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Brian Liddle - MindGames - Superhero RolePlay
« on: August 11, 2012, 09:31:03 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Hero Name: MindGames.
- Real  Name: Brian Liddle.
- Character Job: Brian is a teacher in a Secondary school. He teaches Art, English and Religion (Religin isn't an exam subject in this school, so it isn't really important).

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Brian is kind, helpful and very friendly. He loves to teach and loves helping children learn. But Brian is bad around girls. Terrible, really.
- Character Likes: Teaching, using his powers, getting a mission complete.
- Character Dislikes: Failed missions, losing, iced tea and being bossed around.
- Mental Traits: Quick learner, optimistic, helpful.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: human, American
- Allegiance: His school.
- Reasons for Allegiance: he works at both places.

- Allies: Other people working at the school (probably also the oother superheroes later on)
- Enemies: ???
- Family: His Mom. He's a single child and his father past away some time ago.
- Friends: A few teachers at the school and some past childhood friends.
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- Age: 25
- Appearance Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 5/4/1987

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasion.
- Character Height: 6 feet.
- Character Hair Colour: Brown.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Shaggy, ends just above the neck.
- Character Eye Colour: Ocean blue.
- Character Description: Brian is very fit and has muscles all over him, thanks to going to the gym every week. He would be as fit as a gymnast. He wears glasses for reading and always has a smile on his face.
- Character Attire: Brian wears blue jeans, white t-shirt and a black hoodie with a zip, always kept open. His glasses are black with blue lines.
- Character Hero Costume: MindGames wears a black combat suit, like in the army, with white straps going making a cross on his torso. He wears a black top hat and a white eye mask.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Soft, and quiet. He can easilsy be misheard.
- Speech Traits: Stutters when nervous and coughs quietly when in awkward situations.
- Languages: English, French.
- Habits: Scratches upper lip when thinking.
- Mannerisms: N/A

-Powers: MindGames uses Telekenisis. He can also read people emotions by looking at them.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: A white staff the he fights with.
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Weaponry: a white staff that, like a ninja would use, to fight with.
- Other: Apartment in the city centre. A black Volkswagen.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Master his Powers.
- Minor Goals: Get a girlfriend.
- Reasoning behind goal:
Major: He wants to be really good at his Powers.
Minor: He would like to start settling down.
- Motivation:
Major: He likes perfection.
Minor: He hates going from lover to lover.

- Additional Notes: His father died in a car accident.
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Re: Brian Liddle - MindGames - Superhero RolePlay
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I'll have the bio later.

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Re: Brian Liddle - MindGames - Superhero RolePlay
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Yepyepyep. Welcome aboard.

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Re: Brian Liddle - MindGames - Superhero RolePlay
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