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Nihil Vivus [steampunk]
« on: June 07, 2013, 08:38:16 PM »
Name: Nihil Vivus
Physical appearance: Vivus is incredibly tall, standing 6' 8" with powerful arms and big hands, his face is fairly regular save for his long beard. He has long black hair.
Attire: what is commonly known as a zoot-suit a wide brimmed hat with a long black coat and pointed shoes, underneath he wears a white shirt and pinstripe pants.
Personality: Nihil is a vain and sadistic individual often deterring  from what he is doing to observe or cause someone pain. He views anyone who isn't a mancer as little more than an animal for slave labor.

Name: Morsomancy
Concept:Morsomancy is basically magic  to inflict pain.
Abilities: Nihil can reach out with his mind and attack the pain center of someone's brain or if he can touch exposed skin it burns.

Items (optional)
  • pocket watch, small knife, substantial amount of money.

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