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Parz's Roleplaying Clan
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Livor Cicatrix- Purchased from Charlotte for 500 credit's.
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Matthew Contraire

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Name and Occupation
- Taken Name: Ronan Nightscythe
- Pronunciation of the Name: Row-nan Nightscythe
- Given Name: Wes Kennedy
- Pronunciation of the Name: Wes Ken-E-Dy
- Character Job: Mercenary for various Sanctuaries.
- Titles: The Scythe

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Ronan is a very brash and outlandish character,  with no time for stealth or pre-set strategies of any sort. He has no filter on his mouth and swears constantly. He is believed to not be afraid of anything, which isn’t to far away from the truth; he has two fears, one mostly just being a dislike. Some call him reckless, but there is a certain intelligence behind the man, whilst some say he’s lucky he hasn’t been killed yet, just before he goes in for a kill, he calculates all of the most likely actions an opponent could make and acts on that.
- Character Likes: Ronan personal interests include Action movies (especially ones with Tom Cruise) The Walking Dead, Dave Matthews Band and any heavy metal music you give him.
His combat related interests include quality weapons, especially scythes and beating Dai Swordstorm when they spar.
- Character Dislikes: Strategic people that generally patronize him, people who use stealth for everything, then eventually get caught, One Direction and anything like them. The Mercenaries of ‘Blood and Roses.’ Ronan hates spiders.

The one proper fear Ronan has is the fear of running away from something, the last time he ran away, it caused his parents to be killed. That is why he is reckless, because he refuses to surrender or back down to anything.

- Mental Traits:

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Australian
- Allegiance: Lawful Neutral
- Reasons for Allegiance: One of the biggest factors is money, but he also would hate to see the world burn and would do anything to stop that happening, even if it involved taking a life.

- Allies: The Phalanx, Takeo Narada
- Enemies: Akira Ryuu, The Guns & Roses mercenaries.
- Family: Mother and Father [DECEASED]
- Friends: Dai Swordstorm, Gabriel Neymar, Jaga Stark and Jonathan Echo
- Significant Other: ---

Character Age
- True Age:  275
- Appearance Age: Mid Twenties
- Character Birthday: 5/5/1793

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
- Character Height: 6’ 1
- Character Weight: 150 lbs
- Character Hair Colour: Brown with streaks of lightning blonde covering the front of his hair.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Chopped spiky and worn down with spikiness’ at the back.
- Character Eye Colour: Deep Blue
- Character Description: Ronan is built like an average solider, muscular enough to carry weapons easily, but surprisingly nimble on his feet. He has a scar the runs from his elbow to halfway down his right arm.
- Character Attire: Since the phalanx requires him to be in formal clothes, he wears a crimson waist-vest along with a white shirt with the top button undone and a jet black tie. However, he also wears so clean denim jeans so not to restrict movement. Along with that he wears pure black Nike Mark IV’s. He also wears signature White plaid fedoras.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: A thick Australian accent with a slightly high-pitched voice.
- Speech Traits: Uses swear words to put emphasis on everything, speaks incredibly fast.
- Languages: English
- Habits: Ronan taps his feet incredibly fast whenever he is sitting down. He also bites a certain bit of his lip on the right side when he’s thinking.
- Mannerisms: Ronan always opens when fighting by swinging his scythe straight at an opponents torso.

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Black lightweight duffel bag, MacBook Pro, iPad 2 and various documents.
- Small Equipment: iPhone 5s, Keys and Wallet
- Pocket Items: ---
- Ammunition: 18 revolver bullets.
- Weaponry: A steel, altarite alloyed scythe, it has a black hilt with red tapes around it. Since he is a weapon energiser, he has chosen the scythe as his own personalised weapon. His scythe has personalised itself black vines with red roses on it, the roses have pure steel razor-sharp thorns. The vines grow and shrink to Ronan’s will, which is useful when he’s cleaning it. He also has plenty of throwing knifes and a revolver with the name ‘Rias’ engraved in.
He also is a black belt in Tai Qwon Do
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: He has a silver watch that changes its time to whatever city, it also lessens the effects of jet lag which is useful for quick jobs.
- Other: Ronan is a multi-millionaire and is paid very highly. He has a luxury apartment in London, and a house in Rio, Brazil

