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The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam - Speculation Topic
« on: February 11, 2019, 05:42:31 PM »
Yes but only Valkyrie and Abyssinia know the secret, China suspects only, I mean I would like to see a shock scene where the truth eventually turns public, with Saracen and Dexter present idk.

ah. highly doubtful. there's little reason to rinse vile any longer, given he's more or less history now.

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam - Speculation Topic
« on: February 09, 2019, 05:25:27 PM »
what truth about vile? vile has pretty much been explained away.

1. First comment will actually be that I'm glad we aren't using a -mancy suffix for death magic. However; could I get an etymology for the name? Given you have thought about where such practises would have originated it would be nice to know exactly how it got this name instead of the common Necromancy.
2. How is Kage Nage and Tenevoye Oruzhiye pronounced?
3. [vis a vis Necromancers personalising shadows] How is this done? Would you have to be a master? And what reason would most necromancers have for an aesthetic change in their shadows? I'm also assuming there is no practical use here.
4. [-death energy] may be worth mentioning the temples here, then. and why necromancers tend to chill around areas such as graveyards. does a mages death give more power than a normal mortal?
5. [vis a vis shadows and bloodshed] given most necromancers in the books and temples are not really combatant, I strongly feel this is not the case. it is merely experience, location (how many dead are there/what the death energy is like there) and practise.
6. [shadow transport] the latter application usually requires the user be dead, as stated by Nye. It is simply too OP for any normal necromancer - even your old and overpowered characters - to have such extensive use of their ability with flight.
7. ["godlike"] Is this the best descriptor? No normal mage should have their power, especially in a roleplay setting, likened to that of the gods.
9. [zombies] Almost all the zombies in the books were not actually mindless upon creation -- however, the Hollow Men were, and I'm pretty sure that they were the result of necromancy, so it may be putting a bit in about them as it feels you're deviating a little far from SP at this point.
10. [lichs, jesus christ... lichs...] What is the power and application needed for creating something so powerful? Especially considering as I stated before -- in the books, Nye states that necromancy with any dead being is incredibly powerful and unstable so the magic a lich would have is... oof.
11. [vis-a-vis resurrection of the soul in body with both still intact] For how long can they do this? Will there be a time it can no longer remain, for all intents and purposes, "living". Can they do anything other than talk and amble about a bit?
12. [the death bubble] Just insanity? That's the only downside? This is simply too OP as it is, then. Many Necromancers can be walking bombs without anything other than insanity and "possible" death (which many RP'ers will likely ignore knowing that they can create such a thing), this either needs nerfing or more reason not to do it.
13. ["created in the forge just after a user's Surge"] Incorrect, otherwise young mages couldn't start to learn this discipline -- all the Necromancers in the books got their objects before their Surge. I mean Val never reached her Surge in the books (in the later ones she was still undecided as to which discipline to use) and she had her object forged so that she could learn Necromancy. It was never thought of as a discipline that you could use without an object -- or someone else's object willingly being given to you (which again, it was said any mage could do).
14. [IM] Is this personalised to the user?

It's solid, I think that as it is it is a little bit OP and needs some tweaking. On top of some lore checks; it deviates from the SP world just a little too much for me to be comfortable with it as Necromancy is one of the established disciplines so we already know some of the rules behind it.

I was asked by Docky to review this before anyone slides in with their butthurt.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 09, 2019, 12:53:01 AM »
 Aria didn't waste any time faffing about, she got straight to work with her tools, going digging for the bullet. It was an active effort not to react at Rico's name.
 "Murderer or not." Her voice was taut, her tongue running along her bottom lip in annoyance. "It's absolutely terrible conduct to initiate a firefight inside a Sanctuary -- not everyone is a combatant, myself included, and you swore an oath to not be responsible for the needless harm and death of innocents."

 She couldn't find the bullet, but was on a rant. "From what I hear, there's a few casualties and a few injuries already, and you've made a spectacle in front of mortals. But you want to blame it all on the murderer? Leave the hunting to the Prime Detective or the bounty hunters. This is not your job, Hawkeye!"
 Her eyes narrowed at the wound. She held her hand over Flint's wound with a frown, trying to will any metal to come to her hand. Nothing.
 "I can't find any bullet," Aria said. "Nothing. This doesn't... make sense..."

