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Charlie Malloy
« on: October 06, 2014, 10:34:43 AM »
 Given Name: Charlie Malloy
Pronunciation of the Name: Char-lee Mah-loy
Character Job: Unemployed

Character Personality: Charlie is easily irritated and has a short temper. He struggles to remain passive when around others, but when really annoyed will readily respond with violence. Once he has calmed down, most of the time he deeply regrets his actions. He’s arrogant, mainly because he has yet to come out of a fight worse off. He’s not very intelligent, a source of great embarrassment for Charlie. He is very persistent, to the point of being bull-headed and refusing to give up.
Character Likes: Running, basketball, athletics, the outdoors
Character Dislikes: His violent nature, talkative people, being in water, school
Mental Traits: Quick to anger, arrogant, persistent. Has ADHD and dyslexia.

Race and Nationality: Demigod, American/Greek.
Parent: Ares.
Mortal Family: Mother, Susan Malloy
Allies: People on his sports teams, a handful of other students
Enemies: Students in a variety of schools

True Age: 16
Character Birthday: January 11th, 1998.

Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Caucasian
Character Height: 1.68 meters
Character Weight: 71 kgs.
Character Hair Colour: Charcoal black
Character Hair Length/ Style: Shaved, slightly shorted at sides and back than top.
Character Eye Colour: Grey
Character Description: Broad shouldered, and has strong arms and legs. His body is thinner at the waist. A crooked nose. His right ear his pierced with a small ring.
Character Attire: Cargo shorts, and a black t-shirt. Wears a loose white band on his left arm

Character Voice: Smooth and low. Speaks slowly, but loudly.
Speech Traits: Draws out his e sounds
Habits: Grips things tightly
Mannerisms: Takes deep breathes

Small Equipment: N/A
Pocket Items: Small amounts of money, pack of gum
Magical Equipment/Artifacts: When the leftmost piece of gum in his pack of gum is pulled out, it extends into a metre celestial long bronze spear.

Abilities: Gifted with slightly more speed and strength than the average demigod. Is adept at handling most weapons. All around, heightened physical skill in battle. He also has temporary control over weapons, like pushing them away.

Major Goal: To find this safe place for demigods he has been told about
Minor Goals: To not fail school
Reasoning behind goal: He doesn’t want to be constantly fighting
Motivation: His own safety
Bio: His mother was a former athlete, who raised Charlie by herself. She never hid the identity of who his father was, in fact she wanted him to by proud of it, but it wasn’t until Charlie was eight that he really understood that this was unusual. Charlie was never really certain if what his mother was saying was true or not, until a monster tried to kill him at eleven. He managed to run away, but to avoid having another situation like that happening again his mother gave him Ares’ gift, his spear. For the next few years monsters seemed to avoid him, but Charlie still had trouble at school and had to move to new ones ever few years. Not long before he turned sixteen monsters started to attack him again, resulting in a few close calls and being expelled again. He moved to a new school, where he has yet to run into monsters.