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Movies & TV / Best films of 2014?
« on: December 28, 2014, 04:48:18 PM »
*not yet released in the UK

The list is just off the top of my head. If there's any film not on there, just post it and I'll add it in. You can only vote once and you can't change your vote.

I chose Captain America: The Winter Soldier, The LEGO Movie and Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fan Fiction / Valkyrie and Skulduggery in... Funhouse of Horror!
« on: November 11, 2014, 09:22:11 PM »

Beryl snapped out of her daydream and looked away from her pretty reflection as she made her way wearily through the maze of mirrors. Her stomach rumbled from the bad burger she had just eaten. Kenspeckle groaned as he bumped into a mirror. She turned to him quickly, but he was gone.
“Kenspeckle?” she called.
“C-c,” came a hollow voice.
“Kenspeckle?” called Beryl louder, turning a corner.
“C-crack...” moaned the voice. Beryl sighed in relief as she found Kenspeckle standing on the other side of the corridor. He was facing away from her, but she could see his reflection. The smile on his face was warm and inviting. She skipped over to him, placed her hand on his shoulder, turned him around and screamed in horror. Staring back at her was a gouged-out face. The jaw of his skull fell down as the ligaments gave way. Beryl screamed louder, pushed him back into the mirror, his reflection's smile now twisted and cold.
“Fiiiiiccc,” squealed Kenspeckle's reflection in delight. Beryl turned back around the corner, her hands brushing the reflective surfaces of the mirrors as she found her way to the next room.

The door slammed shut behind her and she found herself in a dark chamber. She crept backwards into a corner and lowered herself to the ground, shaking. A figure began walking towards her.
“You shouldn't have eated that burger,” said Ghastly as blood poured out of his eyes. “Look inside yourself, Simba.” Ghastly placed his fingers inside his eye socket and pulled his eyeball out. He held it close to her and she saw her reflection. The hall of mirrors had lied. She gasped in shock, grabbing the eyeball. She whimpered as she placed her free hand inside her hollow skull.
“I've been dead all this time?”

Beryl gasped as she sat up straight. She checked her bedside clock. 4:20am. She sighed in relief and fell back onto her sweaty pillow.

Later that morning, Beryl grabbed a leftover burger and shoved it in her mouth as she hurried to her car. She pulled out the driveway and groaned in pleasure as her tongue tasted the dead cow meat. She closed her eyes in euphoria, only to open them in sudden dread.

“Well,” said Detective Marr to Detective Crux as she took the burger from the corpse of Beryl Edgely. “Looks like she swerved into that tree, pinning Kenspeckle. They're both dead.”

Beryl snapped out of her daydream and looked away from her pretty reflection...


Fan Fiction / Skulduggery Pleasant in... Invasion of the Banana People!
« on: September 05, 2014, 12:17:30 AM »

Desmond Edgley slumped further back in his chair as he flicked through the channels.
“We’re going live now to our reporter at the scene. Mr Crack?”
“Mr Fic, I’m out here on Aranmoore Farm where some sort of a portal, we believe, has opened in the sky. It appears--” The camera fell to the ground, presenting a sideways view of the world as the camera man ran in a futile effort to escape his banana overlords.
“It appears we have lose visual,” said the news anchor dumbly. “Loyal viewers, please be aware for anyone acting strangely. It is believed that these banana people are capable of imitating life. That’s all from us for today. I’m going to go home and reminisce about happier times.”

