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Approved Profiles / Victoria Gray
« on: July 16, 2019, 08:51:00 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Victoria Gray
- Pronunciation of the Name: Vick-Tore-Ee-Ah Gray
- Name Etymology: This Fae's eyes are misty Gray when in her natural form, so she chose Gray as her last name. She named herself Victoria after the Roman Goddess of victory.
- Given Name: Hazel Aberna
- Pronunciation of the Name: Hay-Zel Ah-Burn-Ah
- Character Job: Victoria is a skilled and silent killer for her guardian, Xalek. If he needs someone ‘removed’, she is the one he sends for.
-Qualifications or Licences: Victoria has spent her life suffering through vigorous and gruelling training designed to forge her into the perfect killer.
- Titles: ---

Character Mentality
- Character Personality:
Cold, cruel, and vicious, Victoria has a strong sadistic streak, even for a Fae. The only reason she doesn’t kill more, is because Xalek has taught her restraint, and she doesn’t want to disappoint him. She firmly believes that every life she takes adds to her power, and the more pain and torment the person experiences at her hand before their death, the more power she gains. She becomes a delight when in her recycled form, but only as a way of ‘luring in prey’.
Victoria remains uninterested in everyone but Xalek, around whom she becomes like a young girl; excited and happy. Every action she now takes is about making him proud; there’s nothing she wouldn’t do for him. Her devotion to her guardian is so complete that she often puts herself in dangerous and painful positions, because he merely asked it of her. While decades of living under him has strengthened the resilience of her mind, thoughts of Xalek render her completely illogical.
   Victoria has a twisted sense of humour, deriving enjoyment from the screams and cries of her victims. After taking a life, she’ll often lose her serious tone for a moment, making a ‘joke’ of the person just killed, though these jokes are rarely funny to others. Victoria doesn’t usually divulge this sense of humour in public, and almost uses it to ‘mentally mark’ a victim; those that know Victoria well, know what is meant when she starts joking with a person.
   Victoria’s mind has been broken beyond repair by Xalek Ocan, her adopted father. With a major case of “Stockholm Syndrome”, Victoria is completely devoted to her adopted father and kidnapper, Xalek. She works tirelessly for him, she trains for him, she kills for him, and she bleeds for him - all because she can find no fault with him, after too many years of having her mind and thoughts twisted and bent out of shape.

- Character Likes:
Killing in inventive and exotic ways;
She likes to see them in agony, writhing on the ground, as she believes the more painful the kill, the more power she derives from it.
Pleasing Xalek;
One of the few things she tries hard to do in life is to please her guardian Xalek; his approval means the world to her.
Practising her magic;
Another thing Victoria enjoys doing is improving her electrical magic. Changing the colour of the lightning, making it longer, these are it some of the things she experiments with.

- Character Dislikes:
The prancy little nobodies who dress up like swans and act like a headless chicken.
Occasionally she sees one that she doesn't mind the look of, but mostly she hates humans.
She dislikes users of elemental magic because they technically have multiple disciplines, four of them to be precise. She finds this wrong because she believes you should only have one power, and one only
Her parents;
After many years of living with Xalek, her sadness for her parents death turned into anger at them for not being strong enough to fight back.

- Mental Traits: Victoria is very observant, typically making a mental note of everything important as she enters a room.
She has developed an unhealthy attachment to her captor and adopted father, Xalek. Despite putting her through brutal and gruelling training throughout her teen years and adult life, she has grown a deep affection towards her parents’ killer; Stockholm Syndrome.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Born Fae
- Ethnicity: ---
- Nationality: Ireland
- Alignment: Neutral Evil
- Allegiance: Xalek
- Reasoning: After ‘rescuing’ her from her biological parents, Xalek has conditioned her mind to be focused entirely on him; there’s nothing she wouldn’t do, if she believed it would make him happy.

- Allies: Xalek Ocan, Australasian Fae Court
- Enemies:
- Family: Unnamed and deceased Fae parents; she is the adopted daughter of Xalek Ocan.
- Friends: There is planned to be a sort of friendship which she denies is a friendship between her and Emrys Perennial.
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 86
- Appearance Age: 24
- Character Day of Birth: 17/11/1931
- Gender: Female

Character Appearance
As a Fae, Victoria has two physical forms; her recycled form, to make herself look human, and her true Fae visage.

