Author Topic: Who's your favorite Superhero?  (Read 320 times)


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Who's your favorite Superhero?
« on: November 14, 2016, 01:37:29 AM »
Who's your favorite superhero? Why?

Superman has always been my favourite superhero. One of the reasons is because I don't class Batman as a superhero. I grew up with a rare skin condition. This skin condition meant I was unable to leave the house on sunny days. I found comfort in books, comic books, writing, gaming. This was during a time when all those things were expensive and I lived with 4 other siblings so you can imagine funds weren't easy to come by. I remember watching one of the first superman films. It blew my mind, this person who drew his powers from the sun? the very sun that stops me from being normal? I was beside myself, I read up on him with my awfully slow internet, I spent hours watching Christopher Reeve portray the man of steel. When Brandon Routh took over the mantle, I watched hours on end of Superman returns. Superman will always be my favourite Superhero. With the latest reboot, Henry Cavill is doing an incredible job portraying him. He works well as Kent and he's doing really well at convincing me that he deserves the role.

I think he's also well balanced when written right. His powers are OP, but are easily nerfed when you weigh in the repercussions. The fact that he subconsciously limits himself is incredible. The way he is portrayed in his most powerful form is beyond anything I've read. His most powerful form being sundipped Superman or Superman 1,000,000. He spent 1million years within the Sun, absorbing all that solar energy. I'm a Superman fanboy and proud.

Favourite Story Arcs

- The Men Of Tomorrow
This story arc depicts the man of steel meeting someone as powerful as himself. It explores the emotional side of being the last of his kind. It show's the tough decisions he's had to make and it really makes you feel for him.
- Superdoom
Superman kills Doomsday, or does he? One of the best superman story arcs. Please take a read.
- Unchained
Scott Snyder writes this one incredible scene depicting him saving the day with only 20 seconds to do it in. It also show's how smart Superman is and how he's able to think quickly. Lois Lane isn't too bad in this.
- Red Sun
Soviet Superman.
- Earth One
This is very similar to MOS Superman. He's intelligent enough for any Job, he could earn a 6 figure salary but declines.
- The Death Of Superman

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Re: Who's your favorite Superhero?
« Reply #1 on: November 14, 2016, 02:15:07 AM »
You I loved superman a lot my fa v got to be iron man. I like how in the early da us he was limited to the need for recharging and as it progress he does not need to change every time. I love the fact he is the futurist of the marvel universe and has a bromance with cap. Also his new armors always make me happy. Hulk buster is bea.

My fa v story including iron man are
Armor wars
Civil war
Secret invasion
Dark reign
Fear it self
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