Desmond poked his head out into the hallway and grabbed his coat. He jumped when he heard a voice from the kitchen door.
“Where are you going, father?” asked Stephanie, the reflection.
“Oh, I’m just going to the store to get--” Desmond’s voice trailed off as he noticed the half-eaten banana in Stephanie’s hand. He shook. Stephanie took a few steps closer. “What are you doing?” he asked nervously.
“Why are you acting so strangely, father?” replied Stephanie monotonously. Something was wrong. This wasn’t his daughter. She smiled a smile, but her blank eyes betrayed her. Desmond grabbed Stephanie by her collar and furiously snatched the banana away from her. His eyes filled with tears as he smashed the banana down on her relentlessly.
“Good,” came a voice. Desmond stared down at the corpse of his daughter.
“Who said that?” asked Desmond.
“Me,” rasped the smushy remains of the banana in his hand.
“W-what do you want?” asked Desmond.
“Desmond!” shrieked Mellissa as she opened the front door. Desmond was on his knees, crouched over the dead body, banana in hand.
“You don’t need her,” whispered the voice.
“I don’t need you,” replied Desmond.
“You only need potassium.”
“I only need potassium.”

Mellissa placed her hand discreetly in her bag. She felt around for it.
“I’m here,” rasped a voice.
“You’re here,” she whispered back as Desmond began advancing towards her.
“He’s peanut butter jelly of your potassium,” taunted the voice.
“He’s peanut butter jelly of my potassium,” she repeated.

Desmond smiled maniacally as he raised the smushed banana above his head in a stabbing motion. Mellissa cried and drew the banana from her bag, crushing it against Desmond’s chest. Desmond gasped in pain and fell against the wall. He splayed his hands out to keep him up, but he slid down regardless. Mellissa’s face turned straight as she casually kneeled over Desmond and smushed the banana repeatedly on his chest until he died.
“Desmond?” she asked, dropping the banana from her hand. She gasped audibly, grabbing his arms. She cried. “Desmond! No!” She looked down. The bananas were gone.


Fight Club / M Night Shyamalan vs Meg
« on: August 13, 2014, 08:29:55 PM »
Leto chooses M Night Shyamalan:

(click to show/hide)

ETGuy chooses Meg:

(click to show/hide)

Off Topic / Hottest British actor?
« on: July 19, 2014, 01:09:46 AM »
Based on a conversation with Ditzy and Gayou.

General Works / The Forum Fic V
« on: July 11, 2014, 01:52:15 AM »
* All members portrayed are fictional and no offence is intended
* Contains drug use, violence and unsavoury depictions of the police services
* If the NSA is spying on us, please don't judge me


“He’s dodgy,” remarked PC Gideon as he scoffed a donut. He was looking at a chubby man in tracksuits that was leaning against a corner shop door frame and stretching his hamstrings.
“He’s going for a run,” remarked PC Leto, not looking up from her magazine. She finished her cup of coffee, opened the window and tossed it out onto the pavement.
“Ten bucks says he robs that store,” wagered PC Gideon as he put the box of donuts in the glove compartment.
“Sure, whatever,” sighed PC Leto as she turned the page. The man outside looked side to side and reached his hand into his tracksuit bottoms. He produced a pocket knife. “Yeah, he’s robbing the store.”
“What!?” gasped PC Leto as she looked up from her magazine. The man in tracksuits walked into the store. “Excrement.” She reached into her pocket and handed PC Gideon a ten pound note.
“Wanna go after him?”
“Ugggh,” groaned PC Gideon. “How long until our shift ends?”
“Ten minutes,” replied PC Leto as the man in tracksuits sprinted out of the shop with a sack in his hands.
“Might as well,” sighed PC Gideon as PC Leto turned the key. The car stalled.
“Did you fill her up?”
“No. What am I, a scientist?” grumbled PC Leto as she reached over to the glove compartment and picked up the box of doughnuts. PC Gideon rolled his eyes and opened the car door. He ran after the man in tracksuits, following him into an alley leading to a council estate.


“Ma!” shouted the man in tracksuits as he banged on the door. “Ma, let me in! It’s the fuzz!” The door opened slightly, locked into place by a small chain.
“Fool, why you bringing the pigs to my yard?” asked Ditzy.
“Let me in, ma! I promised the boss--”
“Pa Adelina?”
“You told me you left that gang! What have I told you about gangs, Kii? Get in here, blud.” She unhooked the chain and yanked Kiiyashi in. She grabbed the sack from him and shook her head as she picked up a box of cigarettes from it. “You go to your room, mister. No drive bys for you tonight.”
“But, ma!”
“You want to be a gangsta, huh?” asked Ditzy as she went to the kitchen and returned with a knife. She grabbed Kiiyashi and held the knife to his gut. She kissed her teeth. “Nah, that’s what I thought.” She shoved Kiiyashi onto the stair case and he quickly ran up to his room.


