he looked back to his drink that he noticed an odd figure beside him. The man was tall, taller than Flint. He had abnormally coloured skin, and looking closely at the man's knuckles, he saw they had what could be considered claws. A monster? Flint decided to keep a close eye on the newcomer, a being he hadn't seen the like of before.Trying to look like he hadn't noticed the being's arrival, Flint retrieved the phone from his pocket, idly reading his texts.

Archived Profiles / Ullr Sorna
« on: October 02, 2017, 10:08:40 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Ullr Sorna
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ull-er Sore-na
- Name Etymology: Ullr is the Norse God of Hunting. Ullr has always biewed himself as a hunter. Sorna is a name that suggests a quiet and inventive mind. Sven chose this surname as his father had always told him that he was a clever boy, but didn’t speak his mind enough
- Given Name: Sven Karlsson
- Pronunciation of the Name: Sven Karl-Son
- Character Job: Unemployed
- Qualifications: n/a
- Titles: To his subjects, he is known as Ullr the Fierce, or Wolfborn. Some would also address him as ‘Lord’ or ‘King’.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ullr’s history as a hunter defines him quite well. Like most Fae, he is driven not only by a kill, but the lead up to that kill. He is fiercely competitive and resilient, never giving up on a kill unless it is impossible to do otherwise. This can sometimes be a hinderance, as he is more likely to be baited into a trap. Unfortunately for him, Ullr’s primal instincts cannot be stopped once they have taken the reins. He is very much ruled by these instincts, causing him to give off an animalistic aura.
He is a proud creature, something that developed within him during his time in the original Swedish Fae kingdom. He likes to be treated as an equal. He strives to be treated as a superior. As his skill as a hunter developed, he realised his prowess in combat is difficult to match. He is confident in his capabilities, and quite fearless. He has not known love for some time, and the only thing that seems worth living for lately is success in battle and rising through the ranks. Over the years he saw that he exceeded others in many skills, and takes pride in honing and displaying these skills

Ullr is a sentimental and habitual Fae. He enjoys forest environments as they remind him of home. He despises built up urban environments, as they serve for poor hunting grounds . He prefers scaling trees than having to climb ladders or stairs, and urban areas do not contain animals for him to use for recon.  He is often a man of few words, preferring to keep quiet, much like the solitude of the forest. He sees his killing of humans as justified, as it is his role in the ecosystem.

Ambitious but stubborn, Ullr wishes to achieve his goals as quickly and efficiently as possible. He is a decent judge of character, and will not ally himself with someone unless he almost completely trusts them. A ruthless cutthroat of a leader, Ullr will put countless lives, including his own, on the line if it means his kingdom will survive. Ullr has lost almost all of the little humanity he had left, and now only desires to build up his kingdom and gain power. While Ullr is not the most intellectual, he will take a great amount of time thinking and taking advice when making political and strategic moves.
- Character Likes:
-Animals: As a Feramancer, Ullr is empathetic towards animals, and sees their value as hunting companions. His connection to animals is perhaps the only part of his human life left
-Killing: As a Fae, Ullr craves tracking, chasing, and killing humans and mages.  A little more unique to himself, Ullr also enjoys hunting beasts and monsters, if they are worthy of the hunt.
-Fighting: Whether it be hand-to-hand or with swords, Ullr enjoys showing off his combat skills against decent opponents
-Forests: Ullr was born in a forest and spent a good amount of his life there. He feels somewhat tied to forests, and feels more at ease in these areas.
- Character Dislikes:
-Guns: Ullr feels guns are cowardly weapons, and take little skill to use. He feels a kill shouldn’t be as easy as pulling a trigger.
-Traitors: After bearing witness to multiple betrayals in his time, Ullr despises the disloyal.
-Sanctuaries: Ullr feels the Fae are superior to mages and humans. He finds it both laughable and annoying that mages believe they have the right to rule over areas.
-Modern technology: While he sees some practicalities to technology, such as cars and planes, Ullr fails to see the point behind inventions such as social media.
-Ridicule: Above all, Ullr demands respect. He has been ridiculed and talked down to so much in his life, and were it to happen again, he’d be furious.
- Mental Traits: [Is your character a perfectionist? Unusually observant perhaps? Maybe a quick learner? Mental traits go here]

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Infected Fae
- Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Nationality: Swedish
- Alignment: Chaotic neutral
- Allegiance: Serves his own interest.
- Reasoning: Ullr is a fugitive fleeing the American Fae kingdom. On the run and fighting for his life, he does not trust other Fae, and mortals and mages don’t trust him. He is classified as chaotic neutral as he looks out for himself and puts himself before others. This includes satisfying his need to kill.

