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Approved Profiles / Jonathan Echo REDUX
« on: August 15, 2019, 12:35:59 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name:  Jonathan Echo
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jon-a-than Eh-co
- Name Etymology: Jonathan Echo heard the word Echo in an English-language broadcast while in Romania and thought it was cool. It was not.
- Given Name: Aaron Rose
- Pronunciation of the Name: A-ron Rose
- Character Job: Former Hunter for the Brazilian Sanctuary
Jonathan is an artifact broker/smuggler for the Hatton Trading Company, purchasing and reselling off-kilter, rare and occasionally illegal magical artifacts.
- Titles:

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Jonathan is a warm, affable and good-spirited person though also loud and arrogant, Jonathan has a tendency towards taking control of a situation based on impatience and a desire to act on impulse and intuition, this often comes at the expense of useful ideas and inputs from those around him. Whilst Jonathan was never particularly angered by the exile of his family, he nevertheless struggled to consider Australia his ‘home’ due to his parents constant aim of returning to Romania, Jonathan struggles with feeling like he belongs.  A black-and-white thinker, Jonathan often doesn’t consider the consequences of his line of employment, tending to consider the extremes of a situation, he often finds himself in heated discussions with practical strangers over issues he feels strongly about but is largely good natured. Whilst courageous on impulse due an intuitive nature, Jonathan is cowardly when he has the luxury of considering a situation at length.
Since Lex’s death, Echo has become emotionally subdued due to his guilt, his diligence and energy reserved for his work and leatherworking.  There’s a sense of finality to him, that life's spotlight has moved on to someone else.
- Character Likes: Jonathan is a competent Leatherworker due to parental education and is his primary hobby/form of escape. An appreciation of Leatherwork extends into other disciplines of fine craftsmanship, and since receiving his first watch in Romania, Jonathan has developed a love of horology. Through his travels, he has developed an understanding and appreciation of different cultural experiences such as history and food. During his time in the underdeveloped parts of Brazil, Jonathan developed a liking for Bossa Nova, hiking the foothills and Poker.
- Character Dislikes: Jonathan lack of belonging extends to sedentary living and preferring extensive travel.
- Mental Traits: Precocious, Jonathan excelled in both formal and guerrilla education, he is observation and flighty, leading him to trust his impulses in most situations, Jonathan is naturally intuitive and curious to a fault, leading him to danger.
Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human
- Ethnicity: Jonathan looks atypically Western-European for a Romanian, as his mother's ancestors were Austrians immigrants to Transylvania in the Austro-Hungarian period. His father is Romanian.
- Nationality:Australian-Born, largely international identity.
- Alignment: Formerly Neutral Good , True Neutral, currently employed under Bernard of Ceylon.
- Allegiance: Employed under Bernard of Ceylon’s firm, Hatton Trading Company but otherwise no allegiances.
- Reasoning: Jonathan has largely lost direction in life, he takes a cynical approach to the good and evil dichotomy.

- Allies: Bernard of Ceylon, whilst technically under his employ he is primarily a close friend, united by a shared sense of enormous guilt and love of fine craftsmanship, Bernard is a quasi-father figure to Jonathan.
- Enemies:
- Family: Lexis Pistor (Deceased Wife), Caleb Rose (Estranged Son)
- Friends:
- Significant Other: Lexis Pistor (Deceased)

Character Age
- True Age: 80
- Appearance Age: 22
- Character Birthday:  01/05/1934

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity:  Pale Caucasian with a pinkish tinge.
- Characteristics Height: 6 ‘ 1
- Character Weight: 75kg
- Character Hair Colour: Light Brown Hair
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Thick unkempt quiff to the left.
- Character Eye Colour: Pale Blue
- Facial Details: Vaguely handsome, with a strong jawline covered by a full beard. Jonathan’s eyes are slightly gaunt and sunken, but large. Elvish ears and a smaller, slightly nose. Jonathan has the appearance of an aged elf.
- Physical Appearance: Jonathan is lithe and slight of build like a swimmer. Ectomorph on the leaner side, Jonathan stands proudly.
- Character Attire: Jonathan dresses diplomatically, most often a cotton white shirt, wool jacket and selvedge-raw denim jeans. However, as many of his leather goods such as his boots, belts, wallets  are from post-war Romania, they’ve developed a significant patina, giving him a distinguished air despite his youthful appearance. Jonathan wears an A. Lange  & Sohne 1815 Chronograph, Ref 414.028 , purchased from a hefty artifact commission.
Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A culturally ambiguous baritone, thin Australian inflections are muddled by his extended time in Brazil. It’s a frustrating voice to listen to.
- Speech Traits: Phonetic affections seems to change with little rhyme or reason.
- Languages: British English, Romanian, conversational Portuguese
- Habits: Jonathan rubs the dial of his watch when frustrated, thus causing a decline in the glass surface.
- Mannerisms: Jonathan walks proud and erect. He tends to fondle his hair.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment:
- Small Equipment:  Notebook, Carbon Invoice Receipt Book for Bookkeeping
- Pocket Items: Phone, a rigged card deck that Jonathan uses to lose against potential clients to lull them into a sense of security.
- Ammunition: 9×19mm Parabellum
- Weaponry:  Heckler and Koch UPS, Paula’s Bond, Cognito
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:
Jonathan was branded on his shoulder with Paula’s Bond in an initiation ritual in Romania, its sigil saps all sources of light within a 7m field for 30 seconds upon touch, if done in an open field, it would look to be a black hole to another universe this provides either a very convenient escape or opportunity to strike if familiar with his surroundings. It's appearance is a simple black square, after the absorption of light appears to reflect like a perfume bottle embedded in Jonathan's skin. Cognito. Jonathan left Bucharest with the parting gift of Cognito, a Pre-War Romanian Sanctuary-Issue knife 5inch Hunting Knife used by the secret police in discovering traitors, its emit a reddish hue when somebody lies and a deep blue for the truth, this only activates upon touching skin..
- Other: Currently resides in South London on the fifth floor of one the many colonial-era apartments owned by Hatton Trading Company