PC Leto closed her locker, slung her backpack on and walked back through the station. She exited and found PC Gideon leaning against a lamppost. “You catch him?”
“Nah,” panted PC Gideon. He took a bite of a doughnut in between breaths. “If God wanted man to run, we’d have wheels.”
“Ah well. See you tomorrow.” Leto grabbed his doughnut as she walked past him.


Pa Adelina looked into the mirror and smiled at the handsome specimen looking back. He sighed slowly as he stroked his triceps, groaned as he pinched his abs and breathed contently as he stroked his neatly cut goatee. “You’re perfect,” he whispered to himself as he kissed his fingers and touched the mirror.
“Boss?” asked Phil as he entered the office. “There’s a situation.”

“Must I to do everything myself?” asked Pa Adelina to Nixion and Orgil, who were both tied to chairs and blindfolded. “I asked for three bags full, how hard is that to understand? I assumed you were a bit thick, considering the… utterly ghastly way you dress, but I thought you would be able to count to three.”
“Please, Pa Adelina!” pleased Nixion. “We don’t know where he went! He didn’t meet at the rendezvous point!” Pa Adelina sighed and looked over to Phil. Phil wasn’t especially bright. His beard was unkempt. His arms, while big, didn’t make up for the fact that he had a bit of a belly. But he was loyal. He nodded in response and whacked Nixion with the back of his gun.
“You have twenty-four hours to find him,” whispered Pa Adelina to Nixion. He pulled off Nixion's blindfold and he squinted at the harsh white lights.
“Y-yes, boss,” replied Nixion. Phil began unstrapping him.
“And if you don’t, I’ll kill your friend here,” smiled Pa Adelina with that handsome smile of his. Nixion nodded quickly and sprinted out of the warehouse. “Keep an eye on him. If he’s not back in forty-eight hours, kill them both.”
“Yes, boss,” replied Phil as he activated the tracker on his mobile phone.
“You know I can hear everything you’re saying, right?” asked Orgil.
“Shut up,” snapped Phil.
“And I’m not thick. I have a masters degree in business management.”
“Still, shut up.”

General Works / Thor and Oberyn go to Castle White
« on: July 02, 2014, 10:06:54 PM »
“Say it,” said Oberyn as he circled the Mountain. “Say her name! Say it!” Suddenly, the Mountain swept Oberyn with his arm, lifted him above his body and punched him.
“Tag out!” boomed a mighty voice from behind. Oberyn leaned one of his arms backwards and felt a hand grip him. The Mighty Thor swung Mjolnir and whacked the Mountain in the face, blowing his head off. He helped Oberyn up and patted his back. Oberyn smiled as he put on his shades and gave a thumbs up to Tyrion. He hopped into his sports car and reversed over the Mountain’s body.

