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Arthrin Callamitus
« on: October 27, 2013, 06:52:05 PM »
Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Arthrin Callamitus
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ar-thrin Cal-am-it-us
- Given Name: Nathan Tollery
- Pronunciation of the Name: Neigh-thin Toll-er-e
- Character Job: Member of the United Irishmen.
- Titles: Mr. Callamitus.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Arthrin is a quiet man, usually keeping to himself. However, he is a loud and strong character when he's giving orders in a battle or during heated debates. Arthrin is a very good fighter and a tactical man. He is not the type to jump into a battle without a plan. He is a great leader in battle and soldiers are usually honoured to serve him. He would risk his life for the leaders of the United Irishmen and to protect Ireland from criminals. He always sticks to the rules of the United Irishmen and tries to enforce them on other people. Arthrin doesn’t trust outsiders or non-humans, like Vampires and Werewolves. He doesn’t trust the Americans and isn’t fond of the Ivorians either.
- Character Likes: Peace and quiet, training, locking criminals away.
- Character Dislikes: Annoying people, small spaces, extreme injuries and pain.
- Mental Traits: Arthrin suffers from Claustrophobia.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Irish.
- Allegiance: Lawful Good. The United Irishmen.
- Reasons for Allegiance: Arthrin always sticks to the rules, and he is proud of fighting for his country.

- Allies: The United Irishmen.
- Enemies: Enemies of the Ireland.
- Family: He has his sister left.
- Friends: Hendrick O'Grady, Jeremiah McCarthy, Xanthium Benedict, Rachet Nova.
- Significant Other: Single.

Character Age
- True Age: 88
- Appearance Age: 26
- Character Birthday: 1924

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasion.
- Character Height: Six foot two inches.
- Character Weight: 72 kgs.
- Character Hair Colour: Dark brown.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Meduim length and shaggy.
- Character Eye Colour: hazel brown.
- Character Description: Arthrin is strong and well built. He has broad shoulders and is generally built quite bulkily. He is quite a large man though this is due to muscle rather than fat. He has a sharp, pointed nose and one of his canines is missing. He has a five O clock shadow and dark bags under his eyes from working overtime. He has a few scars on his arms and legs. He is missing a toe on his right foot and has to wear glasses when reading.
- Character Attire: Arthrin wears black combat pants, a white polo shirt, and a black combat vest. When in a full on battle, he would wear more armour, like a helmet, chest plate, metal pants and gauntlets.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Rough and croaky.
- Speech Traits: A strong Irish accent. A southern one.
- Habits: Tends to say “Lad” and “Grand” a lot.
- Mannerisms: N/A

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Pocket Items: Money, IPhone, a lighter and packet of cigarettes.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: N/A
- Other: A house outside Dublin city and a Porsche.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Elemental.
- Specialization: Air.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: When in Immersion Metamorphosis, Arthrin seems to become a bit of a blur. Air and wind incases him in a casket. A small hurricane starts and knocks anyone around him off the ground. Very helpful in battle.
- Ability Specific Info: Elemental magic is the magic to control the four elements; Fire, Water, Air and Earth.
- Signature Ability: He can create air bubbles under water so he can breath under water.
- Strengths: His air powers are very strong that when under water he can breath
- Weaknesses: Becuase he trains so much with air, his earth powers are very weak.
- Training: His Aunt.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Help the United Irishmen defend Ireland.
- Minor Goals: Clean up the streets of Ireland.
- Reasoning behind goal: He wants to help keep Ireland safe.
- Motivation: He’s from Ireland and wants to keep Ireland safe.
- Bio:

- Additional Notes: N/A
- Suescore: N/A
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Re: Arthrin Callamitus
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Yepperdy yep.

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