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Navimancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes
- Ability Specific Info:
- Magical Abilities: Jonathan is a talented member of his discipline. Jonathan employs a unique method known as Colour Theory Jonathan's focus is the creation of energy walls and other shapes quickly and efficiently. ‘Colour Theory’ is the manipulation of the energy wall to interact by targeting specific areas and energising the hell out of the photons present, setting them to specific energy levels creating disorienting fractal and kaleidoscopic optical illusions.
- Physical Abilities: Jonathan's physical capabilities are limited, whilst he has significant experience with both small arms and blades. His fighting style is erratic and observational. Without the use of his magical abilities, he could be easily toppled by somebody well-trained and focused on their discipline. A comparable level of physical prowess is an above-average amatuer boxer.
- Strengths: Extremely agile, slippery and unpredictable due to his slim figure, and keen intuition. Infuriatingly difficult to land severe damage due to his skill with defensive navimancy. Jonathan is an excellent read for ticks and other mannerisms although obviously not infallible. Jonathan works well within a unit due to his time with the paramilitary and Brazillian sanctuary. Jonathan is excellent at lulling people into a sense of security from his roles as a hunter, broker and guerilla.
- Weaknesses: Jonathan underestimates the wit of many of his foes, in a situation where they can deduce his next offensive move, he will be wiped out. Jonathan is flustered and distracted by sex appeal and has a propensity to forget tasks.
- Training: The Battalion of Romanian Navimancers.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: None, Jonathan is directionless.
- Minor Goals: Provide for Bernard and the Hatton Company. Contact his estranged son Caleb
- Reasoning behind goal: Jonathan hopes to make amends and apologise to Caleb, although he is wary of doing so.
- Motivation: Guilt over the abandonment of his previous life.
- Bio:

Jonathan Echo was born in Melbourne, Australia on May Day 1934. His parentage were Romanian adepts, refugees exiled by the Sanctuary in WWI for their immediate support of the Entente and now established leather workers specialising in bags. Jonathan's parents attempted to the values of returning from the exodus upon the Sanctuary's liberation, but he showed from a young age an apathy for set identity. Despite his protests, he was sent home to formally train in Navimancy with the Battalion of Air, a sect of paramilitary Navimancers of which his distant cousins were in command . Jonathan took immediately to his studies, as he was promised independence upon his completion of an impromptu 'formalised magical education.' The unpredictability and think-on-your-feet but ultimately unit-oriented attitude of the guerilla  paramilitary had great influence over his attitude and fighting style. Fortunately for Jonathan he was a natural at his craft and by 1956 left Bucharest with the parting gift of Cognito, a hunting knife used issued by the former Central-Powers aligned Sanctuary used by the secret police in discovering traitors

Jonathan's 30 year pilgrimage across the European continent was a whirlwind of freelance-work for underground Soviet-Sanctuaries, fleeting friendships and stumbled-upon adventures. Most notably, his defeat of a sect of scientifically-inclined Vampires devouring their way across the German Uni's Humanities Department. Jonathan settled briefly into a role as an assistant to the hunting-department of the Brazilian Sanctuary, but was so fond of the mysteries of the Amazon he stayed for 20 years. In a whirlwind of controversial promotions he found himself Lieutenant-Captain of the division.

It was during this time he met Remnant-Hunter Lexis Pistor on assignment in Venezuela to find an idealistic Necromancer insisting to a cult that he was the resurrected form of Simon Bolivar.  Jonathan left his post at the Brazilian Sanctuary to join Lexis on her travels. In 2004 they sired Caleb Echo (Radar Short-round).

Jonathan, despite his frequent travelling felt domesticated by his wife and child. On an innocuous freelance job in Paris, Jonathan found himself infatuated with an Elemental who busted him at a poker table. A short and passionate relationship ensued. Even after she left, Jonathan couldn't find the constitution to return home after his disappearance, wiping the slate clean at the expense of his family. Even after he learned of the death of Lex, Jonathan could not find the bravery to return home.

Sometime throughout his Eastern Pilgrimage. Jonathan would settle briefly in Sri Lanka in the residence of a rich and scholarly adept known archaically as Bernard of Ceylon. They found shared company in their feelings of guilt and appreciation of the beauty of fine craftsmanship. Bernard insisted Jonathan return West in his employ. Jonathan would be paid handsomely and provided board for the collection of the occasional artefact. More importantly to Bernard, who similarly suffers feelings of immense guilt

- Additional Notes To be completed is an organisational template for The Hatton Trading Company, Bernard of Ceylon and a couple artifacts.

General Works / Gangs of Forum City:A Forum Fiction
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:16:25 PM »


Author's Note's

Here are current members who already have characters, if you wish to have a character just let me know and I'll be sure to include you.
(click to show/hide)

Secondly, I've created a near-future world with elements. Since this is a largely inclusive piece if you have a recommendation for building this world let me know.

Part One
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Off Topic / I guess Dregan finally made it to 10,000 posts huh.
« on: April 22, 2017, 01:45:51 PM »
So Murdoc is Cows with Guns still around?

General Works / Minion Army: The Redemption War
« on: January 12, 2015, 08:55:27 PM »

Minion Army: The Redemption War

(His Priests Service) HPS Kunai, Granite Squad, Corporal Eoin

Corporal Eoin moved along the floor of the cargo hold as quietly as he could, although he was as silent as a serpent, the rest of Granite Squad were Everest’s, and he was louder then a kid having a tantrum compared to them.
In front of him, Commander Adelina scanned corners, taking out any guard that stood in her way, Captain Andro followed behind, carefully trapping the bodies in cloaking spheres. Finally, taking up the rear was Lieutenant Obsidious and Charlotte, who was only recently back from her counselling after the death of her husband Porkins.
After 10 more minutes or scouring the bay, they finally reached the heart of the ship, its engine room.
It was routine to Eoin now, take out the engineers and plant the bomb on the least armoured part of the engine, Charlotte planted the explosives and they began to leave to room.
Suddenly an explosion went off behind Granite and the squad was flung instantly against the wall. The bomb had gone off early!
Instantly, Granite moved back along the bottom over the ship, klaxons wailed as the ducked and weaved there way up to the surface. For the first time in the entire escape Adelina spoke, it was to the Blackhawk overhead; as usual she was cool, calm and collected.
“Reef-Knot this is Granite-Actual requesting evac immediately.”
A voice crackled back “Copy that Granite, coming in for landing now.”
Suddenly the boat lurched and threw the team off balance, it tilted back up but left Granite scrambling for the now waiting helicopter.
Charlotte got to the door and opened it first, ushering everyone to come.
Eoin reached the helicopter first, not noticing Charlotte’s pistol aimed at him.
Charlotte shot Eoin dead centre in the chest and he fell to the ground, his bloody already becoming a puddle.
Red filled his vision as he breathed his final few; Andro tried to raise his gun but was shot through the head before he could fire. Adelina fired a few rounds but they were well off from the target and she followed Andro’s fate.
Charlotte smiled softly and before frowning, someone was missing, Obsidious jumped over the back of the helicopter with his enhanced strength and landed on Charlotte back’s taking them both back onto the deck of the ever sinking boat. He tried to slice her neck, but she grabbed the knife and cut him across the face, only narrowly missing his eye.
Suddenly, she realised her mistake and screamed as Obsidous started to shut the door, however she was too quick and was about to stab him when a gunshot went off.
With his last ounce of strength Eoin had grabbed his gun and shot Charlotte in the leg. She fell to the ground, dead.
Obsidious now realised that Eoin was alive. He grabbed him and started to haul him towards the helicopter, he rested Eoin against the thick slider door as Reef Knot began to ascend, oblivious to what had just happened. As they began to rise Eoin realised that he had cheated death, and he would live to see the sunrise ag-
Suddenly a hand grabbed his dangling leg and pulled him off the heli… it was Charlotte! Coughing and smiling Charlotte shoved a knife into him and stabbed him brutally to death.

