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The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam - Speculation Topic
« on: January 29, 2019, 02:16:52 AM »
Sooo... forums are dead?

The Books / Skulduggery Pleasant: Bedlam - Speculation Topic
« on: January 26, 2019, 03:25:55 AM »
Hey guys,

If you haven't heard already, the name of the 12th book has been announced to be Bedlam. What are you thoughts and ideas on what this book will be about given the name?

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Midnight [SPOILER TOPIC]
« on: June 12, 2018, 05:31:11 AM »
It's honestly really sad to see how few replies this topic has... is the fandom dying out? Or are people still reading the books but just not using the forums anymore? Ah, anyway... back to the topic at hand.

Midnight. I've got to say, it's definitely got some problems but it's still one of my favourite books in the series. I've never been that good at giving reviews so sorry in advance if this is all over the place.

Let's start with the things I liked (in no particular order, just writing them as they come to mind):
-Everything after Alice was kidnapped was brilliant. Especially everything inside the Midnight Hotel. My God it was such a mindf---k with all the paradoxes of planting the seed for the hotel inside the hotel TWICE.
-Finally getting backstory on the Unnamed and what happened to the primary universe's version of Mevolent. I was kind of expecting the Unnamed to be kind of a bigger deal than just being a Faceless One Human hybrid, but to finally have his backstory explained is very nice.
-Kes. Absolutely love her. At this rate Val's going to end up with like 300 people who look exactly like her though XD
-Sebastian and his band of merry morons. I really can't wait to see how their story arc pans out.
-Alice's character is so great A++ to Derek for writing her so well.
-Abyssinia is quite possibly the best villain yet. She's evil, sure, but we've got to see so much more of her side of the story than we have with most of the other villains. I genuinely feel bad for her and understand where she's coming from.
-Cassion being Skul's son!! Like I saw it coming but at the same time I love the twist. I wonder if he inherited Skul's magical ambidexterity; so not only can he use Abyssinia's soul stealing but can also use any other form of magic he likes? It'd make him an even more formidable foe.
-The refugees from Mevolent's universe (yes, I'm still going to call it that. Screw trying to remember the name of some old scientist dude). I especially like how that entire story arc is setting up what I believe to be an inevitable invasion by the Big M.
-Never's pronouns only changing every new chapter they're in instead of EVERY OTHER BLOODY SENTENCE.  Damn it Landy, what were you thinking when you wrote Resurrection? I mean I'm all for increasing awareness and prevalence of LGBTQ+ issues and characters in media, but I'm fairly certain no genderfluid person changes their pronouns every 3 seconds.
-Gant's character. He made an excellent villain who lasted 3 books and I really enjoyed having a genuine psychotic serial killer as a bad guy. He also had a very interesting power.   
-Drunk Val is best Val
-And probably a thousand other small things that I can't think of at the moment.

The things I didn't like:
-Omen's role in this book. While I can understand Derek was trying to give Omen more character development in the first half of the book while also trying to establish what was going on with the refugees from the alternate reality, reading about Omen getting rejected and failing a test was kind of just... bland. And then even after the kidnapping Omen spent the majority of the time pretending to be dead in the back seat. I hope he gets a more integral role in the next book.
-Also, speaking of Omen, there was one scene with him towards the end of the book that really irked me. So Derek had just spent all this time explaining how, the second Val had planted the new seed inside the Midnight hotel everyone inside the old one was transported inside of the new mini one despite them all being inside the only one looking at the new mini one. So how was it that when Omen and Temper dragged Cassion out the front door they ended up in the "real" world instead of just coming out the front door of the mini Midnight Hotel on the island? Because they all should have been transported into that hotel. Like Gant said, if you went all the way to where the garage was you would have come out in the remains of the old hotel and you would have needed to go all the way back to truly escape his domain. Damn, magical paradoxes hurt my head.
-Lack of development for a lot of the newer characters while also barely addressing what's happened to the old characters (I am thankful we got some Tanith BUT I NEEDED MORE DAMN IT)
-I know there's a few more but they must have been so small/insignificant that they've slipped my mind, which is probably a good thing in hindsight xD

And now, the things that just left me with questions and I WANT ANSWERS DEREK (also some speculation for the next book):

