Author Topic: (READ BEFORE POSTING) A few notes on General Work.  (Read 1591 times)


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(READ BEFORE POSTING) A few notes on General Work.
« on: June 12, 2010, 05:02:27 AM »
This section of the forum is all about general art or fanfiction, its here for you to share your work with others and talk all about it. The same rules still apply in this section as they do in all the others, however it's understandable that posts will inevitably be long especially when posting fan fiction. This is OK, if you are unsure though, it's always good to ask someone in charge!

  • Make sure your fanfiction has an rating in the post title! This forum caters to all ages remember.
  • If your fan fiction happens to be too big to fit into one post, split it up into two, three, four, however many you need.
  • Another good idea is to mark where chapters start with bold and underline for easy reading.
  • Keep chapters in one thread! Don't start another thread for another chapter or this place will end up looking rather messy in the end. (Subject to change)
  • Posts linking to fanfiction or any other websites will be removed if you have less than 15 posts. This is to stop people from signing up, posting a link and then never posting again.

Once there are more than a few members active on the forum a few people will be selected to look after this forum and keep it clean. Until that time comes, have at it! :)
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