3 months later, M.A Graveyard, Lieutenant Obsidious (Discharged)

Rain battered Obsidious as tears rolled down his face, each one the broken dream of Granite squad, falling to its doom.
He had placed a rose on each of Adelina and Andro’s graves, but now he saw Eoin’s and memories rushed back to him.
I could of saved him…
Obsidous heard footsteps along the cobble path and looked up to see General Parzival walking over, with his black coat, he looked just like a normal person.
“You here for Porkins?” Obsidious asked, it was well known that once a week Parzival replaced the rose of top of Sgt. Porkins, grave.
Surprisingly Parzival shook his head.
“Today I’m more interested in the living then the dead.” All hint of his accent was gone and Obsidious realised what he was saying.
“No Parzival, I know, you’ve already asked, but I’m not re-joining the minion army and bes-”
“What if its to get revenge on Charlotte.”
Obsidious gasped he had been stabbed with the knife of realisation.
“Charlotte died after she killed Eoin didn’t she.”
Parzival shook his head and held out a file out of his jacket before putting back in.
“It was Tier I secrecy. Charlotte had already enlisted the help on those aboard the ship, she’s notified many magical and mortal terrorists group not mention a few countries and now has a suspected coalition of over half a million soldiers, the minions don’t stand a chance in a full on battle, our numbers are low as it already is, about 20,000.”
Obsidious painfully said “So where screwed.”
“Not quite, even though theirs a lot of them but most of them aren’t military trained, so they’ll be coming in by boat, we’ll just intercept and play a game of battleship, end the war before it’s even started”
Obsidious nodded “And what’s this got to do with me.”
Parzival pulled out another file, this time a smaller one, a contract.
“If you accept I’ll be reinstating you into the M.A as a Captain, you will be leading a Everest Spec Ops squad, one of the only four we have left. General Flint Dead shot in is in command of this battle group, also known as element; you will be leading Squad Water. It will consist of Corporal Keliax, Staff Sergeant Limitless and Lieutenant Romulus.”
Obsidious thought for a moment, torn between health and duty. Finally, he grabbed the contact and signed it.
“Where do we start.”

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Andrea Santiago
- Pronunciation of the Name: Andrea San-ti-ago
- Given Name: Charlotte Stark
- Pronunciation of the Name: Charlotte Stark
- Character Job: Cleaver General of the Brazilian Sanctuary

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Cool, calm and collected, Andrea never lets her emotions show, she is always quiet when fighting and only speaks when she needs to.
She enjoys only the simplest of things, and on her time off she often will sit down and read a book, reading for hours on end until being called to the field.
- Character Likes: Good and classic books and exotic tea are really her only interests outside of her work and improving her swordplay is mainly for  work itself.
- Character Dislikes: Loud Noises, scythes (the main weapon of a cleaver.) and horribly bad (Dystopian generally) books.
- Mental Traits: Good at hiding her emotions, quick thinking.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Columbian
- Allegiance: The Brazilian Sanctuary
- Reasons for Allegiance: Andrea is the Cleaver General and has been for 27 years.

- Allies: The Brazilian Sanctuary
- Enemies: She doesn’t take killing criminals personally, but traitors on the other hand…
- Family: ---
- Friends: ---
- Significant Other:  ---

Character Age
- True Age: 82
- Appearance Age: Mid Twenties
- Character Birthday: 22/09/1932

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Ebony
- Character Height: 6 ‘ 4
- Character Weight: 162 lbs.
- Character Hair Colour: Shaved head to fit under helmet. Otherwise dark brown the colour of coffee beans.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Uh….shaved?
- Character Eye Colour: Deep green eyes.
- Character Description: Medium build, long athletic legs, medium bust and ebony skin.
- Character Attire: If not in cleaver get-up she is wearing a plain single-colour dress.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Slightly high-pitched with a heavy Columbian accent.
- Speech Traits: Speaks smooth and slow.
- Habits: Smokes cigarettes and the odd cone of weed.
- Mannerisms: Always spins her sword around expertly when approaching a opponent putting them off.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: ---
- Pocket Items: ID, Wallet, Money, Car Keys
- Ammunition: ---
- Weaponry: [What weapons, if any, does your character have?]
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: Andrea wasn’t a fan of scythes, even though she was good with them, so the sanctuary melted one down and remade it as a sword. The sword is made from an alloy of overloaded Mnemosium and Elysion, meaning that is negates magic that comes into contact with it and is razor sharp beyond almost any other bladed weapon, the handle is an alloy of Asgardium and steel.
- Other: Black Nissan 350Z (fast, but not flashy), small apartment in Brasilia

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Elemental, Cleaver Training
- Specialization: Air
- Immersion Metamorphosis: ---
- Ability Specific Info: ---
- Signature Ability: Create a shockwave by smashing her sword into the ground.
- Strengths: Many aspects, used for defence and offence.
- Weaknesses: Not as powerful as a lot of disciplines.
- Training: The Brazilian Sanctuary

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To become an elder.
- Minor Goals: Keep the peace in Brazil.
- Reasoning behind goal: Sanctuaries have better goals rather then criminals, and she gets a lot of money without being arrested anyway.
- Motivation: All the criminals that will commit crimes and get away with it.