-First and foremost, WHAT HAPPENED WITH VALDUGGERY!? The end of Resurrection fully set up a Val and Skul relationship, yet in this book we got NOTHING. Did they date for a while in the 7 months gap and then go back to just being friends? ARE THEY STILL DATING? WE NEED TO KNOW DEREK. While some seem to think Val flirting with Militsa Gnosis means that all of sudden's she's Bi and can't possibly be dating Skul, I think it was a deliberate Red Herring by Derek. From the sounds of it Val and Militsa have been close friends over the past 7 months and a lot can happen in that time. My guess is that they're just in the type of friendship where they jokingly flirt with each other while not meaning anything by it and not expecting a relationship to develop from it (or at least Val's thinking that, Militsa on the other hand may be still be trying to be more than friends xD) 
-At the end of the book when Val found out Alice didn't have a soul did she use her powers to teleport? It was a bit unclear but I'm fairly sure she did. We REALLY need more information on what Val's powers are and what they can do. So far we have energy blasts, reading people's memories, seeing the future and teleporting? And Skul also seemed convinced she could fly if he.. gave her a little nudge, so to speak.
-The timeline of how the events in the war took place. There seems to be a lot of confession about when certain events took place. My current understanding is that everything that happened between Skul and Abyssinia (including Skul becoming Lord Vile) all took place after he and his family were murdered and Skul came back from the dead. Can someone please let me know if I'm right?
-Now, I might be wrong about this one, but didn't Derek specify that the new series was only going to be a trilogy? Because there's so many plot threads Derek's working with at the moment that it would be really hard to tie everything up. Assuming I am write and he said it would be a trilogy, here's how I think it could play out:
1. Derek meant that Omen's story was going to be a trilogy, so the next book will tie up the Darkly Prophecy and will be about Auger VS Cassion and Derek will save the impending war with Mevolent, whatever the POTUS is planning, whatever China is hiding, whatever's going on with the Church of the Faceless and Sebastian bringing Darquesse back for a new trilogy.
2. Derek is going to try and pay all of that off in the next book all at once. While that does sound like a LOT of things to cover in one book, I think not only could he pull it off but I might even know how. Now, I know I'm probably wrong but I just want to have it out there in case I'm right.

The next book would need to be LONG. Like, the longest book in the series long. It would also have to be very well paced and organised, with each different subplot being as engaging as the last, and all leading towards one massive collision at the end. Mevolent invades, that dude from the last page of Midnight who wants to kill Skul uses the POTUS to launch a full blown mortal VS sorcerer war, China's hidden plan is revealed and it shocks everyone, Skul being revealed as being Lord Vile will probably also happen. Abyssinia will be sending her first wave into battle and a massive showdown between Auger and Cassion is taking place. Right when all of these plot points are reaching their climax Derek will then go ahead and throw in Sebastian and his cult bringing Darquesse back! ...but here's where the twist happens. After fighting the Faceless Ones (in their true forms nonetheless) for so many years, Darquesse's mind has been completely destroyed and she is only acting/fighting on primordial instinct. Just looking at the Faceless Ones in their abstract forms for a second sends normal people insane, and while Darquesse is anything but normal even she would have been driven to complete insanity by this stage. However, because Darquesse has no consciousness left of her own and is only acting on pure instinct, Kes will be able to sort of just take control of her body. Then, with access to all of Darquesse's powers she'll effortless wipe out Mevolent and his army (I'm going ahead and assuming Darquesse's raw power has just kept increasing while fighting the Faceless Ones even though he mind degraded) and put and end to whatever the POTUS is doing, and finally stop Abyssinia and Cassion for good (she'll probably have to bring Omen and Auger back to life or something as well). While I know that sounds like a massively anti-climatic end, at this point it would be the only way to tie up every loose end in only one book.

Anyway, let me know what you guys think :)

The Books / Re: Midnight speculation
« on: February 12, 2018, 03:43:07 AM »
So is it the forum that's dead or the fandom?

The Books / Midnight speculation
« on: December 14, 2017, 09:05:09 AM »
Hello all,

Seeing as Derek doesn't update his blog anymore, I haven't heard anything about the next book. What have we heard about Book 11 so far?

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:24:43 PM »
Okay, I don't have much time so I'll try and keep this relatively quick.

Overall, I enjoyed the book. It's distinctively different from the previous phase, but I can see what Derek's going for with this.

