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Character Profile Rules
« on: July 17, 2016, 06:42:59 AM »
Character Profile Rules
Rules and restrictions when creating an RP character profile

1. No Grand Mages or Elders
We already have a sophisticated list of Sanctuaries with Grand Mages and Elders controlled and allocated by the owners of the respective Sanctuary. If you had some sort of head-canon for making a Grand Mage or Elder RP character, and you absolutely don't want to let go of it, please ask one of the authors of the Sanctuary threads listed in this thread. Please respect their wishes as the Sanctuary owner.

2. No Ascendants or Characters over 800
Quick terminology clarification: An "Ascendant" is someone who knows and has sealed their True Name. Characters that know their True Name but don't have it sealed, while not Ascendants, are still affected by this rule.

There's a lot to be considered when making an Ascendant, like personality flaws, limitations on magic, and very extensive bios. These are not things that can be done or should be attempted out of the blue and requires weeks or even months of planning.
There's honestly not that many Ascendants around in the SP world. If everyone active here had an Ascendant there'd be way too many Ascendants going around, and we don't want that since it'd detract from the RP section and make it unappealing to those with weaker characters either.

To create an Ascendant you will need to fit a strict criteria with no exceptions. You must have at least five approved profiles and you must have permission granted from the majority of the Plotmasters. Only then may you create and publish an Ascendant on the forums. Your character still has to get approved in the usual way, but prior to meeting these requirements you cannot publish an Ascendant here.
The same reasoning and restrictions apply to a character over 800 years old.

This may seem very strict but we want to cut down on the increasing number of Ascendants appearing on the forums and this is the best course of action that still allows flexibility.

3. Use the Skeleton
Please use the Character Profile Skeleton provided here. Instructions are present in linked thread.

3.5 No WIPs
We don't encourage Works in Progress (WIPs). If you absolutely must post an incomplete profile, you have three days to complete it else it gets archived. You may post your profile without a complete Bio section, but you must complete and post the full bio within two weeks of posting the profile.

4. The Plotmasters and Approval System
The Plotmasters govern the RP forums as a whole, and control which characters are approved for use. You will need two Plotmasters to approve of your character. On rare occasions, myself, Dregran Entropy, or Kiiyashi will provide one of these approvals.

The Plotmasters are:
If you have any questions with regards to character profiles, what is or is not appropriate, please feel free to contact one of the Plotmasters.

Your character can be disapproved by Plotmasters as well. If 3 Plotmasters disapprove of your character, it will be moved to the Archived Profiles subforum and cannot be moved back until necessary changes have been made. This will be explained more clearly when a character is disapproved. Myself and Kiiyashi can make captain's calls when it comes to what is disapproved.

When a Plotmaster begins to review your profile, they will post a message saying "review in progress" or something, then post the final review within 4 days. Only after this 4 day period is it acceptable to ask for your profile to be reviewed, as two Plotmasters won't review the same profile at the same time.

You have two weeks to make an edit to your profile after a Plotmaster has reviewed it. Failure to edit after two weeks will result in the profile being moved to Archived Profiles. It will be moved back to the main subforum when edits have been made.

5. Inappropriate content
Generally speaking, since the books are aimed at a young audience, we like to keep the content on the forums fitting of this age group. Blood, gore, drug use, and violence are fine to mention in your profile, however if you're describing any of these things in excess, please give fair warning beforehand.

Rape and explicit sexual content are never okay. If you feel you need something like this in your character profile, please message myself and/or Kiiyashi and we can talk about it. However, it is very likely you will not be allowed to have detailed content in. Brief mentioning is okay, but please add a warning.
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