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Aislin Vienna (zombie rp)
« on: October 14, 2014, 09:04:16 PM »
Name: Aislin Vienna.
Age: 22.
Appearance: Average height, with a flurry of curly red hair that she's cut into a pixie cut. Aislin has a spread of freckles across a diamond-shaped face. She has bright green eyes and full lips, a nose and lip piercing and a tattoo on both wrists.
Personality: Rough and scruffy most of the time, Aislin lacks social graces. She knows enough to smile and joke most of the time but can sometimes go over-the-top in her sick humour and twistedness. She isn't aware that thrill-seeking through killing zombies and worming your way around different groups just to run off in a blaze of glory isn't socially normal.
History: Before the infection, Aislin was a college student who'd been diagnosed with all sorts of mental disorders and had pretty much just given up on life to turn into a mold of existential crises and anger. Towards the end of her college year, she decided to turn it around and completely ace her final year. Her sister, Lianna, encouraged this. Eventually, just after acing her year, she dropped out and left. In this process, she went to look after her sister for a few more years.
Then the outbreak came.
Weapon(s) of choice: A hatchet and an icepick.
Occupation: College kid.
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Re: Aislin Vienna (zombie rp)
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Awesome character Char!