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Skulduggery Pleasant / Forums Podcast
« on: April 09, 2015, 08:59:00 AM »
So, once again, we're trying to revive the podcast.

Leave a comment if you're interested in participating. This will require some effort from you, so keep that in mind before you join. We'll try and work around timezones and dates so don't worry about that now.
Basically, what this comes down to a structured skype call discussion, it's meant to be fun. So, want to join us?

Gaming / Hearthstone
« on: March 30, 2015, 10:32:29 AM »
This game frustrates me to no end. I love it.

Character Profiles [GRP] / Charlie Malloy
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:34:43 AM »
 Given Name: Charlie Malloy
Pronunciation of the Name: Char-lee Mah-loy
Character Job: Unemployed

Character Personality: Charlie is easily irritated and has a short temper. He struggles to remain passive when around others, but when really annoyed will readily respond with violence. Once he has calmed down, most of the time he deeply regrets his actions. He’s arrogant, mainly because he has yet to come out of a fight worse off. He’s not very intelligent, a source of great embarrassment for Charlie. He is very persistent, to the point of being bull-headed and refusing to give up.
Character Likes: Running, basketball, athletics, the outdoors
Character Dislikes: His violent nature, talkative people, being in water, school
Mental Traits: Quick to anger, arrogant, persistent. Has ADHD and dyslexia.

Race and Nationality: Demigod, American/Greek.
Parent: Ares.
Mortal Family: Mother, Susan Malloy
Allies: People on his sports teams, a handful of other students
Enemies: Students in a variety of schools

True Age: 16
Character Birthday: January 11th, 1998.

Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Character Height: 1.68 meters
Character Weight: 71 kgs.
Character Hair Colour: Charcoal black
Character Hair Length/ Style: Shaved, slightly shorted at sides and back than top.
Character Eye Colour: Grey
Character Description: Broad shouldered, and has strong arms and legs. His body is thinner at the waist. A crooked nose. His right ear his pierced with a small ring.
Character Attire: Cargo shorts, and a black t-shirt. Wears a loose white band on his left arm

Character Voice: Smooth and low. Speaks slowly, but loudly.
Speech Traits: Draws out his e sounds
Habits: Grips things tightly
Mannerisms: Takes deep breathes

Small Equipment: N/A
Pocket Items: Small amounts of money, pack of gum
Magical Equipment/Artifacts: When the leftmost piece of gum in his pack of gum is pulled out, it extends into a metre celestial long bronze spear.

Abilities: Gifted with slightly more speed and strength than the average demigod. Is adept at handling most weapons. All around, heightened physical skill in battle. He also has temporary control over weapons, like pushing them away.

Major Goal: To find this safe place for demigods he has been told about
Minor Goals: To not fail school
Reasoning behind goal: He doesn’t want to be constantly fighting
Motivation: His own safety
Bio: His mother was a former athlete, who raised Charlie by herself. She never hid the identity of who his father was, in fact she wanted him to by proud of it, but it wasn’t until Charlie was eight that he really understood that this was unusual. Charlie was never really certain if what his mother was saying was true or not, until a monster tried to kill him at eleven. He managed to run away, but to avoid having another situation like that happening again his mother gave him Ares’ gift, his spear. For the next few years monsters seemed to avoid him, but Charlie still had trouble at school and had to move to new ones ever few years. Not long before he turned sixteen monsters started to attack him again, resulting in a few close calls and being expelled again. He moved to a new school, where he has yet to run into monsters.

Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Romulus Convivial
- Pronunciation of the Name: Rom-you-luss Con-vive-e-al
- Given Name: Arthur Hall
- Pronunciation of the Name: Are-ther Hawl
- Character Job: Grand Mage of British Sanctuary
- Titles: Grand Mage

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Romulus doesn’t take much seriously and has a habit of making light of situations. He doesn’t understand people who take things seriously all the time. He’s an extremely decisive person. He sticks to his decisions as much as he can, and often stubbornly refuses to change his position. He prefers to act quickly rather than take his time. Romulus is very good at thinking ahead, his decisions reflecting this. Although he tends to offend people with small remarks he makes he has always tries to avoid making any serious enemies. He has a strong sense of loyalty to those who help him. He has little respect for rules, or the law, and is completely willing to break it if he believes he should
- Character Likes: Greek and Roman history, being in charge, making jokes
- Character Dislikes: Being dead, mirrors, serious people
- Mental Traits: Diplomatic (in important matters), loyal, somewhat vain, sarcastic

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human ghost, English
- Allegiance: Neutral good
- Reasons for Allegiance: Romulus believes in helping others but doesn’t always think that following the law is the right way to do it.

- Allies: The British Sanctuary, most Sanctuaries across the world
- Enemies: Those who oppose the British Sanctuary
- Family: His daughter is Elder Adriot
- Friends: His fellow elders, various elders around the world
- Significant Other: He choose to never marry. He did fall in love with, and had a daughter with, a sorcerer named Kirach.