- Allies: Knows a couple of fae from various kingdoms. He doesn’t keep close contact with them though, for lack of trust. He’s currently negotiating an alliance with Pedri Bane.
- Enemies: Isaac Fallen, Wraithia Venora
- Family: n/a
- Friends: Ullr lost pretty much all his friends after becoming a Fae.
- Significant Other: Nope.
Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 328
- Appearance Age: mid-30’s
- Character Birthday: 23/12/1689
- Gender: Male
Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Recycled form:
- Height: 6’8”
- Weight: 95kg
- Hair Description: Thick and wavy, Ullr’s hair falls loose across his shoulders, and a little bit further down his back. He often ties it behind his head when hunting, but when a hunt is spontaneous and sudden, as are some Fae kills, it will hang loose. He lacks a fringe, the hair kept neatly behind his head most of the time.
- Eye Description: Ullr’s eyes are an icy blue, and are hooded by his brow. This gives them a striking appearance, and they almost always give off a cool and calculating look. It is very difficult to read any emotion from them
- Facial Details: Recycled: With a wide forehead adorned with drown lines, Ullr’s neutral expression would give someone the impression that he always looks angry. He has a sharp nose, and  angular cheekbones. His chin is rounded, with a somewhat sharp jawline. This gives his head a somewhat triangular shape. The bottom half of Ullr’s face is usually hidden under his beard, which can make him a little harder to read than others
True form: Ullr’s true form is much more horrifying. The frown and laugh lines on his face become more exaggerated, his teeth sharpen, and his ears become pointed. His entire eyes take on the colour of his pale blue irises, and  his nose appears sharper. There is a scar that traces along the left half of his jaw, and one that reaches up his right chin and across his forehead, but only the latter of these is visible, due to his beard.
. - Physical Appearance: Recycled: Ullr’s recycled body bears little difference to his true form, aside from the absence of scars and a slightly less muscly look.

True: Standing 6’5” tall, Ullr is a monster. He boasts broad, muscled shoulders connected to a long neck. His chest is large, with a firm core. There is a little hair found on his chest, but besides this his torso is reasonably bare. His hands are rough-skinned, with calloused fingers, and connect to long and bulky arms, which are inked with tribal designs
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Ullr’s legs are about as long as his arms, with strong calves and thighs from climbing. His feet are also rough-skinned; worn from regular barefoot running. With a fairly decent posture, Ullr stands tall, and this is how he’d appear outside battle. However, while on a hunt, he walks with a slight hunch, his head protruding forward a little, his hands held in front of him, as if waiting to grab prey.
- Attire: When hiking through forests and slopes, Ullr will wear cargo pants, thick hunting boots, and heavy-weather field jackets, like this one:
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. This is his preffered attire, as it is most comfortable and useful in the environments he is used to traversing. However, he will modify his outfits to adapt to situations. Should the temperature increase, he will ditch the jacket for a light shirt.
While on a hunt, Ullr will often dress to blend in with his environment. This means wearing mixtures of greens and browns. He will wear clothes he can move around easily and quickly (usually light leather padded armor).

In formal situations, such as meeting diplomats from other Courts, Ullr will (grudgingly) wear a suit; usually a simple combination of a shirt tie and jacket, with some suit pants. He has one watch, which he wears at all times, as well as a bear tooth necklace

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: rough, deep, and husky. Ullr’s voice can only be defined as a bellow when he is angry, however when neutral, it takes on a quieter, almost choking sound
- Speech Traits: Ullr often verbally expresses disgust by groaning, growling, or making loud and irritated sighs. He is known to wear a lot. When angry, he puts more emphasis on sharper sounds like ‘ck’s and ‘f’s.
- Languages: Ullr’s first language is Swedish, though he also speaks English almost fluently
- Habits: Ullr has a habit of scratching at his beard when idle. This often distracts him from more pressing matters, such as when at important meetings at his Court.
- Mannerisms: Ullr always finishes his enemies off with a blow to the head. This is somewhat of a habit for him, as he always used to strike beasts on the head to make sure they were dead, when he was a boy.  Also, when his temper has been stoked, the man is known to tense up, his shoulders becoming rigid, his fists clenching until his knuckles turn white