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Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Victoria was born and raised in Ireland until when she was 17 and she first met Xalek. She has been travelling the world with him ever since, but her accent is vaguely Irish, and quite soft to suit her looks when recycled.
- Speech Traits: Victoria has a light Irish accent from her childhood. Otherwise her accent is pretty neutral from travelling the world.
- Languages: Unlike Xalek, Victoria only knows one and a half languages. Her main one is English but she knows a little bit of Gaelic, hence the half.
- Habits: When nervous (which isn't very often), she bites the ends of her hair.
- Mannerisms: Victoria’s biggest habit is to twirl her hair around her finger when she’s happy or concentrating.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: She has a phone, some keys, and a notebook. The only other thing she has is a hand carved silver pen of real silver with her name carved in ornate lettering on the side.
- Weaponry: She has a silver plated 9×19mm Walther P99, German semi-automatic pistol with intricate vine carvings on it. She also has a matching silver tridagger; a gift from Xalek.
- Ammunition: 3 magazines of pistol ammo.
- Pocket Items: Ammo, keys, phone.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: ---
- Other:
   Victoria lives in a small, 2 storey bartizan (apprx. 64 sq meters) connected to the second floor of Xalek’s tower, hugging the wall, and following the same curved shape of the tower.

Inside Victoria’s residence, there is a simple colour scheme; Black, White, and Silver. These are the colours she appreciated most; black and white for their simplicity and efficiency, and silver for its sheer beauty.
In the main area she has black walls, white carpet and a white roof. She adorns a black sheepskin rug in the centre of the room, and keeps a plush, silver leather 2-seater couch by it’s edge. The living room is open-plan with the kitchen, so it is extremely easy to get a snack. To the side of the kitchen area, along the length of the wall, is a free-standing staircase, connecting the two floors.

Residing on the second floor, the room she sleeps in is slightly different; the walls are stark black, with even darker silhouettes, and if you look closely (for it’s difficult to see) depicts men and women in various positions and poses, screaming in pain and agony.
Her ceiling is painted with the same white as the main area, but the carpet is slightly more threadbare; a sign of how often she paces back and forth. Her double bed boasts a silver coverlet and pillow cases. A small bathroom connects to the bedroom in one corner, following a similar colour palate and design.

The only thing in the space that’s locked, apart from the door to the space itself (for which there are only two keys, owned by Xalek and herself), is a small cupboard positioned in her bedroom. The piece is flush against the wall, making it almost indiscernible from the gruelling display of anguish that decorates her room.
Inside, she keeps a few small ornaments; the things that she cares about most; her case for her pistol and tridagger, with spare ammo, her notebook (about 10cm x 6cm), and a book about energy throwing, specifically focusing on lightning, gifted to her by Xalek.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Energy-Throwing
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes - Before energy is released from the body, the area used to release said energy glows with an inner light of the same colour as the projected energy.
- Ability Specific Info:
Often used by soldiers and criminals, Energy-Throwing is a relatively new magical discipline, designed as an extremely versatile and offensive branch of magic. Users of the discipline rarely experiment with it, preferring to stick to the techniques and methods that suit them best, despite it’s remarkable possibilities.
   The magic is based around the use of an inner ‘charge’ that the mage develops and releases at different frequencies, often leaving a trail of devastation as it goes; with training, this charge can be released from anywhere on the body.

- Magical Abilities:
Victoria often prefers to release her energy through her hands or fingers, her specialization being electrical energy, which she has and does work on more than kinetic and heat, though she sometimes practices those as well for some variety. The way she uses it in fighting (her technique) is to attack, either with weapons or physically, and when the opponent is recovering, will hit them with lightning. Also, when she is attacking physically and she can focus well, she will use kinetic energy to boost the power of her punches or give them extra range. She doesn’t practice heat and kinetic as much, so when it comes to it, will have to be able to concentrate more for lesser results, but is working on it so that she is better, and therefore harder to beat.

Victoria’s lightning on average can be used within 1-10 ft to seriously/majorly burn or possibly kill an opponent, and while she can hit targets further away than that, if they’re over 30 ft away she’ll be likely to only give them a mild/slight burn, depending on the exact length. The amount of harm a bolt can cause also relies on how much concentration she puts into the blast. It will be stronger and more dangerous the more concentration she puts into it. When injured, her capability for high concentration for a blast decreases.

Energy throwing utilises many forms of energy to strike their enemies. Victoria specialises in lightning, preferring to whip, incapacitate, or torture her targets. She rarely uses it to strike her enemies with a fatal blow, as she prefers to gradually weaken and break her opponents, favouring the drama that comes alongside it.

Victoria mostly uses lightning to hurt people. She is capable of wielding multiple colours for effect (preferring blues, greens, and reds), and different lengths for more efficient use, and more creative ways to inflict pain. She often uses it in combat to distract, disorientate, and wound her opponents. However, her real flair for lightning comes when she uses it on a downed opponent; drawing out secrets, confessions, or merely screams, for little more than the sound alone.