Character Age
- True Age: 648
- Appearance Age: 57
- Character Birthday: 29/5/1366

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: His skin is a dull grey
- Character Height: 153
- Character Weight: 0kg
- Character Hair Colour: Bald
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Bald
- Character Eye Colour: Light brown
- Character Description: Romulus had a bit of a gut when he died, and that carried over to his existence as a ghost. He has a small black moustache. His face is round. As a ghost he is slightly transparent and had very little colour on him, looking almost black and white.
- Character Attire: Elder robes

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Boisterous and loud
- Speech Traits: Says ‘hmm’ when he is thinking
- Languages: He only knows English, and can read and write it
- Habits: N/A
- Mannerisms: He floats about half a meter above the ground

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Pocket Items: N/A
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: He lives in the British Sanctuary

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: N/A

Magical Diseases
- Magical Disease or Affliction: He is a ghost
- Inflictee: He is unaware who killed him. Whatever method that was used to kill him kept his soul bound to this world
- Bite Mark: N/A
- Benefits: He can go through walls, become invisible, float above the ground, affect objects so some degree (send them flying across the room etc.), he cannot be hurt
- Downsides: Mirrors can trap him at a touch, he cannot leave the British Sanctuary, he can only interact with objects to small degrees, he can no longer use his magic
- Fitting In: N/A
- Suppressant/Cure: N/A

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To pick a capable successor to become Grand Mage
- Minor Goals: To discover who killed him
- Reasoning behind goal: He was made temporary Grand Mage after his death with the understanding that he would pick a successor.
- Motivation: He thinks that it is his duty to do what he does.
- Bio: Romulus’ mother was a famous sorcerer, known for being a great fighter and helping save the world against many threats. He never knew his father, and his mother never talked about him. Unlike his mother, Romulus never had any love for fighting, preferring the job of a scholar instead. He choose to become an elemental, and rarely used his magic for combat. Although proud of his mother he never felt close to her, and drifted apart from her at a young age. Romulus had a bad habit of being dragged into trouble by his friends, but despite this choose to travel with them for many years. For most of his life he lived rather simply, known amongst sorcerers for being intelligent and helpful, but not much else. He fell in love with a woman, Kirach. They choose not to marry, and only a few years after his daughter was born Kirach left, deciding she had too much of her lift left to spend it raising a child. Romulus was heartbroken, but never tried to convince her to stay. His love for Kirach faded rather quickly. Late into his life he began to work at the Sanctuary at their request. After a heated argument against the Irish Sanctuary two of the British elders died, and Romulus became an elder. In the coming years the Grand Mage died in conflict against the Irish Sanctuary. Now made Grand Mage, Romulus managed to smooth over tensions with the Irish. After a few years he even saw them as allies. He was Grand Mage for a number of years, leading in a rather uneventful time period. Eventually his daughter was made a fellow elder. A few years ago Romulus died in an attack on the Sanctuary, as did the third elder. His only memory of his death was an explosion, and the next thing he knew he was a spirit roaming the halls of the British Sanctuary. In the follow chaotic months his daughter tried to become Grand Mage, but was met with much resistance and critism. A decision was made to keep Romulus as Grand Mage until everything had been smoothed over and he could choose someone to replace him.

- Additional Notes: N/A
- Suescore: 11

The Archive / Rose Vigor vs Rancorous Malevolence
« on: September 15, 2014, 08:04:07 AM »
Rose shifted from foot to foot as she waited in the cold night, watching the mist cover her surroundings. Somewhere down the street a dog was barking. Somewhere much further in the distance she could hear a car alarm. Average night, average neighborhood.
She took one of the daggers out from its sheath and started to throw it up into the air and catch it as it fell. Unnecessarily dangerous, perhaps, but only if she wasn't sure of what she was doing. And Rose knew what she was doing.
"Great," she mumbled to herself. "I can confidently say I know how to play with knives. Yippie."
She stopped, but kept the dagger by her side, not worried about any mortals seeing her at this time of the night.

Approved Profiles / Rose Vigor
« on: September 12, 2014, 10:54:23 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Rose Vigor
- Pronunciation of the Name: Row-s Vig-ar
- Given Name: Jessica Rivard
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jess-e-ka Riv-erd
- Character Job: English sanctuary agent
- Titles: N/A

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Very adaptive, able to come up with solutions to problems on the spot. She has a habit of telling lies to make herself look better. She doesn’t see a problem with running away if something gets too dangerous, but this doesn’t mean she will give up completely on a task. She isn’t likely to take anyone talking down to her or annoying her. She can be vengeful when angered. She cares how others see her, and feels somewhat insecure when someone doesn’t like her. She has had to take lives before, but always regrets it and tries to avoid it if she can. She doesn't let anyone force her into doing something, and needs a reason that she can agree with when she is given orders.
- Character Likes: Sword fights, crosswords, sci-fi movies, dogs, children, hypotheticals, banter
- Character Dislikes:  Reality shows, alcohol, unfair fights, the dark, being manipulated into doing something
- Mental Traits: In a fight she observes her opponents fighting style very quickly.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, English
- Allegiance: Neutral good
- Reasons for Allegiance: She believes if she can help others she should, but has no qualms about breaking the law unless it puts someone innocent in danger.

