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Ximena arched an eyebrow when rico didn’t go for the killshot, but her planned order was cut short by the arrival of the very irritated looking Russian. She shrugged, looking down at Monty with a detached boredom that only said he wasn’t worth the magic for a conjured bullet. ”Adios, amigo.” She said flatly, as the Russian teleported. 

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1/2 Approved.

Girth is sufficient.

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I might tackle the bio later? But I watched you write a good portion of it so, we’ll see if I feel like it after work.

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Similar comments to Lottie, looks good and has lots of potential, but I feel it needs some more THICCNESS.

Ximena’s face seemed to split completely in half as her grin went from smug to absolutely ecstatic. Watching all that fire… all that will, just drain from Rico’s face as the careful conditioning and mental blocks did their work with nothing more than a sentence. It was the most beautiful thing Ximena could imagine and more. More because despite the fact that Rico was now further in her pocket than a fistful or coins, his little friend thought that he could get through to the soldier. Ximena looked back over her shoulder, her dark brown gaze locking onto Monty’s with predatory focus.
”Oh no, cabron. You’re too late.” Ximena practically giggled at the man. She tapped her mechanical arm against her thigh, activating her signal for the Russian to come get them. ”Rico, my sweet.” She kept her eyes on Monty. ”Help me handle this goat before señor Ruso arrives.”


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Ximena would have liked to enjoy her work for a few more seconds, but the flash of silver in her periphery made sure she put her attention where it was needed. She turned, and started staring directly down the barrel of some intervening mother goat’s handgun. She snarled and reached behind her, the new mechanical arm gripping something fleshy that screamed as she pulled it in front of her just in time to hear the report of the handgun go off three times. She felt two impacts into the meat shield she’d grabbed, cutting off the awful screaming. A third smacked directly into her metal shoulder, she growled, tossing the lifeless body of the child she’d volunteered to take a few bullets carelessly into the street with a cruel laugh. She pointed her talon tipped finger at Monty. ”You’re next, Desgraçado!” She growled, a promise she fully intended to make good on one day, but now she was busy. She whipped around, finally catching sight of Classified muscling through the pedestrians. She dashed forward, anyone that stepped in her way caught either a mechanical elbow to the face or a bone breaking caress. She was done fishing around, no way was Ximena planning on fighting two strapped mercenaries in broad fishing daylight. llama it, Ximena, just go for it. She thought to herself, inhaling deeply and praying to whatever unmentionable god that allowed her to survive this long that Classified didn’t blow his other ear out. 

Ximena sighed in satisfaction as he watched the metal arm make contact exactly where she intended, just above his hip and directly into his kidney. But the soldier was always tricky, always high octane, even for her. With no llamas to give for the pain he’d already conjured a blade and swung back at her legs. She moved her knee out of the way, but lost track of the matte black blade for long enough that the wide sweep carved across her inner thigh, just above the knee. She grimaced, his hands smacked against her shoulders in an attempt to throw her off balance. Ximena twisted, flipping through the air with catlike grace and landing in a crouch. She chuckled as he took off, using the crowded street to try and  lose her. ”Oh Rico… how I’ve missed our conversations.” She’d drawn several curious gazes, but she didn’t have thoughts to spare for them as she took off running after Rico. Despite his incredibly conspicuous garb, he was always remarkably good at blending in, and Ximena feared she’d lost him in the press of tourists. She stopped for a second, searching for the signs of a man on a mission pushing through the crowd. Someone reached out and grabbed her wrist, apparently a Good Samaritan that decided Ximena had stepped out of line. The vampire switched her gaze to him, whatever he said was lost in the roaring bloodlust. She reached out her free hand and lightly tapped his forehead with her talon tipped index and middle finger.
Then the screaming started. His skull didn’t cave, but it was badly fractured, and the talons of her mechanical arm had viciously cut into his forehead. Ximena took a couple of seconds to admire the cerebrospinal fluid that leaked out of the ugly wound. She didn’t notice the police uniform the man wore as she took back off after Classified, this time no one tried to stop her.

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You can do no wrong in my eyes.

1/2 approved.