- Physical Abilities: Through her years of training, she’s become extremely proficient at all things physical; her athleticism, stamina, endurance, and skills at both unarmed fighting, and weaponry are all to be feared and respected.
- Strengths:
She is particularly adept at aiming her lightning, boasting an incredibly high hit rate at close-mid range targets (20-30 ft).
Her mind and body have been subject to years of conditioning, under the influence and tutelage of Xalek, making her capable of repelling weaker mental attacks, and enduring many physical ones, further enhanced by the natural strength of her Fae body.
- Recycling:
An ability inherent among the Fae, Recycling allows a Fae to take on a different appearance, an appearance from a person they have killed. Over time, the Recycled form ‘burns out’, becoming less and less convincing. The change takes around an hour to complete.
- Weaknesses: Fae cannot lie, which often causes problems for her. She is also highly devoted to Xalek, obeying his every command even if, and when, it hurts her to do so. When injured, Victoria has more trouble creating strong and or concentrated lightning blasts. The lightning under her skin (see Natural Fae form) is a little more vulnerable than the rest of her, if pierced making her lightning a little more unpredictable.
- Training: She began to learn her magic from her biological parents, but the majority of her training was done/overseen by Xalek.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Fae
- Cause of Infliction: Fae parents, born Fae.
- Site of Infliction: ---
- Benefits: Enhanced senses, extreme strength, agility, heightened magical capacity, and vastly extended life.
- Downsides:  An abnormal body, shocking and frightening for mortals to look upon, as well as a loss in many emotions and kindheartedness. No ability to lie.
- Fitting In: Recycling. (See next paragraph)
- Suppressant/Cure: There is no cure for this affliction. Though there are ways that you may blend in using a process that all Fae possess, but many look down on, referred to as "recycling". This is where the appearance of the latest body the Fae possess may be absorbed to hide their true form in public. This form ages, and can be damaged beyond repair in some cases. Fae look down on this due to them looking down on humans as a whole.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To make Xalek proud.
- Minor Goals: Victoria has 2 minor goals, but both are an extension of her main goal. The first is simply to master her line of magic and improve her powers further. The second is something she wants desperately to do for Xalek’s approval; kill Pedri Bane.
- Motivation: Xalek is the world to her, and his approval and love is the only thing that matters.
- Bio:
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Additional Notes: On her 17th birthday when he killed her parents he had showed her mercy and ‘adopted' her. She is and has been attempting to somehow pay him back for sparing her life.

Archived Profiles / Jay Nightslash (WIP Bio)
« on: August 27, 2018, 12:38:28 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Jay Nightslash
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jay Nite-Slash
- Name Etymology: He took ‘Jay’ as his first name because as a child he loved to sit in the garden and listen to the blue jays. He chose ‘Nightslash’ because he wanted to sound like he slashes at night. This is untrue, however, and he only works during the day unless 100% necessary.
- Given Name: Zack Wilson
- Pronunciation of the Name: Zack Will-sin
- Character Job: Unemployed. (Does jobs for payment but does not work for one specific person/place/company.)
- Qualifications: Diploma in Advanced Programming and web design.
- Titles: ---

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Jay is stubborn. If he has set his mind on something, he will carry it through by whatever means necessary, though he doesn’t ‘set his mind’ on many things, as he is aware of the fact that he is stubborn.
 Jay is also able to stay calm in stressful situations. He has currently had precisely 39 times where people have tried to kill him, and while they became irrational, worried and stressed, even when in life or death moments his judgement and stress levels are barely different to when he started.
 He has a ‘there is won and lost, but whatever’s in the middle is still left to fight for’ attitude, not being discouraged by the fact that his opponent has the high ground, because tides will do what they do, which is turn.
 He gets extremely annoyed if someone calls him ‘vampire’, because while he is one, he does not like to be classified with all other vampires, them being one of the few things he was scared of as a teen.
- Character Likes:
~Rubix cubes. Jay is more than ‘talented’ at puzzles, able to solve rubix cubes quickly and efficiently, even if someone else has scrambled it. He can often be found with a cube in his hands, solving and scrambling it repetitively.
~Mental challenges. He enjoys brain games and riddles designed to confuse and baffle people, and most of the time is able to solve them without any hesitation.
~Books. Another thing he enjoys is books. They allow him to zone out of reality and visit a world where anything is possible, and no-one judges you for who (or what) you are.
~Programming, coding and hacking. One of the few things he managed to do after being turned was learn to program at GITI (Geneva Information Technology Institute) in his 80s, and after he left continued to program, teaching himself some things, and becoming a kind-of master at it.
- Character Dislikes:
~Serum. While he hates his monstrous side, he hates the feeling that the serum gives him, preferring the alternative, either caging or chaining himself up.
~His vampiric side. As a teenager, the one thing he had been scared of were vampires, and when he was turned, as soon as he found out what he was, he shut himself in a cage for a week, trying to escape the inescapable. He is often scared of himself, and he will be unwilling to do anything that day, instead curling up in a ball on the bottom of his cage.
~His father. Jay’s father entirely abandoned him from the day he was turned, and a part deep inside of him hates him for it.
- Mental Traits:
~He thinks outside and inside the box, making him skilled at solving puzzles, confusing or otherwise.
~He is observant. He notices details people usually overlook, including eye, shoe, and jewelry colour as well as the normal thing like skin, hair and clothes. He will also remember where someone put something, like a phone, weapon or other item, no matter how small.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Vampire.
- Ethnicity: White British
- Nationality: British
- Alignment: Chaotic Good
- Allegiance: ---
- Reasoning: Jay doesn’t have a job, but it is likely to find him trying to do good, however society doesn’t condone the methods he uses. He often ends up in trouble with the law, and many times he has had to run from the cops.