- Allies: English sanctuary
- Enemies: N/A
- Family: N/A
- Friends: N/A
- Significant Other:N/A

Character Age
- True Age: 58
- Appearance Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 28/11/1955

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Character Height: 154cm
- Character Weight: 54kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Medium light blonde hair
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Pixie cut. The fringe is to the left side and reaches to about the middle of her forehead. The back doesn’t go any further than the top of her neck. Slightly longer at the sides, dipping to the bottom of her ears.
- Character Eye Colour: Hazel
- Character Description: She appears slender, but has muscles in her arms and legs. A tattoo that swirls around from the back of her right hand to her elbow. Very faint red birthmark on her jaw.
- Character Attire: Mostly tank tops or shirts. Shorts or leggings, depending on the weather. When walking in public she wears a long caramel brown coat.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Silvery, soft voice.
- Speech Traits: N/A
- Languages: English and very basic Italian
- Habits: N/A
- Mannerisms: N/A

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Arming sword.
- Small Equipment: Box of matches, twin daggers
- Pocket Items: Paperclip, phone
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: Her main weapon is an arming sword about 70cm long. She also carries twin daggers, both kept sheathed on her lower back. All of these are personalised to her.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: Her sword is kept in a ‘sheath’ that allows her to pull it out of the air from a pocket dimension. The action to draw her sword is the same as if it was sheathed at her side, so it’s only advantage is keeping the sword hidden when not in use and not having it take up any space in this dimension.
- Other: She owns a unit in Brighton

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept. Early cleaver training.
- Specialization: Weapon Energiser
- Immersion Metamorphosis: N/A
- Ability Specific Info: Her power allows her to improve weapons by reinforcing them with magic. This makes her an expert on wielding any weapon she uses. Her power manifests in a blood red colour.
- Signature Ability: She uses her magic to wield weapons quicker than others can, and to be in sync with them
- Strengths: She is a master at almost any weapon she uses, most people are not fast enough to match her in a fight
- Weaknesses: This is only useful in a close combat fight 
- Training: Her parents both trained her.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To make a major difference, perhaps even save the world
- Minor Goals: Go and spend a few decades at a new and exotic country.
- Reasoning behind goal: She wants to be seen as someone great by others
- Motivation: What others will think of her.
- Bio: As a child she grew up with magic, having both parents being sorcerers. Originally planning to be an elemental, she switched to a weapon energiser when her parents kept insisting that this would suit her more. She began to feel depressed and didn’t want to let her parents rule her. Eventually tired of feeling she had no control in her life, at fourteen she left home. She joined a cleaver training program, hoping this would make an escape from her life. After a few weeks of training she stopped as she was not suited to being a cleaver. She returned home, making an agreement with her parents that they would stop trying to control her life. Her relationship with her parents improved, Rose became a much happier person. In her 30’s she became a sanctuary agent, because there she could get into fights and help others. She is relatively well known in the English sanctuary.

- Additional Notes: She is ambidextrous
- Suescore: 22

Skulduggery Pleasant / Theatre of Shadows
« on: June 21, 2014, 01:36:26 AM »

So, does anyone know what this is about?

Character Profiles [GRP] / Marc Scarrow- Ace
« on: December 19, 2013, 09:27:56 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Name: Marc Scarrow
- Pronunciation of the Name: Mark Scaar-oh
- Superhero Name: Ace
- Pronunciation of the Name: A-s
- Character Job: Works at a restaurant as a waiter. Gets most of his money by taking it from criminals he beats.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Reckless, to the point of putting himself in danger. Confident in his abilities, but not afraid to admit when he’s out of his depth. He takes most situations lightly. Likes to crack a joke, especially bad ones. He’s very competitive. Impulsive. Loves what he does. He’s a bit squeamish when it comes to bad injuries. A show off. He likes to work with others when he can. He does enjoy helping others, but has times when he thinks only of himself.
- Character Likes: Fighting criminals, showing off, using his powers
- Character Dislikes: Very bad injuries (seeing or having them), failing, people in pain, politicians,
- Mental Traits: Persistent, proud

Nationality and Allegiance
- Nationality: American
- Allegiance: Neutral good
- Reasons for Allegiance: He helps others but doesn’t let it consume his whole life.