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: n/a
- Small Equipment: Ropes, mainly used to set snare traps. This rope is usually clipped to a belt at his waist
- Weaponry: Axes. Of varying sizes and styles. While Ullr prefers to carry a couple of battle axes, he will also sometimes carry a larger two-handed and double-sided axe. Ullr will always carry a couple of tomahawks on his person, or on rare occasion, a recurve bow.
- Ammunition: When carrying a bow, he will carry about twenty-four arrows. He also carries two tomahawks for throwing.
- Pocket Items: Ullr will often capture small animals and keep them in his pockets to feed to his pet wolves. He also keeps keys to his Harley in his pocket.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: n/a
- Other: Ullr has come into possession of a castle in a Swedish forest. This once belonged to the Swedish Fae Court before it fell, and is hidden from both mages and mortals alike, it’s perimeters patrolled by Fae and Ullr’s wolves. The fortress is currently under repair, and it is where the Swede lives. Ullr also owns a Harley Davidson chopper. The Fae needs the vehicle to travel across Scandinavia and meet with other Fae. While Ullr can control a wide variety of creatures, he prefers to keep a couple of wolves near at him at all times. He is fond of wolves and their ability to hunt. He always replaces the wolves when they die, always naming one Fenrir, the other Sköll.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Feramancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Using some form of animal DNA, like blood or fur, Ullr can shapeshift into the animal who owns the DNA. He finds this transformation power difficult however, as he has always specialised in possessing and controlling animals, rather than taking their form.
- Ability Specific Info: Feramancy is the ability to take the form of and control animals.
- Magical Abilities: Using magic, Ullr can control animals. The amount of a certain animal he can control depends on their size and strength. For example, he could control two or three  dozen squirrels, but only about six wolves, and probably one or two bears. He can also possess and control a single animal for over a day, seeing through their eyes. While doing this, Ullr’s body goes into meditation, awaking when he is done with the possession.
- Physical Abilities: Ullr is a fierce fighter. While not trained in a specific martial art, the Fae is a deadly hand to hand fighter. His brute strength allows him to deliver devastating hits and wield large weapons. He is excellent with most types of axes, both throwing axes and wielding axes. He’s also a decent archer. Ullr has experience climbing, and can scale trees and some cliffs with ease. He is quite quick and agile thanks to being a Fae, allowing him to chase down foes swiftly.
- Strengths: Ullr is powerful in close to medium quarters combat, especially when using his axes or fists. He’s quite good and using his bow at medium range, being able to draw and fire quick successive shots. He’s a great tracker, and once he has settled in an area, he quickly learns of it’s wildlife and food sources.
- Weaknesses: Ullr often loses himself in the heat of a battle or hunt, and can be easily tricked or baited into an ambush. When presented with a competitive situation, he will not back down, and enemies would do well to take advantage of this. His bloodlust can often cause Ullr to expose his identity in large public places where he’d rather stay anonymous. Smaller agile and quick enemies could get the better of him by focusing on lower attacks.
- Training: A lot of what Ullr has learned has developed from what his father taught him when he was a boy. A Fae in the woods, he used these skills to survive and hunt, and through numerous dangerous encounters the Fae became more and more deadly. Just as an animal adapts to new environments and enemies, Ullr finds ways to overcome new challenges and defeat his enemy quickly and gorily.

Magical Afflictions
[If your character doesn't have a Magical disease or affliction just delete this section.]
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Fae
- Cause of Infliction: Ullr was killed by a Fae after the battle of Poltava, 1709.
- Site of Infliction: The scars on Ullr’s chest mark the area of his body that was clawed to death and infected.
- Benefits: Ullr possesses stronger skin than a human. He is stronger and more agile than a human, and his magic is significantly more powerful than it would have been if he’d never been infected.
- Downsides:  The infection dehumanised Ullr, and gave him a lust to kill. A murderous savage, he finds it difficult to fit into society, and cannot settle within a single town or city for long. As a Fae, he is tracked by monster hunters constantly, and these people can sometimes stand in the way of his goals.
- Fitting In: Ullr has a recycled for, which allows him to blend in among mages and mortals for short amounts of time before his desire to kill sets in again. As a result, Ullr prefers to keep to his kingdom and other more rural areas.
- Suppressant/Cure: Recycling could be classified as a suppressant, but there is no known cure to being a Fae.
Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Ullr wishes to restore the Swedish Fae kingdom, and expand it across Finland and Norway. He enjoys living in Sweden, and would prefer if he had the power and means to make it a decent place for Fae to live. Leading a Fae kingdom also does a good number on his pride.
- Minor Goals: Appoint two Generals to supervise Finland and Norway. Ullr was slightly influenced by Mevolent’s chain of command, and wishes to find two fierce warrior-like Fae that he can trust to help him rule.  He also aims to ally with other kingdoms.
- Motivation: Ullr is pushed forward by a desire for respect and pride, things he was denied for the better part of his life so far.
 - Bio:
Born in Sweden, Sven Karlsson’s family spent their lives in a secluded forest region in sentral Sweden. This was mainly due to the fact that they were viewed as witches; beings that ate rats, brewed potions, and spoke to animals. Only the latter of these claims was true; for the Karlsson clan were Feramancers by nature. This included young Sven, who had always had an interest in beasts of the wild. As a child, he loved chasing animals, discovering new breeds and species . It was to no surprise, then, that he was utterly delighted when he soon found he could communicate them. Soon, he was bringing squirrels and hedgehog’s  home, insisting he be allowed keep them as pets.

Of course, he was not powerful enough, and the young animals usually ended up fleeing the home after a couple of hours. Sven grew out of this habit by the time he was around 12, and his father began to take the boy hunting. Sven was very reluctant to hunt at first, due to his love for animals, but witnessing his father in a close encounter with a wolf, the boy saw that some animals were wild beasts, and that in his world one sometimes had to kill survive. After numerous hunts, Sven became desensitised to the killing, and it wasn’t long before he was hunting alone.  Soon he took the name Ullr, inspired by the Norse mythological tales his father used to tell him.

Life seemed simple when Ullr was a young man. Sweden was a prosperous kingdom, and he and his father could travel longer distances to sell their produce; to places where they weren’t classified as witches. Ullr began to see more of the world, or at least, the country. He met many more people his age, and once  his father felt secure in the town, their whole family moved there, living a rather nice life. For a few years.

