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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Ernest O’Meara
- Pronunciation of the Name: Er-nest O Me-er-ah
- Given Name: Malachi
- Pronunciation of the Name:  Mal-ah-key
- Character Job: Head of  the Medical Staff and Head of the Research team in the Irish Sanctuary.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ernest is a serious, straight to the point man. He likes to work alone, but unfortanatley the Irish  Sanctuary insists a full Medical staff. Ernest is very fixed on finding and understanding how Magic  works and has come to be. Ernest isn’t very good at explaining things, he usually talks to fast or starts agrueing with himself as he tries to find the best way to do something.
Likes: Work, Science-Magic, being alone, finding out new things, dissecting magical species.
Dislikes: Working with other people, death, things he owns breaking, experiments going wrong.
- Mental Traits: Alert, Attentive, Clever, Feirce.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Irish.
- Allegiance: The Irish Sanctuary.
- Reasons for Allegiance: They have brilliant technology that can help him discover new things and to experiment.

- Allies: Grand Mage Dominias Entitative, a few other very experienced Doctors in the Sanctuary.
- Enemies: No one in particular.
- Family: All dead.
- Friends: No one in particular, but a few of the doctors could maybe be his friends.
- Significant Other: Hahaha no.

Character Age
- True Age: 846.
- Appearance Age: Mid 40s.
- Character Birthday: 5/8/1167

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasion.
- Character Height: 5 ft 10 Inches.
- Character Weight: 70 kg.
- Character Hair Colour: Black but with grey around the ears.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Short, tight into the sides.
- Character Eye Colour: Blue.
- Character Description: Ernest has a thin and lean stature. He seems a bit fragile, but has the stature of someone who goes on daily jogs. He has a sharp nose and a pointed chin. He has a small scar on the left side of his chin and on the right side of his nose. His skin Is pale seems a bit stained from spilling things.
- Character Attire:White suit pants, red buttoned shirt, white lab pants.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Worn down, a bit hoarse, but still captivating.
- Speech Traits: Sighs when he’s annoyed or exhausted.
- Habits: When nervous he would speak rapidly in Irish.
- Mannerisms: N/A

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: N/A
- Small Equipment: A briefcase.
- Pocket Items: Wallet, Bottle of Salt Water, Pocket Watch.
- Ammunition: N/A
- Weaponry: N/A
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: (I am going to add one here later)
- Other: House in a small village near Dublin City.

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept.
- Specialization: Hemomancy.
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Ernest’s skin turns pale and all his veins become visible and red. His eyes turn red too.
- Ability Specific Info: Hemomancy is the ability to control blood. It allows the users to control their blood freely outside their body.
- Signature Ability:  Ernest is really good at Injecting.
- Strengths: He can control other people.
- Weaknesses: He has to use a lot of his own blood.
- Training: He learned on his own.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: Discover how to take a Remnant out of someone and to change them back to normal.
- Minor Goals: Expand his clothes taste.
- Reasoning behind goal: He hates Remnants. And for Science!
- Motivation: Ernest is yet to make a massive scientific discovery.

- Additional Notes: N/A
- Suescore: N/A
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Re: Ernest O'Meara - Head of the Medical Staff at the Irish Sanctuary
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I like this guy.

Noticed a small thing: You refer to him as Emmet in the personality section but you haven't listed that as his Taken or Given Name. However it looks like you've left out part of his Given Name.
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Re: Ernest O'Meara - Head of the Medical Staff at the Irish Sanctuary
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Oh, woops.
No, his given name is just Malachi.

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Re: Ernest O'Meara - Head of the Medical Staff at the Irish Sanctuary
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Cool character, accepted.

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