- Allies: ---
- Enemies: His father (who has tried to kill him on many occasions.)
- Family: Mother (deceased), older brother (deceased) and his father.
- Friends: ---
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 122
- Appearance Age: 19
- Character Birthday: 09/03/1831
- Gender: Male

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Beige
- Height: 173cm
- Weight: 53.9kg
- Hair Description: His hair is a platinum blonde and messy. It is short on one side with the hair on the top and the other side swept to the right. It looks like this.
- Eye Description: Jay’s eyes are a piercing blue, the exact colour of the blue jays he loved as a child. They are kind and warm normally, but wary and suspicious when he is with new people.
- Facial Details: Jay has defined and angular cheekbones and jawline. His head is inverted triangle-shaped, see pchart for reference. Jay’s nose is medium sized and on center. His eyebrows do not need shaping, because they are naturally shaped perfectly.
- Physical Appearance: Jay’s body type is a mesomorph, a strong athletic body type, muscular build, well-developed shoulders and slim hips Mesomorphs have a faster metabolism than other body types and can lose weight and gain muscle mass easily. He has a single tattoo on his right upper arm near his shoulder of a rubix cube. He has a white scar on the left side of his neck where the vampire bit him. After he had been turned, he had the mark removed so people couldn't tell what it was, leaving a slightly larger but less obvious (as to what it was) scar.
- Attire: On a normal day, or a day he goes out he wears a suit like this. On a day where he is going out to do a ‘job’ for someone, whether it be hacking, coding, or occasionally, yes, killing, he will wear something like this

Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Jay’s voice is smooth and professional, making him seem wise and experienced. The pitch is even and somewhere in the middle of high and low, leaning slightly further to the low, but only a little.
- Speech Traits: He articulates his words carefully. He also has a noticeable British accent.
- Languages: English.
- Mannerisms: He squeezes his hands behind his back when stressed. He also sometimes bites his lip when considering something, like a proposition or a question.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: Rubix cube.
- Weaponry: 2 silver WWI US Mark I trench fighting Knives.
- Ammunition: ---
- Pocket Items: Pocket knife, cell phone, wallet, rubix cube.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: ---
- Other: He owns a small abandoned warehouse with a cage, a chair, a table, and an old, overused laptop.

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Energy-Throwing
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Yes - Before energy is released from the body, the area used to release said energy glows with an inner light of the same colour as the projected energy.
- Ability Specific Info: Electrical energy can be used both as a lethal weapon or a way to stun/incapacitate. It can be used as either a taser or a lightning cannon.
- Magical Abilities: Jay is able to use lightning as either a cannon, or a taser, depending on his preference. He does not know as much as some do about magic, having so little time to learn about it with his father, and does not know any other types of energy throwing, therefore never using heat or kinetic. He has, however, worked on his electrical so much that he is capable of making it wrap around his blades, making them even more lethal, because if he touches you with one, as well as the cut, you also have lightning burns to worry about, too. His lightning has the limit of about 4 meters before the power is lessened somewhat, and by 12 meters it feels little more than a faint tickling sensation.
- Physical Abilities: Jay is good at close range combat, his knives sharp, and he is good at wielding them, with or without lightning around them. Even when he is not using them, is still a formidable opponent, his reactions fast and his punches strong, quick and hard.
- Strengths: Strong, fast, agile, smart.
- Weaknesses: Allergic to salt-water.
- Training: He learnt the basics of magic from his father, but is otherwise self taught, and practices it regularly.