Oberyn crossed his eyes as lightning from Mjolnir lit his bong. He inhaled and blew out, passing it over to Thor. “Where did you get this?” croaked Oberyn as his eyes turned red.
“The finest fields of Vanaheim, of course!” replied Thor as leaned back into the couch. Oberyn groaned when he heard a knock on the door. Thor swung Mjolnir to clear the smoke and hid the bong under his cape. Oberyn opened the door.
“Duuuude,” blurted Peter Quill as he extended his arms and hugged Oberyn.
“Who is this mortal?” asked Thor, impatient to get back to his bong.
“Star-Lord,” replied Peter.
“Star-Lord, man! Legendary outlaw? Forget it.”
“Do I smell chicken?” asked a towering figure standing next to Peter.
“You partake in the feasting of the avian variety?” asked Thor.
“Maybe,” smiled the Hound. He locked eyes with Thor. Thor smiled back.
“Oh, guys,” gasped Peter. “I know the perfect place that sells chicken. Just opened.”
“Speak, mortal!” exclaimed Thor
“Castle White, just six miles down the freeway,” stammered Peter. Oberyn smiled and patted Peter’s arm. They all turned back to the door and walked into the hallway of the apartment complex. Peter was giving directions to Oberyn when an arrow pierced his back and he fell to the ground.
“Peter!” screamed Oberyn as George RR Martin ran up to and kicked the Hound in the groin. He then bashed the Hound’s head with a rock, knocking him over. Thor rushed over to the Hound.
“Kill me,” pleaded the Hound. Thor nodded quickly and raised Mjolnir, gritting his teeth… and then he shoved his face into the Hound’s and shared a passionate kiss, their beards stroking against each other. Thor nodded to the Hound and electrocuted him.
“Obi,” gasped Peter.
“Yes, my friend?” replied Oberyn, clutching Peter’s hand.
“Y-you remember that three-way we had with that Dothraki dude?”
“Yes,” sobbed Oberyn happily.
“You… You have to go to Castle White…”
“I shall.”
“Promise me. Crack fic. Promise me you’ll go to Castle White.” Oberyn nodded quickly as Peter’s eyes rolled back and closed.

Thor and Oberyn sat quietly in the car. “What now?” asked Thor.
“Do you have any of that weed?” asked Oberyn as he ignited the engine. Thor passed Oberyn a joint and Oberyn lit it as they drove off into the sunset.

General Works / The Forum Fic III
« on: April 26, 2014, 02:33:10 PM »
* Now with less character deaths!
* All characters portrayed are fictional, and no offense is intended
* Like, very fictional
* Contains instances of carnivorous behaviour



Adelina the Allosaurus hurried past the prehistoric landscape as she checked her phone. “You have a missed call from Grace.” said the phone. Adelina sighed and stopped to call Grace back.
“Rawr! Where are you?” asked Grace the Velociraptor as she neatened a shoe box.
“Rawr! I missed the bus!” explained Adelina. “You have to cover for me, rawr!” Grace tried to roar in response, but Adelina had already put the phone down.


“Rawr!” exclaimed Porkins the Tyrannosaurus as he sprinted over to Grace, knocking over the shoe boxes she just tidied. “There are customers over there who are waiting to be served.”
“But I already asked them, and they said they’d let me know when I’m ready, rawr!” protested Grace.
“Rawr, have you seen Adelina?”
“Yeah, she’s in the back stock room doing… uh… dinosaur stuff, hehe,” laughed Grace nervously. Porkins let out a low growl, turned around and walked away.
“Clean up that mess, rawr!” he said as his tail knocked over another stack of shoe boxes.


Kiiyashi the Microraptor scurried along the forest until he bumped into an egg. He licked his lips in anticipation and crawled on it. He opened his mouth and bared his teeth. He took in a deep breath, but was blown away as gust of wind pushed him backwards. Kiiyashi opened his wings to slow himself down, and stepped backwards as a Brontosaurus’ face lowered down to his two feet-high level, snarling as it threatened to blow its nostrils again.
“L-L-Leto,” whimpered Kiiyashi. “Hi!”
“Rawr, you weren’t looking to eat one of my babies, were you?” asked Leto as she pushed Kiiyashi off his feet with the butt of her nose.
“N-no, ma’am,” squealed Kiiyashi.
“Hmm,” replied Leto, unconvinced. “Now, I am a herbivore...”
“I promise, it won’t happen again,” cried Kiiyashi as he quickly scurried to his feet and began to fly away. Before he could get high enough, he found himself snatched by Leto’s mouth. Leto spit him back out on the ground.
“… as a rule. If I catch you around these parts again, I’ll feed you to my dear children.”

