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Bazyli (Maze Runner RP)
« on: October 29, 2014, 05:00:29 AM »
Heres my character for Charlotte's new RP. Based of the Maze Runner.

Name and Occupation
- Given Name: Bazyli
- Pronunciation of the Name: Baz-E-Lee
- Character Job: Med-Jack
- Titles: None

Character Mentality
- Character Personality: Bazyli is a strong willed, level headed and determined medic. He is very caring towards his patients and to others but he is also known for not taking any Unpleasant Excrement, he doesn't dish any out either. Hates the grievers with a passion. Trying to become a Runner.
- Character Likes: Helping others, Sparring
- Character Dislikes: Grievers, Jerks
- Mental Traits: He is very observant and patient. Mutters in Greek when frustrated.

Character Age
- Age: 17
- Character Birthday: 31/10/1997

Character Appearance
- Character Skin Colour/Ethnicity: Very dark skin. Greek.
- Character Height: 6 foot 3
- Character Weight: 73 kgs
- Character Hair Colour: Deep jet black
- Character Hair Length/ Style: Very short, close to his head. Cut swirling patterns into it with his knife.
- Character Eye Colour: A deep, golden hazel.
- Character Description: Bazyli trains himself regularly and as a result is quite strong and a good runner. Very slender hands used for surgery. Broad shoulders.
- Character Attire: A dirty T-Shirt, Black tracksuit pants and Runners.

Habits and Mannerisms
- Character Voice: Deep and strong. Medium pitched.
- Speech Traits: Never stumbles on his words, light Mediterranean accent.
- Languages: English, knows Greek subconsciously.
- Habits: Cracks knuckles and stretches a lot
- Mannerisms: Paces around if frustrated or angry.

- Large Equipment: A duffel bag. A homemade leather quiver and javelins.
- Small Equipment: Antiseptic, Bandages, Scalpel, Dagger, Water Flask, Needle and thread, Small vial of griever serum.
- Pocket Items: A small obsidian rock

Goals, Motivation and History
- Major Goal: To escape the maze.
- Minor Goals: To become a runner, to help people.
- Reasoning behind goal: he feels he would be a better runner than a Med-Jack, he just feels that helping people is the right thing to do.
- Motivation: the belief that the gladers can one day escape the maze.
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