The main predictions for future books that I've formulated are; \

1. Omen is definitely going to end up being the chosen one. Derek's spent WAY too much time emphasising how Auger is the chosen one - it only makes sense that it's actually Omen. They're twins, and twins often get mixed up in the first few days after birth. So Omen will actually be the first born, which will probably prompt a whole "nature vs nurture" discussion about why Auger was so apt at being a hero - if you grow up being told you're an unstoppable hero who's destined to save the world then that's how you'll act.

2. Fragment Darquesse. I'll be honest here, I was convinced that this Darquesse was just a figment of Val's imagination right up until she messed with Lethe's head. So I guess it's safe to say that this is an actual piece of herself that Darquesse left behind in Val's head simply to llama with her. I find it interesting that she chose to help Val and Skul - she might possibly end up wanting to be good (remember the real Darquesse almost turned good in TDoTL. Also, even when Darquesse first "awoke" she said she thought the world was beautiful and had no idea why she would ever want to destroy it. The only reason Darquesse ever even was evil was because the Sensitives said she would be).

3. Sebastian. His story arch in this book was kind meh but he has a lot of potential. I reckon he's going to find out about Fragment Darquesse, capture her, and then use her as an Isthmus Anchor to open a portal into the Faceless Ones' reality to bring the real Darquesse back. Also, my guess is that he'll kidnap Never and force him/her to be the teleporter to open the portal. You know, for drama.

4. And last, but certainly not least... VALDUGGERY IS CANON. THE SHIP HAS SAILED. OTP.

Ahem. Sorry about that last thing, I have no idea what came over me.

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant X Speculation
« on: September 22, 2016, 02:57:21 PM »
I very much like the idea of Omen using some form of antimagic. To describe how I think it would work I'll use a door analogy: imagine a door separating sorcerers from the source of all magic. For normal sorcerers, the door is only cracked open a tiny bit. The accelerator pushes the door open a bit more, leaving it ajar until it slowly swings back to how it originally was. People who have discovered their true names have their doors probably around half way open at first, but then as they experience and learn more about magic, their door gets pushed further and further until it's fully open. This is where Omen comes in: he has the ability to temporarily close other people's doors. Regardless of whether they're regular mages, have been accelerated, or have discovered their true names - their doors can still be closed.

However, it would be interesting if Valkyrie were immune to Omen's powers. Val no longer has a true name, thus it could be seen as no longer having a door. She only has a doorway from which pure magic flows through, unrestricted. Also, imagine if Omen's power had an area of effect associated with it (i.e, he can make it work for anyone inside the same room as him. For this to work I'd imagine the room would also have to have various sigils sketched all over it). This could result in a final Valkyrie VS Darquesse fight where they trick Darquesse into a room which has Omen's powers working on it. Of course Darquesse can sense it's a trap, but she also senses that Valkyrie's inside that room. She figures that her magic will be restricted as soon as she enters the room, but she thinks that Valkyrie won't have any magic either. Darquesse willing enters the room, confident in herself to be able to beat Valkyrie in straight H2H combat. However, once the fight begins Darquesse soon realises that it's yet another trick and Valkyrie still has access to her magic. Darquesse attempts to defend herself, but against Val's white magical energy Darquesse gets disintegrated.

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant X Speculation
« on: September 22, 2016, 04:21:28 AM »
He's my personal prediction as to how Darquesse fared against the Faceless Ones:

She arrives in their reality, brim with cockiness and confidence as she begins her genocide against the old gods. However, after killing two or three of them, Darquesse realises that she's not nearly as powerful as she should be. She's missing magical powers and energy she thought she had collected from all across the universe. She doesn't know why at first, but she doesn't have time dwell on it as an army of Faceless approach. Regardless to whether is attempts to fight or flee, the outcome is the same; the Faceless Ones overpower her via sheer numbers and one of them takes over Darquesse's body (which is a reasonable conclusion considering we have seen several times that the Faceless Ones seem to prefer being in a vessel as opposed to remaining in their abstract forms). However, Darquesse is not gone. She's still alive, just a minute strain of consciousness picking at the back of the mind of the Faceless, too weak to even be noticed. Now there's nothing left for Darquesse to do... nothing except think. She's goes back to ponder on why she isn't as powerful as she should be and eventually realises she had been tricked. That they had, somehow, tricked her into thinking that she had destroyed the world and obtained all these mystical powers she evidently does not have. Furious, Darquesse vowels revenge on the entire world. New determination sparks to life within her, and Darquesse begins to get to work. She reaches out ever so slowly with her magic - she begins picking away at the Faceless One who is possessing her body. Slowly, over many years, Darquesse begins learning about exactly what the Faceless Ones how. Where their magic stems from, how they use their magic, what they were planning to do once they broke back into the main universe. Once Darquesse knew everything there was to know about the Faceless Ones; once she knew their weaknesses and had regained enough strength, she executed her plan. She kill the Faceless One controlling her body and absorbed its magic - she used her knew knowledge to kill the other Faceless, absorbing all of their power too. Combining their energy with her own, Darquesse broke down the barrier that separated the Faceless One's reality from her own and walked back through the portal... only to face a world in chaos. A world that was being destroyed by somebody other than her. Then she faces off against whoever the big bad is (hopefully the Unnamed) and while they're both distracted the main cast uses the advantage to execute some masterful plan to take them both down.

Oh, and on a side note, has anyone seen The Force Awakens? If so, how badass would it be if Darquesse uses her magic to stop a bolt of lightning from the Sceptre like when Kylo Ren stoped a blaster bolt midair with the force. "This lightning disintegrates anything it touches... so it dawned on me that the best way to counter it is stop it from actually touching me"

The Books / Re: Skulduggery Pleasant X Speculation
« on: September 21, 2016, 02:27:37 PM »
While Darquesse returning for the new series is certainly appealing to me, I find it unlikely that she'd play any major role. If she does come back though, I imagine she'd have somehow figured out she had been tricked, managed to kill all the Faceless Ones, and then right as she breaks through the portal the exact her revenge on the main universe she gets one-shoted by whoever the new big bad is.

Speaking of new big bads, I really hope the Nameless gets some time in the spotlight. All we know about him is that he's Mevolent's master and that he wields black fire like Darquesse was towards the end of the last series. I feel like if he's fleshed out properly, he could become not only a character who has immense raw magic power, but is also very manipulative. Sure, he could have come in and won the war himself, but instead he decided to leave Mevolent to fight for himself. This also leads me off onto another tangent: where exactly did The Nameless disappear off too? No traces of him in the main universe, no traces of him in Mevolent's AU either. My current theory regarding the Nameless is that, due to being a magical anomaly, only one of him exists throughout the multiverse. That's why we never see him - he's off taking over some parallel universe.

I also want to theorise about Alice a bit. I believe that she'll be a natural sorcerer, stumbling upon magic by accident while still very young. In particular, imagine if she has an odd affinity towards necromancy due to a certain incident which happened to her as a baby...

Anyway, the topic of Alice finding the The Sceptre of the Ancients was mention early. I couldn't stop thinking about a 6 year old Alice stumbling upon the Sceptre and thinking that the black rock at the end of it is very pretty. She decides to take the pretty rock and give it to a boy she has a crush on.... and, well, I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine how that'd turn out.   

Skulduggery Pleasant / Re: Skulduggery VS Mevolent? ~~KOTW SPOILERS!~~
« on: December 17, 2014, 12:59:52 AM »
We don't know what turned the tide of the war. Losing Vile certainly would have weakened Mevolent's side, however he was still able to be captured and killed. Unless Vile was his personal bodyguard or Skulduggery himself killed Mevolent, Lord Vile shouldn't have affected the outcome of the war that much.

Though it's likely without Vile, facing the likes of Skulduggery and a re-motivated Dead Men plus everyone else, Mevolent was overwhelmed by combined strength. A one-on-one battle with Skulduggery would be different from a War situation though.
It's also possible Mevolent would have still won the war without Vile or Skulduggery. Like I said, Skulduggery's return and Vile's disappearance were probably very impacting but on their own might not have decided the war.

Mevolent can take on Darquesse in a one-on-one battle and get the TKO. Lord Vile wasn't exactly holding back in Death Bringer. I don't really remember the fight in Death Bringer, but as I recall Vile wasn't able to push Darquesse as much as Mevolent did. Mevolent did have a God-Killer in his battle with her though, so that obviously affected the battle.
Exactly plus Darquesse is stronger in KOTW

How exactly was she stronger in KoTW? She was scattering people's atoms in TDoTL...

