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General Works / Hamarsheimt - A Forum Fic of Norse mythology
« on: April 18, 2015, 11:05:34 PM »
I was in a rather grumpy mood and somehow made another Forums Fic...


This is one of me favourite Norse legends, the so called Thrymskvidha (legend of Thrym) aka the Hamarsheimt (the return of the hammer). It is a skald song from the Edda, the Norse myths. The skalds were the poets keeping up the tradition of the old stories/songs, somewhat like bards.

The various characters of this story were replaced by fitting Forum members. I picked some I've been knowing for some time to get the best cast there is.
The persons are:

Kiiyashi as Thor, God of Thunder
Dregran Entropy as Loki, God of Fire
Moonie as Freyja, Goddess of Love
ETGuy as Heimdall, the wise gatekeeper God
Roberto Insanity as Thrym, a Jötun (giant)
Dan North as Thrym's sister

Please enjoy and comment!

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General Works / Sherlock Holmes and The Little Mermaid - CROSSOVER!
« on: April 18, 2015, 11:01:00 PM »
Since so many of you asked me to post it, here it is! I hope it's not too cheesy.
The story is mostly based on the original Sherlock Holmes books by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle on the one hand and the original fairytale of The Little Mermaid by Hans Christian Andersen. Please enjoy and comment!

Chapter 1 - The Merpeople
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Chapter 2 - The Silted Woman
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Chapter 3 -Baker Street 221B
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Chapter 4 - The Loveliest Woman
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Chapter 5 - The Wedding
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Entertainment / Monster High
« on: December 18, 2014, 11:04:45 AM »
Just noticed we didn't have a topic for this yet.
So, any of you like Monster High? The books, the webisodes, the movies, the dolls? Who's your favourite character? Do you collect some thing? Feel free to share it with us since there's at least one person as crazy as you! (And that's me.)

I started with watching a few webisodes, now I'm collecting the dolls and keep watching themovies once they're on TV. I started being interested in MH when I was 19 years old, now I'm almost 23. xDDD
And I think the dolls are no children's toy! They come with a doll stand and have really small accessories and artistic hairstyles - makes them collectible objects to me. What do you think?

Fight Club / Battle of female tricksters - Esmeralda vs Enchantress
« on: December 15, 2014, 08:22:54 PM »
I called out a challenge of female tricksters and chose Esmeralda from Disney's "The Hunchback of Notre Dame".
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Mevolent accepted it and chose Enchantress from Marvel comics.
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And their fighting place is...
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Let's get ready to rumble!!

Fan Fiction / Christmas Fanfic 2014: A Pleasant Christmas Carol
« on: November 02, 2014, 12:03:51 AM »
So this is the Christmas Fanfic 2014: A Pleasant Christmas Carol. I wrote this last year for me brother Omega Leviatharus, who's a total and utter fan of the original story by Charles that additional appendageens. It is set after KOTW, so it will contain SPOILERS for this and all the previous books.

Starring: Derek Landy
  • Vaurien Scapegrace
  • Thrasher
  • Jasper
  • and many more...

Sneak preview will be posted here at 30th November!

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Uroda Szalenstwo
- Pronunciation of the Name: Oo-row-duh Sha-leynst-wo
- Given Name: Vasilisa Popow
- Pronunciation of the Name: Vuh-see-lee-suh Po-poff
- Character Job: Head of Medicine and Research for the Russian Sanctuary
- Titles: Captain Slaughter

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Uroda is a mad genius. When the mood takes her, she can create incredible Chimeras that are actually viable. Her madness makes her a person not always trustworthy, but she's loyal to the Russian Sanctuary since they give her the chance to do her own projects and experiments. And the pay is good.
- Character Likes: Dissections, operations, experiments, blini (Russian pancakes).
- Character Dislikes: Whiny patients, children, criticisms on her work.
- Mental Traits: High IQ, paranoid, megalomaniac, has no empathy for other beings.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Polish
- Allegiance: True Neutral
- Reasons for Allegiance: money, the opportunity to realise projects with the Sanctuary's funds and resources

- Allies: Rendred Vorchevschy, Asolsos Paron, Iriisa Imver
- Enemies: Amnesty International, PETA, enemies of the Russian Sanctuary

Character Age
- True Age: 97
- Appearance Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 02.02.1917

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: White
- Character Height: 175 cm
- Character Weight: 67,5 kg
- Character Hair Colour: very dark brown, soft, silky
- Character Hair Length/ Style: elbow length, mostly worn in a ponytail over her shoulder
- Character Eye Colour: bright grey
- Character Description: thin to normal, broad pelvis, small breasts, long face, strong cheekbones
- Character Attire: a dirty labcoat, tight shirts with wide necklines, kneelong skirts, sneakers

