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Character Profiles / Blithe Trinket - Character Profile
« on: June 30, 2018, 11:47:45 AM »
(Before I start, this is my COMPLETED character profile, using the skeleton provided on this forum. Please let me know if there's anything you think I can improve on, or any cool ideas you have for Blithe. I hope you like her!)

Name and Occupation

- Taken Name: Blithe Trinket.
- Given Name: Elsie Braun.
- Character Job: Previously owned her own flower shop in Roarhaven, but she now works as a science teacher at Corrival academy.
- Qualifications: Trained as a teacher when she was younger, recently re-trained as a teacher to work at Corrival.
- Titles: Blithe, Miss Trinket and sometimes Mrs.Baron.

Character Mentality

- Character Personality: Generally a happy person, despite how distressing her visions can sometimes be. Stand-offish at first, but eventually warms up to most people she meets. Tries to be nice to everyone, even if they are not nice to her. Can come off as uninterested and too laid back.
- Character Likes: Sleeping and taking naps, fresh flowers and baking.
- Character Dislikes: Going to bed late, the cold weather and herbal tea.
- Mental Traits: Patient, Fair, Caring and a light sleeper.

Species and Allegiance

- Species: Human.
- Ethnicity: White.
- Nationality: Irish.
- Allegiance: (Previously) Irish Sanctuary.
- Reasoning: Worked alongside Riot, but left her formal job to have her own business. She still aids them with her visions and contact with the deceased, even though this is a rare occurence.


- Allies: Generally on the same side as many people within the Sanctuary.
- Enemies: Not so much an enemy, but Madame Mist was not particularly fond of Blithe and often described her as a 'hippie.' Thurid Guild also took a disliking to her, feeling that she seemed as though she was 'air-headed' and 'suspiciously quiet.'
- Family: Her sister and her sister's children, and her partner Riot Baron. Blithe also had a brother who is now estranged from her and her sister, as he left his family to join the Necromancers in the Temple.        
- Friends: Finbar Wrong (previously), Erskine Ravel (previously) and Dexter Vex (previously). She has also been friendly with Tanith Low in the past. She has only met Skulduggery and Valkyrie a handful of times, usually to provide them with snippets of information.
- Significant Other: Riot Barron. They met whilst they both worked for the Irish Sanctuary. Riot is considerably older than Blithe, but this doesn't really matter since they met when Blithe was an adult. Neither had been married before hand, and have only recently become engaged.

Character Age and Gender

- True Age: 189
- Appearance Age: 25-27.
- Character Birthday: 18/09/1829.
- Gender: Female.

Character Appearance

- Skin Colour: Slightly tanned; but not enough to be olive skinned.
- Height: Approximately 5'6".
- Weight: Healthy weight, around 120lbs. A lot of her weight is focussed in her cheeks and hips.
- Hair Description: Blunt bangs in front, light brown in colour. Slightly choppy, lighter highlights of blonde throughout. Usually worn in an up-do with small strands framing her face. When worn down, her hair reaches the middle of her back.
- Eye Description: Slightly rounded eyes, outer corners are slightly tilted downwards often giving a sad expression. The iris is a dark brown colour, almost dull looking. 
- Facial Details: Light freckles around her eyes and cheeks.
- Physical Appearance: Appears reasonably thin, with larger hips and a baby face. She has a small waist, and particularly small feet.
- Attire: Usually, skinny fit jeans with a loose jumper that hangs off one shoudler and light pink slip on trainers. This changes depending on the cirumstance; she also likes to wear long sleeved t shirts, ballet flats, knee high boots and shirts. Accessorises with small earrings, and her engagement ring. For work, she usually opts for something smart casual; such as a modest dress with flat shoes and tights, or a fitted trousers with a blouse and ankle boots.

Speech and Habits

- Character Voice: A fairly high-pitched, chirpy voice.
- Speech Traits: Blithe often gives people pet names, especially her students. She thinks that it helps them feel more comfortable with her, and lets them know that she cares for them.
- Languages: English.
- Habits: Has a hard time focusing on what people are saying to her sometimes, as she is easily distracted.
- Mannerisms:  When empathising with someone, she often smiles a lopsided smile in a bid to shield her sadness for them.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts

- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Ammunition: N/A
- Other: Carries her handbag which contains her purse, keys, mobile phone, and some snacks. Blithe loves snacks.

Magical and Physical Abilities

- Magic Type: Adept - Sensitive.
- Specialization: Visions of the future and contacting the dead. (For specification: Blithe has practiced spirit contact for many years aside from her sensitive abilities. So this would not really tie in with her magic, but is more so boosted by it.)
- Physical Abilities: In fairly good shape, however she isn't as good at physical combat as she used to be.
- Strengths: High pain threshold, can handle being mildly tortured or held captive.
- Weaknesses: Lacking in physical combat skills.
- Training: Little training, Riot trained her whilst they worked at the Sanctuary together. (He was more interested in taking her out... very unprofessional.)

Goals, Motivation and History

-Goals, Motivation and History: Previously worked as an Agent at the Irish Sanctuary, and then ran her own business for a period of time. She then moved on to work as Science teacher at Corrival Academy, and handed her shop over to her sister.  She had considered returning to work for the Irish Sanctuary, but decided against it once China Sorrows became Supreme Grand Mage.
- Major Goal: Blithe has expressed that she would eventually like to get married to Riot. She's been waiting for 100 or so years, so I think that's fair.
- Minor Goals: Blithe wants a dog. That's all.
- Motivation: Motivated by her family and the few friends she is still in contact with.

Bio and Additional Information

- Bio: Blithe was born in 1829, in Cork and was the baby of the family. She grew up alongside her sister and brother. She was the only sensitive in her family, with her brother deciding to become a Necromancer and her parents and sister being elementals. Her parents worked for the Irish Sancruary before they were both killed on a suicide mission. She and her sister lived together for the next few years, before she met her now partner; whom she moved in with only a year after they began dating. Her brother eventually left to work in the Temple alongside the other Necromancers.  Blithe met Riot when she was in her early 30's, and Riot proposed to her in late 2016 after them spending 153 years together.

- Additional Notes: She likes to bake in her spare time, and throws the occasionally board game party at her and Riot's home in Roarhaven.

Fan Fiction / Peanut Butter.
« on: February 25, 2018, 09:54:28 PM »
A short story I wrote a long time ago. Decided to brush it up and publish it again, since it got some positive reviews on my old DA account.

Let me know what you think!

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Fan Works / A brand new Skulduggery Pleasant group!
« on: February 24, 2018, 10:39:09 PM »
Howdy everyone! It's Blithe.

Just wanted to let everyone know I've created a Skulduggery Pleasant fan group over on DeviantART if anyone wants to share their art, written works or anything else!

It's called S-P-Universe :D

New Members / Hello!
« on: February 13, 2018, 10:38:45 PM »
Hi everyone! Been a long time Skulduggery fan, only now getting around to joining the forum! I'll introduce myself as Blithe.

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