- Additional Notes: ---
- Suescore: 14

Character Profiles [GRP] / Liam Northerly
« on: October 13, 2014, 09:17:44 PM »
Name: Liam Northerly
Age: 26
Occupation: Sailing Instructor
Appearance: Spiky blonde hair with a bit of stubble, strong arms and a average build, tall. Has a full length arm tattoo of a dragon getting attack by locals. He generally wears jeans and a parka with a t-shirt underneath.
Personality: Liam is a joker, generally cracking jokes whenever, however, he can switch to serious at a moments notice, ad he never does joke whilst using his rifle. He has ADHD has enough pills for a month.
Weapons of Choice: Remington Model 798 (Hunting Rifle), Benelli M4 Rifle, The Smith & Wesson Model 28 Highway Patrolman .357 Magnum

Approved Profiles / Giovanni Consistence
« on: October 13, 2014, 10:03:15 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Giovanni Consistence
- Pronunciation of the Name: Giovanni Con-sis-tence
- Given Name: Nicholas Lawton
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ni c-o-las Law-ton
- Character Job: Alchemist, Owner of the Third Eye herbal remedy and bookstore.
- Titles: E.A (Expert Alchemist)

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Being ADHD, Giovanni is a distracted character, moving from one thing to the next, he grows bored quickly and cannot do something for more than half an hour generally, with the exceptions of Alchemy and reading.
He finds it hard to connect with other humans being due to being distracted and talking way too fast. However, if you get to know him, underneath the speed is a great conversationalist and extroverted person. Meaning not having many friends makes him very lonely.
- Character Likes: Good classic books, rare and exotic plants, gardening and really anything to do with Herbal Alchemy. He also enjoys finding things that he's is able to stick to without getting distracted.
- Character Likes: Good classic books, rare and exotic plants, gardening and really anything to do with Herbal Alchemy. He also enjoys finding things that he's is able to stick to without getting distracted.
- Character Dislikes: Action movies, practically everything  that he’s not interested (because of his ADHD.)
- Mental Traits: Selective ADHD
- Sexual Orientation: Giovanni is asexual, meaning he feels no sexual feelings to anyone, he can still love, he just doesn’t think sexually about it.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Irish, Human
- Allegiance: Lawful Neutral
- Reasons for Allegiance: Giovanni dislikes a lot of the rules emplaced on Alchemy and what you can and cannot practice, so he often doesn’t abide by them, as other alchemists also do. However, he generally abides by regular, moral rules (Do not murder, do not steal.)

- Allies: ---
- Enemies: His parents.
- Family: Mum and a deceased Dad.
- Friends: ---
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age
- True Age: 514
- Appearance Age: Mid thirties
- Character Birthday: 20/5/1500

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Character Height: 6’ 2
- Character Weight: 74kg [
- Character Hair Colour: Bald
- Character Hair Length/ Style: N/A
- Character Eye Colour: Deep Green
- Character Description: Giovanni is a tall character, who is built like an AFL player from collecting rare ingredients on hikes and whatnot and carrying equipment around. He has large eyes, and unusually tiny ears. He has a salt and pepper beard that looks like this.
(click to show/hide)

He also carries the scars from the Knife of Hate.
- Character Attire: Giovanni wears dark blue clean cut denim jeans.
A black leather jacket and a dark blue T-Shirt.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Giovanni has a deep, baritone voice, which at times can be quite croaky, sounding similar to a frog.
- Speech Traits: No matter the situation, Giovanni keeps his voice calm and soothing.
- Languages: English and the magical language (sigils and whatnot.)
- Habits: Giovanni chews his shirt collar a lot when his focused.
- Mannerisms: His strokes his beard at random, even when he’s not thinking.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: Alchemy knife, Ingredients and a slab with a shrinking sigil on it. He keeps this all in a brown leather satchel.
- Pocket Items: Wallet, Keys and generally Wolfsbane and other packeted ingredients.
- Ammunition: 18 bullets
- Weaponry: IOF .32 Revolver if his clients get out of hand. Alchemy Knife and Medical syringes.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: ---
- Other: In the Irish Greenland, Giovanni has a farm and a slightly large house and a glasshouse. He also has a small apartment in London, which he rents out to various sorcerers.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Feramancer, Expert Alchemist
- Immersion Metamorphosis: ---
- Ability Specific Info: Feramancy- Giovanni has two Irish Greyhound, one is called Oberon and the other is Bane, he communicates with them and sometimes controls them, they are 15 years old, kept alive and youthful by a concoction whipped up by Giovanni.

Alchemy- Being such a good alchemist, he can make various potions that increase strength, speed and mental health, these generally last for 5 minutes and will set you back $500 dollars. Also, the majority of the his money comes from him making the serums that vampires use to keep in control. Uses wolfs-bane to make the syringes that keep the vampires at bay, these are easily the most expensive of his wares. He also has created a weak version of the elixir of life, it doesn't work on humans as its too weak, but it works fine for dogs and other small animals if they take it regularly.

- Signature Ability: Communicating with Oberon, Giovanni is also very good with symbols, making extensive home security and other things, he has one of each shoulder-blade that allowed him to control all the furniture in his house. He also had one on his backhand, which make's him immune to burning. (Because of brewing and whatnot.) and to protect him in his own home.
- Strengths: Alchemy is incredibly useful for healing, and he also is very good with sigils. Feramancy is very open.
- Weaknesses: Not especially powerful.
- Training: Alchemy from books. Feramancy from his Uncle.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Create the elixir of life. The fabled potion created by Nicholas Flamel.
- Minor Goals: To perform on surgery on a incredibly powerful creature.
- Reasoning behind goal:
Major – To make him the greatest alchemist ever. Also, he wants his dogs to survive.

Minor – Because he wants to test his skills.
- Motivation: His dogs, not really much else, willpower I guess.
- Bio: Giovanni was born to a high-up and respected family of sorcerers that believed that Mages were higher then mortals and should be in control of Earth.
His parents were devote believers that God had put mage's on Earth to bring order to the land, and in doing so anyone that opposed them would be killed the power of God through their doing and because of this they were the Head Priest's of the church.

One of the practice's of the church was that you were allowed to abuse your child to teach them the pain and stress mortals had put on Mother Earth, so Giovanni had a tough childhood. However, with every lashing, his heart softened and more and more did he feel protective of Mortals. He started to study Alchemy, although it was forbidden by the Church because it helped no benefit to running world, especially for a child of the High Priest themselves.

However, when Giovanni was 15, his parents found the lab and started to whip him, soon his mother brought out the 'knife of hate.' the worse abuse your allowed to give your child. Giovanni grew angry and was sick of his parent's he grabbed his mum and smashed her down on the table, all his potions shattering, they started to burn her, and Giovanni laughed. He kicked her face and grabbed and undamaged poison, he shoved it down his Dad's throat and watched as they both died, cursing him to have the scars inflicted by the 'Knife of Hate' forever.
They then died and Giovanni slumped down, the fumes of the room took over his lungs and he fell into a deep coma.

Giovanni woke up six months later in the Irish Sanctuary, where they pardoned him on psychological issues and the fact he stopped the high priests of an abusive and murderous church.
Giovanni went into rehab however and spent two years recovering , before leaving and making for the Irish countryside, home of his Uncle, who thought the teachings of his brother (Giovanni''s dad) religion were a load of old bollocks.