- Allies: Heroes, police, the public.
- Enemies: Villains. People who don’t like superheroes (especially politicians) get on his nerves.
- Family: He rarely sees his mother, father or sister anymore.
- Friends: He had a few friends, but none close enough to share his secret. Since becoming a hero he’s grown apart from most of his friends.
- Significant Other: Single

Character Age
- Age: 17
- Character Birthday: 23/8/1997

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian 
- Character Height: 164 cm
- Character Weight: 79 kgs 
- Character Hair Colour: Blonde
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Thin and short. A little spiked at the fringe.
- Character Eye Colour: Dark green
- Character Description: Lean, with slight muscles.
- Character Attire: His costume is dark grey with a green stripe going from his neck to his wrists and stoping at his hands. He has a green stripe going from his waist to the middle off his calf. He has tight black gloves and green boots. He wears light red sunglasses to protect his eyes.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Loud, clear, a little low.
- Speech Traits: Says ‘you know’ repetitively a bit.
- Languages: English, basic French
- Habits: He bites his thumb when thinking or nervous
- Mannerisms: N/A

Weapons and Equipment
- Large Equipment:
- Small Equipment: A metal police baton
- Pocket Items: iPhone
- Weaponry: The baton
- Other: Despite being underage, he lives by himself in a small apartment.

- Superpower: Super speed. He’s can reach 450 meters a second at top speeds. With this comes a raster reaction. He has greater stamina. He also has enhanced durability. Not to the point to withstand bullets, but punches are about as half as effective as against someone else of his build.
- Signature Ability: He runs past a person at en extremely fast speed and either kicks or punches their legs, tripping them up and knocking them over.
- Strengths: He’s too fast for normal people to react or to hit, his blows have greater effect at higher speeds.
- Weaknesses:[/b His reaction time isn’t perfect and he can be taken by surprise. He has trouble turning corners when at very high speeds and has to slow down. If he trips or falls when running extremely fast he can badly injure himself. He has an accelerated metabolism and needs food to keep up his energy.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To become a famous superhero
- Minor Goals: To try and find a balance between his personal life and his life as a hero.
- Reasoning behind goal: He likes showing off
- Motivation: All the people he has helped, even in a small way. Thinking about them makes him feel proud of what he does.
- Bio: Marc lived a run of the mill type of life in his eyes. The only noteworthy thing that ever happened to him before his powers was a car crash when he was 12, where he fractured him arm. He went to school, lived with his parents and little sister. From a young age he was a big fan of superheroes. He idolised them and often pretended he was one. As he got older his excitement for them died down somewhat, but he still admired them. At 15, his powers kicked in unexpectedly when he was late for school. He tried telling a few friends about it, but none of them took him seriously. After the initial confusion and some thought, he decided to keep his powers to himself. He practised at them until he had better control. Being a fan of heroes, he of course tried to become one. He wore a balaclava, took the name Ace and tried to stop thieves from breaking into a store one night. He wasn’t an experience fighter, but with his speed alone he managed to knock out one of the criminals while the other got away. Realising he need more than just speed, he attempted to learn to box, to little avail. He got a new outfit and continued to try and be a hero. It wasn’t long before he met other heroes, and one of them that used fighting abilities primarily to be a hero offered to teach Ace the basics. He accepted, and learnt some hand to hand combat. He also learnt how to use a baton he stole from a cop. After almost a year of doing this nearly every night, he decided he couldn’t continue both going to school and being a hero. He made the choice to tell his parents, and asked to stop school. Their reaction was a lot more extreme than he had thought it would be, and it took a few days for it to sink in. His father told Ace that he was putting his family in danger by doing something as stupid as that, and said he would either stop using his powers or get out. Angry at his family and unwilling to stop using what he viewed as his gift, he left. Stealing some money of them, he moved states and got fake ID, saying he was 18 so he wouldn’t have to go to school. He found as job as a part time waiter at a small restaurant, and continued being a hero. He’s now a well-known hero, and although not liked by all, he continues to try and help others, mainly by stopping criminals and villains.

- Additional Notes: N/A

Character Profiles [GRP] / Raze- Superhero RP III
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:22:27 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Name: Jake Ladon
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jai-k Laad-on
- Superhero Name: Raze
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ray-ss
- Character Job: Unemployed

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Extremely ambitious. Views himself as worthy to be in charge. He’s often labelled as a pyromaniac, but the truth is he loves any type of destruction. Arrogant. Doesn’t like being told what to do. Lacks conscience or empathy. In his mind there is no such thing as good or bad and he looks down on those who believe in such constructs.
- Character Likes: Destruction, burning things, being in control, power, action movies
- Character Dislikes: Anyone who views themselves as a ‘good guy’ e.g. police, superheroes. Prison, reading, waiting for a long time, tranquillity.
- Mental Traits: Ambitious, loves destruction, impatient, confident, violent. A sociopath

Nationality and Allegiance
- Nationality: American.
- Allegiance: Chaotic evil.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He craves destruction and doesn’t allow anyone to tell him what to do.