Adelina quickly picked up a shoe box, opened it and inspected the shoes inside as Porkins lurked past her. She sighed with relief and put it back. She jumped when she felt a breath on her neck. “Oh, it’s you,” she sighed as she turned to face Grace.
“Rawr, Adelina, I haven’t sold any insoles today!”
“What?” gasped Adelina. “But your shift is over now!”
“What do I do? I can’t go another shift with zero sales again!”
“Rawr, did you ask Am--”
“Yes, but she refused to let me put my payroll number on her sales, rawr,” sighed Grace. Adelina turned around quickly and sprinted to a customer as Porkins stood behind Grace.
“Rawr, how many insoles did you sell today?”
“I a-almost sold--”
“Grrrrrrr,” growled Porkins. “What’s your next shift, rawr?”
“T-t-t-tomorrow, six till seven, rawr…”
“Rawr, you’re doing six till ten now.”
“But, that’s not fair! I need the money for my--” Grace was interrupted by a roar in her face. It smelled like Triceratops. Grace huffed under her breath and turned around to leave the store. A Massospondylus couple stepped in front of Grace.
“Excuse me, we need two dozen shoes for our hatchlings--”
“Go llama yourself,” murmured Grace as she rushed past them.

Gaming / Is Link the lost Mario brother?
« on: April 17, 2014, 11:54:20 PM »
Points for:

- Resemblence from their respective first games is uncanny
- The Mario theme played backwards is the Zelda theme
- Link can use Din's fire and Mario can throw fireballs
- All three can swim underwater
- All three have to rescue a princess
- If Ganondorf hadn't reached the Triforce first, it would have been split amongst Luigi, Mario and Link
     -- Luigi, Triforce of Wisdom
     -- Mario, Triforce of Power
     -- Link, Triforce of Courage
- They all wear hats

Points against:

- Link has no facial hair (but the Master Sword probably gives him a close shave, so that doesn't even count)
- They live in different universes (but that's the whole reason he's 'lost', so, stop nitpicking, haters)

Movies & TV / King Kong vs Godzilla
« on: April 12, 2014, 07:49:08 PM »

General Works / The Winter Soldier: Chinese Cut
« on: April 01, 2014, 01:05:20 AM »
*Captain America spends two hours handing over one dollar bills to Xi Jinping*


*Cap runs out of dollar bills*


okay, that was a cheap shot, but it would be funny if it happened

General Works / The Forum Fic II
« on: March 18, 2014, 10:19:55 PM »
* If Cars 2 is getting a sequel, then so is The Forum Fic
* All members portrayed are fictional and no offence is intended
* Contains drug use and violence


“There they are!” screeched Sister Grace, holding her sword above her head as the nuns continued their good chase out of the monastery. “Don’t let them escape with the booty!”
“Aw, excrement, son!” exclaimed Ditzy as she elbowed a nun away from her and her side bag.
“Where did you park the car?” asked SkulMa’am in between breaths. Ditzy grunted in reply, sweat falling from her forehead. The city lights sprinkled in the rainfall against the cloudy night. Trainers pounding the wet ground, Ditzy turned a corner into an alley way and threw her side bag over the nine foot high mesh fence. She leaped up as high as she could and began frantically climbing to the top. SkulMa’am wasn’t far behind, but neither were the nunchuck-wielding nuns. SkulMa’am threw her side bag over and jumped onto the fence, but before she could ascend to victory, a nun grabbed her ankle and tugged at her.
“Hold my hand, fam!” exclaimed Ditzy, sitting atop the fence as SkulMa’am struggled to keep her grip.
“Don’t let her get away!” screamed a nun from the ground.
“Get the tank!” ordered another one amongst the sea of black and white. Two more hands grabbed SkulMa’am. Ditzy leaned forward far more than was comfortable and grabbed hold of SkulMa’am’s wrist. She cursed to herself as she freed SkulMa’am from the grip of the nuns and as they both flew backwards, over the fence and to the ground.


