Author Topic: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)  (Read 5990 times)


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Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)
« Reply #120 on: October 13, 2017, 11:17:58 PM »
I'll just say this: the topic for Dying of the Light has 35 pages. This has 8. I think that shows the drop off in interest from book 9 to book 10 tellingly.

It's more the decrease in activity here. We're probably at 2010 levels of active members.

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Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)
« Reply #121 on: October 14, 2017, 01:12:14 AM »
perhaps we shgould rage againts the dying light
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Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)
« Reply #122 on: October 14, 2017, 05:26:36 PM »
perhaps we shgould rage againts the dying light

Nice one
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Re: Skulduggery Pleasant: Resurrection (SPOILER TOPIC)
« Reply #123 on: February 25, 2018, 12:57:32 AM »
Hey everyone, new here, but hey whatever i want to share.
Note that i am not a writer but love this series and have alot of thoughts about it, love, confusion, adoration, irritation, admiration and the feeling of "Wtf"
I have just read Resurrection and read through some threads including most of this one
I'll just list my ideas because they are easier to read and respond to :)
* (Point 10 is the most Important for me)*

1. I thought the worldbuilding had a mix of pace, sometimes it felt forced but then it felt like there wasn't enough. I love and hate the worlds creators/writers create. The Wizardy World of Harry Potter, for example, was amazing but the was covered by the story line and we never got any specifics to the magic or other countries or anything like that. Resurrection however dipped in and out of the world-building when it became relevant more so later in the book than earlier.

2. It's so...Urban! Roarhaven, In my opinion, is like Gotham (The city from Batman) mixed with a small version of London. I think this setting was inevitable due to China Sorrows taking over as "Supreme Mage" and she in her own way can be OTT in appearance and the way she shows power. I think this was a good setting to put the characters in and supported the image of Valkyrie in her Post Traumatic Stress descriptions and the aftermath of Darquesse.

3. I love Omen! I think his arc/story line is the most solid part of the book, its almost the glue this book needed to keep it together. I don't think there's much more to say about that really. ( Would Love to discuss Omen more )

4. China was written well and the situations she dealt with were true to her character and didn't stray the writing off it's path. She kept her composure and kept everyone in line. Thank.God.

5. Aura-Vision...hmmmm...interesting. This was cool, i liked this...i think.
I liked the way it was used and that it wasn't overly described but just enough to please the magic geeks like me out there. It makes me wonder about what Valkyrie from her powers as well as her "White Lightning Powers".

6. The Bad Guys! I actually think these guys were "OK". We were intimidated by them in the beginning and it showed us Its leader "Lethe". He was interesting and powerful and weird. Crazy Girl was crazy. Teleporter Nero was a douche. Scary old man Gant was "Grrr". Memphis was "Grrr" as well. Smoke had this CRAZY power but was unimpressive otherwise. A weird throwaway bunch of evil doers to introduce Phase 2 is all i thought of them just like the man who attacked Valkyrie in the first ever book.

7. Valduggery... a fun topic. I don't hate it and i don't love it either. I love the idea of the type of Love between close friends and partners who experience unimaginable things together, which they have btw. Pain, suffering, loss, understanding, compassion, teaching. So many emotions and experiences in little time. I don't hate the idea of Valduggery either but, for me it needs to be done well not just out of the blue like the idea was always there. There have always been hints to the potential romantic relationship but it could always of been confused with another type of love or relationship. It needs to be slowed down and clearly described, less vague.

8. Xena. Perfect, perfect Xena. Cuddles for Xena. :D

9. Never was an interesting character. Genderfluidity is not an easy thing to write but i think Derek did pretty well. Take in mind that it's not the easiest of subjects to touch upon and introduce so any problems in his writing i think should be overlooked and appreciated that a writer has introduced it to the best of his ability. Also the hate for Valkyrie was done well and intriguing but touched the edge of irritating, but the shy and kind character of Omen brought it all back to a nice feeling.

10.* KEY POINT* I don't feel like this book was the best of Derek's ability but he has admitted this on Twitter himself "Upon writing, you can realise that the plot just isn't good enough. Which is exactly what happened" Check out his twitter, i may be wrong but i think he was talking about Resurrection. But anyway, this is a new series of books, a new season of the show lets say. Nothing in the book, in my opinion, was "AMAZING!" but it wasn't awful or terrible. But it can be brought back and saved. So far it's introduced alot of things in the world-building and plot and all it needs now is for the rest of the books to detail them further throughout the story. Everything will come full circle! Hopefully anyways.

"What about the magic technology? It seems a bit much doesn't it?" Well as we know, Shunters can research the Mevolent dimension and can access alot more information from them. (I think it symbolises humanity in the fact we devoloped very rapidly in the matter of a short time)
"But Corrival is Hogwarts!" Well until there are houses dividing the students i will say, nah its ok, you just to need to re-read the description and picture something different is all, i think we all subconsciously jumped to Hogwarts because its a school with magic.
"But Tipfoot!" I actually didn't mind this story line, just another subject to be expanded upon.
 "But the Trump character is dumb and unnecessary" It sounds like this character is going to be a bigger problem or threat to the mortal world than we think at the moment. Ooh foreshadowing.

I feel like, if you find yourself criticising the book just stop and think that it's likely going to be expanded up and developed further as the books go on! If not then ignore me and my hopes and dreams.
I hope you all have a lovely future today and all days!