Magical Afflictions
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Vampire.
- Cause of Infliction: Was bitten by a vampire.
- Site of Infliction: A scar on the left side of his neck. It originally had a more defined fang shape but he had the mark removed so there's only a thin white scar.
- Benefits: Fast, agile, strong.
- Downsides: Turning into a monster every night.
- Fitting In: During the day, Vampires have a ‘human’ skin so they can fit into society.
- Suppressant/Cure: While there is no complete cure, there is a special kind of serum to suppress their vampiric side.
Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Kill his father, who has made many attempts on his life (or un-life…?)
- Minor Goals: N/A
- Motivation: ~To be done
- Bio:
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- Additional Notes: ---

General Works / Ticking - Story
« on: July 05, 2018, 01:10:20 AM »
Tick, tick.

The seconds count down, you're sweating, scribbling on paper. The sun is streaming through the window, you're painfully aware of how hot it is. Meanwhile, the clock is ticking, the hands seeming to move in slow motion.

Tick, tick.

Only the sound of breathing surrounding you. You look around, and only spot other people, doing the same thing as you. Scribbling down numbers and words, sweating as the hot sun beats down on their tired faces. You look back to your own paper in dismay. Two sentences and a whole lotta doodles. Dammit.

Tick, tick.

You sit there, pretending to be busy, all the whole listening to and watching the clock on the wall. Your feet are numb from misuse, your palms sweaty. You drop your pen. You bend down to pick it up, and there's gum on the bottom of the desk. You straighten up again before falling into a daydream.

Tick, tick.

A high pitched ring reaches your ears, snapping you back to reality. How long have you been dreaming? You're unsure, the only thing you can hear is the ticking of a clock, the mechanical heartbeat of an everyday item.

Tick, tick.

The adults are long gone, your peers too. You're sitting, still as a statue. The only movement in the whole room is the hands of the clock, and the shadows that creep across the room as the sun meanders across the sky. It's eerily silent, everyone but you gone, but the ticking continues. Comforting you.

Tick, tick.

You're dreaming again. It's late at night,. You're fast asleep but still at school. It's freezing cold, your feet are another kind of numb. You're not sure of whats happening, still not fully aware.


Your surroundings fade away. Everything is just black. And then you remember. A scream. The scream.
Your scream.
Your death.

Fan Fiction / CLOSER - OC story
« on: March 21, 2018, 09:59:23 PM »

Saphira closed her eyes, and sighed. She opened them and looked around the room. Her eyes danced over the couch, the plush armchair she was sitting in and the pictures on the walls. So familiar, yet so, so different. She stood up and walked to the bedroom, and looked at the chest of drawers. She looked at the bed. She looked at her alarm clock. All these items, she saw them everyday, but they never seemed to belong. She never seemed to belong. She looked at the mirror on the wall. Her hair was still blue. Still a mystery. Still there. She imagined the life she never lived. The chance she never had. The feeling of knowing, but not knowing what you know. That point where you can go no further. None of these things were strangers to her. Sure, occasionally they simply came and passed within a few seconds, but sometimes it was an all-consuming pain, she only wanted to give in, give in to the pain and let it consume her, and while a small part of her brain still thought that, she forced herself to think of the bright side. If there was one…..

She rifled through her drawer, picking out some clothes. She decided she didn’t want to wear them and put them back in, pulling the drawer out a little further, it fell out with a loud klunk. Her clothes were spilled all over the ground, but she didn’t even notice. She was too busy staring at the bottom of the drawer. Her eyes skimmed the little engravement. She saw a letter. An H. She paused, jumped up and with shaky hands went through the draw of her most prized possessions, and brought out the little scrap of paper at the bottom. She lifted the note so it was beside the H. It was the same handwriting. She knew in that moment the H wasn’t just a letter, wasn’t the company, but was a hint to the past, something that would be. Something that could. Something that should be. Something left, on accident, that would help her discover the past, the present and the future. It brought her one step closer. Closer to hope, closer to life, closer to the answers she had wanted for YEARS. She picked up the clothes, packed them away carefully in the drawer and slipped it back into the shelf, and hid the note away once more. She laughed.


Forum Games / How do you pronounce my name?
« on: March 11, 2018, 09:58:23 PM »
Hi guys!

The person to post above you, spell out how you pronounce their name.

e.g. someone named 'Samie Gullible'

Saa-Me   Gull-Ih-Bull


Off Topic / Sneep
« on: March 04, 2018, 07:55:08 PM »
This is Sneep


Oceania / Cafe (Flint and Luna Sapphire)
« on: March 01, 2018, 11:16:10 PM »
 Isla woke, the blankets coiled around her and the pillow in an awkward shape. She slammed her hand down onto the clock to stop it's persistent beeping. She got up and brushed her hair, almost sighing as she picked up her uniform. she quickly got changed and put a piece of tutti-frutti gum in her mouth, closing her eyes as the sweet taste enveloped her taste buds. She nabbed the paper bag from the bench, and put on her shoes, before hopping on her bike and pedaling rapidly South in the scorching light for 5 minutes, before arriving at the small cafe on the outskirts of the city, plastering a smile on her face before stepping into the room, and sighed, the air conditioning was a relief on her lungs, and she grinned, for real, before stepping behind the counter, and stepping into the back room.