His uncle taught him of Feramancy, and found Giovanni to be a natural at it. Giovanni helped his uncles alchemy business until the great depression, where there sales started to plummet so badly they would get anything other bread then bread only once a week.
Giovanni had the idea of making the expensive serum vampires use to say human in the night. They already had most of the ingredients growing like wolfs-bane, but Giovanni's Uncle refused, soon, a year before the end of the depression Giovanni's uncle died after drinking a deadly potion in a drunken stupor and burning to death.
For the second time in his life, Giovanni was truly alone.

Giovanni started to make the vampire serums and had just had enough money to survive, soon after the great depression it turned to legitimate profit and Giovanni wasn't rich, but he was well off.
He now makes a living from the serums and potions, and helps in the occasional medical procedure at the sanctuary.
- Additional Notes:
- Suescore:

- Taken Name: Livor Cicatrix.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Lee-Vor See-Sah-Trix.
- Given Name: Moses Miller.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Mose-Es Mill-Eer.
- Character Job: Doctor.

- Character Personality: Vain, self-centred, narcissistic, god-complex. Livor refuses to fail, and can’t accept when he does. He bets a lot, absolutely convinced he will win all the money, and when he doesn’t, he gets his revenge one way or another. Livor holds a grudge easily and is psychopathic; he would kill to get his way. Absolutely convinced that he will not be caught, he thinks of himself as a God, and usually it takes Melose to keep in him check. In fact, Melose is the only person who Livor would listen to and take her advice, though, since he is egotistical and struggles to think of anyone but himself, he sometimes neglects Melose. He tries to make up for this by spoiling her with gifts. Livor is a very intelligent man, and very sly. He likes to get to know people before giving them any real information. (SHE’S A KILLER QUEEEEN~)
- Character Likes: Melose, money, success, Gemma, himself, lying, respect, power, violin.
- Character Dislikes: Losing, his ex-girlfriend, having to tell the truth, feeling vulnerable, weakness.

- Race and Nationality: Human, American.
- Allegiance: Neutral.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He doesn’t like working for anyone unless it benefits him or Melose in any way.
- Allies: Melose.
- Enemies: Anyone who manages to out-think, out-smart or humiliate him.

- True Age: 35
- Appearance Age: 27
- Character Birthday: 11th of April, 1977

- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Dark Tan, American…
- Character Height: 6’ 2’’
- Character Hair Colour: Black.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Wavy, it falls to his shoulders but he ties it back in a low ponytail.
- Character Eye Colour: One is a dark green, the other is yellow.
- Character Description: Livor is rather tall, and thin. With slender fingers and scarred hands, he has an oblong-shaped face and a slender chest. He has rather hooded eyes and some strands of hair hanging onto his tan forehead.
- Character Attire: A white un-tucked blouse, with the top button undone, simply because Livor dislikes wearing ties, black jeans and black Doc Martens. He also wears a blue checked scarf and sometimes a black trilby.

- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: Needles with several different ingredients (a lot poisonous.)
- Pocket Items: Wallet with money.
- Ammunition: -
- Weaponry: The needles with poison, a surgery knife.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: -
- Other: -

- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Somnimancy,
-Ability Information: Somnimancy is a discipline that allows the user to bring them and a number of others (depending on how powerful they are) into a parallel world of the user's creation. The user becomes the dictator over the world and can control almost everything about it. While they are in this parallel world, their real body is left as a shell until they either die or return to it.
- Strengths: He can bring someone into his world and y’know…
- Weaknesses: His body is vulnerable when in the parallel world.
- Training: Books and Various Sonimancers

- Major Goal: Getting a lot of money and becoming a respectable figure of authority.
- Minor Goals: Getting custody over Gemma.
- Reasoning behind goal:
Major: He loves power, maybe?
Minor: To make Melose happy.
- Motivation: The mirror.

- Bio: Livor was born in 1977 in the name Moses Miller in California, America. His mother was a good-natured woman with caramel hair and bright green eyes, the only parent whom Livor ever knew in his life, as his Father left when Livor was very young. He got scars on his hands from when he was about five years old climbed up on the table while his mother was cooking and had left the room to answer the door, he started playing around with the cooker, and got his hands stuck in the bars. When his hands were eventually free, a worrying amount of skin had been ripped off them, leaving behind ghastly scars.
Around Livor's seventh birthday they moved to Miami, Livor had no trouble settling down and started learning to play the violin, as he grew he became rather good at it. By now, he was an arrogant bugger, refusing to accept failure and refusing to let other people win in anything, even if it meant he had to cheat. Livor expected to be praised for everything he did, and when he wasn't, he would immediately start disliking whomever didn't praise him. Ad Livor grew, he became more intelligent, more sly and more arrogant. He got high marks in nearly all his tests and became a Doctor in Miami. He could have qualified for something else but he liked the power he felt over the patients.
In his early twenties, Livor got a girlfriend, she fell pregnant. Shortly after the child, Gemma, was born, she left Livor and he lost custody over Gemma.
Two years after that, he met Melose. The two immediately hit it off, and got married two years later. Melose fell pregnant several times but always lost the child, she was later told that she was infertile.
Livor started having to drug his wife to get her to fall asleep, while adapting in his Somnimancy, which he learned from an early age, Livor is and never has been as desperate to have a child as Melose, but he wants his wife to be happy. Livor lived in Miami for a while before he was called to Brazil as a favour to Gabriel Neymar, he is the temporary Head of Science and Research in the Sanctuary. In exchange he receives a hefty cheque and the sanctuary turns a blind eye to his experiments.

- Additional Notes: Livor is a decent violinist and enjoys playing the violin in his spare time.

Off Topic / The Wedding of Brynhild Nosferatu and Lord Obsidious
« on: October 11, 2014, 10:06:45 AM »
Because who cares if the people approve of the marriage!
*Puts on priest hat with headphones* I also need an excuse to be a DJ Priest again!

Anyway, lets get this party started!

Character Profiles [GRP] / Cain Hillier (Greek RP Group B)
« on: October 10, 2014, 09:31:13 PM »
Given Name: Cain Hillier
Pronunciation of the Name: Cain Hill-ier
Character Job: Unemployed

Character Personality:
Cain is generally classified a geeky artist at at sporty school, when people bully him he doesn't stop them, mostly because he didn't want to make it worse, partly because he didn't feel it. However, has been referred to as a 'scorpion.' an animal that is very docile until threatened. He is surprisingly agile and nimble and has lots of stamina. He is also good with a bow.

Character Likes: Coffee, Running, writing and reading, magic, drawing and painting, acting and directing films. Cain is hugely interested in making films.
Character Dislikes: Bullies, stupid people, sleep and horror movies, tea.
Mental Traits: Genius IQ, ADHD and Dyslexia.