“Pope Kiiyashi, we must speak urgently,” came the grave voice of Sister Grace. She marched down the ancient cathedral, escorted by Pastor Porkins and Sister Amy, Gregorian chants breaking the silence. Kiiyashi stood with his back to them, looking up to the stain glass window. In a swift, fluid motion, he spun around, his cape flowing in majestic grandeur.
“I have heard. The booty has been stolen.”
“Y-yes,” stammered Sister Grace.
“From your monastery.”
“Yes.” Sister Grace looked down to her feet in shame.
“You will do well to make sure it is recovered. For now, I must rejuvenate. This form grows weary.” Kiiyashi tapped the screen on the top of his right wrist and the stain glass window turned inwards to reveal a laboratory. He walked into the lab, his cape dancing across the floor, taking note of Sister Grace’s sigh of relief. Pastor Porkins pulled a lever, closing the stain glass window behind Kiiyashi, and motioned for Sister Grace to leave.


ETGuy parked his car and looked in his side mirror as two girls wearing side bags approached the car park. Despite the night sky, he put on his shades as he picked up the black briefcase from the passenger seat. He opened his door and stepped out, facing the girls.
“Greetings,” he said as he raised the briefcase slowly. As they stood face to face, he held the briefcase out to them. His boss had told him of their… class. One of them was wearing matching tracksuits and large bling. The other was wearing a shirt filled with close-ups of Robert Downey Jr’s face.
“Not so fast,” said one of them. ETGuy felt a bead of sweat forming.
“Open the case, blud,” said the other. ETGuy became aware of his heavy breathing, and when he knew the gig was up, he touched his ear piece and shouted a command. Suddenly, gunfire boomed in their ears. Amidst the confusion, ETGuy snatched the side bag from Ditzy. Ditzy quickly grabbed ETGuy’s arm, pulled him towards her, and shanked him. SkulMa’am dug her hand into his coat pocket and pulled a Glock. Ditzy hid behind the car for cover as SkulMa’am shot all the men in black on the balconies.
“Excrement, son,” exclaimed Ditzy as she picked up her side bag. It had several bullet holes and the pills had fallen out and dissolved into the wet floor.
“We still have this half,” said SkulMa’am brightly, holding her side bag. She picked up and opened the briefcase and shook her head sadly at the piles of Batman & Robin DVDs within.
“What are we supposed to do with these, fam?”


“Sister Adelina,” whispered Sister Amy as Kiiyashi lay in his cryogenic chamber, deep in slumber.
“Sister Amy,” gasped Sister Adelina. She grabbed Sister Amy’s arm and moved towards the other end of the lab. “What news do you bring?”
“ETGuy is dead. He didn’t secure the booty.”
“Oh, good Lord,” sighed Sister Adelina, forming the sign of the cross across her chest before clasping her hands together.
“Sister Adelina, you realise what this means?”
“No… You can’t mean…”
“We must unleash Project: B.R.Y.N.H.I.L.D.”

Fan Fiction / Last Stand of Dead Men- A Creepypasta
« on: February 28, 2014, 04:47:17 PM »
My friend emailed me this MS Word journal shortly before he died from a stab wound. It's a bit long, but I thought it was important to share:

6 October 2002

I've decided to write down all of the strange things happening since I bought the new Skulduggery book, Last Stand of Dead Men. Actually, I don't know if they're happening because of the book, or the other things I bought from that yard sale (a doll with a missing eye, a copy of The Dark Knight with a downward-pointing pentagram scribbled on the case, an I Heart Satan electric guitar, etc.).

Anyway, ever since this yard sale two days ago, strange things have been happening. I got to Chapter 4 of the book and I started seeing lines of colour in my vision. I decided to rest the book on my cat and went to bed. Yesterday I woke up and wanted to get back to the book, so I reached over to the cat's bed to pick up, but it was gone! Well, not gone. It was laying half open on the other side of the bed. How did it move there? The creepiest thing was that it opened to page 391. I decided to read it, the coloured lines gone from my vision. I was horrified to find that Ghastly had died. Now, I haven't read any other SP books, but I'm assuming he's kind of an important character. Too traumatised to read any further, I put it on my shelf next to my hexing ritual knife antique.

