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Leonardo Da Vinci (The Secrets of the Immortal Nicholas Flamel)
« on: February 24, 2013, 03:23:56 AM »
- Name: Leonardo Da Vinci
- Pronunciation of the Name: Le-o-nar-do Da Vinn-chi
- Character Job: He should be serving Athena, but betrayed her.

- Character Personality: Leonardo is kind and friendly. A great lover of art and science. He also loves humans, and values each individuals life. He never kills if he can avoid it. He is calm and level headed. He always wants to learn new things. He’s curious and imaginative. He has one of the greatest minds in history
- Character Likes: Art, science, humans, architecture, life, discovering new things.
- Character Dislikes: The Dark Elders, the immortals that serve them. Selfish people, destruction, death, Necromancy.
- Mental Traits: He’s a very quick learner. Curious and imaginative. Calm

- Race and Nationality: Human, Italian.
- Current location: New York
- Allegiance: The humani (he never calls them humani though)
- Reasons for Allegiance: He believes that the Elders had their time on the Earth, and now it’s time for the humans. He sees individual lives among them, and sees the greatness in them all

- Allies: Anyone who is against the Dark Elders. Nicholas Flamel used to be his friend
- Enemies: The Dark Elders and the people who support them.
- Family: He had a son and a wife recently, who both died
- Friends: N/A
- Significant Other: Recently lost his wife

- Age: 561
- Appearance Age: Late thirties
- When did they 'die': 1519
- Character Birthday: 15/4/1452

- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Light olive
- Character Hair Colour: Light brown
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Short and thin. Messy.
- Character Eye Colour: Light green
- Character Description: He is no longer bearded. During his experiments he managed to find a way to make him look youthful again. He is average height, and thin.
- Character Attire: He long brown coat. He wears a shirt, pants and shoes like that of a suit.

- Character Voice: Light and calm
- Speech Traits: When frustrated an old Italian accent can be heard
- Habits: He rubs his hands together
- Mannerisms: He closes his eyes when thinking deeply

- Large Equipment:
- Small Equipment: Book containing symbols of power and spells he find useful.
- Pocket Items: Keys, wallet
- Weaponry:
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: His book contains symbols of power and spells he finds usefull but hasn't yet committed them to memory
- Other: A apartment in New York, and another in Venice

- Magic: Sorcerer, and knowledge of the water magic. A limited knowledge of the symbols of power
- Magic level: Very powerful
- Signature Ability: He tends to use spells instead of directly using his aura or water magic
- Strengths: He is very imaginative, so there’s little limits to his ability
- Weaknesses: He tends to wear himself out quickly. He also tries to avoid killing, which means he has to resort to other spells of water magic abilities.
- Training: Athena taught him sorcerer, and the Next Generation Triton taught him water magic

- Major Goal: To experiment, and discover things about magic forgotten since the Ancients
- Minor Goals: To protect New York against dark creatures
- Reasoning behind goal: Ever since he discovered magic, he has wanted to learn as much about it as possible
- Motivation: Remembering his wife and son
- Bio: Leonardo was a famous artist and inventor. He was born in the Republic of Florence, in 1452. In 1466 Leonardo became an apprentice to an artist, which lead him down the road to greatness. He painted many great pieces, including the Mona Lisa and The Last Supper. He was also an inventor, creating mechanical wonders, and even designs for things that were far beyond his time, like the helicopter.
In his old age, Athena came to meet him. She always picked the most intelligent of the humani to serve her. She promised him wonders that dwarfed anything he had ever known. Even in his old age, Leonardo’s curiosity got the better of him, and he accepted. The humans under the control of Athena used their power to fake Leonardo’s death. Athena took him to her shadowrealm, and made him immortal. He began to learn of sorcery from both her and other people who served her. Within a decade, Leonardo was one of her most powerful allies. It was during this time he discovered a way to make himself young again, and with this came even more power. Athena then commanded him to fight for her, to kill her enemies, which were mostly people that served the Dark Elders. Leonardo valued every life, even of those serving Dark Elders. He used his power to send Athena into a sleep, and left the shadowrealm, sealing his behind him to stop anyone following him. When Athena’s servants did manage to awaken her, and reopen the shadowrealm, Leonardo was long gone.
Leonardo used his new powers to keep moving around. He stayed in many countries. It was when he visited France that he met Nicholas Flamel. As a fellow man of science, they got on very well, and formed a friendship. Leonardo didn’t stay however, and moved on, forever wanting to learn more and more.
He found shadowrealms, Elders, Next Generation, and even met an Archon. He learnt many things during these years, including the magic of water from Triton. He also discovered a shadowrealm once populated by the Ancients, and it was there he discovered some of the symbols of power.
Many years later, he settled down in New York. He found a woman his loved in that city, and although she was mortal, he married her. He wanted to discover a way to make her immortal, but she refused. They had a son later on. He removed himself from the life of magic. He told his friends that he no longer wanted anything to do with magic, and that they should leave him alone. His only connection to his old life was his continuing experiments on the subject.
During the 1980’s, Leonardo saw Nicholas Flamel. He became angry when he found out that Flamel was seeking refuge from John Dee. In his eyes, Flamel had endangered his family by coming to him. Leonardo helped him find a safe place in a city, far away from New York. Dee had managed to track Flamel to New York, where he lost him. But it was there he discovered Leonardo Da Vinci, who many people of power wanted. In an attempt to capture Leonardo, he trapped him in Central Park, and with two powerful monsters by his side, Dee attacked Da Vinci. He quickly discovered that Leonardo was too powerful for him to defeat, and fled from Central Park. Leonardo, in his anger, killed the two monsters, and made his way home, planning on taking his family and moving. But when he came home he found his wife dead, and his son missing. Dee had kidnapped him.
For the next three years, Leonardo hunted Dee down. It was only in the third year that he discovered that his son had died. Dee had attempted to awaken him, and it had overwhelmed the boy. Leonardo came back to New York, and began to use his magic to protect the city from dark powers, like the Elders.
He currently lives there, continuing his experiments, and taking a more active role in stopping the Dark Elders.

- Additional Notes:  His aura is electric blue, and smells of blueberries.