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Tanguine/Sanith Fanfiction
« on: October 01, 2018, 02:21:47 AM »
Valkyrie Cain was distraught as Billy Ray Sanguine sunk into the wall, holding Tanith in his arms. He loved Tanith, but he was quizzical about her interest in Darquesse. To be honest, he didn’t really want the world to die, as that meant he would die too. He knew that she had a remnant inside her.
The remnant was the reason she was hyped about the end of the world. If he could remove the remnant from her, she’d be grateful. And the real Tanith would probably be so grateful she’d stay with him. So he hatched a plan to get the remnant out of her.
It took a long time to get into the Sanctuary. First, he had to get away from Tanith, then he had to make a fake ID and book a meeting with the new elder, Ghastly Bespoke. Tipstaff called out his fake identity’s name, and he jumped out of the ground behind him. The door to Ghastlys office was being held open by him, and he snuck inside.
Ghastly was filing papers at his desk when he looked up and saw Billy Ray Sanguine smiling at him. “U Son of a dog of female orientation!” He screamed “what did you do with Tanith”. He jumped up over his desk, using the air to help propel him, and he landed on Sanguine, who fell to the floor.
Sanguine panicked when Ghastley jumped on top of him. He sunk into the floor, and then crawled out a few feet away. “I- I need your help” he said. “With what?” Ghastly snapped back at him. “Tanith” he replied. “ no one else would care enough to help her. I need you with all your Sanctuary power and Scientists to get the remnant out of her”.
Billy Ray and Ghastley worked together to create the perfect soul catcher. They got China Sorrows and other Sanctuary Scientists to put certain symbols on a soul catcher, which was almost capable to pull a remnant out of a body that it has been in for more than 4 days. It needed another month for the last symbol to sink in before it could work.
Ghastly had the Soul Catcher in his inside pocket of his elder robes when Erskine Ravel stabbed him in the back. It fell to the floor and smashed into pieces. Ghastly would of been in a rage usually, but he was dead.
Sanguine was working on a similar Soul Catcher, engraving symbols that China Sorrows had on a practice sheet of paper when the original was being built. Darquesse walked into his room, and said “Sanguine, what do you think you’re doing” before he could speak Darquesse waves her hand at him, and he imploded.