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Emily- Superhero RP thing
« on: August 03, 2013, 03:47:03 PM »

Name and Occupation- ”Hero” Name: Em
- Real Name: Emily
- Pronunciation of the Name: Em-Ily

Character Mentality- Character Personality: Quiet, shy, intelligent, timid, artistic, curious, creative and imaginative
- Character Likes: Windows, books, music, the colour white, the smell of cucumber[list them]
- Character Dislikes: Bad smells, over use of perfume, bright lights, loud people and people cracking their knuckles.
- Mental Traits: Emily is observant. She silently watches different situations and so she picks up on different things going on. 

Nationality and Relationships- Race and Nationality: English/American
- Allies: None
- Enemies: Nobody
- Family: She was orphaned young so family isn’t around.
- Friends: Nope
- Significant Other: Nope

Character Age- Age: 17
- Character Birthday: 25th December

Character Appearance- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Cream complection
- Character Height: 5ft 6
- Character Weight:  52kg
- Character Hair Colour: Dark brown with medium brown highlights. 
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Long and straight. It reaches about ¾ way down her back. 
- Character Eye Colour: A bright blue
- Character Description: She is thin and some would consider her pretty.
- Character Attire: Skinny jeans of assorted colours, long sleeve t-shirts and if it’s cold she wears band hoodies. Her shoe varies between Doc. Martins and converse.
- Character “Costume:” Black leggings, a long soft fabric white top with long sleeves. (She hasn't really came up with much of a costume so she just uses that)

Habits and Mannerisms- Character Voice: Her voice is relatively normal, slightly high pitched at times.
- Speech Traits: Has a slight English accent and says em often. She speaks quietly.
- Habits: Bites her nails.
- Mannerisms: She doesn’t tend to look people in the eye when talking to them, or holding peoples gazes.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts- Large Equipment: Nope
- Small Equipment: Torch
- Pocket Items: iPod, earphones and loose change.
- Ammunition: Nope
- Weaponry: None
- Other: Nope

Powers and Abilities- Power:
- Applications: She has enhanced senses. 
- Limitations: Overloading of senses can occur frequently.  Trying to hard causes her to get headaches, temporary blindness and confusion.
- Other: [Anything else need mentioning? Is there a physical mutation, too?]
- Strengths: Can hear and see really well.
- Weaknesses: Pushing her powers to hard causes overloading.

Goals, Motivation and History- Major Goal: Good university, good job, nice house, nice car
- Minor Goals: To find a friend
- Reasoning behind goal: She’s a normal enough teenager.
- Motivation: Normal enough things to want I suppose.
- Bio: Emily was in and out of foster care since she was younger. Earlier on that year she was placed in an orphanage as foster families couldn't cope with her strange abilities to hear hushed conversations and even through walls. Her strange abilities and quiet personality caused confusion and fear in most foster families.

- Additional Notes: [/list]
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