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The Mighty Thor (2015-) & The Unworthy Thor (2016-)
« on: November 13, 2016, 12:38:00 AM »
Discussion of the latest Thor comics.

The Mighty Thor (2015-)

Thor has been deemed unworthy to wield mighty Mjolnir. It now resides on the moon, awaiting for someone worthy to pick it up. Odin is angry, the hammer will not even respond to him. All hope is lost. The Asgardians go back to Asgardia where Odin promises his son that he will create a new weapon. More powerful than Mjolnir. Once the moon is empty, a hand appears on the shaft of the hammer. A close up on the inscription reveals that it has changed.

"Whoever holds this hammer, if she be worthy, shall possess the power of...Thor"

I am really enjoying this comic book series and I think the person who possesses the hammer is such a fitting choice, and how she copes when she's not with the hammer is so interesting. I love how the comic isn't focused on Thor's brute strength and the power she wields, but it also brings up political factors and how Odin reacts, how the all mother seems to favor this new Thor and even Thor himself notices something within the new Thor and thus gives her his blessing. The way Midgard plays a huge role and how everything seems to flow naturally. I love how they fleshed out the back story of Mjolnir. One of my all time favourite comic book series, 10/10 READ IT.

The Unworthy Thor (2016-)

I have only read the first issue, because it's the only one out. It is really good. I recommend reading it.

Thor is no longer worthy to wield his trustworthy hammer. Whilst searching for a new weapon worthy of the legend that is Thor, he hears of a hammer, not of this world. He embarks on a journey through the universe, searching for this new Hammer.

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