When the Great Northern War broke out, Ullr and his father were drafted into the army. Having little time to flee their town, the men had to fight. While Ullr’s father encouraged the boy to desert and flee into the forest, Ullr refused, swearing to fight by his father’s side, just as they had hunted together. At first, it worked out well; the early stages of the war showed great successes for the Swedish side. However, Ullr’s father was killed in the battle of Poltava, in 1709, Ullr himself being injured severely and left to die on the battlefield. On the verge of death, Ullr was found by a wild Fae that roamed the area. The Fae took delight in killing Ullr, infecting him into becoming a Fae. Ullr awoke days later, with little recollection of what had happened, and no idea what he’d become.

The freshly infected Fae fled into a forest, finding that he was stronger and faster than before.  While his body felt cold, he felt as though he was surging with magic. He felt powerful. Not only that, but while running with the creatures in the forest, the Fae felt at one with nature. A beast, and like all beasts, he needed to kill. Ullr spend his first few years as a Fae in forests near towns, waiting for hunters to wander into the trees, before hunting them to their deaths. After a few years, he was discovered by the developing Swedish Fae Court, who took the hunter in, tasking him with was essentially guard-dog duty. Ullr would patrol the Court’s territory, eliminating any potential threats.

During this hundred years, however, Ullr became more aware of the political  system in the kingdom. He began to listen to the word around the kingdom, learned who was in charge, as well as those who just thought they were in charge. After a while, the hunter was beginning to predict assassinations and usurptions before they even happened. Soon, little surprised him, but he also began to feel inferior. The smarter Fae began to treat him like a dog. While this was humiliating, Ullr was never betrayed or assassinated, for as a loyal dog he was never seen as  a threat.

It was a civil conflict within the Fae Court that destroyed it completely. For about ten years in the early 1800’s, brother turned on brother, and the kingdom was split in half, each side destroying the other. Unable to choose a side, Ullr stuck to the forests, keeping to his job as it was before the war. By the end of the war, both sides were left mangled, and the kingdom gradually dissolved into nothing. Out of habit, Ullr continued hunting in the forests for a couple of months. Soon, he realised he craved a change of scenery.

His eyes were directed to America. He’d heard a lot of Swedish Fae speak of the kingdom there, and Ullr saw it as an opportune place to start afresh. Boarding a boat westwards, the Fae arrived in the New World, eager to gain influence, and kill new creatures. Strangely, he was inspired by talks of America; of how one could reinvent themselves into something new. Human as this idea was, Ullr ran with it, and decided he would no longer be a dog. Ullr would rise through the ranks in Wraithia Venora’s court, until he took a position which he could hold with pride.

He enjoyed the existence, for a time. Over a hundred years, to be exact. With the introduction of Isaac Fallen’s Vanguard, however, Ullr became redundant. Fallen did not trust Ullr, and would not recruit him. The Fae could not compete with this new gang of elite guards, who went on to murder any human who stumbled into Venora’s territory. Driven by a lust for blood and the bitterness of losing his role in society, Ullr attempted to murder Fallen in cold blood.  He was stopped by the Vanguard, who demanded that Ullr be executed. With an almost magical piece of luck, Ullr managed to escape the Vanguard’s clutches and fled back to Europe.

He returned to Sweden to find the Fae there were disorganised savages fighting over scraps of land, only to be killed off by monster hunters once they’d seized them. Which was what had drove Ullr to revive the Swedish Fae Court, with aims to expand it over Scandinavia. This is what he does now, gathering his forces slowly but surely, hunting to his heart’s desire, and aiming to accumulate as much power as possible.
- Additional Notes: n/a

General Works / Brawl (a short story)
« on: September 22, 2017, 11:51:22 AM »
(While this fic stars a couple of my SP OC's, I posted in General Works, as it doesn't really have a Skulduggery Pleasant feel to it)
Please lemme know what you think :)
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Asia / Back to the hunt (RP)
« on: August 22, 2017, 10:14:49 AM »
Stepping out of his car, Flint Deadshot took a breath of fresh air, seemingly unfazed by the fact that he'd been teleported half way across the world. He was sitting in his sleek, carbon black Mercedes SLC, the car he'd owned for a couple of years now. He'd decided to have it -and himself- teleported to Japan that morning, after being sent on a mission by the Irish sanctuary.

Flint'd parked his car in a park outside a small rural village, and was leaning against it now, a light drizzle sprinkling rainwater across the shoulders of his leather jacket. He was waiting for his partner for this mission. Apparently she was a friend of Sapphire's, or at least, an acquaintance. Sapphira Moon was a young mage under the employment of the Irish sanctuary. The girl was a detective, but her sanctuary deemed this mission suitable for her to hone her abilities in combat. It made sense. Monsters posed a threat, and dealing with threats made one stronger. There was also the fact that she'd be working with a well-informed monster hunter. Flint didn't have to be cocky to know he knew a lot about monsters, and how to kill them.

They would be dealing with some kappa. Reptilian creatures that tended to drown young children before sucking out their souls. Nasty little individuals of illegitimate birth. Flint had faced a small pack of them once in the past. There was no special equipment needed to kill them, only speed, strength... and a little bit of luck.