When I got back from school, it was sat open on my bed, once again on page 391! I don't know what's happening, but this is really weird. So, I'll be noting down anything strange that happens while I'm reading this book. Just waiting until I'm brave enough to start reading again, lol.

8 October 2002

Okay, I've started reading LSoDM again, but from Chapter 4 where I last left off. I'm not sure if this is really worth an entry, but I can't get the image of Ghastly's death out of my mind. I was reading a particularly funny part, but I couldn't help but feel guilty for poor Ghastly.

11 October 2002

So, I was reading today and got to Chapter 26. Suddenly, a gust blew in from the window and blew the pages back to page 391!!! That's not all, though. I heard something. I don't know what it was, but it was very deep in tone. Terrified, I slammed the book shut and threw it out of the window and into the tornado that was forming outside (I live in Kansas).

12 October 2002

I normally wait until the end of the day before writing, but the creepiest thing just happened! I woke up when I heard the cat hissing at something. I sat up and found a hole through my window! Not only that, but the copy of LSoDM was sitting open on the floor! I heard the deep noise, which now sounds more like a moaning, and it was opened to page 391! I got so scared that I threw it at the cat and curled up in bed. If you're wondering, I'm writing this on my Galaxy S4, not my computer.

12 October 2002

I'm at the computer now, about to turn in for the night. The book hasn't done anything strange. Maybe it's just my imagination? This maths class I'm taking must really be getting to me, ha ha. Also, I cut my feet on the broken glass from the window. Feels bad, man.

15 October 2002

I finally finished LSoDM today. I'll be honest, I didn't know what the f*** was going on, but that ending was cool. Anyway, I suppose this is the end of my little journal thing. Pretty sure that creepy sh** was all in my head. Gonna eat some pasta now, my favourite!

I'll keep this journal just in case I get nostalgic in my mid-40s when I'm doing some desk job to provide for a family I hate the faces of. haha. Ciao.

3 June 2006

Wow, this MS Word document is so old that it had to convert into an MS Word 2010 file.

I honestly have no idea why, but I decided to read LSoDM again. When I opened it I decided to read what was a rather amusing dedication from the author. Except... it wasn't there anymore. Instead I saw a crude illustration of Ghastly being stabbed in the back! Does this mean all that stuff  from 2002 was real? I dunno, but this is strange. I think I'll read it once more to make sure, though. Here's the illustration:

4 June 2006

I decided to look at the back page before continuing my second readthrough, only to find a weird poem printed:


I read it aloud and the book floated up and out of the window! That's not the weirdest thing, though! Page 391 was torn out and left on the floor before me!

5 June 2006

I took the page to my Latin teacher and she helped me transcribe the poem, but stated that it was difficult. I won't ruin it for you, but it does say a lot about the mysterious going-ons...

Ghastly lives within these pages,
So what, this poem doesn't rhyme,
It's translated from Latin, fool, why would it?

6 June 2006

Okay, I'm writing on my Galaxy S4 again, because I'm at the police station. I just walked in and found my Latin teacher dead! She was hunched over her desk with her head resting on page 391! Hang on, this isn't the scariest thing... There was a stab wound in her back! The police didn't find a knife at the scene, so I can only assume Ghastly is out for blood.

I'm going to send this to all my email contacts just in case I don't make it home. I didn't tell the police, but I quickly grabbed the torn page and stuffed it in my pocket. I need to investigate this further.

Unfortunately, he never could.

Film Discussion / Batman & Robin
« on: February 01, 2014, 10:32:57 AM »
Describe your worst case scenarios for the SP film here.

Skulduggery Pleasant / Is Ghastly white?
« on: January 26, 2014, 11:59:03 PM »
Let's get a consensus on this.

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