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: calm, alto voice
- Speech Traits: very shrill laughing
- Languages: fluent in Russian and Polish, basic knowledge of English
- Habits: playing "finger roulette" (aka "The Knife Game") with her scalpel
- Mannerisms: tilts her head when she's unsure or trying to avoid itchy questions

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: a bag with medical equipment such as stethoscopes, syringes, saws,...
- Small Equipment: a set of smaller instruments and scalpels with spare blades in a small nylon bag
- Pocket Items: pens, needles, coil, smaller pieces of experiments (they slip in her pocket by accident)
- Ammunition: -
- Weaponry: -
- Other: an anatomical lab, a flat

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Symbol magic
- Immersion Metamorphosis: no
- Ability Specific Info: symbols tattooed on her skin, sewn on her clothes, carved into her working tools and hid in her lab and flat
- Signature Ability: cutting open, operating and sew a patient shut again without causing them pain (due to special symbols on some of the tools)
- Strengths: symbols can be activated at any time, some of them are invisible until activated, multiple ways of use
- Weaknesses: can be deactivated or blocked with other symbols, can't be activated if she doesn't touch them
- Training: learned from her grandma, later self-taught (see bio)

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: to find inner peace
- Minor Goals: to find the source of human magic inside the body
- Reasoning behind goal: the high IQ and madness at the same time tear her apart inside, scientific curiosity and megalomania
- Motivation: a photo of her grandma
- Bio: Uroda grew up at her grandma's house in Poland, since her mother was dead and her dad had been sent to a mental asylum after he killed his wife in a rush of jealousy. When Uroda was five years old her grandma started teaching her the language of the symbols. Three years later Uroda's dad escaped from the asylum. He returned to his mother-in-law's house and asked her to give him his daughter. He said, he wanted to escape with her to Russia. The grandma refused, Uroda's dad got angry and they started a fight. After a few moments the elderly lady lay dead on the floor. That moment Uroda came from her room upstairs cause the noise woke her up. She didn't quite believe this strange man who claimed to be her father, but since she saw the dead body of her grandma lying in front of him, she agreed to pack her bags and follow him. That way Uroda came to Russia. Two years later she met an old acquaintance of her parents in Moscow, who told her the man was really her father but also that he had killed his wife, Uroda's mother. So Uroda bought a long knife from the money she earned by selling newspapers on the street. Then she walked up to her sleeping father, woke him up and stabbed him in the chest when he opened his eyes and recognized her. She kept stabbing until his chest was perforated like a strainer. Realising what she had done, she dropped the knife and ran away. She then took her new name, graduated at schools, started learning in a medical centre and kept studying symbol magic. At age 30 she met Elder Rendred Vorchewschy, who offered her a job as the Head of Medicine and Research, since he had heard of her genius and abilities. He didn't know about the madness inside Uroda or the weird experiments she started. When he found out twenty years later he talked it through with Uroda carefully and made a compromise with her: She'd only be allowed to use dead bodies and convicted criminals for her experiments. Therefor the Russian Sanctuary would give her all the resources she'd need. She agreed to that. Her cruelty during the experiments with living convincted criminals earned her the nickname 'Captain Slaughter'.

- Suescore: 6

Off Topic / The Official Derbu Shipper Club
« on: September 12, 2013, 08:48:08 AM »
Derbu is cuteness overload!
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This page is for all those shippers out there who agree with me, that they'd make a beautiful couple! <3

Books / Pseudonymous Bosch
« on: August 02, 2013, 08:10:42 AM »
Have read the first two books so far. And I love his style.

Anyone else read this?

Fan Fiction / Skeleton Interrupted
« on: May 13, 2013, 05:50:52 PM »
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Chapter 1
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Chapter 2
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Chapter 3
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Chapter 4
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Chapter 5
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Chapter 6
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Chapter 7
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Fan Fiction / Bryny's Working Place
« on: April 26, 2013, 08:03:01 PM »
Alright, guys. I take requests for new fan fictions. Already planned are:
  • The Forums Easter Tale (sequel of the Christmas Tale)
  • The Sanatorium (starring Skuls)
Any other ideas or requests from you guys?

Fan Works / Myosotis Terra - in English!
« on: January 05, 2013, 02:56:41 PM »
So, I took the time and translated the German short story into English a while ago. I hope it fits in the post...
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News / Derek Landy comes to Germany in March!
« on: December 23, 2012, 04:37:35 PM »
The official page and Facebook announced it: Derek will come to Germany in March!