 She stood, and started typing something up on her arm. "Bullets don't just disappear, but if it's anywhere in his skin I'll be able to find it. What on Earth..."
 Aria took the opportunity to message Rico.
 Robocop: This is a mess, Rico. What the hell is going on? Are you safe? It's absolute bedlam here...
 Having got the chance to get that out of the way, she focused on the wound caused by the conjuror--
 With a hefty metallic noise, her cybernetic arm slapped against her forehead. "He conjured the gun in the footage." She muttered under her breath. "The bullet will no longer exist. Explains the lack of an exit wound, as well..."
 Her eyes went back to Hawkeye. "I have a little device in my bag, if you'd like to grab it. Mostly a prototype, but I'm sure your friend can handle it. It looks like a metal gauze, if you'd like to grab it, and get to healing instead of harming this time round."

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam - Speculation Topic
« on: February 08, 2019, 11:29:12 PM »
this is a topic! i think some people have already posted some speculations -- though to be truthful, i'm pretty sure a lot of us aren't really following landy anymore.

General RP / Re: The fishing. RP. Lottie.
« on: February 08, 2019, 01:50:36 AM »
The fact he knew her name was impressive. That he used it against her? An insult that she could not allow to stand. Alas, she could not respond as she threw his words at her as if she were nothing but a dirty beggar he'd passed on the street on a particularly bad day.
 He stormed away from her with no further attention - or respect - and Ced found herself immediately following in his footsteps.
 It's a fishing curse, this familial unpleasant excrement. No matter how far apart you are from your family, you're still hunting down an argument in their honour. Cedrica thought bitterly.

 "Oh, no Ser. You said you wanted help in hunting your demon brother? Who better else than a trained killer, hm? Better than a holy man, in my opinion." She sneered, catching up to him with ease. Despite his bulking mass, Ced was a fairly tall woman -- her long legs did not struggle to keep up with him. "We are not so caught up with petty things such as morality and a struggle to get it up."

New Members / Re: hey:)
« on: February 08, 2019, 12:10:34 AM »
i'm glad you finally made the post ro! :) welcome to the forums, they're not as scary as yer thinking and honestly can be quite a nice atmosphere.
join us down in rp thats where the freaky ppl are

RP Discussion and Planning [GRP] / Re: Medieval High Fantasy Setting
« on: February 07, 2019, 10:50:50 PM »
i... will get round to this... soon...

Fan Works / Re: Gideon’s OC Shenanigans
« on: February 07, 2019, 10:14:29 PM »
what the llama.

Fan Works / Re: Gideon’s OC Shenanigans
« on: February 07, 2019, 06:26:57 AM »
what the llama

what the HELL
what the llama
what the fishing HELL

ow my heart.

Earth / Re: A Close Call (Flint and Hawkeye)
« on: February 06, 2019, 06:45:56 AM »
  It was mere minutes after Rico left her office that the first gunshot sounded. Aria's heart went cold, and her head snapped up in an instant.
 My fishing security system, oh God. I left it turned off. She realised in horror, quickly flustering her way about the office until she reached the computer and booted everything up, her eyes widened at the ensuing chaos.
 "Oh, Alistair is going to kill me." Aria fretted, until she looked closer at the footage. Just as she feared, the gunfight was involving Rico and -- was that Hawkeye? Disappointment welled up inside her. What absolute madman thought it was fine to start a fight in a Sanctuary?
I suppose he knows, then. She thought dismally, and turned away from the screen to pinch her nose.

 How the hell was this supposed to work out? The entire Sanctuary was out hunting her friend, and goodness knows where he'd end up in London; he could be an enigma at times. Even Aria, who had seen from his perspective his own fighting, somehow doubted he would be able to take on Athena and her squad of cleavers. Arabella's ensuing wrath was also going to be a fish headshow for the ages. All because she wasn't fast enough on the bloody security butt-
 "Aria?" It was Hawkeye's voice, and at the same time her system started beeping with alerts asking for help. Another glance at the computer told her they had ended up in the infirmary... someone was hurt, she didn't actually recognise the other lad.

 Aria didn't bother typing up a response, just to let Hawkeye know she was not happy. She gathered her first-aid kit and shouldered it, exiting her office.
 The carnage she'd stepped out into moved like slow-motion, mages hiding and running about, trying to sort out the mess that had become of Rico and his public scuffle -- they were probably out sending psionics by the second to deal with the mortals who'd seen this and try and find some reasonable explanation that didn't expose the magical community.
 The cyborg's jaw set as she weaved her way through the crowd, into the deeper parts of the Sanctuary. A few people tried to talk to her, ask her questions, and she shrugged each of them off with an; "I don't know, find Darius. Ask him, he's the detective."