- Allies: Anyone who causes destruction and doesn’t oppose him is an ally in his mind.
- Enemies: Anyone who tries to stop him
- Family: He was raised by a single mother who he hasn’t seen since he was a teen. He has a twin brother he’s never met and has little desire to meet.
- Friends: None that he has bothered to remember so far.
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 14/6/1992

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian 
- Character Height: 158 meters
- Character Weight: 79 kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Coarse brown hair.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Thick and messy. The fringe is pushed to the left side of his face.
- Character Eye Colour: Amber
- Character Description: Small body build. His nose has been broken, and one of his back teeth knocked out.
- Character Attire: He doesn’t wear a superhero costume, sticking to a white hoodie jacket, black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A honeyed voice, a little higher than normal.
- Speech Traits: In the rare times he gets angry, he can start to stutter.
- Languages: English
- Habits: He pushes his hair to the left side of his face.
- Mannerisms: He grabs his left wrist with his right hand behind his back sometimes.

Weapons and Equipment
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Pocket Items: Spare change
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Other: He’s technically homeless, but will break into an empty house if he ever needs a place to sleep.

- Superpower: Pyrokinesis. He can create and control massive amounts of fire. He’s immune to heat or fire as well.
- Signature Ability: A condensed fireball that explodes into a wave of fire on impact.
- Strengths: Fire is extremely dangerous and difficult to stop, and he can control a lot of it.
- Weaknesses: If he’s not concentrating, he’ll lose control. Although it can’t hurt him, it could hurt his allies. He needs oxygen to have fire. In confined spaces it’s extremely hard to use without burning down his surroundings. Water and ice put out his fire very easily.
- Origin: He was born with it, although it was dormant throughout the earlier years of his life.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To be in complete control of everything.
- Minor Goals: To stop any 'superhero' from stopping him again.
- Reasoning behind goal: He thinks that he deserves to be in control.
- Motivation: His love of demolition motivates him more than anything else.
- Bio: Jake never knew his father. Unknowing to him, he also had a twin brother. His mother was a teen that struggled with a cocaine addiction, and couldn’t afford to bring up both children. She gave one up for adoption and kept Jake. Still, they had a tough life and she struggled to provide for both of them. Jake went to a school in a bad neighbourhood. In the tough environment, he quickly developed a violent personality and had no issue with hurting others to benefit himself. He actually enjoyed the power he had over others. He wasn’t the strongest, but he could handle himself most of the time and got people to do what he told them to. He had to change schools twice, but continued to find his place as the one in control. As he got older things started to get more out of control, and it changed from bullying and the occasional shoplifting to being involved in all out fights where people could die. After he was convicted to stabbing a student at his school when he was sixteen, he was sentence to 8 months in a juvenile detention centre. When he got out his mother had disappeared. No one knew if she had died or simply run away. Jake was sent to a foster home, but quickly left, preferring to find his own way. He got in deep with some of the wrong people though, and after he had almost killed a member of a gang, his head was wanted by several people. They cornered him in a house he had broken into, and attempted to beat him to death. In the extreme stress and desperation, Jake’s powers kicked in. He burned down the house with six other people inside and was the only one to walk out. No longer fearing the police or small time gangs, he moved on to bigger things. Taking the name Raze, he left that life and never looked back.
Raze moved to Miami. Now he had the power to do whatever he wanted and no longer had to struggle to survive, he was a bit of a loss of what to do. He continued to hurt others with his newfound powers, and tried to find a reason to why he was doing this until he realised he didn’t need a reason, it was simply for enjoyment. Raze embraced his love of violence and destruction, and was known as a dangerous villain. His reign only lasted a few short months before he was noticed by one of the so called ‘superheroes’. He was defeated and put in prison. Raze began to develop a hate for those who opposed him. He hated the idea that just because someone wore the title of ‘good’ they were better than him, and just because he loved violence he was ‘bad’. Raze began to know some of the other villains in the prison. One of them, named Vanquish had pretty powerful friends who broke into the prison to rescue him, and Vanquish decided to break Raze out as well, along with a few other villains. Raze disagreed with the few that he owed Vanquish and his friends something just because they broke him out. He still refused to take orders from anyone, and when Vanquish started insisting that Raze served him, the situation turned violent. Raze, in his rage, lost control of his powers. Vanquish and four of his friends were killed. The rest ran instead of fighting Raze.
Now with a greater knowledge of the world of superheroes, he became a big class villain. He avoided capture for a few years and left a trail of destruction around Miami. He was eventually defeated by a more powerful hero and put in a high security prison. He admits his weakness was refusing to allow any other villain to be near him, even to serve him, and is sure that he won’t make the same mistake again. He sees villains as allies now, and is prepared to treat them as such. In in cell, Raze shouldn’t be able to use his power. But after two months of inspecting the cell he found a small area under his bed, away from the few of the camera, where he could use his power. He melted through the top layer of the wall and found many wires. Burning through those as well, the power turned off in his cell and his powers came back. Blasting through the wall, Raze is once again freed and looking for a new way to cause destruction.

