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Re: American Monsters: SPOILER TOPIC
« Reply #15 on: October 17, 2017, 07:17:14 PM »
Well, I finally read it the other week and read it all in one day. Here's what I thought to it.

It was alright.

I agree with the thought process of the first book being the best, this being the middle and Desolation being the weakest. I felt the book was an improvement upon the previous one. I'm glad Derek was aware of our reaction and did manage to reign it in, while still doing what he wanted. I can respect that.

I felt the relationship with Amber and Milo was way more organic than previously and I invested in their partnership. That said, I was very briefly surprised at Milo's death, but also saw it way off subconsciously after his 'Soul had been scrubbed clean'. Pretty obvious, but only in hindsight I guess.

I'm glad we explored the Demons with a capital 'D' side of things, with actually seeing Hell and other Demons like the Whispering Demon and Definitely-Not-Calling-Him-Satan (the Blood Dimmed King).

However, and no real fault on the book, because the gap between reading the first two books and this was rather large, and due to a degree of less interest, I honestly was a bit confused at the end when it made reference to past characters because I had entirely forgotten them.

Oh and Scooby Doo and the gang died. I really didn't care in the least. I couldn't remember who was who really. I knew that Two was Scooby. Probably.

Oh and Glen lived, sort of! I was actually pleased with that. I had always liked him, in his own way.