Race and Nationality: Demi-god, Colonial Australian Heritage/Greek.
Parent: Athena, Goddess of Wisdom, Strength, Courage, inspiration and Civilization.
Mortal Family: Father, Nicholas Hillier
Allies: His Dad, his group on people on selective forums
Enemies: Bullies, Jocks

True Age: 15
Character Birthday: July 17th, 1997.

Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity:
Character Height: 5 ft 8
Character Weight: 67 kgs.[If that's wrong I'm aiming for thin being a little built.]
Character Hair Colour: Dark brown with blonde tips at the front.
Character Hair Length/ Style: Wore down and spiky on his forehead, with full spike on the back.
Character Eye Colour: Electric blue.
Character Description: Thin and Lanky, he has strong legs and is actually quite fit, but he's not too strong and values speed over strength.
Character Attire: Loose jeans with threads at the end. Dark blue shirt with a a formal plaid shirt over it with its sleeves rolled up.

Character Voice: Very fast, with a hint of an Australian accent.
Speech Traits: Never stumbles, making it very hard to understand him.
Habits: Taps a table when he sits at it for a while, bites his nails when nervous.
Mannerisms: Stops for a breath nearly always at ten seconds on the dot.

Small Equipment: N/A
Pocket Items: Wallet with a amount of money it it and pack of cards
Magical Equipment/Artifacts: When he throws a card which turns into a shard of celestial bronze. Then the card is replaced, the two jokes when pressed together in his hand turn into two celestial bronze knife. He also has a camera lense  that turns into a celestial bronze pauldron that covers his left shoulder when he presses it. He finally has a pair of thin gloves given to him by Athena, increased his speed and act like an aim-bot, using when throwing knives.

Abilities: Cain has a incredibly high, practically supernatural pain threshold, whether this means he will experience pain through a prochecy we don't know. *wink wink*
He also has the ability to decode anything, it just appears in a certain way to him, which tells him how to do it. This also means he can hack computers, when people get locked out they come to him, and he charges to get them back in.

Major Goal:
To find a safe place where he's accepted.
Minor Goals: To win a art award.
Reasoning behind goal: He hates being so bloody different
Motivation: His own safety, his art.
Bio: Cain was born in Sydney, Australia and since being a child had a passion for art, however his Dad was incredibly sporty (whilst still begin intelligent and wanted to mold Cain into a smaller version of himself. When Cain wanted to draw, his Dad would whisk him off to a football tournament. However, his dad took great pride in his sons running abilities. Which stopped Cain from completely hating him. Cains dad received a job later in a American and sent him to a sporty school, he couldn't blame his dad as he was so excited for his son. But he hated it there and soon was sick of it. He finally convinced his Dad that he wasn't like him and finally, his Dad accepted it. It was the only time that he had seen his Dad cry. He now goes to a different school which is just as bad, but at least now he was able to do what he loves...but not for long...

General Works / Minion Army | The Everest Project
« on: October 10, 2014, 08:24:49 PM »
Welcome To The Everest Project

You yawn and say night to your fellow cabin mates, there having a party but your too tired, so you have your cabin to yourself.
Slowly you fall...fall asleep...
Drowsily, you wake up, seeing glimpses of whats happening around you, but unable to do anything. You see your sitting in a helicopter, over open water. Your just about to wake up full when your injected with something by...who was that? The next time you wake your on an aircraft carrier, being supported by soldiers, you fall asleep this time, unable to keep you eyes open.

The final time, you awake fully, you are naked, strapped up to the wall in iron restraints. You scream you shout, nobody takes notice, the scientists around you are simply studying. Suddenly Admiral Parzival is there. Parzival's evil? But then you see, Flint, Gid and Murdock as well. No, this is definitely a Minion operation, but why like this? Suddenly, a scientist injects you with a needle, and thoughts and information about this place come to you. You relax, knowing this is all for the greater good.
Parzival put his hand's behind is back.

"Activate Operation: Everest."

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Jonathan Echo
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jon-o-than Ec-o
- Given Name: Aaron Rose
- Pronunciation of the Name: A-ron Rose
- Character Job: Head Monster Hunter of the Brazilian Sanctuary & Emergency Protection Agent.
- Titles: The Echo

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Jonathan off the job is a warm hearted, outgoing person who loves all things popular culture, he often likes to make jokes up so badly planned and spoken they are funny. A lot a people find him annoying and don't find him serious enough most of the time. On the job however, he is silent and deadly, using stealth, strategy and speed to defeat monsters. Specifically vampires.
- Character Likes:
- Character Dislikes:
- Mental Traits:

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Australian
- Allegiance:Neutral Good, The Australian Sanctuary
- Reasons for Allegiance: Nothing too complex, he simply is not an evil soul, also he hates Vampires and wants too kill them all, but since he works with a sanctuary he will drop everything to stop a vampires illegal doings.

- Allies: The Australian Sanctuary, The Brazilian Sanctuary
- Enemies: Vampires
- Family: Younger Sister, Mum, Dad and Wife
- Friends:
- Significant Other: Lexis Pistor

Character Age
- True Age: 80
- Appearance Age: 26-27
- Character Birthday:  17/07/1934

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity:  Slightly Tanned
- Character Height: 6 ‘ 0
- Character Weight: 75kg
- Character Hair Colour: Thick and Soft Light Brown Hair
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Is worn messy around his head.
- Character Eye Colour: A pale blue
- Character Description: Is slightly built but no enough to take away his speed, he has long legs and arched feet allowing for speedy running, even when not increased by his magic.
- Character Attire:

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A light Australian accent on a slightly deep voice.
- Speech Traits:
- Languages:
- Habits:
- Mannerisms: Taps his right hands Index and Middle finger incredibly fast when he has a hand on a table, he finds it impossible to do it this fast with any other fingers

