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Okay, as far as I can tell I don't *think* this has ever come up on the forums before - But I just had an insane realization.
I'm totally pathetic so I follow a few "Landy Approved" (supposedly) RP accounts on Twitter, and one for Tanith said something about kids, and it hit me.

Guys can pretty much never run out of sperm. But women have a finite amount of eggs.

So basically, every female sorcerer after x amount of time is infertile. And you can go on looking like you're in your 30's (China) but be hundreds of years old. Because of the slow aging, do sorcerer's just not think about kids? Do they just not want them?
Because Tanith is what, in her 90's? Kids would be out of the question for her as well!
Aside from Corrival academy where we actually have kids, we've haven't seen many other sorcerer children particularly so it makes me wonder - How big or small in the magical population? Is there any chance of the magical population going extinct simply from forgetting to reproduce and keep the blood lines going? Is there some magic that allows women to carry on having periods/eggs etc?
Is this even a thing?

On a side note, it'd be AMAZING to have the news that you only have to deal with periods for one life time, and not several!!

Fan Art / KriticalError Fanarts!
« on: May 20, 2017, 09:06:45 PM »
SO. I thought I'd post some like.. stuff and things here.
Some fanart, some might just be general commission work that I'm really proud of ^^
So I hope you don't mind!

I'll uh.. Start off slow with a Valkyrie coloured sketch I did today.
I'm not great at humans at ALL.
So excuse it's shoddiness.
Anthro's come much much more naturally to me x-x ahah ^^;;
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OH, also. I made derps a little while ago, and I thought they're funny, so if people wanted to like.. crop them and use them as like "reactions" or whatever, go ahead ^^
My signatures on there, so like.. as long as that's left, it's chill ^^
But yeah.. I think they're funny ;u;

NSFW warning, one of them says "llama" :o
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New Members / Look who's back.. Back again..
« on: May 18, 2017, 09:36:00 PM »
IT'S BEEN A WHILE. And I think my account may have been lost, but I made a new one - and I'm back. ^^

Can't remember what username I actually had here originally to be honest, but I do art for a living, mostly furry stuff because it sells.
But I'm expanding ^^
I doubt anyone will remember me honestly, I remember I did make a loooong ass post about mental health comparing it to Darquesse/Vile when someone was really struggling in hopes that'd help them out a bit, and see there's no harm in getting some help. BUT YEAH.


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