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New Members / Guess who's back...
« on: July 09, 2017, 08:08:04 PM »
Back again.

Hey all!
Just wanted to say hiya, no better time to rejoin the forums than in the middle of exams right?
Hope all of you have been well ;)
Can't wait to immerse myself into this wonderful community again.

See you around!  :)

Approved Profiles / Erebus Mourn (resubmitted)
« on: October 11, 2016, 07:59:14 PM »
(quick note, Erebus was approved before the forum revolution *cough cough* reset *cough* so I'm just submitting him here so you can just double check that's he's worthy for the RP. Cheers)

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Erebus Mourn
- Pronunciation of the Name: ER-eh-buhs Morn
- Given Name: Warren Banks                     
- Pronunciation of the Name: WAr-in Banks
- Character Job: He is currently working as a combat sorcerer for the British Sanctuary although he has been thinking of resigning as he is unsure whether this is the job for him.
- Qualifications: Erebus completed high school and has a High School Certificate and was planning on studying law but discovered magic before he could attend university.
- Titles: --

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Erebus is very careful to whom he gives his attention to, he will take a substantial amount of time before he finally lets you in and will tell you anything about himself that he believes is valuable. He is extremely secretive and, as explained above, will share his secrets with very few. Due to his untrusting nature, Erebus has been regarded by many as cold and heartless. He does not particularly enjoy social interaction with people that he does not know but will go through with it if necessary. He is known for his sarcasm and snide comments. Although it is not well known, Erebus has a love for children and plans to start a family of his own one day but believes that this world is too harsh and cruel to raise a child in and so he has put that thought on hold. This is one of the reasons why he is aligned with the Sanctuaries; he believes that by fighting evil he can make a difference,no matter how small, against this harsh world. Erebus looks down on mortals, regarding them of less importance than magical folk. Erebus is a fighter through and through, he will always fight for what he believes in, even if it is not regarded as “good” by society. He believes that you only become friends when you’ve fought each other. As he is working as a Combat sorcerer in the British Sanctuary and has great respect for the current Grand Mage, Arabella Sovereign.
- Character Likes: Erebus enjoys sparring and running as he does not enjoy team sports because he considers himself a lone-wolf (although he enjoys having company even if he will not admit it to himself. Erebus prefers interaction with other magical folk rather than mortals as he believes that sorcerers are of a higher social caliber than mortals, Erebus is very clear that although he holds this belief he has no interest in ruling over the mortals. His favourite colours are the monochromatic ones (black, grey and white). His favourite food is plain old bacon and eggs because this meal reminds him of a time when things at home were much simpler. His favourite time is dusk and night.
- Character Dislikes: He cannot stand overly bubbly people who are constantly happy, he doesn’t have anything against being happy but he believes you have to be sad and grumpy at some point as well.
- Mental Traits: Erebus does not enjoy having to depend on anybody but enjoys having a partner whom is considered an equal. Erebus is a big procrastinator although when he finally sets his mind to something he will not rest until that goal is achieved. Erebus is also fairly good at commanding troops and may be classified by some as a tactician.

Species and Allegiance
- Species and Nationality: Human, British
- Alignment: Chaotic Good
- Allegiance:  The Sanctuaries, he holds a very conditional allegiance with the Necromancer temples as he disagrees with their teachings (especially The Passage) and the way that they live their lives in seclusion.
- Reasoning: Erebus believes that, in his life, his opinion is the only one that he should base his decisions upon.

- Allies: The Sanctuaries
- Enemies: Anybody who opposes the sanctuaries
- Family: The only family he has left is his sister and his niece whom he has become distant from due to the fact that she is not aware that magic exists, he is not very close to her but adores his niece and will visit whenever he can
- Friends: --
- Significant Other: --