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Grappling Hook, MacBook Pro, iPad and Surfboard
- Small Equipment: Large high-powered torch & Rope
- Pocket Items: iPhone 5s, Wallet, Keys, Bubble gum and Cards
- Ammunition: 10 needles, 5 throwing knives, 4 clips of ammo
- Weaponry:  Glock, Bane Of Hades,  Scientia and Cognito
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:
Jonathan is in possession of the Bane of Hades, a tattoo etched on his left hand by an ancient group of sorcerers deep in the Himalaya‘s. The tattoo is made of special ink that is a blend of blood of a vampire and Holy Water; its properties are bringing vampires and werewolf away from their true form for five minutes, otherwise he can touch them and burn there skin away, each is immensely tiring. He also has Scientei and Cognito (knowledge and truth) two asgardium swords with unique properties. Scientei will pick up all data on any lethal instrument (e.g fangs or bows) in a room and transfer information about it to Jonathan's mind, Cognito works like a lie detector, however, it is only able to be used once a day. It glows an orange colour when someone lies and a royal blue when they tell the truth.
- Other: A small suburban house in Sydney, Australia, otherwise he moves around along with Lexis Pistor. His pride & joy is his Audi R8, which has a shrinking sigil large enough to put in a suitcase.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Provectimancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Provectimancers hit IM when experiencing an extreme rush of adrenaline, such as through anger, fear etc… During IM the user’s eyes glow and their hair floats as if submerged in water. Everything around the Provectimancer slows down, including the mage, giving them chance to react. During IM, Provectimancers can sense vampires/other practitioners at double their usual range as well as the approximate position instead of just the direction. Also, other Provectimancers glow with a green colour, vampires with a red.
- Ability Specific Info: Created using science magic. Also see the Provectitori, a faction made up solely from Provectimancers. It only takes about a decade to be considered a master of the discipline, but surprisingly few people ever make it this far.
- Signature Ability: The Echo move, he charges at a opponent and right before impact flips over the opponents head, in that time he unsheathes a sword and flicks it in the opponents back.
- Strengths: Speed, reactions, dexterity and strength
- Weaknesses: No lethal or ranged attacks.
- Training: Provectitori Australian Temple

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To rid the Earth of vampires.
- Minor Goals: Nothing really at the moment...
- Reasoning behind goal: The death of his friend & the evilness of the Vampires
- Motivation: Lexis and his late best friend, he keeps a frame of him on the wall.
- Bio: Jonathan was born into a family of upper-class sorcerers in the Provectitori faction, his first years were peaceful and normal, however, all of that shattered with the arrival of World War II, also the time of greatest battles of the the secret war, his father fought alongside the sanctuary and was killed in France, leaving only Jonathan's mother to look after him, distraught about the death of her husband, she sent Jonathan to a Provectitori faction home to look after him, they trained him and found he had a natural talent in Provectimancy, excelling against his classmates, they tricked him into believing that his mother  died and had put them in custody of him, when the truth was that she wanted him to come home.

 At twenty years old however, his life changed forever, the faction was attacked by twenty vampires, all wanting to take back their secrets. Jonathan was fighting a losing battle when he saw his best friend eaten alive, Jonathan became fueled by rage and hit IM in five seconds flat, after killing two other vampires he reached EM and slaughtered the last 15 easily, however, the one who killed his friend got away. He swore on his friends corpse that he would find and kill the vampire who did this if it was the last thing he did.

Two years afterwards Jonathan overheard the Cleric's threatening his mother, she had issued a arrest warrant for kidnapping Jonathan, and now they were going to make her pay. Jonathan burst in and tried to grab his mum so they could get out, but the Clerics subdued him too fast. The Clerics thought it would be too dangerous to let them go as they might alert the Sanctuary of what happened to his mum, others thought they couldn't kill their prime student.After a long debate they decided to end them, however, the Australian Sanctuary had been watching the whole time and burst in to arrest the provectimancers.

Afterwards he joined the Sanctuary and became a junior monster hunter, this gave him the funding to track down the vampire who killed his friend, it turned out he wouldn't get the satisfaction, as the last of his coven the vampire went into the wild, where he was eaten by a dragon.

Jonathan has been working for the sanctuary for around 60 years now, and has rose to become a Senior Monster Hunter & Emergency Protection Agent, who does drop everything missions to intervene in crime. 

Ten years back he met Lexis Pistor whilst on a hunt, she told him she hunted remnants and immediately  they hit it off. After 4 years dating they married and the rest of their relationship is history.

- Additional Notes:
- Suescore: 24

Discussion and Planning / Five Nights at Freddy's - Skulduggery Style
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:40:28 AM »
Ok this role play is going to be like five nights at Freddy's, a horror game about using doors and camera and stuff to fend off some crazy animal-tronics. However, in this one it will be several powerful mage's going after another set, trying to stop them from a control room.

There's two teams,

Controllers are the people trying to stop the fighters making it through to them, these people would preferably be technomancers or anything that set traps and hurt people from a different location.

1.Matthew Contraire -Technomancer


Fighters are trying to get to the controllers, they can be any combat based discipline.
Cipher Entitly


This is a GAME, people will win and lose and lots will die, I will be modding this game, if you know your character should die in a situation, do it, otherwise I will do it for you.
I will be deciding who wins or loses.

Earth / A Crayne of a head. (Parz, Gideon and Fint)
« on: September 28, 2014, 11:25:42 PM »
Ronan Nightscythe drove the Chevrolet SUV through the crowded streets of Buenos Aires, Argentina. Silas Crayne, multi-billionaire and major OG of crime. Ronan secretly respected the man a bit, but a job's a job, and they were going to earn a lot of money for it.
The Argentinian sanctuary were sick of Silas' hold on them, and hired the Phalanx to take him out.

Twenty Minutes Later...

Ronan turned to Jaga, "Remember, this guy has a an amount comparable to a large quantity of vile excrement of goons, so we gotta take him out fast." he parked out of the Crayne Consolidated building and opened the back of the van, grabbing his scythe, he called out to Dai "Alright Dai get your ass out here, we gotta go over the plan.

Archived Profiles / Ronan Nightscythe
« on: September 25, 2014, 09:56:15 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Ronan Nightscythe
- Pronunciation of the Name: Row-nan Nightscythe
- Given Name: Wes Kennedy
- Pronunciation of the Name: Wes Ken-E-Dy
- Character Job: Mercenary for various Sanctuaries.
- Titles: The Scythe

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ronan is a very brash and outlandish character,  with no time for stealth or pre-set strategies of any sort. He has no filter on his mouth and swears constantly. He is believed to not be afraid of anything, which isn’t to far away from the truth; he has two fears, one mostly just being a dislike. Some call him reckless, but there is a certain intelligence behind the man, whilst some say he’s lucky he hasn’t been killed yet, just before he goes in for a kill, he calculates all of the most likely actions an opponent could make and acts on that.
- Character Likes: Ronan personal interests include Action movies (especially ones with Tom Cruise) The Walking Dead, Dave Matthews Band and any heavy metal music you give him.
His combat related interests include quality weapons, especially scythes and beating Dai Swordstorm when they spar.
- Character Dislikes: Strategic people that generally patronize him, people who use stealth for everything, then eventually get caught, One Direction and anything like them. The Mercenaries of ‘Blood and Roses.’ Ronan hates spiders.