Magic and Abilities
- Magic: Adept
- Specialization: Weapon Weaving
- Immersion Metamorphosis: Ronan doesn’t reach IM, rather his weapon does, once reaching IM his weapon begins to pulse and tremble in Ronan’s hands.
- Ability Specific Info: Ronan, due to his incredibly talent in weapon energising, has a unique branch of weapon energising called weapon weaving, instead of energising his own weapon (which he can still do) he uses his opponents magic to power his weapon. e.g. If an elemental fired a blast of fire at him, he can refine it too pure magic and ‘weave’ it into his scythe. If he weaves enough magic into his weapon, it creates an energy weapon; they only have one hit and are extremely powerful, but leave Ronan tired.
- Signature Ability: To weave magic into his scythe and smash it into the ground, creating a shockwave.
- Strengths: Incredibly powerful, uses other people magic in his own.
- Weaknesses: Can be incredibly tiring without his knowing.
- Training: His father.

Magical Diseases

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To hunt down the mercenaries ‘Guns and Black Roses’
- Minor Goals: To find another member of the Phalanx
- Reasoning behind goal:
Major- These people caused the death of his parents

Minor- The group is struggling, as there reputation grows bigger.

- Motivation: The phalanx themselves keep him strong, supporting him through the touch times.
- Bio: Ronan was born into a family of significant mage's, his mother worked in public relations at the Australian Sanctuary, and his Dad was a detective, managing to bring down hundreds of criminals in his time so, it was Ronan's dream to follow in his Dad's footsteps.
For years he lived a sheltered life, afraid that his son might be hunted, Quentin , (the father of Ronan Nightscythe) kept the existence of his son a secret to all but a few. These included the Grand Mage and the godfather of the child, Gabriel Neymar.

Being at home a lot didn't stop Ronan from being active with his magic. He chose to follow in his fathers footsteps and took up the discipline of Weapon Energizing, practicing in the Sanctuary facilities and in his Dad's training grounds. He had an incredible talent for the discipline and loved seeing the pride in his fathers eye's.

When Ronan was 11 years old, his Dad managed to take a down a high up sorcerer in the Russian Mafia, and it was decided that things had gotten out of hand, many rich criminal investors hired the elite mercenary Guns & Black Roses to eliminate Quentin and his wife. They didn't know about the child.
When the night came exactly two months later. The mercenaries struck. A fight went on downstairs but finally Quentin was cornered. Ronan came downstairs to find his mum and dad backed up against the wall, the mercenaries about to kill them. Ronan was too shocked to scream, his Dad saw him and mouthed the word 'Run.' Thinking his Dad had a plan, Ronan ran outside the house, when a ear piercing scream was heard from inside, Ronan came back to see his parents on the floor, their throats slit.

Afterwards Gabriel Neymar raised him in Brazil for the remainder of his childhood, afterwards he joined the sanctuary as a cadet and
graduated at the top of his class, he was so good that his fellow cadets nicknamed him 'The Scythe'. After he graduated, Ronan tried to follow his father and become a detective, but he found he didn't like the job. It was too boring and took a lot of patience. He had asked Gabriel why it wasn't exciting for him and for his dad, Gabriel replied "Because by the time you came around, your Dad had locked up anyone interesting."

One day he met a fine woman by the name of Jaga Stark, she was Swedish and a elder, despite her stylish and sly personality. They were both bored with their jobs and wanted something more exciting. They came up with the idea of do the work that sanctuaries couldn't. That way it was exciting but not too criminal. After this they founded the Phalanx, a group with exactly that role in purpose.
They first recruited Dai Swordstorm from the infiltrators, to help whenever there was stealth approach needed. Ronan met a gist user named Brennan and made him a part of the group. Finally, much to Ronan's protest as he thought he was too unstable, Jaga recruited Takeo Narada, and the Phalanx was created. Ronan also has acted as the bodyguard of Gabriel at several points.

Additional Notes:The Phalanx is an actual group Flint, Gid, Sargey and I have been making, we just have to get some more characters out.
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