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Ximena Ortez popped out of thin air and slipped the Russian a sly wink. They’d appeared in an alley somewhere in Limerick, Ireland. How exactly the teleporter had managed to get them to somewhere this random with seemingly no hesitation was beyond her. Maybe Voluntas hadn’t been lying when she said he was the greatest teleporter alive.
”Gracias, Ruso.” The Columbiana’s voice was honeyed, a gleam was in her dark brown eyes that hadn’t been there since before her new arm. The Russian grimaced at her but she paid him and his opinions of her no mind. “Stay here, once I have Classified I’ll need you to get him to the British Sanctuary, when he’s finished his business there bring him back to me, comprende?” She tapped the façade carving on her wrist, cloaking her arm in the fake flesh and hiding the new claws. The Russian nodded to her and she stepped out into the street, donning her absurdly reflective sunglasses. ’If I were Rico Classified, where would I hide?” She thought, looking down at the CCAT tracker in her hand. She knew he was in Limerick and had been wandering around there for a few hours, not particularly quickly which meant he didn’t have wheels yet. She cracked her neck and started to walk down the street, the scanner started narrowing down his location as the signal got stronger.
It was sunny and humid, exactly the kind of weather Ximena wanted wherever she went. She’d changed up her clothes after seeing Dr. Klein about her arm, dark green combat pants, a long sleeved, skintight athletic shirt, and lightweight desert boots that offered a good mixture of traction and stealth. She’d also found time to straighten her hair and clean her face. Having a teleporter on standby made almost everything easier to fit into your schedule it seemed. Ximena came to a stop and looked closer at the tracker, giving it a solid smack to make sure there wasn’t some kind of readout error.  The bone breaker had to stifle a laugh, almost refusing to believe her luck. Rico Classified was walking down the street directly in front of her. She ducked behind a group of tourists and followed with her hands in her pockets, scanning the street for the familiar profile of her favorite assassin.
She followed them for a couple blocks and moved out into the middle of the sidewalk, and there he was. Looking around frantically at seemingly everyone that moved in from his peripherals. She grinned, exposing the brilliant white teeth and the vicious fangs between them.
’Oh Rico… Maybe if you hadn’t shot out your ear this wouldn’t be so easy.’ 
Despite her cocky internal monologue, Ximena found herself thinking intensely about how to proceed. With Classified on high alert like this she couldn’t waste time, as much fun as she would have trying to toy with him. She couldn’t risk him doing something drastic and potentially losing those eyes. She picked up the pace, walking past the group of tourists and coming to a stop about ten feet behind her target, careful to stay out of his peripherals.
She could snap his spine, pass it off as some kind of freak accident to the all the people that could see. Just the lightest of grazes… crack. The thought sent shivers down her spine. She moved faster, halving the distance between her and Classified. She could actually use the trigger phrase, say it before he had time to properly react, get him back under her thumb without needing to fight. Even if it wasn’t as fun in the moment, it yielded the best chance at succeeding before Silas had a chance to remove her. But activating the brainwashing wasn’t exactly subtle either. ”Why not have a little fun before we go home…” Ximena whispered to herself.
She surged forward, covering the space between her and Rico in two vampirically graceful strides before falling in step next to him for a couple of seconds, keeping her face turned away.  ”You can’t hide from me, seus bosta!” Ximena shouted, whipping to face Rico and swinging her new cybernetic in a punch toward his kidney.

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Roland Mercer was slumped across his desk, asleep for the first time in what he assumed to be 72 hours. The Cleaver General has overtaken seeing to security while Roland took a break, assigning teams to watch the warehouse yard posed as everyday folks. Roland didn’t bother telling them that of the monster that initially attacked made his return, they’d be better off calling help from the other Sanctuaries than trying to fight him again.
Not that the other Sanctuaries were very willing to even look in Côte D’Ivoire’s direction at the moment. Even though it was Israel that created Blackshield, Roland hadn’t done anything to stop it. That made him guilty. Guilty in the eyes of the public, guilty in the eyes of the other Elders, and guilty in the eyes of his friends. Even Thorkild hadn’t known the true depths of depravity and desperation that the Council felt during the War. What it was like as generals to see a battlefield that offered no chances at victory without immeasurable cost. Victories that required taking attention away from the problems already intrinsic to the African continent. The monsters, the Fae, the Cradle status that made them a ripe target even for their allies in an attempt to gain the power that Africa wielded.

knock knock

Roland’s head unpleasant excrement up from his desk, a hand already reaching into the coat he’d been using for a pillow and finding the comfortable wooden grip of one of his his revolvers. But he heard a familiar voice on the other side of the door. He breathed a sigh of relief and took his hand off the pistol. Axel was here, returning from Ireland and his much needed vacation. Roland rubbed his eyes and responded. ”I’m here, please, come in.” He sounded groggy, his voice even deeper than normal as he did his best to look awake and alert.

Felicity wasn't lying, he knew it. Nadine was a beast, even if getting in as deep with an informant as she did was a rooky mistake. He grimaced at 'your broker', implying Nadine was more just a shadow broker that had taken a liking to the Elder. But Thorkild wasn't exactly any old informant. And maybe Nadine wasn't just a broker that walked into his office because it was convenient. He pinched the bridge of his nose. Finding anything on Blackshield was an outright insane idea, the one redacted file he saw that night in Spain was enough to make his eyebrows raise off his forehead and enter orbit around Saturn. But in an hour? "Of course she did." He sighed as Felicity continued, explaining she'd been pulling on Nad's strings even more than he'd assumed. Even if the Spaniard went about it in her own... Nadine kind of way.
There it was. That all too familiar urge, the electric sensation in his hands and head that screamed for murder. Kill her, kill her kill HER KILL HER. His conditioning screamed in his mind, decades of suppressing the evil magic within him unraveling as he used it against the chained provectimancer, even if only for a few seconds. He shook his head and looked back to Voluntas, asking for permission to end her. His eyes narrowed, contemplating for a second how nice it could be to see her blood spilled across the disgusting concrete floor.
"That, is if the Elder can do with another death on his conscience." Her tone was urgent enough that Thorkild knew she really did think he'd give the go ahead. His racing thoughts of all the ways that he and the two Vampires could kill her stopped dead in their tracks. Retribution... blood for blood. He watched Felicity carefully for several seconds, his eyes flickering between her and her daughter.
”No.” He finally said, looking down at the ground and crossing his arms. ”I won’t order the death of a defenseless enemy, regardless of my opinions of them.” His eyes turned sympathetic, even if his tone remained hard. ”Not anymore.” Thorkild reached down and put his shirt back on, looking to Voluntas. ”I’ll take her to Scandinavia, with Cote d’Ivoire gone and her head Gaoler dead, Roland will prefer she be placed in the hands of my Sanctuary.” He slid his grey coat over his arms, fishing for his phone. ”Go. Once she’s in Sanctuary custody as a terrorist wanted in connection with the deaths of up to seventy sanctuary operatives you;ll have nothing to fear.” The control in Thorkild’s tone was clearer, like he was remembering that he was respected and his office did in fact lend him authority. ”Return to Silas. Something tells me he needs you.”   

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All in all a character I enjoyed reading. She has a few things that I don’t personally like, but nothing that screams deal breaker, and I look forward to seeing her played.
Approved 1/2

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