Freitag, 15.03.
18:30 Uhr Derek Landy zu Gast auf der lit.Cologne
Balloni-Hallen, Ehrenfeldgürtel 88-94, 50823 Köln
Infos zur Veranstaltung und zum Kartenvorverkauf gibt es hier
Buchmesse Leipzig

Samstag, 16.03.
15:30 Uhr Derek Landy und Rainer Strecker präsentieren „Passage der Totenbeschwörer“
Messegelände, Ausbildbar, Standnummer wird noch bekannt gegeben
19 Uhr Derek Landy und Rainer Strecker präsentieren „Passage der Totenbeschwörer“
Südfriedhof Leipzig, große Begräbniskapelle, Friedhofsweg 3, Zugang über den Eingang Prager Straße, 04299 Leipzig

Sonntag, 17.03.
13:30 Uhr Derek Landy und Rainer Strecker präsentieren „Passage der Totenbeschwörer“
Messegelände, Fantasy Leseinsel Halle 2, G 307

I'd love to visit the reading on that graveyard, but I guess I'll only be able to visit the last one. What do you think, Lilly?

Discussion and Planning / International Investigation Team RP
« on: August 26, 2012, 06:40:19 PM »
Alright. I'd like to start an RP with some bad guys, some good guys and others. I'd appreciate having it set in Ireland or England. I'll start with Ria Skepsis.
Anyone up for it?

Ria Skepsis - Bryny
Flamme Ilt - Skully
Eligos Asmoday - Winter
Navi Pest - Porkins
Christopher Clinton Him - redlobster

Music / Rammstein
« on: June 14, 2012, 07:16:52 PM »
Fabulous German music with mature content lyrics. Anyone else like them?

Fan Fiction / 10 times ~ Brynhild
« on: June 10, 2012, 08:00:49 PM »
Valkyrie groaned, and sat up. "I told you it was a trap," she said.
   "No, you said it looked like it was a trap," Skulduggery corrected. "That's completely different."
   He helped her up as a door opened behind them and Sadistica Tortura walked through, an unsettling smile on her lips. "Why, hello there!", she grinned. "I hope you like your cosy room. For it will be your home from now on." She slammed the door shut. The echo moved through the room.
   Valkyrie went into her fighting position, preparing to attack her with elemental magic or shadows from her necromancer ri-
   She looked down at her hand. The black ring was missing. She didn't notice first, she had been busy with her bruised shoulder she got when they fell through the trap door and landed in the basement of the mansion.
   "Looking for something?", Sadistica smiled and showed the ring. "I guess you won't need this down here. Oh, and by the way, you're trapped in symbols binding your magic. Lachie made that for me. He's a real gem of a husband, isn't he?"
   Valkyrie looked down at her feet. Skulduggery and she were standing in a big circle engraved into the floor. The symbols around shone in light green.
   Skulduggery grabbed into his jacket but pulled out the bare hand. His revolver belts had been emptied, too.
   Sadistica took out one of the weapons and let it swirl around her index finger. “Now really, I don’t think you’ll need these now.” She threw the pistol to the floor behind her. Then she took out a bundle of long needles. “Shall we begin?”
   Suddenly Skulduggery tried running out of the binding circle, but he just reached the outer ring; then he seemed to run against an invisible wall.
   “By the way, you’re trapped in there”, Sadistica smiled.
   Then Valkyrie noticed something behind Sadistica. A pair of emerald green eyes hovering in the air behind the woman.
   “Enjoy the game”, Sadistica whispered and swung her hand. But before she could throw the needles, a long, heavy iron bar crashed into the back of her head. She sunk to the floor unconscious.
   “Geez!”, a voice said. “Mrs Tortura really needs to spend some time out of the basement.” The green eyes still hovered above the floor and a mouth had appeared underneath them. A bit lower two iron tonfa floated in the air. “You okay, guys?”
   “Ria!”, Valkyrie exclaimed and smiled.
   A girl appeared around the eyes, mouth and tonfa. “Who else?”, she said with a straight face. “This was actually my business, but I guess you did a good job playing the life bait.”
   “We didn’t want to play the life bait!”, Valkyrie replied frowning. “We were here to fight this crazy couple!”
   Skulduggery pulled his cuffs in place and didn’t look up. “We’re very grateful you saved us, Miss Skepsis. Could you help us out of here now?”
   She smashed the circle. “I’ll get Lachie now. See you later, guys.”

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