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Cyra Ione Roccko
« on: August 25, 2012, 01:24:08 AM »
- Hero Name: Volensque
- Real  Name: Cyra “Ione” Roccko
- Character Job:Local Librarian for Hectic City.

- Character Personality: Cyra is a very shy girl, who usually doesn’t talk much and sits there quietly. She’s very observant and tends not to look people in the eye. Cyra is very tolerant, she doesn’t get angry easily, and she doesn’t have any want to fight. She’s self-preserving, she’d save herself before someone else.
- Character Likes:Animals, silence, sleep, warm materials, books, drawing.
- Character Dislikes:Looking at people, loud noises, light.
- Mental Traits: Cyra is a Kleptomaniac and has a stutter, she is also an insomniac and perfectionist.

- Race and Nationality: Human, English.
- Allegiance: Good.
- Reasons for Allegiance: She doesn’t like evil.
- Allies: -
- Enemies: -

- Age: 18
- Appearance Age: 16
- Character Birthday: 17th August

- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity:Pale, English.
- Character Height:4’ 10’’
- Character Hair Colour: Black, with purple tips.
- Character Hair Length/ Style:Thick, falling just past her shoulders with a thick side fringe.
- Character Eye Colour: Bright green with flecks of brown.
- Character Description:Cyra is very small and petite, with dark circles under her eyes from sleepless nights and a rather pointed chin. She has round, childish eyes and a pear figure, a small bust.
- Character Attire: Black three-quarter length trousers rolled up into shorts, shoulderless black top with a purple designer hoodie and Flash converse shoes.
- Character Hero Costume:  Cyra feels no need to own a superhero suit.

-Powers: Death sense, she can see and feel a person’s death by looking into their eyes. Her scream can also cause death. She can also influence a death in different ways, she's still exploring into that.

- Large Equipment:-
- Small Equipment:-
- Weaponry:-
- Other:-

- Major Goal: To gain some confidence.
- Minor Goals: -
- Reasoning behind goal: So she can stand up for herself.
- Motivation: Absolutely nothing, which is why it hasn’t happened.
- Additional Notes:-
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