Skulduggery Pleasant / Re: Skulduggery VS Mevolent? ~~KOTW SPOILERS!~~
« on: December 15, 2014, 11:20:13 PM »
It'd be a very interesting fight. Mevolent, as Orgil has said, was the master of Elemental magic. I don't doubt he was better than Skulduggery, even after his improvements during the series. AU!Mevolent also had the strength to win the war, so that should be taken into consideration also. I think AU!Lord Vile would be stronger too, since he didn't lock away his Necromancy like Skulduggery did.
I think AU!Lord Vile is slightly weaker than AU!Mevolent, so therefor I think AU!Mevolent is stronger than main universe Skulduggery. Skulduggery might be able to apply a trick or too that would help him out (Elemental magic is very adaptable and I think Skulduggery is the best at adapting it to the situation at hand) but ultimately the Master of the Elements would prevail.

Also I added a KOTW spoiler tag to the title, since this thread has the Skulduggery is Vile reveal thrown around casually and the Alternate universe was a bit of a surprise too.

I thought the only reason AU!Mevolent won the war was because AU!Skul wasn't strong enough to fight off Lord Vile and re-join the good guys. So if anything, that's a testament to how powerful Vile is if he was the deciding factor in the war.

Skulduggery Pleasant / Re: Skulduggery VS Mevolent?
« on: December 15, 2014, 11:05:51 AM »
Mevolent. Stronger, faster and at least 10x stronger magically

Really? I was honestly thinking Skul would have a pretty good shot. I mean, what combat feats does Mevolent have that would actually be useful against Skul? Malevolent go to attack seems to be pulling the air out of people's lungs.. which is useless against Skul. While Skul, on the other hand, could easily do just that to Mevolent. Or he could do use his water manipulation to pull some blood-bendy stuff.

Skulduggery Pleasant / Skulduggery VS Mevolent? ~~KOTW ONWARD SPOILERS!~~
« on: December 15, 2014, 10:11:14 AM »
I saw that there was a lot of these battle sort of threads being started, so I decided to join in. What do you guys think would happen if Skulduggery and AU!Mevolent got teleported to a, let's say a desert, and where forced to fight to the death.

This is strictly elemental magic and H2H combat only. No other weapons, armour, artifacts, or magic disciplines.
They are both 'in character', but Skulduggery will turn into Lord Vile  (no necromancy, just mindset) if he's in a life or death situation
No leaving the battle arena (i.e. no shadow walking, flying, etc away from, the desert)

The Books / Re: The Dying of the Light [SPOILER TOPIC]
« on: October 11, 2014, 02:26:58 AM »
I think people are rather underestimating Darquesse here. Sure, if she did attempt to take them all on at once there's no doubt she would get destroyed, but she's smarter than that. Ever if she does think she's been all over the universe, wiping out alien races and whatnot, as soon as she works out that either; a) She's not as strong as she thinks she is, or b) She just thinks that the Faceless Ones are to strong for her, she'd most likely fall back. Then she could just go into hiding, coming out every so often to take 1 or 2 Faceless Ones by surprise then go back to hiding. I mean, it couldn't be that hard to survive there, Skulduggery did it for almost a year. And hell, what happens if she actually manages to catch a Faceless One? She could spend a few years studying it's magic, using it to make herself more powerful. Then only God knows how powerful she could become.

Now, back to the magic sucker, she had plenty of time to destroy it. She could have done it when she obliterated that squad of red hoods. Or when she was just staring Mevolent down when she was about to shunt... seriously, if she had enough time to shunt, she could have easily just flicked her hand and made the magic sucker go bye bye. Oh, and as for it being immune to molecule manipulation? I find that unlike for the following reasons; 1) When Mevolent first fought Darquesse, she never showed any ability to manipulate atoms, so why would he even think to make the gun immune to it? 2) I don't see how you could use magic to prevent molecule manipulation... atoms are atoms, regardless of any magical properties that may be associated with the item in question.

Fan Art / Re: Valkyrie Fan Art Attempt
« on: October 11, 2014, 01:43:11 AM »
WOW! I wasn't expecting such great feedback on this picture, thank you everyone! It's really made my day to see that people liked this so much =D

Oh, and yes Violet, that's my dA account ^_^

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