- Additional Notes: N/A

Approved Profiles / Tehuti Wosret
« on: July 20, 2013, 07:53:51 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Tehuti Wosret
- Pronunciation of the Name: Te-who-te Whoah-srr-et
- Given Name: Khu Ifenstu
- Pronunciation of the Name: Coo Iif-yen-stoo
- Character Job: Member of The Last
- Titles: The Ancient of Nights

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Tehuti is a formal person. He thinks manners and respect are important. However, he is arrogant, thinking he is superior and little others are deserving of his respect. He likes to pick fights, because he can’t see himself losing. He also thinks he is the most cunning, and views most others and unintelligent. He despises being told what to do, and thinks he should be the one in charge. He also dislikes humans. He has a plan to, eventually, be the one in charge, with vampires leading and humans just used as food.
- Character Likes: Blood, good manners, fights, old fashioned people, classical music.
- Character Dislikes: Sanctuaries, being ordered around, humans, young people, people who are racist.
- Mental Traits: Observant, patient, cunning, arrogant

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Vampire, Egyptian
- Allegiance: The Last
- Reasons for Allegiance: He wishes to bring down the Sanctuaries, and eventually, all humans.

- Allies: All the members in The Last, vampires, especially his vampire assistant.
- Enemies: Sanctuaries, many other sorcerers who he has made an enemy of in his life.
- Family: N/A
- Friends: He views a few people in The Last as a friend. He views his true friend as his vampire assistant, despite the fact that he is simply a servant.
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- True Age: 743
- Appearance Age: He appears to be in his late twenties.
- Character Birthday: 1/9/1270

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Dark brown
- Character Height: 174cm
- Character Weight: 66kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Bald
- Character Hair Length/ Style: N/A
- Character Eye Colour: Light, mantis green.
- Character Description: Muscular, but not thick. Broad shoulders. A bite mark between his shoulder and neck
- Character Attire: Tehuti wears a black tuxedo

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Charming and formal
- Speech Traits: After years speaking English, he only has a slight Egyptian accent.
- Languages: He is fluent in English, Arabic, Demotic, French and Spainish. He can read Greek and Latin.
- Habits: He enjoys blood mixed with wine.
- Mannerisms: He tends to show his fangs, to frighten people.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Tehuti has a spear with a metal shaft. It is his shoulder height. He only brings it places when he thinks he'll have to use it. Even then so, he prefers unarmed combat and rarely brings it anywhere.
- Small Equipment: A long knife
- Pocket Items: Keys, wallet
- Ammunition:
- Weaponry: A spear and a long knife
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:
- Other: A manor house in England and a penthouse in Moscow.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Caelomancy
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Gravity and space warp around him, his eyes glow dark purple and he hovers in the air.
- Ability Specific Info:-
- Signature Ability: He uses space to warp himself closer to a person, then deals with them physically.
- Strengths: It is extremely powerful, being practical in life and also powerful in battle.
- Weaknesses: Takes focus to do and to keep under control.
- Training: A vampire in Egypt when he was young.

Magical Diseases
- Magical Disease or Affliction: Vampire
- Inflictee: An unknown vampire
- Bite Mark: Between his left shoulder and neck
- Benefits: Immortality, advanced strength, speed and agility, advanced senses
- Downsides: Once a night he transforms into a monster, allergic reaction to salt water.
- Fitting In: He doesn’t see the need to fit in
- Suppressant/Cure: He uses the serum most nights

