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Lieutenant Christopher Porter (Department 19 rp)
« on: July 04, 2014, 10:28:37 PM »

Species: Human


Personality: Christopher is a good leader but can be ruthless. He is brutal when killing vampires or other creatures. He does not work well with civilians, and let's his squad mates do the talking. He keeps a level head in even the darkest situations, and becomes obsessed with completing a mission when given one. He wishes to be the best at anything he does.

Appearance: Christopher has pale skin and dark brown hair. He has green eyes and a scar on his cheek from a vampire scratch. He also has several scratches on his chest from a close encounter with a werewolf. He is tall and is well built for combat and running. He is rarely seen without his Operator uniform, which has a skull scrawled onto it with a knife.

Weaponry: ACR assault rifle with holographic sight. T-Bone , UV torch and UV grenades

Bio: Christopher's father was an experienced and highly regarded Operator at Blacklight, and as a result, Chris was granted instant access to Department 19 when he enlisted in the army . He went through the vigorous Blacklight training scheme and passed with flying colours. He was put in a Squad and went on many successful operations.

One night, Chris was sent to rescue a squad who had been captured by a large group of vampires. He was also captured and used by the vampires to obtain his human blood. Porter soon realised the vampires were capturing operators for their blood and keeping them to act as a constant supply of blood until they died . Thinking he would never be rescued , Porter carved a skull in his helmet with a stone in his cell. However after a few months he was saved by a large group of Operators sent to rescue him and his squad . He was awarded for his bravery.

Porter went back into the Departments active roster and was soon asked to work for the Department of the Supernatural in America, aka NS9. Porter accepted and moved there immediately. He joined a new squad and set to work on becoming one of the most well known operators in the new Department.

Greg Johnson
A light hearted operator who is always up for a laugh , even during operations. He can become reckless and immature at times. He uses a SPAS shotgun and Desert Eagle. He has sandy hair and Brown eyes, with a strong tan .

Kara Kimball
An Australian operative who worries about her squad mates . She worries that Porter is haunted by his past, and that Greg is not serious enough in battle , and will wind up dead. She is slightly tanned and has golden hair tied in a ponytail. She uses an MP7 and USP pistol.


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Re: Lieutenant Christopher Porter (Department 19 rp)
« Reply #1 on: July 05, 2014, 08:26:42 AM »
What kind of USP does Kara use? Google Heckler & Koch USP, look around to see which one suits her the most.