Author Topic: Professor Nate Andersen (Zomble RP)  (Read 345 times)


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Professor Nate Andersen (Zomble RP)
« on: October 15, 2014, 12:34:27 PM »
Name: Professor Nate Andersen
Age: 31
Appearance: Slim and petite, with thick glasses, a nine o'clock shadow. He has thick red hair which is unkempt and long. He still wears the clothes he was caught in when the walkers came: a white labcoat, green polo-shirt and brown trousers. He wears sturdy boots, safety goggles, and thick gloves.
Personality: He is an uptight yet fun-loving character; always making and taking jokes, but an absolute stickler for rules and manners. His love of humanity and all its achievements is matched only by his loathing of it's stupidity. He is easily side-tracked but is always focused on a task he enjoys. He treat life and his own well being as a joke, but joke about another's death, and you'll regret it. As you can tell, he is quite the dual character.
History: Before they came, he was a scientist, working for years in a well-equipped laboratory at the local Uni. He had gone through Cambridge, with a few nice degrees. He was content and enjoyed his work, though some of the students were occasionally irritating. When they did come, he was working through the night, alone in the university labs. That's when the laboratory building was attacked. He was the only one there to have survived, rigging up traps and snares with the ample resources to be found within the laboratories. He now works out of the base, scavenging for survivors, eating from the uni's food supply and generally revelling in this tremendous game of tower defense.
Weapon(s) if choice: He usually relies on his traps, but carries with him an... interesting assortment of chemicals, designed to burn, corrode, oxidise and -in the case of his own Nitro-Nine concoction- blow the brains off those darned Zombles. He uses an arrangement of home-made containers for these, such as jury-rigged grenades and water pistols.
Occupation: Biochemist, Technician, Lecturer, hobbyist inventor.
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