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William Danthorne (Steampunk)
« on: June 09, 2013, 04:15:06 PM »
Name: William Danthorne
Physical appearance:  He is tall and thin with long arms.Has a short and spiky hair and a small goatee
Attire:  A long grey coat over a white shirt
Personality: He is calm,collected and somewhat playful.

Magic Ferromancer
Name: Ferromancy
Concept:  The ability to manipulate metal
Abilities: User can move, shape and otherwise manipulate any metal and metallic substances, allowing them to make weapons, armor, or even floating metal platforms.
  • [Ability 1] Release a blast of metal to a targetted area
  • [Ability 2] Forming barriers/shields
Items (optional)
  • E.g. Stuff 1: A small pocket knife
  • Stuff 2:  a pockemidgetch
According to the armsmen fighting alongside Sarge, his swears were so vitriolic that they actually turned into little insectoid creatures as they left his mouth, and had to be swatted out of the air as they tried to bite people. Given how warpy his section of the line had gotten by that point, none of us questioned this.


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Re: William Danthorne (Steampunk)
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