Character Age and Gender
- True Age:  36
- Appearance Age: 18
- Character Birthday: 9/11/1979
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour: Erebus has an ivory skin tone
- Character Height: 185cm
- Character Weight: 70kg
- Character Hair Colour: Pitch black
- Character Hair Length/Style: Short-medium length, has a fringe coming down from his forehead ending just above his left eye. He occasionally will gel his hair up.
- Character Eye Colour: Emerald green
- Character Description: Erebus is tall and slender with a slightly muscular body, he is usually pale other than when he has been traveling in exotic regions. He has an outline of a 6 pack but would not be classified as athletic. His hair is usually messy as he rarely sits down to style his hair during the day. He has a faint scar running from the right side of his hip to halfway up his abdomen. Erebus has an angular face with high cheekbones and full lips. Erebus' eyes are slightly larger than average.
- Character Attire: Erebus has made a bet with himself that he shall not be seen in public in anything other then white, black or grey. Staying true to his nature, his "work-clothes" are as follows: Slightly tight fitting black jeans that look ordinary to the eye but are able to withstand a majority of attacks, physical or magical. Erebus wears a plain, short sleeved, v-necked grey shirt underneath a pitch-black knee-length coat, the coat's sleeves are turned up once and by doing so, reach his wrists. The coat has a semi large collar which Erebus enjoys turning up in an almost "Sherlock-like" manner. His gloves (his vessel for his Necromantic power) reach up to his wrists where only a slight strip of skin is shown between his gloves and coat. His gloves are crimson, almost blood red in colour and has strips of black crisscrossing across them that shift and change depending on his emotions, these lines are a result of his Necromancy and are made of shadows (eg. when angry the lines "grow" spikes, when calm they lines become wavy, when serious they become straight)

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: A slightly melodic yet raspy voice
- Speech Traits: He has a slight Southern British accent from central London
- Languages: English
- Habits: When stressed Erebus will tap his fingers against any near surface. When thinking or bored Erebus will pull the glove-finger around his right thumb slightly off and twist it between his left forefinger and thumb.
- Mannerisms: When irritated or aggravated by a person he will extend both of his arms and keep them stiffly at his sides and will lean in when speaking/shouting to/at them.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: --
- Small Equipment: --
- Weaponry:His gloves. Erebus also has a set of 5 black carbon-fiber throwing knives which he hides inside a leather pouch inside of his coat pocket along with his iPhone 5s.
- Ammunition: --
- Pocket Items: His iPhone 5s
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:Erebus has a cloaking sphere which he "liberated" from the British Sanctuary's Repository.
- Other: --

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization:Erebus' specialization is on Necromancy which he is brilliant at, he is also able to perform majority of symbol magic.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes. It does not affect him physically as such but rather causes his magic to act strangely, for example: When Erebus has a rush of emotion the shadows around him begin to act in a certain way ie: curling around him, or sneaking out towards his opponent.
- Ability Specific Info: Erebus stores his Necromantic power in his gloves which are explained in detail above.
- Magical Abilities:When using necromancy Erebus is adept at making shadow barriers and shadow waves that transform into spikes on contact, he also uses shadow whips and tendrils. When using symbol magic he is especially good at binding symbols, shielding symbols, utility symbols (such as heating) and healing symbols.
- Physical Abilities: Erebus is very good at throwing knives although is quite bad at close combat and prefers to stay at a distance while fighting.
- Strengths: Erebus is extremely willing to learn and is able to pick up new skills moderately quickly. Erebus will get the job done not caring whether his method involves damage to anybody that he is not familiar with or himself. Erebus has medium-high upper-body strength. His legs are able to endure high physical exertion due to his regular running.
- Weaknesses: As mentioned above Erebus will not take into account the lives of innocent if it means that he was able to eliminate the problem. However he does take into account the lives of those that he is very attached to and if there is a risk that he his loved one will get hurt he will almost always abandon his mission entirely.
- Training: 7 years of training in the Necromancer temple. 10 years of experience as a combat sorcerer.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: to ultimately start a family with someone he loves
- Minor Goals: To do whatever he can to help the Sanctuaries
- Motivation: The thought that one day he will have a family of his own.
- Bio: Erebus was brought up in an extremely wealthy household where he and his sister were taken care of by a nanny. He did not see his father much due to the fact that he was a traveling businessman and because his father would rarely be at home. His father engaged in a multitude of sexual relationships with many foreign women across the globe. Erebus' mother suspected that her husband had many lovers and because of this she slipped into severe alcoholism which led Erebus' (Warren's at the time) home to become extremely problematic with fighting and shouting when his father was home and drinking and crying when he wasn't. Due to this environment it became commonplace for Warren and his sister, Bianca, to spend as much time as they possibly could outside of the house.

At the age of 13 Bianca become involved with the "bad crowd" at their school which led to her experimenting with drugs which led to even more fighting in the house, the kind between siblings.

At the age of 15 Warren began noticing things that were out of place, shadows began to look appealing to him and that's where he spent most of his time, literally and metaphorically.

On the day of his 19th birthday Warren was walking towards the electronics store with a wad of hundred pound notes in his pocket, planning to treat himself with some money that he stole from his mother's purse when she was to drunk to even notice. On the way there two thugs noticed him on his own and began hassling him and cornering him into an alleyway. Warren tried to put up a fight but was extremely overpowered by the two men.

