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Cedrica Cwenhild.
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Name and Occupation
- Given Name: Cedrica Cwenhild.
- Pronunciation of the Name: said-REE-ka cwen-held.
- Character Job: Former Assassin/Spy Guild member, Cwenhild family heir and regular Tavern Swindler.
- Titles: Lady Cedrica Cwenhild, Ced, Rica, Red.

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Cedrica takes somewhat of a ‘lost child’ role within her family. She is withdrawn and demands no attention from her family members. In fact, she’d rather not be associated with them at all whatsoever. Despite being the eldest full-child and therefore the heir to her family’s lineage, she ignores anything to do with them, their guilds and anything but their money and spends the majority of her time relaxing with a bag of coin in one hand and tankard of ale in the other in any good brothel or tavern she can find. Cedrica is relaxed and quite fun to be around, she has a nickname for anyone she likes or trusts and is quite content in forgetting all about her responsibilities for the chance to get drunk and have a good night. She’s quite promiscuous, and will sleep with pretty much anyone she thinks can handle her, though she has shown a preference for men. She prefers to talk her way out of trouble or manipulating the situation to her advantage, but is driven to violence easily. A fight with her is never a fair fight and the same goes for gambling or games. She’s a huge cheater and compulsive liar, and loves to spin a tale over a fire and a hot pot of soup. Travelling also comes naturally to her, and if asked why she loves travelling so much she’ll claim that she was borne of the wind gods (in fact, she’s made a small profit from people believing this story of hers, despite it being very clearly not true). She’s not in short supply of money, so her services are hard to come across, but if a cause particularly interests her you can guarantee that she’ll tag along just for a good story to tell at the end of it.
- Character Likes: A good tankard of ale, coin, weapons, trap-making, poisons, basic concealment enchantments, stories.
- Character Dislikes: Responsibilities, her family, bad ale, losing money, being rejected.
- Mental Traits: Cedrica is a total moocher, she is somehow always able to be in the possession of a large sum of money, whether she has earned it or managed to get it off someone else. Once she has money, she’s also extremely efficient with it and does not lose it easily. This results in her getting an awful lot of free stuff off people because of her manipulation.

Nationality and Allegiance
- Race and Nationality: Human, Amestrian.
- Allegiance: Cwenhild family. She’s loyal, but that doesn’t mean she’s proud to be one.
- Reasons for Allegiance: Despite how much she’s been trying to deny it, at the end of the day she is a Cwenhild and is loyal to her family.

- Allies: Most of her close family.
- Enemies: She’s gained a lot of enemies over the years, the Fell family would be especially prominent.
- Family: The entire Cwenhild lineage. Three younger brothers and an older half-brother, parents, an uncle and a cousin.
- Friends: –TBC.
- Significant Other: She’s been told she needs to settle down hundreds of times over, but she hasn’t found she actually likes enough to settle down with.

Character Age
- True Age: 27.
- Character Birthday: 17/3.

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: White, Amestrian. 
- Character Height: 5ft 7.
- Character Weight: 55KG
- Character Hair Colour: Pale blonde, almost white like snow. She didn’t get the wine-red hair that is signature to her family’s, and instead got the blonde locks from her mother’s side.
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Shoulder length, thick and curly, she usually uses a leather band to tie it back.
- Character Eye Colour: Crystal blue.
- Character Description: Like most of her family, Cedrica is thin with a slightly muscly build. Lean and roguish, her body is built for sneaking and acrobatics. Her legs are curvaceous, her hips jut out and her breasts are of an average size. Overall, she would be considered pretty average. She has sharp and contrasting features, round eyes, a sharp nose, pale skin, dark eyebrows and blood red lips. Her expression is almost permanently amused, and she has a slender physique. 
- Character Attire: Cedrica spends large amounts of money to get the finest and most comfortable armour she can find. She wears pretty much classic rogue armour, which is tight leather that is just about roomy enough for movement, knee-height boots suitable for concealing objects alongside running, fighting and style, pouches criss-crossing her legs and hips, long sleeves with fingerless attached gloves and a hooded velvet cloak.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Husky and sensual, Cedrica tends to purr certain words.
- Speech Traits: She rolls her r’s usually.
- Languages: --
- Habits: She picks her fingernails a lot.
- Mannerisms: --