 She stared at the little plant on the bench grinning as it twisted a little, before averting her gaze, in the corner of her eye she saw it go still again. She sighed, before the phone ringing. She jumped, then grinned, moving to the other side of the room, picking the phone up to the receiver. Her grin slowly faded, and was completely gone by the time she had hung up. It had been a coworker. He was sick. She was working the machine too. She noticed the time, and moved to the door, flipping around the sign and standing behind the counter, watching as the people slowly trickled in and out, serving them, and moving to the backroom over and over. She scratched herself on the machine, but noticed someone at the counter, she glanced from the plant to the counter and sighing, walked to the counter, plastering another smile on her face as she moved, thinking about how she needed to get back there. "How can I help you?"

Off Topic / Too much horror stories
« on: February 18, 2018, 10:22:29 AM »
Have any of you also watched/heard to many ghost/ouiji board stories, so ur lying in bed at 11:30pm thinking "OMG I'm so dumb"

New Members / I have returned
« on: January 29, 2018, 07:18:52 PM »
Hi guys! I have (officially) returned from my break! Missed u guys!

General Works / Saphira's doodles.
« on: November 02, 2017, 09:30:51 PM »
Decided I should make one :)

I have this Ghost with A Shadow one-
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And Amber Lamont from Demon Road-
(click to show/hide)

And a Pikachu-
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Yeah. Thats about it for now :)

Approved Profiles / Isla Moss
« on: September 22, 2017, 04:13:21 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Isla Moss
- Pronunciation of the Name: Eye-La Moss
- Name Etymology: She saw a piece of moss shaped like the Island that she was living on and instead of island wrote the spanish word; Isla.
- Given Name: Jayde Edwards
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jade Ed-Wids
- Character Job: Part-time waitress at cafe
- Qualifications: Friendliness.
Attention to Detail.
Problem Solving.
- Titles: ---

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Isla Moss seems to be a quiet, secretive 18 year old who, when you get to know her better, is actually an easily excitable, bright, bubbly kid who is very protective of the few friends she’s had and keeps any secrets necessary, either just because they’re secrets, or it’s sometimes to protect her few friends from harm from bullies. She is quite a chatter-box and will happily chat all day with the few people she trusts.

 Isla never cries out in public, even if someone makes a reference about grandfathers or best friends, but when she gets home she lets it all out. Often she will dive under her covers once she gets home and have a good 'ol cry about how sucky her life seems. She is very resevered and feels mortified when someone comes into her home. The only place where she can be herself, a bubbly, bright young adult. Oh yeah, with freaky powers she has no clue where they came from, and how they work.

- Character Likes:
Bubble gum. Isla likes not much more than the sweet taste and the texture of bubble gum. Her favourite flavours are strawberry, grape, cola, banana and tutti-frutti. She has a secret stash of 12 packets in her backpack.
Neon. Whether it be clothing, bags, jewelry or any other thing, Isla will always enjoy neon colours from their brightness and boldness stating that you’re not here to mess around.
Makeup. Isla has liked makeup since she was 10 as she had seen a tutorial online and she had became really good at it. She likes to wear mascara and glittery eyeshadow, but not lipstick. She doesn’t like lipstick much, because she’s afraid she’ll smudge it while eating.
Cats. Isla’s family once brought a cat home one day and it jumped away from her parents and straight on to Isla’s bed. That cat had been run over by a car 2 years later, but ever since that cat, she has had a soft spot for the furry critters.
Sleeping. Isla barely gets sleep anymore since she left home.

- Character Dislikes:
Hard candies. Isla dislikes hard candies because she finds it a waste of time to have a piece of candy that stays the same size for a long time.
Subtle colours. Isla dislikes pale colours like white, pale pink, lilac, cornflower and all the other soft, pale, subtle colours, not showing any bright, colourful side of you. Just pale.
High heeled shoes. The shoes that make you fall over, makes your behind wobble and hurts your feet. No thanks.
Dogs. She considers them hurtful fuzzballs who don’t like cats and will sometimes hurt cats. That will upset her dearly.

- Mental Traits: Isla is a quick learner and was always ahead in her work as a result.

Species and Allegiance
- Species: Human
- Ethnicity: White
- Nationality: New Zealand
- Alignment: Neutral Good
- Allegiance: Herself
- Reasoning: Isla has no association with the magical community (yet), so serves herself and her own whims, while still maintaining friendly terms with authorities and public.