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To have vampires leading the world, with no Sanctuaries
- Minor Goals: To start a Vampire uprising in Moscow
- Reasoning behind goal: He views Vampires as the superior beings, and is tired of mortals and humans, lesser beings in his eyes, being in charge.
- Motivation: His anger at being hated for what he is.
- Bio: Tehuti was a labourer in Egypt, Luxor. He didn’t know about magic, or vampires. When he woke up one night, in a house he did not recognise, he had a bite mark on his shoulder. He made his way back to his home. His sister told him that he was gone for two days, and a few people around had seen him following a man.
That night, he transformed. He killed three people. Tehuti was horrified, but could do nothing to stop it. He tried to keep himself inside, staying away from people, but every night he would transform and kill. People called the pale beat roaming the Ancient of the Night, believing him to be a monster of the old Egypt. He lasted two weeks before he decided to leave, fearing his families’ lives. He went into the desert, hoping to die. But he was hard to kill, and it took days for Tehuti to get close to death. A vampire found him almost dead and took him to his house, and nursed him back to health. It was there that Tehuti learned what he was. For the days he had been gone, he had been an Infected, and after he was a vampire. He also learned about magic. He began to learn Caelomancy for the vampire friend. Every night he and his vampire friend would turn. They rarely killed because they were so remote, but any time a traveller came through, they were slaughtered. Tehuti was also taught that vampires were superior, and humans were nothing but food. After months of having no one but another vampire, he believed it, and embraced his vampiric side. He also learnt that there were sorcerers, other people of magic, that would kill them just for being who they were. When they heard word that two sorcerers were looking nearby for them, Tehuti’s vampire friend wanted to leave. Tehuti laughed at him for his cowardice, viewing the sorcerers as nothing but inferior humans. When the other vampire left, Tehuti stayed. He knew the basics of Caelomancy, and although he wasn’t good, he knew enough to develop his skills on his own. A few days later, when he went looking for food, he found the sorcerers camp, and his vampire friend dead. Fighting the urge to stay there and wait for the sorcerers to return so he could kill them, he hide nearby, and when he transformed that night killed one of the sorcerers in their sleep, and the other when they were taken by surprise.
Tehuti left the desert and stayed in big towns and cities. His killings went unnoticed for long periods of time, but he would always have to leave eventually. When there was word of a large group of powerful people that had arrived, looking for a white beat that killed, Tehuti suspected that they were sorcerers, and left Egypt altogether.
For a long time he roamed Africa, thinking that it was the centre of the world and never even crossing his mind that there were other places. He met sorcerers, some of which he saw as friends, many of which he saw as enemies. He met few vampires. He often wondered what would happen if he met the vampire who turned him. For some time, he thought he would be angry, but now he thought he would thank them for giving him this gift. Tehuti rarely settled for more than a year or so. During this time he also developed his magic. He didn’t meet any more Caelomancers, but many other sorcerers had advice about magic in general.
In the mid-14th century, he met a sorcerer who claimed to be from a place he called ‘Europe’, more specifically France. He was a teleporter, who was traveling far in the hope of seeing the world. Tehuti had heard stories of slaves being sent to far off lands, but he didn’t believe them. To him, there wasn’t anything more powerful in the world than Africa. However, after listening to the teleporter, he demanded to be taken to one of these lands. He thought that he had seen all that he could of Africa. He was teleported to France. He quickly discovered that most humans were hatful. Sorcerers were better, but in this part of the world, vampires were hated more. Tehuti became a loner for the next two hundred years. He learnt French and Spanish, but wanted to learn English. He had heard a lot about the land over the see from France, but his allergic reaction to sea water stopped him from taking a boat there. In the end, he found a teleporter that had a service of taking people around Europe. He was teleported to England.
He quickly found a vampire community, filled with vampires of all sorts. He learnt English, and Greek and Latin from the more ‘civilised’ of his kind. He also learnt about the formal society, and loved the idea of it. For the next century, he became the picture of formality, having perfect manners. He was taught about the serum that would keep the beast down inside him, and started using that whenever possible. He was also a powerful mage at this time, and quickly made a name for himself among vampires. It was at this time he also met a vampire that he would consider his true friend. Tehuti had no problem killing humans, especially has many of them hating him. He was ambushed by Sanctuary agents, among which was a Magebound. Cut off from his magic, Tehuti would have died if not for another vampire that had come in silently and cut the Magebound’s throat. With his magic restored, Tehuti killed the remaining agents. He and the vampire left together as friends, and the vampire offered to work for Tehuti. He accepted. Tehuti made his wealth off killing rich people. He bought a manor house, and lived his life how he wished until the late 19th century.
A group, called The Last, offered him a position among them. They hoped to bring down the Sanctuary. Tehuti wanted to go beyond that, and bring down all humans, although he wouldn’t tell them that. Accepting, he started to lay down plans would bring vampires up as the dominant species.

- Additional Notes: If anyone would like the character of the vampire assistant, that would be good. Otherwise, I’ll make him eventually.

Off Topic / RoosterTeeth Club!
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RoosterTeeth Club

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Character Profiles [GRP] / Nicholas Miro [Steampunk]
« on: June 08, 2013, 09:05:37 AM »
Name: Nicholas Miro
Physical appearance: Young looking, early twenties. Tall with long wavy red hair.
Attire: Wears a black flat cap, long brown jacket over a white shirt, brown vest, black tie and black dress pants and shoes. Black fingerless gloves.
Personality: Being a reporter, Nicholas is naturally curious. He’s selfish most of the time, looking out for himself. He’s rarely afraid.