Weapons, Equipment and Artifacts
- Large Equipment: Large equipment isn’t practical for heavy travel.
- Small Equipment: A few ropes on her person and a travel pack with essentials.
- Pocket Items: Anything she can scavenge to make traps, poisons, smoke bombs and the like with.
- Ammunition: Arrows.
- Weaponry: Multiple daggers and knives hidden about her person and a bow and arrows.
- Magical Equipment/Artifacts: --
- Other: The Cwenhild Estate.

- Magic: Enchanting isn’t really a form of magic, and doesn’t require the user to be able to have the capability of wielding magic. It simply requires someone to be good with words, crafting and to have a particular sort of faith.
- Specialization: Cedrica is a specialist in enchantments of healing, minor concealment and weapon enhancement. For years, she has been working with weak enchantments to give her a minor boost in combat and has become rather adept at them.
- Strengths: They give her a minor boost against those who cannot enchant.
- Weaknesses: They may, if administered incorrectly, have some sort of side effect.
- Training: Her uncle, who is also the castle artificer.

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To find a new heir of the Cwenhild line.
- Minor Goals: To get really, REALLY drunk and embarrass herself in public.
- Reasoning behind goal: 1. She doesn’t want the responsibility of her family’s problems.
2. It sounds really fun.
- Motivation: She’s still alive, and that’s usually enough motivation for her.
- Bio:

For someone such as Cedrica, being born into the Cwenhild family is probably one of the biggest inconveniences a person could suffer. Being one of the only children growing up who had almost no likeness to the Cwehnilds other than her “I’m better than you” smirk and her flair for enchantments, she had little to no interest in the story of her namesake, the noble Cedric Cwenhild, who died in battle at the fault of the first Adric Fell. She had little to no interest in the honour and nobility of her family, and instead spent her time being the problematic child.

That isn’t to say she was the only problematic child; almost all of the children posed difficulties in their own ways, but none of those children were the heir to the family’s fortune. A responsibility that would forever be looming over her- and it was a responsibility she couldn’t handle. She devoted her time to checking out the many guilds her family owned and funded. It was around this time she learnt what it truly meant to llama with the Cwenhilds.

Almost unintentionally, she got involved in Amestria’s most notorious Assassin guild. She went through all the initiations, something she can remember clearly to this day, and got hundreds of stories to tell from it. Rica rapidly built her reputation throughout the guild as Maric Cwenhild’s prodigal daughter. Alongside this reputation, she built a fearsome reputation of being the first one to rip your throat out if you looked at her funny. Soon, she was leading the guild. Something that would have made her father proud, if he paid attention to her pursuits outside of the Estate.

After a few years and a few flopped up jobs, Cedrica decided she had enough of the commitment that came with the Assassin Guild, and made a show of faking her own death, taking their money and running off to hide in brothels and taverns for a little bit.

Around this time, she became a freelancer (or a paid mercenary) and took on a few jobs under the name “Red”, after her blood red cloak and lips. She made a killing of these jobs, and would come home late in the night a little drunk and crash on the floor beside her bed to have her parents walk in the next morning and wonder exactly how exactly their money was supposed to go to their wreck of an older child when she couldn’t even walk straight.

Eventually, she also grew bored of this work and went to join another one of the guilds her family owned; Amestria’s infamous Spy guild. More initiations and stories to tell passed, and she made her way through the spy guild pretty easily. This helped her to develop her concealment enchantments and to become overall more stealthy. Once a few years passed, she repeated the same act of dying, taking their money and running off.

Now, Cedrica is usually found available for mercenary work in any good tavern, probably only a little sober and with plenty of coin and stories to tell.

- Additional Notes: Cedrica owns a horse and prides herself on being able to ride the horse through any terrain.
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