Flint paced around his car to the trunk, which he opened. Inside were two rectangular boxes. The first contained the bow he had received during the attack on the Chinese sanctuary. Made of a magical wood that had sharp edges, the bow had a conscience, and could communicate with Flint to help him with shots. The other box housed a quiver of thirty arrows, tipped with Damascus steel. A gift from Silas Crane for a job a couple years ago. Flint closed the boxes again when he felt a presence behind him. Assuming it was his new colleague, the monster hunter turned on his heels with a smile, ready to greet Sapphira Moon.

Europe / The Plague City
« on: July 27, 2017, 01:21:04 AM »
Flint Deadshot thought he'd find solace in revisiting his home country. Yet here he was trapped in a shed and surrounded by mutants.
Knucker's Point was a mage town. Many years ago the sanctuary had it built as a satellite town from which mages could travel to work in Dublin. It was well situated by a motorway, and far enough from mortals, with protective symbols surrounding the outskirts to ward off any non-mages from finding their way in. It did not, however, have defenses against a shunter who could open a portal to a dimension ruled by flesh eating mutants.

He'd arrived at about 3pm that afternoon, visiting an old friend I'm the residential district. Upon arriving in the home, Flint found poor Barry Quickwit as a mutated version of himself; covered in boils, with his intestines hanging out of him like spaghetti. Flint had never seen a beast quite like the Barry, or rather, the thing that used to be Barry. However, a couple of arrows put him to rest quickly.

Leaving Barry's home, Flint found the whole district of this town overrun by hellish mutants. Everywhere he looked demon-like people tore into humans, morphing them into mutated versions of themselves. It was far from a pretty sight. The Irishman was quick to get into his car, driving towards the town square as quickly as possible.

Suddenly, a mutant leapt out in front of his car, slicing at the tyres and sending the monster hunter veering off the road into a crash. Luckily, he was not badly injured, and as he scrambled out of the car, he found himself able to fire his bow still. Flint made a beeline across town, eventually winding up in the warehouse district.

His feet slammed down on concrete as he tore down an alley between two buildings. Mutated feet thundered down the alley behind them, coupled with the sound of the demons' disgusting guttural growls. Eventually, Flint found a storage locker to hide in, but the mutants were on the other end of the door, trying to barge their way in. The way he saw it, their entrance was a mere matter of time...

Discussion and Planning / The Plague City (RP plan)
« on: July 23, 2017, 01:39:09 PM »
Hi guys. I've been chipping away at this plot idea for quite sometime now. It's starting to really come together in my head and I'd like to see if people would be interested in taking part.

So, as we all know, the SP world is a sort of multiverse, with Shunters being able to hop from dimension to dimension. This plot would involve a dimension that has been overrun with a magical virus, turning mortals into twisted half dead creatures, and mages into mutated beings varying based on their magical discipline. Once I have people for the plot, I'll explain these creatures in more detail.

This dimension has been overrun by the plague, and a mad shunter has opened up a portal to our RP dimension, allowing the disease to take over a large mage town situated in the Midlands of Ireland. The portal has closed, but the disease has quickly gripped this town. Luckily, Cleavers have set up a barricade around the town, but survivors are also trapped inside, and the shunter is still at large.

Which is where our characters come in

I'm looking for a doctor, or scientist, to treat those wounded by the infected, as well as to try and find a counter drug to use against the beasts.

I'd also like two or three survivors who are spread throughout town, fighting for survival, escape, or even to kill the shunter.

I'll be tossing in Flint and Monty.

Europe / A place to rest (Keilax and Flint)
« on: June 25, 2017, 07:19:06 PM »
Hannekes Boom was an outdoor riverside bar in the city of Amsterdam. Monty liked it. The place had a certain charm, and it bustled with people of varying nationalities, each with their own story. There were so many people here, Monty remarked, that some of them could even have been sorcerers. Dim lanterns cast an ochre glow over the tables across the bar, and there was a smell of well cooked food in the air. Sitting on his table was a half finished pint of beer and a rolled up joint. Here, there was no need to worry about getting in trouble for smoking weed.

He was sitting alone. Cutter had insisted on staying in their flat in Portland; said he wasn't keen on travelling. The older man had trusted Monty to find a decent place for them to set up shop. America had grown dreary, and Monty had been living there for decades. It was certainly time for a change of scenery. Amsterdam seemed like a nice place to settle down: plenty of nice shops, restaurants and bars, and of course it was far from home. From all the bad memories.

A couple more gulps and the beer was finished. Monty browsed his phone, checking out how many more apartment locations he had to visit before he had Rojas teleport him back home. Two. He could wait until tomorrow. The mercenary traced his calloused fingers across the table, resting them atop the rolled up joint he'd prepared before arriving. He took it in hand, retrieving the golden Zippo lighter from his jacket pocket (he was wearing his good suit), lighting up before taking a drag. Again he looked back at his phone and opened up the photo gallery, letting out a forlorn sigh at the sight of the first picture displayed. The picture of her.