- Allies: ---
- Enemies: ---
- Family: Two parents who are unaware of the magical world so will be unnamed, they also, however, have a dormant magic gene in them, but unaware of magic, are unable to use it.
- Friends: Will add from RPs
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age and Gender
- True Age: 18
- Appearance Age: 18
- Character Birthday: November the 27th 1999 (27/11/1999)
- Gender: Female

Character Appearance
- Skin Colour: Tanned/Beige skin tone.
- Height: 163.2 cm
- Weight: 56.7 kg
- Hair Description: Isla’s hair is a dark copper red and falls in smooth waves down to her shoulders, often covering her right eye.
(click to show/hide)
- Eye Description: Isla’s eyes are turquoise on the rim of her iris, but fades to green nearer the center of her iris. She also has long eyelashes.
(click to show/hide)
- Facial Details: Isla has unblemished skin from her being younger and not fighting. She had wide, innocent, doe-like eyes and a button nose. She has pink lips and two dimples, as she smiles often, whether she’s laughing at someone or just giving a genuine smile, the result is the same. Dimples. Isla has a round face and shaped eyebrows. Isla has no scars whatsoever. People have often found when she looks at you, you want to melt beneath her gaze.
- Physical Appearance: Isla has never had any fight training, but has often came first in the races and sports competitions for her school, rendering her with a runner’s build. Her breasts are medium sized, but her stomach is slim and toned, giving them the effect of them being slightly bigger than they actually are. She has one mole on her forearm which is barely visible, but other than that her skin on her body is as unblemished as the skin on her face.
- Attire: When at work Isla has to wear a drab black blouse and a little white apron, which she hates, but when she gets ‘home’ she wears neon t-shirts and leggings (¾ or full size) and turns up the radio on to full blast with pop songs. She also enjoys t-shirts with funny sayings on them like, ‘If you’re hotter than me, I’m cooler than you’ and ’When nothing is going right, go left.’
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Speech and Habits
- Character Voice: Isla’s voice is a warm friendly voice with a hint of attitude, but when she’s being sincere you would want to listen to her voice all day. Her voice is medium-pitched.
- Speech Traits: Isla has a light New Zealand accent.
- Languages: English
- Habits: When annoyed bites the inside of her lip
- Mannerisms: She is very expressive and often finds herself using higher or lower pitched voices to express how she is feeling.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: ---
- Small Equipment: ---
- Weaponry: Pocket swiss army knife.
- Ammunition: ---
- Pocket Items: An iPod with all her favourite tracks on it, earbud headphones, neon pink wallet with an average of $13 in it at a time. Pocket swiss army knife. A small 10x6 cm book she keeps all her notes, thoughts and questions in.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: ---
- Other: ---

Magical and Physical Abilities
- Magic Type: Adept
- Specialization: Surculamancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: No
- Ability Specific Info: Surculamancy is the power to have some degree of control over plants.
- Magical Abilities: Isla is capable of healing, but only small wounds for her inexperience, as in scratches, scrapes, grazes and pinpricks. Isla is also capable of animating plants, but only a small bit i.e. making them move side/side, up/down.
- Physical Abilities: Running very fast and able to lift a medium amount of weight.
- Strengths: Running fast and not being persuaded easily.
- Weaknesses: She’s not very good at magic and hasn’t been fight trained at all.
- Training: She hasn’t ever had fight training. She only had her school sports. She learnt magic by accident.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To learn more about magic and live a magic filled life. Meet magical people like her.
- Minor Goal: Bring back the neon clothing in fashion. She doesn’t want to be the only one who likes neon.
- Motivation: Why begin life if you can’t live it to the full?
- Bio: Isla's life was typical and uneventful in her earliest years, but this all changed when she was three.

When Isla was three, she started Kindergarten. Even then, she was outcast from the groups of girls, ignored by the groups of boys, and picked on by every child in her class. When it came around to breaktime, she hid in the corners of the mossy, tree area. She enjoyed making it as if there were people. She didn’t know how lucky she was. She didn’t realise soon no longer would she have a full set of grandparents and parents.

The next year she was still shunned, but she didn’t mind. She had imaginary friends to keep her company in the dark, lonely times. She played in the corner more, and often pretended the trees were her friends. Even then, her imagination ran away with her. Or so she thought. To her it occasionally seemed like the trees were actually moving, swaying certain branches slightly. The thing was. It was never windy in the corner. She would only see the trees move a few centimetres at a time, but she abandoned the thought easily. How could a tree move by itself?

