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Character Index Rules
« on: January 29, 2017, 02:47:22 AM »
Hello! You have a few approved characters, and you want somewhere easy to view them all. This is the right subforum to come to!

The rules are very simple. You must have at least 4 approved characters before making a Character Index. Profiles in the Archived Profiles subforum do not count, even if they were once approved. The only other regulation is the prohibition of WIPs (works in progress). You cannot post WIPs in your Character Index. If you absolutely must post an incomplete profile, you can do so in the Character Profiles section, but must complete it within three days. See the Character Profile Rules for more details.

There's no restriction on format: You can either have a link index like my own or repost your profiles in your index. Profiles posted here must be approved, as should any alterations.
You can also add your other Custom Content in your index, but you must meet the Profile requirement first.
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