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Barnabus McCarthy - Detective RP
« on: March 22, 2014, 11:58:03 PM »
Name and Occupation

- Given Name: Barnabus McCarthy.
- Pronunciation of the Name: Bar-nah-bus Ma-car-thee.
- Character Job: Newly Graduated Detective Inspector.
- Titles: Barney, Mr McCarthy.

Character Mentality

- Character Personality:  Barnabus is level-headed and extremely passionate about his job, he loves to know everything about his work acquaintances. He never makes hasty decisions and can, at times, be stressful. However, he can also be quite a charming man when the situation calls for it. When Barnabus isn’t working, he is much more relaxed and a nice guy to be around. That doesn’t stop him from being a sore loser, though, which makes him extremely competitive and easily caught up in things. Altogether, he’s a respectful man, respecting those who deserve respect or manage to “wow” him.
- Character Likes: Work, tea, Oreos, chocolate, board games.
- Character Dislikes: Losing, confusion, ignorance, loud noises, when people crack their fingers/toes/knuckles.
- Mental Traits: Perfectionist.

Nationality and Allegiance

- Race and Nationality: Human, Irish.
- Allegiance: Good.
- Reasons for Allegiance: He works for Scot. Yard.


- Allies: Scot. Yard.
- Enemies: Those pesky criminals!
- Family: Mother and father. Dead sister.
- Friends: Cece (though she would insist otherwise), p much everyone working at Scot. Yard.
- Significant Other: No one although he might have a slight crush on Cece, he’s not entirely sure.

Character Age
- True Age: 21
- Appearance Age: 21.
- Character Birthday:9/5/1992

Character Appearance

- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: White, Caucasian.
- Character Height: 6ft 1
- Character Weight: 78 KG
- Character Hair Colour: Dark brown.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Short with a fringe.
- Character Eye Colour: Blue.
- Character Description: Fit, tall, slender, with a strong jaw and pointed nose. He has a barely noticeable scar under his left eye. He has a sort of permanent inquisitive look in his eye. He has well kept teeth and thin lips. His hands are big and rough-looking, yet soft to the touch.
- Character Attire: Dark blue suit with black shoes, shirt and overcoat. Blue tie.

Habits and Mannerisms

- Character Voice: Soft and easy on the ears, with a Cork accent.
- Speech Traits: Goes high pitched when angry and annoyed.
- Languages: Irish, English, Italian, some Spanish and French.
- Habits: Sings to himself when alone or writing.
- Mannerisms: Licks his lips when really into something. Groans when annoyed.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts

- Large Equipment: -
- Small Equipment: -
- Pocket Items: Phone, pen and a wallet.
- Ammunition: What’s in the gun, m8.
- Weaponry: A gun.
- Other: -

Goals, Motivation and History

- Major Goal: To access his whole mind.
- Minor Goals: Catch some of those pesky criminals!
- Reasoning behind goal: Major: So he can be the greatest he can be.
Minor: It’s his job.
 - Motivation: He’s in it to win it (also he’s a sore loser). Keeps on truckin’ till the end.

- Bio: Barnabus was born in Ireland and was very close to his sister, Lily (?). It was discovered at an extremely young age that Barnabus was gifted and talented. When Barnabus was 12 and his sister was 15, she was jumped. Distraught, Barnabus put his mind to catching her killer and eventually cracked the case. When he graduated college, Scotland Yard came along and offered him a job. Since then he’s been catching them pesky criminals!

- Additional Notes: Huge credit to Soph, she really helped out on this one.
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Re: Barnabus McCarthy - Detective RP
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Ahem. Yes. Approved. Boi.