Archived Profiles / Darius Daunt, the British Prime Detective
« on: April 25, 2017, 09:35:30 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Darius Daunt
- Pronunciation of the Name: Dah-ree-uss Dawnt
- Name Etymology: Harrison chose Darius as it is a name often heard in England. He chose Daunt as he heard his mentor once use the word, and liked the ring to it.
- Given Name: Harrison Miles
- Pronunciation of the Name: Harr-ih-sun My-ls
- Character Job: Prime Detective of the British Sanctuary
- Qualifications: Masters in Criminology.
Degree in applied psychology
- Titles: Detective, Mr.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Darius Daunt isn't the nicest man in the world, to put it lightly. He can be very condescending; often looking down on others, and taking relish in pointing out their mistakes. He is competitive, and has a compulsive need to succeed in everything he does. For this reason, he is frustrated when faced with failure or humiliation. Darius is also pretty impatient, and likes clean and proficient work; planning out his work carefully before even beginning to get down to it.

He has a quick temper, and is not against showing this outwardly. Whether it be raising his voice, striking his fist against a table or wall, or viciously attacking criminals, Darius enjoys letting out the rage within him. Darius likes to distance himself from people, and when approached about his temper, he becomes very defensive. He feels he is the only one who can resolve his own problems.

When alone, Darius is very reflective. He often spends time in his flat pacing, thinking about the day’s events, sometimes even talking to himself. When alone and idle, he can become very upset, due to his lack of friendship, and the ghosts of his past haunting him. Darius usually turns to alcohol to ease the pain, but has taken note of his drinking habits, and is trying to deal with them.

Darius is afraid of fully revisiting his past. It's the main reason he avoids forming close relationships. He prefers to converse with people that don't ask too many questions, which is why it makes sense that he doesn't enjoy working with other detectives. Darius thinks it is best just to keep to himself.
- Character Likes:
-being, working, and driving alone. He likes quiet environments, they allow him to concentrate and be at ease.
-having his skills recognised to their full extent. Darius is proud, and knows he is good at his job. It serves his ego to be told so by others
-Boxing. Again, another stress reliever and a way to be at ease.
-drinking. Darius finds he is less grumpy after a few drinks, making him more inclined to interact with people in an orderly way
-Sports, particularly soccer and rugby. Darius prefers to watch than to play, analyzing games and pointing out mistakes players make

- Character Dislikes:
-Having to take responsibility for others. He's lost people and blames himself for it. He doesn't want to be the cause for anymore undeserved deaths
-working in groups; people can get in the way of his work
-being ridiculed by superiors. Often, he feels he is more intelligent than them
-magical criminals of all kinds. Darius dislikes those who see themselves above the law
-Vampires. He's had some run ins with the beasts before, and it never ends well
-Loud and overly enthusiastic people. He can't take them seriously. They can't take anything seriously
- Mental Traits:
Superbly observant and analytical, Darius notes the smaller details of a crime scene that other detectives might not see. He can distance himself from the conventional way of looking at a crime scene, seeing it from another perspective and sometimes, solving a case rather quickly by doing so.
Darius has a quick temper, and sometimes fails to channel this anger responsibly. Sometimes he shouts, throws things or behaves violently.
Darius has a strong sense of superiority to others in his field. This is due to his own self-proclaimed 'brilliance'. He is by far superior to others in his field, from what he can see.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human mage
- Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Nationality: English
- Alignment: Chaotic good
- Allegiance: The British Sanctuary
- Reasoning: Darius is the Prime Detective. He has seen the awful crimes committed in Britain and wishes to prevent them happening in the future. He can deal with criminals very violently, and is not below killing someone if it is completely necessary.

- Allies: Sanctuary Staff, mercenaries in the sanctuary’s employ
- Enemies: All magic-using criminals in Britain.
- Family: Deceased parents. Sister deceased.
- Friends: Athena Onyx and Aria Kane could be considered friends. Though Darius’ definition of friend is someone he can tolerate to stand next to for longer than five minutes
- Significant Other: no.

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 320
- Appearance Age: mid-thirties
- Character Birthday: 30 December.
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: a sort of light olive
- Height: 6’0”
- Weight: 70kg, roughly
- Hair Description: messy, medium length, umber brown. The hair  covers his ears completely, hanging just above his shoulders. The hair is wavy, rarely brushed, but always clean. The hair is quite monotonous, no highlights.
- Eye Description: Hazel
- Facial Details: Darius has a long face, his sharp jawline accented by an accurately shaven beard and goatee. His lips are thin, his mouth large, and he has quite small teeth. His nose is sharp, but not the most noticeable part of his face. That title belongs to his eyes, deep chestnut irises which emit an intimidating stare, like that of a beast marking its kill. His eyebrows are arched and maintained somewhat decently. Lines are sometimes visible on his forehead due to stress and frustration over the years. His ears are often hidden in his hair.

- Physical Appearance: Darius has long limbs. His shoulders are broad, though not too muscled. His arms are toned and strong, his abdomen moreso. His build could be described as a boxer’s one, a very strong upper body, but much lighter below the waist. Muscles are quite visible on his abdomen and arms, especially his biceps. There isn't a whole lot of hair on his body. Some hair is found on his chest, and under the arms, but the detective never allows the hair to grow out too much. He has no tattoos, and usually has scars removed, should he acquire them on the job. His hands are rough. He has size 10 feet.
- Attire:
You'll often find Darius in three piece suits of darker colours, mostly greys and blacks, with the occasional royal blue. He also wears crisp white shirts most days. Sometimes Darius opts not to wear jackets. Thin neck ties usually accompany this look. However, these are the kind of clothes he wears at work. At home, or the little time he gets to socialise, Darius dresses suitably to occasions. At home, he wears comfortable tracksuits, when attending formal events, he wears a suit. In the rare occasion that he may be meeting up with a friend outside of work, he has a couple of pairs of jeans and plenty of blazer jackets to choose from.