The one proper fear Ronan has is the fear of running away from something, the last time he ran away, it caused his parents to be killed. That is why he is reckless, because he refuses to surrender or back down to anything.

- Mental Traits:

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Australian
- Allegiance: Lawful Neutral
- Reasons for Allegiance: One of the biggest factors is money, but he also would hate to see the world burn and would do anything to stop that happening, even if it involved taking a life.

- Allies: The Phalanx, Takeo Narada
- Enemies: Akira Ryuu, The Guns & Roses mercenaries.
- Family: Mother and Father [DECEASED]
- Friends: Dai Swordstorm, Gabriel Neymar, Jaga Stark and Jonathan Echo
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age
- True Age:  275
- Appearance Age: Mid Twenties
- Character Birthday: 5/5/1793

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Character Height: 6’ 1
- Character Weight: 150 lbs
- Character Hair Colour: Brown with streaks of lightning blonde covering the front of his hair.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Chopped spiky and worn down with spikiness’ at the back.
- Character Eye Colour: Deep Blue
- Character Description: Ronan is built like an average solider, muscular enough to carry weapons easily, but surprisingly nimble on his feet. He has a scar the runs from his elbow to halfway down his right arm.
- Character Attire: Since the phalanx requires him to be in formal clothes, he wears a crimson waist-vest along with a white shirt with the top button undone and a jet black tie. However, he also wears so clean denim jeans so not to restrict movement. Along with that he wears pure black Nike Mark IV’s. He also wears signature White plaid fedoras.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A thick Australian accent with a slightly high-pitched voice.
- Speech Traits: Uses swear words to put emphasis on everything, speaks incredibly fast.
- Languages: English
- Habits: Ronan taps his feet incredibly fast whenever he is sitting down. He also bites a certain bit of his lip on the right side when he’s thinking.
- Mannerisms: Ronan always opens when fighting by swinging his scythe straight at an opponents torso.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Black lightweight duffel bag, MacBook Pro, iPad 2 and various documents.
- Small Equipment: iPhone 5s, Keys and Wallet
- Pocket Items: ---
- Ammunition: 18 revolver bullets.
- Weaponry: A steel, altarite alloyed scythe, it has a black hilt with red tapes around it. Since he is a weapon energiser, he has chosen the scythe as his own personalised weapon. His scythe has personalised itself black vines with red roses on it, the roses have pure steel razor-sharp thorns. The vines grow and shrink to Ronan’s will, which is useful when he’s cleaning it. He also has plenty of throwing knifes and a revolver with the name ‘Rias’ engraved in.
He also is a black belt in Tai Qwon Do
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: He has a silver watch that changes its time to whatever city, it also lessens the effects of jet lag which is useful for quick jobs.
- Other: Ronan is a multi-millionaire and is paid very highly. He has a luxury apartment in London, and a house in Rio, Brazil

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Weapon Weaving
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Ronan doesn’t reach IM, rather his weapon does, once reaching IM his weapon begins to pulse and tremble in Ronan’s hands.
- Ability Specific Info: Ronan, due to his incredibly talent in weapon energising, has a unique branch of weapon energising called weapon weaving, instead of energising his own weapon (which he can still do) he uses his opponents magic to power his weapon. e.g. If an elemental fired a blast of fire at him, he can refine it too pure magic and ‘weave’ it into his scythe. If he weaves enough magic into his weapon, it creates an energy weapon; they only have one hit and are extremely powerful, but leave Ronan tired.
- Signature Ability: To weave magic into his scythe and smash it into the ground, creating a shockwave.
- Strengths: Incredibly powerful, uses other people magic in his own.
- Weaknesses: Can be incredibly tiring without his knowing.
- Training: His father.

Magical Diseases

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To hunt down the mercenaries ‘Guns and Black Roses’
- Minor Goals: To find another member of the Phalanx
- Reasoning behind goal:
Major- These people caused the death of his parents

Minor- The group is struggling, as there reputation grows bigger.

- Motivation: The phalanx themselves keep him strong, supporting him through the touch times.
- Bio: Ronan was born into a family of significant mage's, his mother worked in public relations at the Australian Sanctuary, and his Dad was a detective, managing to bring down hundreds of criminals in his time so, it was Ronan's dream to follow in his Dad's footsteps.
For years he lived a sheltered life, afraid that his son might be hunted, Quentin , (the father of Ronan Nightscythe) kept the existence of his son a secret to all but a few. These included the Grand Mage and the godfather of the child, Gabriel Neymar.

Being at home a lot didn't stop Ronan from being active with his magic. He chose to follow in his fathers footsteps and took up the discipline of Weapon Energizing, practicing in the Sanctuary facilities and in his Dad's training grounds. He had an incredible talent for the discipline and loved seeing the pride in his fathers eye's.

When Ronan was 11 years old, his Dad managed to take a down a high up sorcerer in the Russian Mafia, and it was decided that things had gotten out of hand, many rich criminal investors hired the elite mercenary Guns & Black Roses to eliminate Quentin and his wife. They didn't know about the child.
When the night came exactly two months later. The mercenaries struck. A fight went on downstairs but finally Quentin was cornered. Ronan came downstairs to find his mum and dad backed up against the wall, the mercenaries about to kill them. Ronan was too shocked to scream, his Dad saw him and mouthed the word 'Run.' Thinking his Dad had a plan, Ronan ran outside the house, when a ear piercing scream was heard from inside, Ronan came back to see his parents on the floor, their throats slit.

Afterwards Gabriel Neymar raised him in Brazil for the remainder of his childhood, afterwards he joined the sanctuary as a cadet and
graduated at the top of his class, he was so good that his fellow cadets nicknamed him 'The Scythe'. After he graduated, Ronan tried to follow his father and become a detective, but he found he didn't like the job. It was too boring and took a lot of patience. He had asked Gabriel why it wasn't exciting for him and for his dad, Gabriel replied "Because by the time you came around, your Dad had locked up anyone interesting."

One day he met a fine woman by the name of Jaga Stark, she was Swedish and a elder, despite her stylish and sly personality. They were both bored with their jobs and wanted something more exciting. They came up with the idea of do the work that sanctuaries couldn't. That way it was exciting but not too criminal. After this they founded the Phalanx, a group with exactly that role in purpose.
They first recruited Dai Swordstorm from the infiltrators, to help whenever there was stealth approach needed. Ronan met a gist user named Brennan and made him a part of the group. Finally, much to Ronan's protest as he thought he was too unstable, Jaga recruited Takeo Narada, and the Phalanx was created. Ronan also has acted as the bodyguard of Gabriel at several points.

Additional Notes:
The Phalanx is an actual group Flint, Gid, Sargey and I have been making, we just have to get some more characters out.

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