After Warren had put up a fight, the thugs decided they didn't have any time for his squabbling and the one of them pressed a knife against his throat just as Warren saw another figure standing at the entrance of the alleyway, a man with a whip that shadows seemed to curl around ("A whip!?" thought Warren, "Who the hell carries a whip around?!).

The man got the thugs' attention and as they turned around, a wave of shadows seemed to form around them and suddenly they were gone.

Warren reacted as anybody whom hadn't been exposed to magic would've...he freaked out.

The mysterious man with the shadow whip walked up to him, fastening the whip at his belt as shadows seemed to enclose them and suddenly they were in a plain, dim light room with only two white couches across from each other and a low grey table between them.

The man sat down immediately, seemingly exhausted, looked up at Warren and simply said, "well you've certainly lasted longer than the others. I'm Jason Nagi" he added with a smirk.

That was about all Warren could remember before he passed out. When he awoke he was greeted by the man who called himself Jason sitting on the couch opposite, where he was reading The Merchant of Venice by William Shakespeare.

When Jason noticed Warren staring at him, he put down his book, looked up and gave a grim smile.

"Hello" he said. "Well you haven't passed out again so I'll assume that's a good sign"

Warren jumped up and backed behind the couch "Who the hell are you!? And where am I?!" he shouted.

Jason's smile disappeared "I saved you mate, as you idiotic Brits would say." His words turning sharp "It seems that I've wasted my time" he said, standing up, the shadows starting to curl around his feet.

"Wait!" Warren says " do you do that?" he asks hesitantly, for the first time Jason looks interested in the conversation. Jason smiled slightly, "I'm a Necromancer".

After their conversation and Jason had explained all about magic, what it was, and the different paths, Jason took Erebus back to the Necromancer temple where he began his 7 year training as a Necromancer.

Unlike his fellow comrades, he did not spend this entire training period confined within the temple and regularly explored the city.

During the first few months after Warren had joined the temple he didn't even stop to consider what was occurring in the place he used to call home, and so, one night under the cover of darkness Warren stole from the temple and made his way back home. Nothing could've prepared him for what he found, he found his mother, cold and lifeless, the bottles of drink, the bottles of her poison scattered around the room, and he wept.

The next few days, weeks, months, whatever it was, Warren lost track of time and no matter how many in the temple told him that Death was not to be mourned, was not to be feared, he shut them out. He vaguely remembers speaking to Bianca, vaguely remembers her saying she was going to live with their aunt and uncle, remembers her asking him what she should say to them, remembers not having an answer.

Jason was the only one of them that Warren let in, he wasn't like the others, he didn't chide Warren on how "life and death are one and the same" or whatever rubbish the others believed. Warren never really did find out the true reason why Jason had "recruited" him although he suspected that it was due to a Necromancer recruitment mission, the temples were losing a lot of popularity these days and they needed a new generation of Necromancers.

Up until now he was simply known in the temple as Initiate. It was not until one night, alone with Jason did Warren Banks become Erebus Mourn. He chose the name Erebus because in Greek (he used to adore greek mythology as a child) it means "deep darkness". He deemed this appropriate as he was studying Necromancy.

Erebus suspected that Jason cared for him dearly. He first suspected this during his Surge. Erebus experienced his Surge at age 23. It was a seemingly regular night until Erebus began feeling the tremendous amount of magic running through him. Jason refused to leave his side the entire time.

Three years after Jason had experienced his Surge he decided he wanted to travel the world, using the little money he had received from his mother's death (and shadow-walking onto a ship from time to time) he travelled the world for 2 years. After he had decided he'd had enough galavanting he returned home to England where he chose to begin working for the Sanctuary and has been working there ever since.

Erebus was never sure if he was the only one in the family with magic, in the upbringing he had it wasn't necessarily considered a "stable household". Although he does remember a time, before his mother's drinking started, when his uncle would tell Bianca and himself about people who could do extraordinary things. Erebus has been quite forward on the fact that he doesn't care if anyone else in his family is/was magic, if they discovered that they could do magic on their own he would gladly embrace it but he sees no reason to educate them on the fact that magic exists.

New Members / I am back! (from the dead) *zombie noises*
« on: October 11, 2016, 07:54:20 PM »
Hi All!

I'll be returning! *rest of the forum groans* I've been away for quite a while due to exams and school etc. I just thought of the forums the other day and decided to come back so, *poof* here I am! I can't wait to get back into the forums and see how it's changed. Hope everybody is doing great :)

Hope to see all of you around  :D

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