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Raze- Superhero RP III
« on: December 16, 2013, 09:22:27 AM »
Name and Occupation
- Name: Jake Ladon
- Pronunciation of the Name: Jai-k Laad-on
- Superhero Name: Raze
- Pronunciation of the Name: Ray-ss
- Character Job: Unemployed

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Extremely ambitious. Views himself as worthy to be in charge. He’s often labelled as a pyromaniac, but the truth is he loves any type of destruction. Arrogant. Doesn’t like being told what to do. Lacks conscience or empathy. In his mind there is no such thing as good or bad and he looks down on those who believe in such constructs.
- Character Likes: Destruction, burning things, being in control, power, action movies
- Character Dislikes: Anyone who views themselves as a ‘good guy’ e.g. police, superheroes. Prison, reading, waiting for a long time, tranquillity.
- Mental Traits: Ambitious, loves destruction, impatient, confident, violent. A sociopath

Nationality and Allegiance
- Nationality: American.
- Allegiance: Chaotic evil.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He craves destruction and doesn’t allow anyone to tell him what to do.

- Allies: Anyone who causes destruction and doesn’t oppose him is an ally in his mind.
- Enemies: Anyone who tries to stop him
- Family: He was raised by a single mother who he hasn’t seen since he was a teen. He has a twin brother he’s never met and has little desire to meet.
- Friends: None that he has bothered to remember so far.
- Significant Other: N/A

Character Age
- Age: 22
- Character Birthday: 14/6/1992

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian 
- Character Height: 158 meters
- Character Weight: 79 kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Coarse brown hair.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Thick and messy. The fringe is pushed to the left side of his face.
- Character Eye Colour: Amber
- Character Description: Small body build. His nose has been broken, and one of his back teeth knocked out.
- Character Attire: He doesn’t wear a superhero costume, sticking to a white hoodie jacket, black t-shirt, jeans and sneakers.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A honeyed voice, a little higher than normal.
- Speech Traits: In the rare times he gets angry, he can start to stutter.
- Languages: English
- Habits: He pushes his hair to the left side of his face.
- Mannerisms: He grabs his left wrist with his right hand behind his back sometimes.

Weapons and Equipment
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: N/A
- Pocket Items: Spare change
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Other: He’s technically homeless, but will break into an empty house if he ever needs a place to sleep.

- Superpower: Pyrokinesis. He can create and control massive amounts of fire. He’s immune to heat or fire as well.
- Signature Ability: A condensed fireball that explodes into a wave of fire on impact.
- Strengths: Fire is extremely dangerous and difficult to stop, and he can control a lot of it.
- Weaknesses: If he’s not concentrating, he’ll lose control. Although it can’t hurt him, it could hurt his allies. He needs oxygen to have fire. In confined spaces it’s extremely hard to use without burning down his surroundings. Water and ice put out his fire very easily.
- Origin: He was born with it, although it was dormant throughout the earlier years of his life.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To be in complete control of everything.
- Minor Goals: To stop any 'superhero' from stopping him again.
- Reasoning behind goal: He thinks that he deserves to be in control.
- Motivation: His love of demolition motivates him more than anything else.
- Bio: Jake never knew his father. Unknowing to him, he also had a twin brother. His mother was a teen that struggled with a cocaine addiction, and couldn’t afford to bring up both children. She gave one up for adoption and kept Jake. Still, they had a tough life and she struggled to provide for both of them. Jake went to a school in a bad neighbourhood. In the tough environment, he quickly developed a violent personality and had no issue with hurting others to benefit himself. He actually enjoyed the power he had over others. He wasn’t the strongest, but he could handle himself most of the time and got people to do what he told them to. He had to change schools twice, but continued to find his place as the one in control. As he got older things started to get more out of control, and it changed from bullying and the occasional shoplifting to being involved in all out fights where people could die. After he was convicted to stabbing a student at his school when he was sixteen, he was sentence to 8 months in a juvenile detention centre. When he got out his mother had disappeared. No one knew if she had died or simply run away. Jake was sent to a foster home, but quickly left, preferring to find his own way. He got in deep with some of the wrong people though, and after he had almost killed a member of a gang, his head was wanted by several people. They cornered him in a house he had broken into, and attempted to beat him to death. In the extreme stress and desperation, Jake’s powers kicked in. He burned down the house with six other people inside and was the only one to walk out. No longer fearing the police or small time gangs, he moved on to bigger things. Taking the name Raze, he left that life and never looked back.
Raze moved to Miami. Now he had the power to do whatever he wanted and no longer had to struggle to survive, he was a bit of a loss of what to do. He continued to hurt others with his newfound powers, and tried to find a reason to why he was doing this until he realised he didn’t need a reason, it was simply for enjoyment. Raze embraced his love of violence and destruction, and was known as a dangerous villain. His reign only lasted a few short months before he was noticed by one of the so called ‘superheroes’. He was defeated and put in prison. Raze began to develop a hate for those who opposed him. He hated the idea that just because someone wore the title of ‘good’ they were better than him, and just because he loved violence he was ‘bad’. Raze began to know some of the other villains in the prison. One of them, named Vanquish had pretty powerful friends who broke into the prison to rescue him, and Vanquish decided to break Raze out as well, along with a few other villains. Raze disagreed with the few that he owed Vanquish and his friends something just because they broke him out. He still refused to take orders from anyone, and when Vanquish started insisting that Raze served him, the situation turned violent. Raze, in his rage, lost control of his powers. Vanquish and four of his friends were killed. The rest ran instead of fighting Raze.
Now with a greater knowledge of the world of superheroes, he became a big class villain. He avoided capture for a few years and left a trail of destruction around Miami. He was eventually defeated by a more powerful hero and put in a high security prison. He admits his weakness was refusing to allow any other villain to be near him, even to serve him, and is sure that he won’t make the same mistake again. He sees villains as allies now, and is prepared to treat them as such. In in cell, Raze shouldn’t be able to use his power. But after two months of inspecting the cell he found a small area under his bed, away from the few of the camera, where he could use his power. He melted through the top layer of the wall and found many wires. Burning through those as well, the power turned off in his cell and his powers came back. Blasting through the wall, Raze is once again freed and looking for a new way to cause destruction.

- Additional Notes: N/A
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Re: Raze- Superhero RP III
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Jake pronounced Ri-an? Never heard of that before.

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Re: Raze- Superhero RP III
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... You never saw anything.

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Re: Raze- Superhero RP III
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"I'll buy you a stick for christmas."
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