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Medium pitch, assertive, sort of raspy. Think Gordon Ramsey.
- Speech Traits: Darius swears. A lot. He stresses exaggeration very strongly. He has a Londoner accent
- Languages: English, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian.
- Habits:
Darius has a habit of clenching his fists, and often bites his nails.
- Mannerisms: Intricate hand gestures are often generated by the detective when he is explaining things or complaining. He cracks his knuckles when on the verge of attacking someone.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: n/a
- Small Equipment: Carries a torch in his car for when his job takes him to darker places.
- Weaponry: Two SIG SAUER pistols with laser sights
- Ammunition: Darius always carries two spare mags for his pistols.
- Pocket Items:
A hip flask with alcohol
Keys to his Jaguar XF
Chewing gum
Mobile phone
Pen and notepad.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: n/a
- Other:
A Jaguar XF
An apartment in the block next to the sanctuary
A puppy which the Grand Mage practically forced him to adopt. The aim of the Grand Mage was for the puppy to teach Darius how to look out for others again, as well to relieve his stress.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Energy Thrower
- Immersion Metamorphosis:N/A
- Ability Specific Info: Darius has the ability to summon white hot energy into his hands to throw at enemies or enhance his punches.
- Magical Abilities:
Darius uses his energy to enhance his close quarters combat abilities. Punches are made more severe by summoning energy into his hands at the last second. He can throw the energy over a moderate distance, a little further than most people can throw a tennis ball. He is good at summoning quick successive blasts of energy.
- Physical Abilities: Darius is trained in a couple of martial arts but prides himself as a boxer. He can deliver impressively strong punches, and is quick at darting to and from opponents.

He is pretty accurate with his pistols, using them to trace quick moving targets to slow them enough for him to close in.

Darius is also a skilled driver.
- Strengths:
-combat: Darius uses his skill in boxing and Energy Throwing when fighting criminals
-driving: Darius is a fantastic driver, allowing him to get where he needs to be quickly.
-analysing crime scenes: Darius is a skilled detective, and can solve cases proficiently
-interrogating: Darius uses his reputation and temper to pull information out of criminals or witnesses
- Weaknesses:
-Working with others: Darius is slow to trust others or cooperate with them.
-Showing sympathy when needed: this often causes others to avoid and demonize Darius, viewing him as heartless.
-Social situations: Darius is not good in large social gatherings. He becomes impatient and distressed, unsure of how to behave.
- Training:
-Trained to fight in  England, Argentina, and America
-Magic taught to him by a Sanctuary Detective which he was partnered with initially.
-Learned languages while abroad in various countries
-Learned to drive from experience.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Crack down on crime, particularly in London but also across British territory. Daunt prides himself in his work, knowing he is a fantastic detective. He has also seen the numerous atrocities committed by sorcerer criminals, and wants to bring these to a standstill.
- Minor Goals: Escape the guilt he feels for the death of his partner. Find more purpose in his life.Darius lost his young protegé in recent years, and has yet go forgive himself fully for it. The guilt is a weight he'd rather live without. He also knows he won't be a detective forever, and wishes to have something to do when he eventually leaves his current job.
- Motivation:  His ego and faith in his own abilities motivate him when he feels close to defeat. He is also motivated by those who need his help
- Bio:
Born in 1698, Darius Daunt grew up in a mining town outside London. From an early age he'd had to work the mines, leading a miserable childhood to support for his ever struggling family. He lost a sister to TB when he was only twelve, an event that jarred him for decades. Working in the mines seemed to be what Darius would be doomed to do for the rest of his life. Things took a turn however when he was 15; when white hot energy began shooting from his hands.

He'd been outed as the hell spawn of a ‘witch’ immediately. Fleeing the town with a bloodthirsty mob close at his heels, Darius left all that he knew behind him. The young boy was drawn to London, believing that if he was to learn what was happening to him, the city would hold the key. Unfortunately, Darius had had to rough it on the streets, not knowing anyone around this strange town. After two months, he got a job working in one of the city’s industrial factories. Here, he'd had to crawl through vents and into machines, fearing for his life that he might lose a limb. Of course, due to another accident in which he destroyed a shipment of coal with his energy, Darius was thrown out of the factory.

It was then that a man by the name of Brandon Grey took him under his wing. Brandon was a mage, and knew of Darius’ abilities from reading about the strange accident in the paper. The mage saw it as an opportunity to protect mortals from Darius' magic, and as a way to have a helping hand around his goods store. Grey honed the boy’s skills, though he was harsh, always criticising the boy, no matter how well he succeeded. This contributed to part of the person Darius is today. He took his name at age 21, at which stage he was still living with Brandon, who was a rich merchant. He helped the merchant, acting as his bodyguard for some time.