When she became 5 she moved to primary school. The teachers were nice to her, but she ignored them. It was one day that she  was playing in a corner with lots of big trees in the school she met Emerald. Emerald had been hiding in the trees and watching Jayde silently until she crept forward and joined  in the game, and began talking. After not long they became good friends and talked every day at school.

Years past like this. Jayde and Emerald were together. Playing imaginary games. Then one day a horrible thing happened. Emerald’s family moved away from New Zealand when Jayde was 14 years old. Jayde, in despair and hopelessness, ran home, only to find another tragedy waiting for her. Her grandfather had died. She stared a moment at her parents, ran to her room and cried. She cried for her losses, cried for the people who had meant most to her. She ran out of the house, and hid in the garden, behind a few branches of a willow tree. As she lifted her hands, though, something strange happened.

As she moved her hands, the tresses moved with them. She curled her hands into a ball and they stopped moving, she opened them again and nothing had happened, and she looked at the tree branches and thought about what had happened, unknowingly, her hands had stayed open though, and the branches moved once again. Surprised, but feeling rather excited, she spent the next half hour doing what she could only presume to be plant magic. From that day onwards, for half an hour a day, Isla practiced. Isla practiced, distracting herself from the pain and the sorrow of her friend and her grandfather leaving her.

As soon as Jayde had become 18, she had gotten out of the house that had caused her many bad memories and moved to the north island of New Zealand. She picked up a part time job at the cafe down the road, and even though she had no work experience, they taught her enough so she could be at the register. She had rented a flat from some old person who had died soon after renting it to her, leaving her in charge. It had been the night after she had put in her job application, she was in bed, and felt pain. She writhed and shrieked as the pain lasted for a day in a half, and she felt stronger, somehow. She had looked to the pot plant on her windowsill, and concentrated on it, but instead of it only bending slightly, it bent so quick it snapped in half. She gasped with shock as the splintered plant lay knocked over on the sill. She gently padded to it and looked at it, before uprooting the plant and padding outside, placing it on the ground and picking up a new sapling.

She had been sitting in the garden and had looked down at the log she was sitting on, realising she couldn’t live like this. She still was the same person she was 13 years ago. She forced a smile and looked at a piece  of moss near her hand, noticing it was shaped rather like an island. She concentrated and the shape defined the shape of the island she was living on perfectly, the north island. She looked at the moss, knowing she had to change her name, leaving her old self behind. She took a deep breath. She recalled the only word she remembered from her spanish lessons at school, and laughed. Isla; the spanish word for island. “Isla.” She said. “The island of moss. Island Moss.” She grinned.
“Isla Moss.”

- Additional Notes: ---

Off Topic / Kiwis vs Aussies
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Who will be the victors?

The kiwis?

Or the Aussies?

May the best country win.

Fan Works / Saphira's OC AMA
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I know currently it's just Saphira, but two are in progress, so feel free to ask anything to Saphira.

Off Topic / KFC vs Maccas?
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KFC or Maccas?

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Earth / The Haunted Castle (Saphira Moon and Mad Murdock)
« on: August 16, 2017, 08:36:40 AM »
Docky, info about this before I write. Basically this is in Ireland at a mall. Then we find haunted castle. Remember in the chat you said you were gonna use Radar? And then then we'll see where it goes from there.

Saphira watched as the sun setted below the horizon, and sighed. "Another day without a guardian." she sighed and pulled the curtains shut, grabbed her red pen and padded over to the calendar, putting a big red X over the top of the date. She had been looking through the papers all day, looking for a mention of a missing child. She sighed again. It had been 5 years with full memory. She had no recollection of her life before 16, so when she became aware, fully aware, the world rushed in on her and she sobbed on her bed, because she somehow knew, she was abandoned for life. She lay down on the couch ad turned the TV on. There was a report about some parents who had lost their kid for 16 years and had finally found them, she turned the TV off quickly, before she began to cry. She wandered aimlessly around the apartment and almost screamed with annoyance.

 She decided to head out somewhere, anywhere. She ran out the door and almost ran into a streetlight. She cursed and slowed to a walk, thinking about where to go. She decided to head to the mall, because there were lots of clothes shops, shoe shops, and, best of all, a food court. When she arrived she got a cheeseburger, and then nibbled halfheartedly at it. She went into the clothes shop and saw it. A gorgeous blue pearl bracelet. She lined up and when she got to the front of the queue, she carefully rifled through her wallet, putting exact change onto the counter, and slipped it on, sighing as the smooth surface came into contact with her skin. She wandered to the cafe and brought a cup of tea and a caramel slice. She had an uncooked caramel slice and cold tea, so she headed to the bathrooms. When no one was there she gently held fire above it, warming it up to a perfect temperature. She quickly slipped back into her seat as she took her first sip.

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