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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Dr. Bartholomew Merrick.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Barth-all-om-ew Mare-ick
- Given Name: Giles Isherwood.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Giles Ish-er-wood
- Character Job: Head Doctor, Head of Medicine, Head of Research and the Medical bay at the North American Sanctuary.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Bartholomew is commanding, bossy, tough on rookie doctors, and can be a horrible boss, but he is still a fantastic doctor.
- Character Likes: Quiet days, no paperwork, and saving patients.
- Character Dislikes: Stressful days at work, huge stacks of paper, annoying rookie doctors and patients dying.
- Mental Traits: Bartholomew can be ignorant when it comes to other doctors, cold, sour and grumpy.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, American.
- Allegiance: The Nort American Sanctuary.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He's the Head Doctor, Head of Medicine, Head of Research and Head of the Medical bay.

- Allies: Workers at the North American Sanctuary.
- Enemies: Enemies of the North American Sanctuary. He also hates Doctors and Nurses who don't follow his rules and can't get even the easiest jobs right.
- Family: All deeeeaaaaad.
- Friends: No one of importance.
- Significant Other: Married.

Character Age
- True Age: 627
- Appearance Age: Mid 40s
- Character Birthday: 12/5/1385

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasion
- Character Height: 6 Foot.
- Character Weight: 74KGs.
- Character Hair Colour: Short and a receding hairline.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: White. He may look mid 40s, but after 600 years of quite a lot of stress makes his hair go white.
- Character Eye Colour: #0ca961
- Character Description: Bartholomew is a thin man with no scars or moles. He has a white beard and wears glasses. His beard is thin into his face. His nose is sharp but not long. He tends to glare a lot and can scare people easily. His teeth aren't in the best shape and how a bit yellow in colour. He has dark bags under his eyes because of many, many hours of work.
- Character Attire: Bartholomew wears black suit pants, a blue shirt and his white doctor coat.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Harsh and loud. A very commanding tone.
- Speech Traits: American accent.
- Habits: Mumbles to himself when thinking and working.
- Mannerisms: N/A

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: A Stethoscope and a clipboard when at work.
- Pocket Items: Pens, a glasses case in shirt pocket and a wallet.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: Bartholomew has a house in the suburbs outside Washington DC and he drives an Opel Insignia.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Sanomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: When in IM, Bartholomew's hands and eyes glow white. His powers increase and he is almost immune to any attack for a certain bit of time.
- Ability Specific Info: Sanomancy is the magic to heal.
- Signature Ability: Bartholomew is immune to any disease. He has used his Sanomancy powers to build up his immune system to the point that he can't get any disease.
- Strengths: Very helpful and he doesn't get sick.
- Weaknesses: It takes a lot out of him and doesn't help when he works a lot and is quite old.
- Training: Reading heaps of books.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: He doesn't have any real major goal. Except to try not to let a patient die on his watch.
- Minor Goals: Cure his latest patients.
- Reasoning behind goal: It's not good when someone dies.
- Motivation: He really doesn't need any motivation, he just needs to work his best.

- Additional Notes: ReVamp of a very old character of mine. Now he has a use.
- Suescore: N/A
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Re: Bartholomew Merrick - Head of the Medical Staff in the American Sanctuary
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Also fine, approved.

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