Brandon was murdered when Darius was seventy, and the man had spent a great deal of time and effort tracking down the killer. He felt he owed at least that to the man who had raised him and honed his skills. After about five months, Darius found that Brandon's murder had been conducted by another mage, and had even tracked him down. Coming face to face with the killer, Darius was blinded by rage and murdered the necromancer in cold blood. It felt as though Darius hadn't had the chance to prove himself to Brandon, and this murderer had stolen that chance from him.

Daunt avoided the sanctuary war, spending the next few decades of his life studying. He began studying crime, how it was conducted, analysed, and of course solved. After that, he became somewhat of a private investigator, making good business for himself. He did so as he was inspired by the PI who helped him find Brandon's killer. When the war ended, the British Sanctuary asked him to come work for them as the new Prime Detective.

Over the years, Darius had accumulated a real sense of confidence and pride in his work. For this reason, he was furious to find he'd been paired up with a partner. A young girl, only in her thirties, named Alice. Darius was harsh on her while they worked, always ridiculing her, telling her how much he didn't need her, just as Brandon had told him all those years ago. Over time (and he would never admit it), he'd grown to enjoy the girl’s help. She was witty, and while her detective work was sloppy at best, she did know how to keep things interesting. That was until, like Brandon, she died.

They'd made the mistake of trailing a very powerful drug circle headed by some of the local sorcerers. Darius led a raid into the circle’s headquarters, most of the members arrested. In retaliation, the ones who escaped took Alice, and her body was recovered in the Thames a few days later.

Darius fled Britain. He wanted to distance himself from the country for a while. He spent two decades  travelling the globe, eventually landing down in Argentina, where he met the Grand Mage in a pub. He was offered work, and took it up, building up his reputation once more. He stayed in Buenos Aires for thirty years, before being offered a position as the Prime Detective of Arabella Sovereign’s British sanctuary. Taking the job, Darius returned to London, back to where he lost it all. He hopes to find some closure on Alice's death, and to stop people like her being murdered again.

Discussion and Planning / RP Roulette
« on: April 20, 2017, 11:04:40 AM »
Oi, so eh this is a thing!

I've already outlined this in the Skype chat, but here we go again.

I thought this would be a fun way to get some rp threads going. If you'd like to participate, just suggest one or two of your characters, and a situation. When we have enough people, Sov is going to randomly choose characters and a situation, so we will end up with a few RPs going at once.

If this isn't clear enough, please say!

I'm putting forward Monty Scarce.

The situation I'm suggesting is that 2 characters crash on a deserted island!

Music / Gorillaz
« on: March 25, 2017, 02:51:31 PM »
Any fans?

I've been a fan for ages, surprised there isn't a thread already. Anyways, I have the four tracks from Humanz on loop, I think they're amazing.

Thoughts on the new songs?

Fight Club / Rick Sanchez vs. Doc Brown (Fight club)
« on: February 24, 2017, 12:09:07 PM »
I set out a challenge of the mad scientists, choosing Rick Sanchez as my champion!

(click to show/hide)

Adelina accepted the challenge, putting Doc Brown forward as her champion!
(click to show/hide)

They shall do battle across space and time!

Europe / Broken limbs and Exotic Cocktails (Flint and Gideon)
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Halbestadt was one of the best bars in Vienna. An excellent staff that concocted drinks with so many ingredients Monty gave up on counting. He'd just finished a security job in Vienna for some old Elder who was trying to establish a sanctuary in Austria. The old snapping turtle was getting nowhere, lacking the charisma to garner allies, let alone build up a sanctuary. A job well done, the mercenary decided to hit up a bar for a drink with his oldest friend.

Irvine Cutter sat beside him, beady eyes fixed on the pint of stout that he'd barely touched. Monty hadn't a clue how Cutter drank that sludge. All around them, a range of different people sat at tables, drinking cocktails and eating finger food. Boyfriends, girlfriends, fathers and sons, old comrades and the newly acquainted. It was one of the city's hubs, somewhere Monty thought to be ideal to lift his friend's spirits.

Irvine Cutter had a dark past that had only quit following him a couple months ago when he arrived at Monty's door. His friend told him that he'd reached a low, that he needed a second chance. Wrapping an arm around Cutter, Monty had told him that that would be no difficult task; that they'd do great things, see the world, and most importantly make a an amount comparable to a large quantity of vile excrement of cash. The cash didn't matter much to Cutter, but doing greater things seemed high up on his agenda.

The door slammed shut behind the mercs as a group entered the bar. Monty saw Cutter tense up considerably at the sudden sound. Always ready for a fight. Monty couldn't imagine not being able to relax. Thinking that at any moment, someone would try to kill you, and that you'd need to return the favour. He glanced to the older mercenary, grinning.
"Relax old man, just a few stoners landing in for the night". Cutter tried for a smile, which looked weird and unnatural on him.
"Shut up and sip your lady drink"

Forum Games / Taken name game
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So, it's pretty simple.

A mage has taken a name without thinking. This name is dumb as llama, and it is our duty to try to explain the meaning behind it.

I'll list a stupid taken name, and the next poster will try to explain the meaning behind the name, and why the mage took this name. They will also suggest a stupid taken name for the next poster

Here it goes:

Tycillius Dolphinwart

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