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Ryan Walker - Greek RP
« on: October 05, 2014, 07:06:27 PM »
Given Name: Ryan Walker.
Pronunciation of the Name: ri-an war-ker
Character Job: Coffee shop barista.

Character Personality: Ryan tends to be sympathetic with everyone he comes across. He resents his mother for all the damage she does to the world and so has decided to dedicate his life into the helping of others as a way of undoing all the bad his mother has done. Or at least that's how he feels.
Character Likes: Helping people, rainy nights with a warm drink, cuddling, pumpkin pie, green tea, relaxing around friends.
Character Dislikes: Chaos, not being able to help someone, bitter people, not understanding something, general dog of female orientationiness.
Mental Traits: ADHD, Dyslexia.

Race and Nationality: English/Greek.
Parent: Eris, goddess of discord, chaos and strife.
Mortal Family: Aaron Walker, father.
Allies: People at school.
 Enemies: People at school. Funny how that works.

True Age: 17.
Character Birthday: 05/05/97.

Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian.
Character Height: 6ft.
Character Weight: 72kg.
Character Hair Colour: A raven black some days, a stark white others.
Character Hair Length/ Style: Short at the sides, longer on top.
Character Eye Colour: Changes daily.
Character Description: Ryan's body is slim and lean. He works out occasionally, enough to keep himself in good-enough shape and keep him looking relatively attractive, by societal standards. He has a tattoo of a raven on his left forearm.
Character Attire: Skinny black jeans, oversized white jumpers, cherry red matt Docs. Pretty much the only thing you'll catch Ryan wearing.

Character Voice: West-end accent, he retained it even after the move to America.
Speech Traits: Can develop a stutter when nervous.
Habits: -
Mannerisms: Knuckle cracking.

Small Equipment: -
Pocket Items: Wallet, keys etc.
Magical Equipment/Artifacts: His bracelet can turn into a long whip made of Stygian iron called "Erimosi," meaning "devastation."

Magic: Ryan's body is literally at war with itself, sending his hair and eye colour into chaos and changing them everyday. Occasionally he can let the chaos out of his body in the form of small energy blasts, but this is completely uncontrollable as to when it can happen. He does however have the ability to send others into mental chaos, making them question decisions and friendships etc. Though he hates it, his magic sometimes makes him play devil's advocate just to be awkward and cause problems. He's drawn to people who are particularly distressed.

Major Goal: To face his mother and make her apologise for all she has done.
Minor Goals: Do the best he can to help the needy.
Reasoning behind goal: Hates the fact that his mother causes to many problems.
Motivation: The world is full of them.
Bio: Ryan was born in England but moved to America aged 6. He and his father have a good relationship and Aaron tries his best to keep Ryan on the path of good, worried that Eris would have too much of an effect on him. Ryan only has a few friends due to his accidental devil's advocate tendencies annoying a great many people. He spends his free time either working at the coffee shop or volunteering at a dog's shelter.
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