 When she finally got to the infirmary, she made a beeline towards the doctor and quickly assessed the situation. He'd lost a lot of blood, enough to pale his skin out a bit, and there was no exit wound. It was an urgent problem, but it was definitely not unfixable.
 "Doctor." Aria said by way of greeting, her voice a little too curt. She nodded towards Flint. "You know he needs to be sat down; he's lost too much blood, and he looks a little feverish --" She leaned in to expect the wound. "It looks like a close shot, shock is likely."
 She pulled out what looked like a leaf from her pack and held it to Flint. "Chew." She commanded. "It'll help with the pain."
 With that, she whirled on Hawkeye. "Do you want me to keep him stable and stand by for assistance while you dig the bullet out, or the other way round? I also demand an explanation as to what I saw on my security footage."

 His reply struck her speechless. Nadine raised a brow. "Are you... coming onto me?"
 It was obvious, but the statement was so bold that Nadine simply had to ask. Another sweeping gaze, trying to discern something other than inebriation and that... weird quirk he was doing with his lips. It looked good, but...
 It was so uncharacteristic of him. He'd gotten cocky! "You're awfully presumptuous."

 "Yes, Nadine agreed. "And what a sight it is, may I say?" At that, she dropped the flirting and rested her elbows on the table, her chin resting on her hands. Her eyes remained on Thorkild's. "The plan should be cunning enough for me, at least. I'll need a couple of people..."

 That was true; she'd need a beefcake, maybe a teleporter... she didn't want a big scuffle in the Sanctuary, but it seemed what she was really needing... was somewhat akin to a black ops. mission. Where on Earth would she find the people for that?

 It was on that thought that Nadine had decided to put the topic on rest for now; she'd gotten what she needed. Project Blackshield. If the worst came to worst, she'd need a way to contact Gideon Macabre. Something told her that she could likely blackmail one of the more resourceful women she'd heard of -- Voluntas Aranea -- into doing it, but that was a last resort.

 With a coy smile, Nadine made to grab her bag. "Well, I didn't mean to keep you from your night out, Thorkild."

Upon seeing a blush on Thorkild's cheeks, Nadine's smile grew. "Fluster you, did I? Oh, Elder, I thought your composure was absolutely indomitable. That is absolutely adorable." She finished her coffee and let her gaze wander along him.

 "I suppose you are correct. I'm merely saying, those mistakes should be lessened as much as possible. It shouldn't have to be a consistent learning curve." She ignored the comment about Gideon. Knowing he was a result of the Ivory coast was bad enough... how to apply it? She would have to go hunting for the original files somewhere; it wasn't as if she could just outright interrogate Israel about it.

 As always, a plan was already forming in Nadine's head. After a moment of quiet, she sipped her water and gave him a genuine smile. "I think I'm forming a cunning plan."

 Nadine was about to launch into another spiel when Thorkild's closing words absolutely silenced her. Did he just say the name he thought she did?
 "The Scourge of Scotland?!" Nadine hissed, her eyes had widened and she'd dropped her fork with a clang, gathering the attention of a new tables nearby.
 Quickly, she tried to amend her mistake - a quick side eye told her she'd been too public in her reaction - and her magic surged as she forced her cheeks to redden and let out a girlish giggle, covering her lips as she did so. Her shoulders shook and she lightly pinched Thorkild's shoulder. "Te burlas! That is not dinner talk!" Her elaborate lightening of the scenario and sudden flirty demeanour was enough to give the tables nearby the impression he'd merely said something slightly uncouth and lose their interest. Nadine's face snapped back into seriousness just as quickly as her shift had originally been.

 "That was a bit too loud of me, sorry." Nad was sheepish, that much was evident. "I didn't expect such a... a monster." She picked her fork back up but only managed to shift her food around her plate instead of actually eating anything. She'd seen the beast in passing; a monstrous structure that seemed more metal than skin and only capable of smiling if he'd found prey. The thought that he was not merely born that way, but a product of experimentation -- torture! It truly made Nadine wonder what such an unsympathetic beast could actually have been subject to.
 "It makes him a rather sympathetic figure, when you... think about that. It's no surprise that they'd cover it up so efficiently..." Her frown deepened. "Sanctuaries really need a HR department. This sort of kerfuffle could be easily avoided if there was a Lady Aranea for every company."

 Finally having worked up her appetite, she took a bite of her sweetbread. It was ice cold. Her nose wrinkled as she put her fork down delicately. Perhaps she had merely left it too long.
 "One thing older generations do not quite understand is that when the younger ones come into power, everything the generation before did is suddenly on their shoulders... do they not remember the messes they had to clear up? Don't you?"

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