Name: Teleportation
Concept: He can appear instantaneously at any place he’s been to.
  • [Ability 1] He can teleport himself any he’s been to. It’s harder when he’s stressed
  • [Ability 2]He can bring objects or people along with him. The more he has, the harder it is though.
Items (optional)
  • Pocket watch, percussion cap revolver, small axe, wallet with quite a bit of money, pen

Fan Fiction / Nixion's Fiction
« on: May 25, 2013, 10:42:02 AM »
This is just a general topic where I'll keep updates about my writing (if I ever get around to that again), people can request something (no idea why'd you want that) or I can ask opinions or something (because I'm clueless)

For the first thing, I'm wondering what I should write. I could write chapter 2 of Shipping Values, found here. where I basically insult some peoples interpretations of ships. Or I could start a new fanfic, yet unamed, based during the war. It's from the perspective of a character I created, with a few SP characters thrown in.
The thing is, I want to start the second one, but I'm short with inspiration. So I might consider doing a co-op with that story.
So, yeah. Thoughts?

Character Profiles [GRP] / Samuel Dunmore- Shadowhunter Chronicles RP
« on: April 16, 2013, 10:59:57 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Name: Samuel Dunmore
- Pronunciation of the Name: Sam-u-el Dun-more
- Character Job: Part time at a supermarket
- Titles:

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Sam normally is seen as a laid back sort of guy. He enjoys relaxing, spending time with friends and just having fun. But Sam is also hardworking when he cares about what he’s doing, and is selfless a lot of the time. He looks out for his friends, and is protective. Because of his werewolf problem, he can sometimes he aggressive and violent, and often struggles to control that.
- Character Likes: Being with his pack, relaxing, woods, nature, beer, succeeding in something.
- Character Dislikes: His job, big fires, vampires (he doesn’t like), shadowhunters (he doesn’t trust), demons (he hates).
- Mental Traits: Mostly laid back, but can be hardworking. Loyal. Struggles not to be aggressive.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Werewolf, English
- Allegiance: His pack, which are aligned with themselves. They sometimes side with shadowhunters on rare occasions.
- Reasons for Allegiance: His pack looks out for him, he looks out for them.

- Allies: His pack
- Enemies: Vampires
- Family:
- Friends:
- Significant Other:

Character Age
- Age: 17
- Character Birthday: 23/5/1996

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Character Height: 183 cm
- Character Weight: 72 kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Light brown
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Short and curly
- Character Eye Colour: Emerald green
- Character Description: Sam is in good shape. Lean, fit and athletic. He has a rugged look about him. As a werewolf, he has grey fur and yellow eyes.
- Character Attire:He wears frayed jeans, a red and black flannel shirt and a dark red beanie. When there’s going to be a fight, he wears a sheath on his back with a short sword in it. 

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Warm, and he sounds like he’s amused most of the time. Sometimes loud.
- Speech Traits: His voice grows hoarse when he tired. He has an English accent
- Habits: He whistles sometimes
- Mannerisms:

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: A short sword
- Small Equipment:
- Pocket Items: Keys, wallet (not that there’s much in there), pocket knife.
- Ammunition:
- Weaponry: Short sword, pocket knife.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts:
- Other: He lives in an house, in the woods his pack stay in.

- Special Info: He can transform into a wolf. He’s fast, strong and as smart as a human while in that form.
- Strengths: Strength, speed and the ability to turn into a wolf.
- Weaknesses: Although Sam can transform whenever he wants, he has more trouble controlling himself during the full moon. He has a natural aversion to silver.
- Training: When he joined the pack, they taught him everything he needed to know.

- Bio: Sam was raised by his mother, and never knew who his father was. He was fairly ordinary until he was bitten at the age of eleven. During his first transformation, a werewolf pack managed to find him before he did any damage, and contained him. For the next few years he spent a lot of time with this pack, learning about himself and the other downworlders. When he was thirteen, he left his mother. He thought that she wasn’t safe around him. He joined the pack in some remote woods, where most of them lived. The pack rarely got involved in anything outside those woods, but there were times when they went to places, like London, where it was common for fights to erupt between them and vampires. He also met a few shadowhunters, and immediately began to dislike them from their superior attitude.
When Sam was fifteen me made the decision to contact his mother again. At first, their relationship was strained, but over time they became close again, and Sam began visited her a few times a month.
When the Shadowhunters and Downworlders joined to fight the demons, Sam and his pack were among them. It was then he got over his dislike of shadowhunters, although he still doesn’t trust them.

- Additional Notes:

Fan Fiction / Shipping Values
« on: April 15, 2013, 06:10:31 AM »
This isn't meant to insult anyone's shippings, but more of making fun of some people's weird interpretations of those ships.
And, yeah, I was bored. And tired. So I decided to make something that made no sense.

Chapter One

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I don't know, man. I just don't know.

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